reuniting friends make siblings fantasies come true
He went to the airport to pick her up wondering if it would be like before. The last time she came to visit they never made it out of the parking lot before she had drained him dry with an awesome cum swallowing blowjob. He was surprised that she did it, and that she actually swallowed all the cum he had to offer her. It had been so long since he had been with someone who would do that. She just licked her lips, smiled and said “ Ok we can go now.”

They had been friends for some time now and been perverted friends for most of that time. They just seemed to bring it out of each other. It seemed they were on the same wave length and it made it all the more exciting. Plus the fact they both were sure that they couldn’t tell their respected spouses how they wanted to play in fear that they wouldn’t understand, and think they were strange or something. So they played games with each other with the confidence that their perverseness was ok.

This time he would turn it up a notch without her knowledge. But she was pretty willing to do what ever he said because she had trust in him on how far he would go. He had told her that before she got off the plane he wanted her to remove her bra so he could see her hard nipples as soon as she came thru the gate. She would also know that he was wanting her as soon as she landed.

He was waiting for her when people started coming thru the door. And there she was, with a smile that warmed his heart and made his cock stir. But what he couldn’t miss was her nipples standing out so big and hard waiting to be abused and sucked on. They hugged a long and missed hug along with a deep and passionate kiss. They had needed this, they needed each other to release the sexual desire that had been building for way to long. As they walked out of the airport she said “ I think you wanted this” as she handed him her bra. He smiled a knowing smile, a smile that said that it was going to be a weekend of giving of each other as never before. A weekend of total perversion and enjoyment.

When they reached his truck they were all over each other, feeling what they had been fantasizing about for to long. Her feeling his hard growing cock and him feeling her hard nipples. She pushed him back in the seat and said “I’ve waited for so long for this” as she unzipped his pants and fished out his stiff hard cock. Not wanting to waste a minute longer she was sucking him as deep as his cock was long. All he could do was to lay back and enjoy the feeling of her warm mouth on his hard cock. Watching her head bob up and down he was fulfilled with the knowledge that this was just the beginning of a great weekend. It didn’t take long for the feeling of his orgasm to start building in his groin. The lifting of him trying to push his cock deeper in her mouth told her it wouldn’t be long until she got what she wanted. The taste of his hot cum flooding her mouth and coating her throat. And it started, he grabbed her hair and forced her all the way down until her nose was pressed against him and his cock was deep in her throat. Spurt after spurt of hot cum started filling her mouth and coating her throat. They were both in heaven, for him the warmth of her mouth and for her the warmth of his cum.

After she had cleaned him up he told her he had a surprise for her, she asked what could be better than what she just received. He told her that she was going to be his slave for the night and that she had to do what ever he said. “Well that sounds intriguing” she said. First you have to pull your pants down and show me your pussy. She looked around nervously. Now the shoe was on the other foot. Just what did he have in mind. He said come on, we don’t want to be here in this parking lot all night and we’re not leaving until you do as I say. She liked the way he was taking charge, she had been in charge at home for so long it felt good to be told what to do. She looked him in the eyes as she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down over her ass. Seeing that she didn’t have on any panties he knew this was going to be a fun ride to the hotel. “Now look in the glove box and take out the surprise I have for you” he said. Opening the glove box she saw a nice big, fat, thick dildo. She kind of felt nervous and excited at the same time, wondering what he had in store for her. “Now, fill that hot pussy of yours with that as we ride to the hotel” he told her. “Excuse me” was all she could say. “I want you to put in your pussy sit on it and ride back to the hotel with it.” “Ok” was all she could say. He started the truck as he watched her lift off the seat and slowly insert it deep into her pussy and slowly sit back down on the seat. She hadn’t noticed the towel on the seat until then and knew he had planed this all along. He also knew she would get very wet in doing so. As she sat back down on the seat the dildo was pushed deep into her wet and waiting cunt. A deep moan escaped from deep inside her as it pushed deeper and deeper. “All right, now we can go”. he said as they started pulling out of the parking lot. It hadn’t been fifteen minutes since they got back to the truck and she already had sucked a hard cock, swallowed a load of cum, and had a cock buried deep in her hot wet cunt. What a start to a great weekend. As they drove back to the hotel, the rocking of the truck kept the cock buried deep inside her and kept it moving back and forth. Orgasm after orgasm had soaked the towel she was sitting on and was only making her hornier and hornier by the mile. She had gotten to the point where she was determined to make him as hot as she was. As they drove along she noticed that some of the drivers would look over and see that she was laying back in the seat and that she couldn’t help but to pull and twist on her hardened nipples. The thought of others watching her only added to the fire burning in her pussy. By the time they reached the hotel she was soaked. Cum had run down her thighs, and down into the crack of her ass. She was feeling like such a slut that she didn’t care who saw her in that condition. When they had parked and started to get out of the truck to go inside, she started to take the dildo out. “Oh no, you have to leave it in. Just pull up your pants, that will hold it in place” he said. She was so hot and in his control she did what he said and pulled her pants up securing the dildo deep inside her.

The walk to the motel was almost more than she could stand. The moving back and forth made the cock work her cunt even more. It was making her legs so weak she didn’t know if she would be able to walk that far. By the time they made it to the check in her pants were starting to look like she had peed herself from the juices of her pussy. Her nipples were as hard as they had ever been and the desk clerk could not have missed them even if he was blind. This only added to her excitement when he made sure that she knew he was looking at her hard nipples. “I think he likes your nipples baby,” he told her as they waited for the clerk to fill out the paper work. “I bet you like to have him suck on them wouldn’t you” he asked. She was so horny by then she didn’t care who sucked on them just as long as somebody did. She could always cum from that alone, and now more than ever. She couldn’t hardly stand still with the cock still in her pussy and the clerk staring at her hard nipples. She just wanted to fuck and to be fucked now and hard.

Just then a young woman came out of the back and asked if she could be of any help. The clerk said he had everything under control still looking at the hard nipples and squirming woman in front of him. But he said that maybe they could both help a little later if that was ok with them. The clerk and the young assistant looked at each other smiled and said “If there is Anything they could do just give them a call.” he did ask the clerks if they had room service, they smiled once again and said “ not normally, but they might be able to make an exception if we needed anything”.

Once they finally made it to the room she grabbed him by the shirt and thru him on the bed and said “ You son of a bitch, now you’ll pay”. as he lay there laughing she took off her clothes and held him down on the bed and straddled him. “You have made me make such a mess of myself that now your going to clean me up.” She held him down as she moved up across his body and straddled his head. Pushing her soaking wet pussy into his face she said “Now get busy.” She proceeded to work her hips back and forth working her pussy all over his face making him give her the licking she needed so badly. The more he licked and sucked though the more wet she became until she let loose and flooded his mouth and face with a flood cum leaving her a shaking and trembling mess.

Laughing and snuggling they looked at each other with a smile of much needed release. After a much needed rest he asked her if she needed something to drink or eat, and she said that would be nice. “Well go jump in the shower and I’ll order something and see if they were telling the truth about doing anything for us. She asked “What are you up to now” with a smirk and a kiss. While she went to take her shower he called the front desk. Talking to the clerk he asked if there was someplace they could get something to eat and drink. The clerk eager to maybe she the woman with the large hard nipples again informed him that their shift was ending and they would be glad to get them something and bring it by. Thanking him he told the clerk that he would make it worth his while and he would see them soon. As Peggy got out of the shower there was a knock at the door. Answering it he found it was the young girl standing there. He asked where the other clerk was. “Oh he’s in the car, waiting for me” the young girl said. “How come he didn’t come in” Jack asked? Blushing the girl said “He was afraid he would embarrass himself, or offend you and your girlfriend” “How in the world would he do that” he asked. Blushing even more she said “ Don’t tell him I told you but he got kind of excited over your girlfriend earlier. And he was afraid he would do it again”. “Well tell him to come on in it would be a complement if he got excited over her and she would like the attention” “Are you sure?” she asked. “Well yes tell him you and him are more than welcome to join us. We ordered plenty if you two would like to stay.” “Ok, I’ll ask.” Walking out the door she yelled out to him “Horse they said for you to come on in, and they want us to join them if we wanted.” Horse? He wondered. The kid must like horses because he certainly wasn’t that big, but what ever. Young people do come up with some strange nick names sometimes.

Just as Peggy was walking out of the bathroom wearing a very sheer teddy she saw the young girl standing in the doorway. “Oh sorry I didn’t know we had company I’ll get a robe. “No don’t, Horse was quite taken earlier by your display at the check in.” As they were talking Horse walked up to the door. Jack invited them to come on in and close the door. Poor Horse trying his best not to stare did all he could not to fall over his own feet walking in. Sit, sit, Jack told them as he took the food and drinks and put them on the table. Peggy was feeling very nervous about all of this, but so was everyone else. But then again she was the only one who was almost naked in the room. She couldn’t help it but her nipples were not letting anyone down either. They were standing out as hard and proud as ever. Peggy could feel them and the rubbing against the soft material wasn’t helping things either. Honey why don’t you give ol’ Horse here his tip for being so nice for bringing us some food and drinks. Peggy got this strange look and asked “How am I suppose to do that?” “Well according to this young lady, by the way what is your name dear?” Jack asked. “April” she said. “Horse here got somewhat excited by you at our check in. Seems he really likes your hard nipples.” Horse looked at April with a look that would have killed a man. April blushing said “Sorry”. Peggy knew where this was going, looked at Jack and said “Well it’s not like I’m very covered now.” I know but why don’t you walk over here and let Horse here have a better look, after all he did go out for us when they don’t normally have room service. Feeling the moisture developing between her legs Peggy slowly walked over to the young man. The teddy did very little to cover her very large breast and hard nipples. The dark caps and swollen nipples were easy to make out. Sitting on Horse’s lap Peggy asked him “So you like large breast Horse?” The young clerk was beet red and could only nod his head. Peggy settled down on his lap she felt what seemed to be a baseball bat rubbing on her crotch. There’s no way this young man can be that big. Moving her ass around as if to get more comfortable it seemed to be getting bigger by the second. This only heightened Peggy’s growing excitement. She took Horses hands and placed them on her breast. When his hands made contact she felt the “bat” move against her crotch. Looking back over her shoulder she looked at Jack and said “I think I know how he got his nickname.” Jack just smiled. Looking at April who was watching them intently, asked “This isn’t making you to uncomfortable is it?” “Oh no” she said. “Maybe he’ll leave me and my friends alone when we get home.” Peggy instantly looked at Jack and he at her. Their perverted minds clicked on at the same time and on the same page. “When you get home?” Jack asked. “You two boyfriend and girlfriend? April looking somewhat surprised said “Oh my god no, he’s my brother.” Peggy hearing this and knowing Jacks mind, and hers as well, almost came just from hearing this. Jack busting out laughing asked April “Does he show himself often?” “No, but he keeps offering and I have to run him out.” April said. Peggy could feel Horses cock getting so hard she thought he was going to rip thru his sweat pants and right into her now very wet cunt. She knew she was making a wet spot on his pants as she was slowly, without even thinking about it, rubbing her pussy back and forth on his rock hard cock. Jack, taking advantage of the opportunity sat down next to April. While Horse was totally lost in Peggy’s hard nipples and what she was doing to his cock wasn’t paying attention to what was being said right in front of him. Jack also noticed that Aprils nipples were also starting to get hard. Not nearly as big as Peggy’s they still were doing a nice job of making themselves proudly known. “Have you ever seen your brothers cock? Jack asked. April blushed a beet red and said “NO”. She knew she was lying as she had peeked in on him many times wondering just what a cock that size would feel like in her small pussy. Would she even be able to take suck a large cock. She had without anyone’s knowledge rubbed herself to many an orgasm thinking about her brother. Jack could tell by the way she blushed and the way she suddenly squirmed in her seat that she was lying.

Jack looked at Peggy and said, “Honey before you rub yourself and Horse there raw, why don’t you make him a little more comfortable. Maybe if April sees what he wants to show off he’ll leave her alone when they get home.” Peggy shuddered with a small mini orgasm at the thought of getting her hands on this Horse’s cock rubbing her to complete saturation. Standing up she took Horse by the hands and lifted him to his feet. The cock standing out in front of him was huge. Peggy whispered under her breath “Oh my god”. Jack just smiled and April took a sharp deep breath and squirmed a little more. Her nipples were now as hard as small rocks and Jack knew he had to have them in his lips. Peggy lead Horse over to the edge of the bed and turned him around. Kneeling down she started untying his tennis shoes. Having to keep moving out of the way of this bat that kept hitting her in the head she took off his shoes and socks. Reaching up and taking the waistband in her fingers she slowly pulled down his sweat pants freeing what they all wanted to see. Sliding down over his ass and down his thighs the cock still didn’t pop free. Lower and lower she pulled down the pants thinking it would never end. Finally it did. It was huge, bigger than any cock they had ever seen. Horse looked like he was ready to pass out from excitement, or loss of blood to the head on his shoulders. April placed her hand on Jacks leg to lean forward for a better look and didn’t notice she had grabbed Jacks cock at the same time. Peggy took the monster cock in both hands and still hand a good handful left over uncovered. She just examined it, stoked it, looked at the precum oozing from the tip. April was slowly stroking Jack at the same time without even knowing it. Peggy slowly lifted Horse’s cock and licked the tip of his cock tasting the precum. It was to much for him and his knees folded forcing Horse to take a seat on the edge of the bed. Peggy looked at it like she had just found a new god to worship, and worship it she did. She started stroking one half while sucking on the other half. Taking as much down her throat as she could she started to shake. Jack knew what that meant. She had just had and orgasm from sucking on this wonderful cock.

Jack placed his hand on Aprils thigh never taking his eyes off of the show Peggy was putting on. As Jack rubbed her thigh April slowly opened her legs allowing him more room. Her own hand was now gripping and stroking Jack in earnest now. Jack moved his hand farther up Aprils thigh as she opened them more and more. He could feel the heat coming from her young pussy before he even got that far. He looked at April as his fingers reached her panties and found them soaking wet. April closed her eyes for just a second before looking back at Jack. Jack slid off the bed to the floor beside Peggy who looked over at him and smiled as much as she could with a mouth full of cock. Jack looked up at April as his hands slid up under Aprils skirt to her panties. She lifted her ass off the bed knowing what he wanted. Jack pulled down the soaked panties and off her short young legs. Holding them to his nose he took in the sweet smell of her juices. “Smell baby” he said as he held them to Peggy’s nose. She gave a deep animal moan as she took a deep breath. Jack took April behind her knees and slid her to the edge of the bed next to her brother. April watched Peggy giving her brother a blowjob like the ones he had only dreamed of. April hadn’t notice Jack lowering his head to her wet pussy until she felt his tongue licking up her juices. She took such a deep breath both Jack, Peggy, and Horse had to look to make sure she was alright. Seeing his sister’s bald, naked, wet pussy was to much for him to handle and he started filling Peggy’s mouth with shot after shot of hot cum. Now Peggy can swallow unlike anyone Jack had ever met, it was still more than she could take and it started to run out around the hard cock in her mouth and down her chin. Seeing this and feeling Jacks tongue deep in her own wet cunt sent April over the edge also. Reaching over she grabbed Horse’s hand with one hand and the back of Jack’s head with the other. Waiting for Horse to finish flooding her mouth with his hot cum, she never was one to miss an opportunity. Keeping a mouth full she stood up and leaned over and planted a deep kiss on Aprils mouth. April returned the kiss, eyes closed until she tasted her brothers cum being pushed into her mouth by Peggy’s tongue. Her eyes flew open as her own mouth was now filling with Horses cum. Squeezing Horses hand and pulling Jacks head harder to her pussy she kissed Peggy like a woman who hadn’t eaten in months. Licking all the cum from Peggy’s mouth, lips and chin. Moaning loudly as she ate from Peggy she proceeded to flood Jacks mouth with her own cum.

Jack stood up and took Peggy in his arms and kissed her exchanging the siblings juices. When they broke their kiss they looked down and saw the brother and sister in a passionate kiss. They knew it was going to be a wild night and that the kids were going to start a new brother sister relationship before the night was over. Jack started taking off his clothes as Peggy took off her teddy. Lifting Horse and April off the bed they undressed the two. Youth and excitement had kept Horse hard as a rock even after filling Peggy with more than a mouthful of cum. Easing the two back down on the bed Peggy straddled the monster cock. Jack and April could only watch to see if she would be able to take all of this horse of a cock. Peggy was determined to take it all if it took all night. She had never been fucked by such a weapon before in her life and didn’t know when she might get to again so she was going to take advantage of the opportunity. She grabbed the hard cock and rubbed it back and forth over her soaking wet pussy to get it good and wet. It wouldn’t take much as she was so wet her juices had the inside of her thighs glistening with moisture. She placed the head at her opening and slowly started own. Inch by inch she lowered down. After taking about a third she lifted back up and slowly started down again. Taking about half this time she started to shake uncontrollably. She was having an orgasm and she wasn’t all the way down yet. “Oh my fucking god he’s so fucking big honey, this pussy may never be the same after this but I don’t care. I have to have it, all of it.” Peggy shouted. Still shaking she pushed down lower and lower. Leaning forward placing her hands on his chest she had to take a break. She was on the edge of sensory overload. She was having one continues orgasm after another. Sliding down a little more she panted “He’s hitting the top of my pussy, oh shit, he feels like he’s fucking my stomach.” reaching between them she felt to she how much more was left. Feeling that there was about three inches still outside of her pussy she started to weep, shaking so hard that she couldn’t sit still she said “Oh fuck he’s not even all the way in, I don’t care if he ruins me I got to have it.” She was so hot and out of control you could barely understand what she was even saying. She was a trembling bundle of sexual nerves. Her cum was running out of her pussy to the point it was running down Horse’s cock and coating his balls.

April was rubbing her own pussy as fast as she could bringing herself to her own orgasm. Just as she was at her peak Jack buried his own large cock deep in Aprils young hot wet pussy. She threw her arms back over her head and grabbed handfuls of sheets and pushed her pussy up as hard as she could onto Jacks hard cock pushing him as deep as she could. Going past her own orgasm to one more intense than she had ever known. Jack just held himself buried deep in this young girls cunt and let her ride it out. As she started to come down he slowly started to stroke in and out. April started to match his strokes with her own up and down strokes. Looking over he saw Peggy ridding her new found toy slowly up and down trying to get as much if not all of this monster cock deep inside her. Horse had a hard nipple in his mouth nursing like a new born baby. Jack took Aprils hand and placed it on Peggy’s other hanging breast. April never flinched, she started kneading the large mound of tit flesh and pulling and twisting the nipple. Jack leaned down and whispered in Aprils ear “Pull and twist it hard and you’ll make her cum again, watch.” April looked at Jack. He looked down at her as he kept up his own rhythm. “Do it and watch.” April got this devilish grin and looked at Peggy who was so into her own ride she didn’t even hear or see them. It was apparent April had a wild side they didn’t know about or that was coming out before there eyes. She started squeezing and pulling on Peggy’s nipple like a girl possessed. As she started to abuse Peggy’s hard nipple she started bucking harder on Jacks cock and he could feel her pussy getting tighter. Aprils abuse didn’t go without results. Peggy started bucking harder and harder on Horses’ cock and yelling at April “Yes, yes, you little bitch. You know you want it as bad as your brother does.” She reached over and grabbed a handful of Aprils hair and pulled her head over next to her brother and offered it to her. “Suck me you sweet little cunt, just like your brother is and I might share this wonderful cock with you. You know you’ve been dreaming of it for some time haven’t you?” Peggy always did know just what to say and when to say it. April grabbed Peggy’s tit and yelled “Yes, yes I have.”

That sent everyone into overdrive. Jack buried his cock as deep as he could and started pounding this sweet little pussy for all he was worth. Peggy was now bouncing up and down so hard on the wonder cock he thought she would be spitting out cock any minute. She did have all of it buried deep in her cunt all eleven inches and she didn’t even know it. Peggy started talking trash to April, making all of us hotter if that was at all possible. Peggy was pulling April’s hair pushing head mouth harder to her tit and yelling at her. “Say it you little slut, say it. You want your brothers big hard cock in your little wet pussy. Say it damn it Tell everybody how badly you’ve dreamed of him fucking your brains, say it.” And then it came out. April pulled her head way from Peggy’s nipple and started to cry and cum in the most intense orgasm she has ever had screaming “Yes, Yes, I am a slut for wanting my brothers hard cock deep in my pussy. Yes, I have watched him jack off wishing he was cumming all over me instead of wasting it. Yes, Yes I admit it, I want my brother to fuck the shit out of me, to fuck his sister.”

If anybody had walked past the door at that time they would have thought there was a mass murder of a porn being filmed by all of the moaning and groaning screaming that was going on. April’s revelation had sent everyone over the edge and had all four cumming at the same time. Completely exhausted they all fell into a caressing, trembling bundle of excited nerves. Peggy was laying on Horses’ chest caressing his chest, Horse was reaching over caressing his sisters hair while she lay looking at him, and Jack laying beside her caressing her stomach and whispering in her ear, “Tonight baby you will have your wish.”

After a short break, they got something to eat and drink not bothering to dress. Sitting on the bed with Horse and April in the middle and Jack and Peggy on the outer sides they talked. As they talked they were all feeling each other. Jack was rubbing Aprils stomach and breast, April had a cock in each hand, but couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off of her brothers cock which was starting to harden again. Horse had one hand feeling Aprils pussy and the other feeling Peggy’s. The two siblings confessed to just how much they had masturbated after watching each other without the others knowledge. Peggy reached over Horse and gently nudged Aprils head lower towards Horses’ growing cock. April taking her lead leaned down toward her brothers cock. Already in her hand she started kissing and licking it. Soft moans started escaping from her throat as she started to give her brother his first of many to come blowjobs. Peggy moved up and straddled his face and lowered her pussy to his waiting mouth, while Jack slid down to lick and Suck Aprils hardening clit. It wasn’t long before they were all moaning and groaning from each others efforts. April was the first to cum, with the thought of having her brothers cock in her mouth and Jacks mouth sucking on her clit. Peggy was quickly behind her with the effort Horse was putting on her from the excitement of finally having his sexy little sister sucking his cock. Peggy moved off of Horses’ face and said “Ok you two it’s time for you two to make desires come true.” She moved April down the bed and on her back. She instructed Horse in between Aprils out stretched legs. Taking Horses’ cock in her hands she worked his cock back and forth over Aprils cunt and clit making her jump each time. Acting like the loving instructor she placed his cock at Aprils opening and told him to go slow. Your sisters cunt is young and tight and will take awhile if you want to get this monster inside her, and want to fuck her again. Coaching him on, easing in a little at a time he slowly started getting more and more inside her. April had her legs high in the air trying to give him all the room he needed. Wanting it as badly as she has ever wanted anything in her life. To feel this monster cock deep inside her, even if it did belong to her brother. April like Peggy, started having orgasm after orgasm as the monster was invading there most precious openings. Slowly it went deeper and deeper. Jack moved up and offered his hardening cock to Aprils mouth which she took by grabbing Jacks ass and pulling him deeper into her mouth. Peggy kneeled next to jack and once again offered him her big tits and hard nipples. Jack held onto Aprils head and started fucking her mouth, while Peggy rubbed her clit. Reaching to the headboard Peggy got the toy she had ridden on the way to the hotel and started fucking her pussy with it. Horse was still going slowly with April as he worked more and more cock into his sister. Jack looked over at Peggy and nodded to one of the chairs. Knowing what he was saying she pulled her nipple from Horse’ mouth and Jack his cock from Aprils mouth. They slowly moved off of the bed leaving the two siblings to their selves. Moving to one of the chairs in the room, Jack sat first and Peggy sat on his hard cock. She slowly rode him as they watched the two on the bed enjoying each other. April rapped her legs around Horses’ hips and started pulling him in harder and deeper. Jack and Peggy watched in amazement as this little woman was swallowing up this giant cock with her pussy. Deeper and deeper it was going. April was, like Peggy out of control. But it was different for them. For Peggy it was love of the cock, For those two it was love of each other. April was moaning to Horse how good his cock felt and to fuck her harder and deeper. Horse was telling her how wet and tight her pussy felt. Watching them to trying to out do each other was also having it’s effect on Peggy and Jack also. Peggy was slamming her pussy down on Jacks cock and Jack was trying to pull her nipples from her body. Jack told Peggy “Look, look, he’s balls deep in that little cunt.” April was tearing the sheets off the bed as orgasm after orgasm was raking thru her young tender body. Horse was pounding his sister like a man never to get pussy ever again. Peggy raised up off of Jacks cock, leaving him wondering what was she going to do now. He was pleasantly surprised when she grabbed his cock and placed it to her ass. Slowly she lowered it down onto his cock. Deeper and deeper into her ass it went. Stretching it more and more as it filled her bowels. April started hollering for Horse to fill her pussy with his cum. And Peggy was telling Jack to fill her ass with his. Just as before they started about the same time. Horse started pumping load after load of cum into his sister, to the point of over flowing. And Jack filling Peggy’s ass the same way. When April felt Horse shooting load after load of cum into her it sent her over the edge, she all but passed out from her own orgasm. Peggy was watching this right in front of her face and feeling Jack pump load after load into her ass, she touched her hard protruding clit and went off like a rocket herself. Jack thought she was going to rip his cock from his body. She came so hard that her ass clamped down on his cock tighter than he had ever felt her before but she didn’t stop riding him. Pulling on his cock milking every last drop and then some.

As the two couples called it a night April lay there legs to weak to walk and cum running out of her still gaping pussy. Peggy laying beside her with cum running out of her ass. The guys just rested from the best sex they had ever had. As the brother and sister now lovers were leaving they hugged and kissed Peggy and Jack and thanked them for making their dreams come true. Just before they walked out the door April turn and asked Peggy “Are you two going to be here tomorrow night?” “Why” Peggy asked. “We don’t have to work tomorrow night, and thought maybe you two might need room service. We’d be honored to make a delivery if you want.” She handed Peggy their number and wobbled to the car and drove away, “Hollering thank you, please call.”

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