boobey wali sis
Hi this is vivek thakur. I read almost all stories on this site. Today, I am sending my story to you. This is a real story. We live in a city of nagpur. I am a engr. student. I have one sister only who is 5 years younger than me. She is an also a engr. Her name is Subha.

Now she is happily married. She did her engineering course from nagpur. She used to live in a house as a paying guest along with her other female friends. I never thought of any sexy feeling towards her. When she was a student, I went to her city. I had a friend there who was doing engr. with me. He was living alone because he came from Himachal to do engr. We were very open to each other. We enjoyed whole the day. It was Sunday and I thought to meet Subha on Monday at her college as I did not know the exact location of her stay. We took some beer in noon and talked some dirty. Then my friend asked me for enjoying sex. He told me that sexy girls are easily available here. But I said that I avoid ?paid sex? due to fear of Aids, etc.

But he told me that these girls are not prostitutes, rather they are from very decent families and students of some reputed colleges. He told me, Girls from rich families have higher expenses. Being students, they got a limited pocket money and they need more money to fulfill their expensive desires like films, lunch at some hotels, etc. So they adopt sex, with which they get both enjoyment and money.? He told me that these girls are not available to everyone. They are available to very limited boys who can afford them. I felt very hot to hear this. I requested him for such a girl. He told me that he knows a girl. He told me about that girl like this?Friend, that girl is too sexy that anyone can become mad for her. She has nice and firm boobs and her shaved vagina is too tight to give full enjoyment.

I have fucked her two times and she charges Rs. 1200/ for one fucking.. On my request, we went to a PCO and he rang on her mobile and talked to her. Then he told me that she will come at 4.00 pm and she will charge Rs 1500/ . I said okay. At about 4.30, the door bell rang. My heart started pumping. My friend went and opened the door. There was a girl at the door. I could not see her face as my friend was standing in front of her. I heard he was saying to that girl that she has to enjoy with his friend, i.e. me and she will get Rs 1500/ cash. After that he kissed her and lifted her in his strong arms. As he turned towards me, I was really shocked to see that she was Subha, my real sister. Subha saw me and she was also very upset. Neither me nor Subha could speak any word. We both were silent. My friend said This is the same girl. She is a sex bomb. I have enjoyed sex with her two times and she gave me such pleasure that I can never forget. I was not in the position to do anything, rather to speak anything. My real sister was standing before me for sex and she was not virgin at all. The veil between us had been lifted. But we did not do anything. What happened darling, why are you so silent?. Then he kissed her again and put his hand in her shirt. Subha was looking towards me.

She was motionless. My friend was pressing her boobs and then he said to me,? She is a great cock sucker?. Then he made her laid on the bed and mounted on her. He was sucking her boobs and his hand was moving on her salwar. Slowly and slowly, I get excited to see my own young sister. I noticed her body first time. Really she has firm boobs, so soft and so big and so sexy. Her stomach was tight and flat. Her boobs were covered in lacy bra and were trying to come out. Then my friend went out and asked me to bolt the door from inside. I did so. Subha said, ?No bhaiya, No, please no.? But I said, ?Subha, I never know that you are so beautiful as well as sexy. Please forget everything for some time. Forget that we are brother and sister , and please allow me to love you. Suddenly her soft arms were around me and we were kissing madly. Subha had a passionate tongue. It darted in my mouth, wetly seeking mine.

I was little surprised when I felt that she was opening my zip. Then her fingers gripped the root of my cock and brought it out from my underwear. It was already rock hard. ?Subha, please speak dirty and filthy words, if you can?, I requested. She said, ?Oh bhaiya, fuck me! Take me in your arms and fuck me with your big cock?. That was a sweat request to honor. I took her on bed. My fingers eagerly tugged down her dress. I removed her pink shirt, followed by her slip. I unhooked her bra, then slid my fingers under her armpits to cup and squeezed her full tits. The nipples poked out eagerly into my palms. I unknotted her salwar. She was wearing lacy panties.

She turned her head and kissed me. My hands slid down on her tummy and under the waistband of her panties. I rubbed my fingers through her pubes, searching for the wet spot. When I found it, the tip of my middle finger slipped inside her soft pussy. I am going to fuck my sister, this feeling made me more excited. ?Oh bhaiya, you are really great,? said Subha. Her pussy was wetter then hell. Her bush was soft and curly. I pushed her thighs wider apart and insert my finger again in her cunt. It was slippery inside. She was moaning. I pushed my finger deeper inside and she twisted violently and rolled her head around as I played with her hole. I started removing my cloths and she was playing with herself, rubbing one hand in circle on her tits and the other hand on her cunt. ?Please, let me suck your cock,? she whispered, the she lowered her head and parted her red lips. I pushed my cock at her and she immediately wrapped her lips around the head and began sucking. I watched her mouth moved up and down on my cock.

She was using her tongue. She blew me with a fury of lust. Her head bobbed up and down, taking my rod in so deep I could feel the head against the back of her throat. I was feeling fire in my body. I never expected such a shy girl doing all these nasty games. I got in between her legs and told her to hold them back. I took my erected cock in hand and rubbed it over her cunt lips. Then I pushed it an inch or so into her tight slit. ?Oh yes!? she cried, thrashing her head back and forth. I was caressing her soft thighs also. A high shriek of pleasure escaped her lips as I entered my full cock in her. She closed her eyes and seemed to tighten her cunt walls around my cock. She was tight and I was deeper inside her as she draped her slim legs over my shoulders. I started out pumping her slowly, delighting in the way her cunt gripped my prick and seemed to grab it, pulling it back in every time I made a backward motion.

She was maoning???Ohhh Uhhhhh???aaaaaahhhh???seeee??Oh God, you are making me cum now.? She yelled. ?My cunt is cuming for you! Give it to me hard!? Then our bodies jerked as one as I shot off a huge load of semen into her waiting cunt. She tensed herself against me, grinding her clit into my pubic bone to intensify her climax. Then she relaxed, fell away from me, and lay there exhausted, too tired to even undrape her legs from around my neck. I collapsed on top of her, panting against her breasts until I finally went soft and slid off to the side. We never told anybody about this. Even my friend does not know that she was my sister. Now we both are married, but we do not indulge in sex now.