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first time with another girl
07-14-2011, 10:14 AM
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first time with another girl
Last night I had an awesome orgasm considering I’ve not had one in years. George and I have been married for 7 years but the last couple of years sex has been boring. It was like my husband was doing an obligatory twice a month routine. Rub, kiss, get in, cum and sleep. I just lay there with my arms over my head.

I’ve asked him: ‘Honey did you forget something?’

Trying to remind him that I have needs but he just snores. Yesterday morning I told him off, I told him that I have needs and wanted foreplay and that I had forgotten what an orgasm felt like.

He stared at me and said: ‘I’ll consider your proposal.” What the Sam Tucker does that mean?

When my husband came home from work yesterday he had a package for me. He told me to make dinner and after we ate and cleaned the kitchen I was to go to our bedroom and change into my new clothes. I found it strangely erotic how he was ordering me to do things. We had minor chit chat at dinner but he never alluded to the present and I was becoming excited. By the time I had finished cleaning the kitchen my nipples were hard. I walked into the living room and he looked me in the eye and told me to go to our bedroom and change into the outfit that was in the box and wait for him beside the bed.

He was so stern and forceful I said: ‘Yes daddy’.

My husband’s eyes burned holes through me and he said: ‘No not daddy. Master, you will call me master’

I was onto his game and quickly replied: ‘Yes master’ and ran to the bedroom.

In the box I found an outfit like the one Princess Jasmine wears in Aladdin except more revealing. My head was spinning and I could feel my vagina getting wetter by the second. I got nude as fast as I could and was careful to only put on what was in the box. There were no panties so except for the outfit I was essentially nude with little colored ribbons wrapped around my breasts and vaginal region. I took everything out of my hair and let its full length hang down. I’ve been letting my hair grow and it was now a few inches below my breasts, I had half my hair behind and the rest I draped over my shoulders to cover my breasts and hardened nipples. I stood beside the bed and waited.

When George finally came into the bedroom he was wearing only a mask like Zorro and leather pants that were tied with leather laces from his hip to his ankles down both legs. When I saw my husband I thought for sure that my nipples would explode through the little straps of cloth that bound them. As he looked at me I could tell he was satisfied with his creation, and then he barked for me to get on my knees and to not look at him. I was on them as fast as I could making sure that I looked at the floor. George walked to in front of me took my face in his hand and squeezed by jaw and forced me to look at him. His hand on my jaw was tight and made me whimper a little.

George extended his cock towards my face and said: ‘You want some of this?’ Rocking his pelvis at me.

I begged: ‘Master please’.

‘Well your not getting it yet’ He told me.

George made a slight lift to his hand that squeezed my jaw and made me stand, he released me and I looked at the floor again. George walked around me and once behind me he grabbed my ass hard enough to bring me up on my toes and brought my hair behind me. After bringing me back to where my feet were on the floor he ordered me to put my hands behind my back and roll my shoulders to lift my chest. Now for sure my nipples would pierce their bonds. As George came around me he removed the thin silk from by lower waist dropping it to the ground.

Diary as you know I have Alopecia and the only hair I have on my body is on my head. I pencil in eyebrows and no one seems to notice I have no eyelashes; my husband likes it he says it makes me look like a little girl. Standing there I wait mostly exposed for his admiration. George traces his finger just under the silk bondage that slightly hides my breasts. I feel helpless and yet excited as he traces around my breasts that scream out to be touched and kissed.

I beg him again: ‘Master please’

George looks at me, he says: ‘You bad little girl. You are my slave you will not talk again or I will spank your naked little ass’

I squeak like a little mouse but I say not another word. George then lifts the silk from my breasts and clamps his mouth onto my left nipple bringing another louder squeak. My knees shake and my head spins as I revel in the ecstasy I feel fluid flowing down my thighs from my wet vagina. George draws his mouth from my breast with a pop and tosses me like a rag doll onto the bed. When I look I see he is holding the silk that was covering my breasts, I am finally nude. My husband orders me to place my hands above my head and he ties them together with the band that once covered my breasts. He then orders me to open my legs and ties them to opposite bedposts my left leg with the covering that was around my waist and my right with a necktie. Once assured that I cannot untie myself he leaves the room.

I was mesmerized by his power and I was intoxicated by my vulnerability. 30 minutes later my husband returned this time wearing only his mask and carrying a shopping bag behind him. He sets the bag on the floor beside the bed so that I cannot see it and places his hands on my ribcage. He starts to massage my perfectly hairless body towards my hips then upwards around my breasts to my armpits and back to my hips an exquisite rapture overpowers me. He massages my legs down to my toes and up between my legs again to my wet thighs and back to my ribcage. I was shaking so hard with excitement that the bed wiggled, but then he stopped again. He reached into the bag beside the bed and showed me a blindfold and then put it over my eyes. I could hear him getting into the bag again and then felt something on my chest; it was kind of firm and slightly cold. I felt the object move across and around my breasts then when it touched my nipples it started slowly vibrating and I almost had an orgasm as it danced from nipple to nipple. The vibrations stopped and the object danced down my body. Just before reaching my Venus mound my husband removed the blindfold and showed me the dildo. Granted my husband is no slacker in the pants but this thing was huge. Surely this dido would rip me in half if he placed that monster inside me, I squeaked in fear, but my husband only smiled back at me. Mounting me on the bed he toyed again with the dildo dancing across my breasts and nipples then lowered his head between my legs. Licking the wetness from my thighs he circled his tongue up to my vagina. He started licking my wet vagina slowly opening her to his tongue as the dildo massaged my right nipple. I was slowly reaching my peak when he drew the dildo down and touched the head of the vibrating dildo to my clit; I had an instant orgasm that rocked the bed. I came so hard that juices spewed from my vagina covering my husbands face and chest. I think I called out to every god or goddess to save me as I flew into bliss. When my orgasm ended and I was gaining consciousness I noticed that I was alone again.

My shaking had totally subsided when the door opened again. But it wasn’t my husband that came into the bedroom. George and I have a 3 year old son Timmy and occasionally we get a sitter for Timmy. Tonight Timmy was with grandma. The one walking in the door was our sitter Opal and she was nude. Opal was 16 and tiny was the best word for describing her I had always thought she was 12. Opal is of oriental descent 4’ 8” and maybe 85 lbs; she has smooth olive skin with tiny perky breasts. How did George know I lusted for this nimph?

I stammered: ‘What the’ But before I could say more

Opal Said: ‘Not a word. I am here to pleasure you. If you say another word George will have sex with me as you watch. Then he will leave you here tied to the bed.’

I saw she had the monster dildo in her hand and I tugged at the restraints to no avail as Opal walked towards the bed.

Opal looked at me and said: ‘George says that you have been a bad girl. The way I see it is that George is the good cop and I am to be the bad cop.’

With this she brings the monster dildo to her lips and licks it. Her tiny hands can hardly control the girth of the monster as her tongue wraps around its head. She slowly slips it into her mouth but she can only get a small part of the head into her mouth. Still licking the dildo she gets onto the bed and straddles my right leg. I can feel the wetness of her pussy pressing against my leg and it brings a shiver to my spine. My nipples react just as quickly peaking up and becoming hard. Opal slowly grinds her pussy on my leg like it was a mechanical bronco, her nipples have become like pencil erasers and she seems to be close to orgasm. Then with a thud she lays the dildo on my chest between my breasts. Since Timmy was born I’ve had little larger than C cups and breastfeeding Timmy had made my nipples stand one inch tall. Opal cradles by breasts from the sides and draws them together embracing the dildo between them. She slowly rakes the monster dildo up and down between them. Slowly she massages my breasts with the vibrating dildo and rubs my elongated nipples across it bringing spasms up and down my spine. Slowly she racks the dildo closer to my mouth and touches my lips.

‘Kiss it’ she says.

The vibrations make my lips quiver as I kiss this monster that is presented before me. I open my mouth and tongue it quivering my tongue as I touch the tip. As I tongue the dildo Opal draws it closer to me and presses it against my teeth vibrating my jaw. The vibrations fill my skull. Opal presses both my nipples onto the dildo and my mouth involuntarily opens and she shoves the mother into my mouth as far as it would go. In my surprise I can accommodate 4 inches more of the dildo in my mouth than Opal did. Opal turns the vibrator off and draws the dildo slowly in and out of my mouth and slides it between my breasts.

Opal then gets between my legs and blows hot air onto my wet vagina, my heart races and my back arches straining against the bonds that hold me. I try to reach her lips with my waiting vagina. She smiles and presses the dildo into my mouth. Opal tongues my inner thighs like a cat drinking milk slowly moving up to where I want her most. The silk that binds my arms to the head post breaks and I grab her head and shove her into my waiting wetness.

Spitting the dildo out of my mouth I scream: ‘Please’

Opal like a cat attacks my vagina with a vengeance kissing, licking and sucking me into multiple orgasms. Writhing in ecstasy I hold her head against my vagina as I spasm into bliss.
When I come out of the clouds I grab the imp by her armpits and drag her onto me and kiss her. Still quivering I hold her naked body against mine and our nipples dual with each others. Opal presses out of my hug gets a pair of scissors from beside the bed and she cuts the bonds from my legs. We wrap together in an embrace.

After a while Opal says: ‘you should complain to George more often.'

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