brother and sisters fun night
Me and my sister were on the couch watching TV. Our parents told us that
they were leaving and would not be back for a couple days. We had said ok then went back to watching tv. The hours passed an eventually my sister had said that she was going to bed. "alright goodnight sis" i said and she walked up the stairs. About an hour after that i decided to watch a porno.

About 5 minutes into the movie my cock gets very hard. Then without me noticing, my sister had walked down the steps very quietly to see what the noise was. she was standing behind the couch watching the tv. Then i noticed my sister walking around the couch and sit next to me, frightened i said "amber wha-what are you doing" she replied" i wanna watch the movie with you Derek"

I said "ok", as we were watching the porno i had taken quick glances at my
sister. She wasn't wearing anything but a robe that only came down to her thighs. as i kept glancing at my sister, i noticed that a spot of the couch was getting wet, and when i noticed that, it got me even harder. Unable to control my hand, i put my hand on her thigh, but she did nothing but watch my hand. Still unable to control my hand, my hand was slowly moving up her thigh, moving closer to her soaking wet pussy. then she moved a lil so i pulled my hand away.
but all her moving did was show her soaking wet pussy. then my hand got to her pussy.

i slowly slipped 2 fingers in her and she was moaning every time i pushed my fingers in her. I had already been naked because i like to watch pornos naked. she said "oh oh oh Derek please dont stop that feels so good". Then she pulled off her robe and slowly got on top of me and put her pussy to my face then she yelled "eat ur little sisters pussy, lick all my juices up with ur tounge".I did as i was told and i rapidly started moving my tounge in and out of her pussy, she was moaning and said "oh god oh god oh god please dont stop uh uh uh uh....FUCK!!!" as she was cumming i was slurping up all her juices that came out of her sweet pussy. Then she moved back down, slid my rock hard cock in her pussy and began to ride me as hard as she could. "ah yes amber, u wanna squirt ur juices all over my cock dont you" i said "oh yes mmmmmmm thats right, fuck ur little sister with your huge 9 inch cock". she was riding me for what seemed like an hour. then i felt her pussy tighten around my cock and i felt her juices run all over my cock. "oh uhhhh god fuck im cumming" amber had said. Then i felt my orgasm rising in me and before i knew it i was screaming "oh god amber im gonna cum"......She screamed "cum inside ur sisters soaking wet cunt, fill me with ur hot sticky cum" and suddenly i was filling my sister with my cum then she moved down and sucked the rest of the cum off of my dick. then she lay on top of me, both of us breathing heavily and exhausted.

As i lay there with my sister on top of me, us both cathing our breaths. My sister had started to play with my cock and i started to get hard again. "I want more Derek, give me more". Then we had both went upstairs to my bedroom and i layed on top of her. We were kissing in a way that a brother and sister never should,bbut we enjoyed every minute of it.

Then my sister flipped me over and began to slowly slide my cock in her mouth, her tounge running all over my throbbing cock. she sucked me for atleast 5 minutes. I had gotten back on top of my sister and had guided my dick slowly toward her pussy. When i reached her wet pussy lips she said "give me it " then i slammed my cock in her as hard as i could. I managed to get my sister to scream a bit. I was fucking my sister hard and good. Then i made her get on her hands and knees, then i slipped my cock back in her pounding my cock in and out.

I felt my sisters pussy tighten around my dick and then all her sweet juices were running over my cock. That made me fuck her even harder, before i even knew it, i was cumming deep inside my sisters pussy, she was screaming "o god shoot all ur tasty cum in me" and thats exactly what i did. Then she suddenly had a mind shattering orgasm and her body shook as she screamed as she fell to the bed exhausted. my dick was still in her as we fell asleep, me still laying on top of her. Then our parents came home and woke us up. We jumped out of the bed and both got changed. My sister went straight to bed, i went to the bathroom. I herd my parents gasp, they must have seen the cum stains on the couch and the porno was still playing

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