prisioner of my desires
Nervously, she looks around the small, locked room …. cinderblock walls painted a horrible green and furnished with only a scarred wooden table and two heavy wooden chairs. Behind her, the heavy metal door opens with a mighty creak and in strides a man, huge by anyone’s standards, her Interrogator. She keeps her dark eyes lowered, knowing he’ll see the fear in them if she looks at him. He asks her, in a soft but cold voice, ‘You know why you’re in here, now don’t you want to tell me all about it and go the easy route?’ Slowly, without looking up nor opening her mouth, she shakes her head, her long silky golden hair dancing side to side and curtains her face from view. Her heart leaps suddenly into overdrive as he grabs her by her thin silk slip dress, tossing her easily across the room and into the cement block wall. She hits heavily, her mind whirling in terror and confusion, but he gives her no time to react as he lands against her, his chest knocking the air from her lungs in a gusty groan. Painfully, he mashes her lush tits with his broad chest, holding her in place with his size, and leans down to whisper coldly into her face: ‘Tell me, bitch .. or I’ll hurt you….. bad.’

She groans almost as much from fear as from pain and whimpers, ‘I … I don’t know anything .. please.. don’t hurt me.’ She whimpers as she sees the cold, evil smile quirk the corner of his mouth, tangled in her own thoughts she thinks how she would have wanted to kiss that mouth in another time and place … then a blazing realization… he’s enjoying this .. she won’t be spared! He sees the realization in her eyes and laughs, a frightening sound, and backhands her, speaking softly in a cold voice .. ‘no safe words in prison, slut. Tell me or I’ll hurt you bad and I won’t stop till I’m good and ready.’

As if to emphasize his words, his big hand reaches into the bodice of her chemise tearing it from her as if it were a gossamer thin cobweb. Frightened dark forest green eyes widen and leap up to meet his, gasping as she tries to cover her nudity from the hulking Interrogator. He leans down, keeping her body pressed harshly against the cold cement brick of the walls, his lips come nearer and nearer, her body reacts as if in a dream, her lush red lips parting, begging a kiss. He laughs as he sees her reaction and veers off, sinking his teeth into the curve of her neck. Biting the tender flesh viscously, his own body reacts to her scent, the fear flowing from her in waves, the salty taste as he draws blood, and he pushes closer. But her only reaction is self preservation and she bites him back, sinking her own pearly teeth into his shoulder, unsuccessfully trying to hurt him thru the heavy material of his uniform.

Gasping for air like a fish out of water, as he pulls back fixing her to the wall with a cold stare, his hand flashing out like lightning backhanding her across her lovely face. Her ears ring and knees go to jelly and she slowly slides down the wall, unaware of the rough scrapes to the silken flesh of her bare back. Brutally, he grabs her hair dragging her across the room and throwing her face down on the scarred table. Her bare ass and back are illuminated under the harsh light of the lamp… soft, white and so vulnerable.

She pants wildly, desperately trying to clear her head and get her breath back, but freezes, her whole body tightening, as she hears the soft sound of a zipper coming down. Suddenly his big hands grab the cheeks of her ass, long strong fingers digging in to the soft skin and then the terrible burning as his cocks violates her cherry ass… tearing her open .. filling her with hard thick shaft and the pain that makes her writhe and scream!

She screams hoarsely as his cock pounds into her, his thighs smacking against her pale flesh, the feel of his balls as the slap harshly against her labia. Each time he pulls back, his big hands come down in an incredibly meaty slap, forcing her air out in a grunt even as he drives deep inside her again, wrenching another satisfying grunt. She sobs, tears of humiliation roll down her cheeks as she can’t catch her breath and feels her body betraying her. Her cunt starts to ache with a familiar feel that matches the brutal thrusts, her belly tightens as she feels her pussy dripping. His cock moves with painful ease in and out of her ass. Her cunt clenches even as one of his hands slips down to toy with her clit and she hears his voice laughing coldly in her ear: ‘You’re cunt wants me, you expensive whore …you like it rough don’t you? This what you want? This why you’re keeping it from me?’ Each word punctuated by a stinging slap and another burning thrust deep into her ass.

She sobs, her long golden hair tangled about her face, feeling his other hand wrap into it… pulling her back …. his cock still buried harshly in her throbbing ass and his hot breath in her ear: ‘tell me slut .. tell me what you know or you’ll think this is a party… I’ll bring all the rest of my buddies in…. they’ll take you in turn… you’ll be screaming your secrets and we won’t stop whore .. tell me!’.

Sobbing out her secrets, hating herself for being so weak, so frightened of him… the big Interrogator. His cock starts to move again, still burning .. hurting, but a bit gentler as he begins to take his pleasure, working her. One hand toying with her now dripping cunt as the other tugs her back into a bowed position, laughing in her ear: ‘… you caved slut … you gave all you have .. now I’ll take more!’

He pummels her ass, using her hard, moving on her faster … harder… till finally he groans with a harsh voice and floods her ass with his hot cum. All the while, his fingers toy with her clit. He pulls her up by her hair one final time, and grates out: ‘..cum whore… give it to me!’ And she does… screaming and bucking under him … her pain and humiliation making it the most intense orgasm she’s ever had.

Shaken to her core, she sobs softly, her tears puddling onto the harsh scarred wood of the table as she hears the soft zip of his pants. He moves away from her, speaking with a voice filled with soft mocking laughter… “thanks slut…just what I needed! I’ll be back again soon for more of your secrets.” and the heavy metal door to the room shuts with a deep hollow boom.

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