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a Vampires Halloween
07-15-2011, 04:15 AM
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a Vampires Halloween
After living for 200 years, you tend to get bored. Wanting things to be different, needing that suspense that you vaguely remember from being human. After 200 years, you've done and seen it all. No surprises.
Ethan turned vamp, or as his kind like to call themselves 'immortals' when he was 29. Tall, about 6'1", a good 200 lbs, all toned muscle. Shaved head with piercing black eyes. (Think Vin Diesel, only taller.) Dressed in an all black business suit, he stands by his office window, looking out into the rising dark.

Tomorrow is Halloween. Stupid law office is holding another dress up event. He walks over to his cooler and opens it up, taking out a little can of what appears to be tomato juice. Pops the tab, and sips leisurely. There's a soft knock on the door.

"Yeah?" Ethan sighs.

His secretary of close to 5 years pops her pretty little head in.

"Sir, Lady Veronica is here to speak to you."

What was that I was just saying about surprises? "Send her in." Ethan leans on his desk and waits for his visitor.

Veronica steps into his office, the illumination from his ceiling lights shines off her exquisite diamond choker.

Ethan looks at his watch. "You’re a day early."

"Yes, well, I like to make sure that all is well," Veronica states.

Ethan turns to cast a gaze upon Veronica. As his eyes travel up her body, he takes it all in, the black stiletto pumps, the caramel color of her very shapely toned legs, the tight-fitting black and white pinstriped skirt and matching jacket that show ample cleavage. She runs a well-manicured hand through her raven black hair. Ethan raises an eyebrow and grins.

"Are you even wearing a blouse under that outfit, Veronica?"

Smiling, Veronica runs her tongue along her two very wickedly sharp fangs.

"Ethan, Honey… you’re lucky I even have the jacket on."

Ethan turns back around and stares back out the window.

"What do I owe the pleasure to this visit, you being a day early and all?"

Veronica smiles and walks over to his desk, propping her long legs up onto his desk.

"You should really look me in the eye when you’re addressing a senior Elder, Ethan."

Without turning back around, Ethan swallows the last sip of his drink and then tosses the can into the wastebasket beside the desk. Without looking at her he states, "You still haven't answered my question..."

Veronica laughs. "Ah, Ethan, always the rebel." She runs her nails across the keyboard of his computer, making him turn around to look at her. Looking up into his eyes, she states, "Tell me, why do I or the council even bother with you?"

Ethan leans onto his desk and looks at her, running a finger down her propped leg. "So tell me, what are you doing here?"

Veronica glances back at the door then back to him, running a well-polished finger between her breasts. "So tell me Ethan, have you fucked that little cupcake of a secretary of yours yet?"

Ethan stops his caress of her leg and looks at her. "Ah, so this is what this visit is about, huh?"

Veronica stands up and runs a finger along the front of her jacket, popping the top button.

"She wants it, you know,” she laughs. " I took the liberty of reading her thoughts when I first arrived". Running her finger further down, she pops the second button and the jacket opens up, exposing her perfectly rounded breasts.

Ethan runs a finger down her neck to her exposed breasts. "You always did take too many liberties". Running a hand over an exposed nipple, he states, "I really hope you don't intend on turning her."

Veronica pushes her breast into his palm, and almost purrs the words: "Turning no, ravishing, why Ethan, I’m surprised I haven't done it already." Ethan rolls a nipple between his thumb and finger, causing Veronica to moan slightly. She drops her hand down between them and rubs it along the growing outline of his cock. She tilts her head. "Page her Ethan, I want her."

Ethan smiles. "Who am I do deny an Elder?" He reaches over and hits the conference button. "Tricia, please step in here before you head out for the evening." The intercom beeps and the door opens. Tricia steps in half way, and her eyes grow large at the scene before her.

Veronica shrugs off her jacket, letting it hit the floor with a soft thump. "Tricia, come in and lock the door."

Locking the door behind her, she moves to where Veronica is and waits.

Veronica's eyes travel across Tricia’s body, taking in her beauty. Tricia, a southern belle, is about 5'7'', wears bright white pants that hug her firm, shapely ass and flare out at her ankles, showing baby blue slingback heels. A baby blue sweater is pulled tightly across her toned stomach and her small yet perky breasts.

Veronica reaches down and pulls on the clasp on Tricia’s pants. Tricia’s hand goes to stop her. Veronica grabs her wrists.

"I know you know what Ethan is; therefore, you also know what I am. So if you want to live to see this Halloween, you will not deny me. Besides, I read your thoughts; I know you want this as much as I do. "

Tricia's pants silently hit the ground. Tricia looks at Ethan and bites her bottom lip. Veronica slides a finger inside Tricia’s already wet slit.

"Mmmm, you are a little minx, aren't you? You aren't wearing any panties." Veronica pushes Tricia to her knees as she pulls Ethan’s pants and boxers to the ground, letting his already hardened cock spring free. Tricia, not needing instruction, takes him into her mouth, wrapping her lips around him and flicking the tip of his cock with her tongue. Ethan leans back onto the desk and moans in pleasure. Tricia wraps a hand around his balls and gives them a slight tug, while she is bringing him in deeper into her hot wet mouth. Veronica slips under Tricia and places her mouth on Tricia’s pussy, running her tongue up her slit to her hard little nub, flicking it. Tricia moans into Ethan’s cock, taking him deeper and massaging his balls, running her tongue from the tip to the bottom of his shaft. Tricia pulls back slightly and pulls the sweater she’s wearing off, tossing it to the side. Ethan runs a hand down and runs her nipples between his fingers, causing another moan to escape her lips. As Tricia takes Ethan’s cock back into her mouth, he begins to remove his shirt and tosses it by the sweater. Ethan begins to push more of himself into Tricia’s mouth, as she starts to hump Veronica’s mouth wildly. Veronica slides a finger into Tricia’s tight ass and pumps it furiously in and out. Tricia's orgasm rips through her body and she falls to the side.

Ethan grabs Veronica and stands her up, turning her around and bending her over the desk hard. Veronica moans hard as her breasts are pushed against the hard desktop. Ethan reaches down and runs a finger along the outline of Veronica’s panties, pushing them off to the side, and he shoves into her, putting his full 8 inches in at once. Veronica moans loudly and starts to push back onto him. Ethan starts fucking her hard, ramming into her and pulling out just to roughly ram back in again. Tricia climbs on top of the desk and lies down in reach of Veronica’s mouth. Veronica moans with pleasure. Ethan reaches up and grabs a handful of her hair and forces her mouth back down onto Tricia’s perfectly shaven pussy.

Veronica flicks her tongue in between moans onto Tricia’s clit, causing spasms of pleasure to course through Tricia again. Ethan grabs a hold of Veronica's hips and quickens his pace. Veronica starts to feel an orgasm building and reaches down to twirl her own clit. Ethan grabs a hold of her hips and fucks her wildly. Veronica explodes into an orgasm, squirting cum down Ethan’s cock and her legs. She screams out her orgasm into Tricia’s pussy. Ethan slides his cock out as Tricia scrambles off the desk to lick the juices off his cock. Ethan grabs Tricia by her waist and lays her on the desk. Positioning himself between her thighs, he teases her.

"You ready? Hmm?" He places his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

Veronica squats above Tricia’s face. Veronica twirls her nipples. "Yesss... Ethan, fuck her, baby."

Ethan pushes hard into Tricia and she hooks her ankles behind his knees. Ethan starts pounding her pussy hard. Tricia starts to lick and suck on Veronica’s pussy, twirling her tongue around the already hardened clit. Veronica leans in and Ethan grabs her face as he kisses her hard. Their tongues battle. Ethan grabs a hold of her bottom lip with his teeth and pulls roughly on it, and Veronica moans in ecstasy. Tricia begins to squeal under Veronica’s hips as her orgasm begins to take her again. Ethan grabs her legs, puts her ankles on his shoulders, and pounds harder into her making her cum hard, squirting all over Ethan’s balls.

Tricia sucks hard on Veronica’s clit, insuring that she will orgasm. Cumming hard, Veronica cums all down Tricia’s face. Ethan feels his orgasm build. As he pulls out, he shoots his hot cum all over Tricia’s perfect perky tits. Veronica slides to the side and licks the sticky cum from Tricia's nipples. Then she kisses Tricia to share Ethan’s taste. Ethan collapses onto his chair. He glances at his watch, notices that it's well after midnight, and he chuckles.

"Happy Halloween, Ladies."

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