me and Billy try some thing new
My name is Lou I'm 46 now bit this story took place when I was 17. I was spending the summer at my uncles farm , me and my cousin Billy were just finishing feeding the horses and went to the hay loft to rest and talk. Billy was a year older then me and I always looked up to him. I also should tell you that Billy and I had been experimenting with sex for a year by then. It normally started out with us wrestling, as soon as Billy got worked up he would talk me in to giving him a blow job, and then he would give me a hand job. not really fare but I didn't mind because as he said he was older and should get more out of out playful experiments, and I did love him and wanted to make him happy.

So there we were sitting in the hay loft when billy jumped on me and we started wrestling around. It didn't take long before I could fell his cock getting hard threw his jeans, so when he stopped I knew what was coming , or so I thought. Billy sat there on my chest for a long time , with a strange look on his before he started talking, he told me about a porn movie he had seen on the internet , a woman was tied to a table and a guy was fucking her in the ass. Billy told me he had gotten so turned on that he wanted to try it. billy has a big cock, it's ten inches long and as big around as a soda can, ( we measured it once). So I said "no way " "you'd kill me if you tried to put it in my ass". Billy , always the smooth talker told me he'd be gentle and would stop if I didn't like it , then he pointed out that I didn't want to suck him the first time but no I love it, and to sweeten the pot he told me he'd blow me after. My head was spinning , I'd get my first blow job all I had to do was try it .Just then my young hormones took over and I said ok. Billy wasted no time , telling me to get undressed, that's when I noticed a bail of hay sitting on the corner of the loft with some rope and Vaseline sitting on it.

I asked him how he knew i' d agree to this and he said " you never say no me". Once I was naked Billy tied me doggy style to the hay . As Billy undressed, I started having second thought's, "Billy what if someone see us ". Billy said "don't worry dad at work and moms in town for the day"" the nearest neighbor is ten miles away so no one will hear you scream" That last scared me a little bit , but what could I do. Once Billy was naked he picked up the Vaseline and and started to rub it all over my ass and around my bung hole. He then pushed one finger in and sawed it back and forth for a while then two then three. It felt so good I couldn't believe I'd put up any fight . Billy stopped and started to jack off with the Vaseline getting him self very slippery. When he was ready he placed his large mushroom head on my bung hole and started to push forward. At first it wouldn't go in then very slowly my spinster started to open up. Billy pushed in until his head was inside, then he stopped. It was so big and my ass was so small, I started to sweat and and beg Billy to take it out. Billy just said "relax squirt", and held his head in me.

After a time my spikier started to relax and loosen up, the pain while still there wasn't as bad. Billy sensing this drove his cock balls deep in to my no longer virgin ass, I screamed bloody murder. Billy just held it there as I demeaned he take it out. Billy said " it's like removing a band aid kid, you have to do it fast" then he chuckled. He started to move it a little just an inch out and then slowly back in. As he started to fuck it in and out he would use more , two inches then three and so on until just his head was still in me, then back in . Billy started to go faster and harder, and I have to admit I was loving it , I started to rock back to meet his cock on his in thrust. I was in heaven and Billy was loving it too, He was grunting and hammering it in hard , I wondered why it was taking so long Billy had been fucking me for half an hour and was showing no sings of stopping. Then all of a-sudden he grab my hips and berried his cock all the way in and let out a great loud yell dumping about a gallon of cum in my colon, I could feel each blast of his cum hit my insides and feel his cock twitch with each blast.

Billy clasped on top of me and laid there for a minuet before rolling off of me. I looked at him with love in my eyes, I knew right then and there that I wanted him to do it again, and again. It didn't even matter that he refused to blow me. After that every chances I got I would blow , or fuck him .

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