Wow it's the Ushers' turn , as well as the Best Man again
The photographer took ages snapping every conceivable grouping of friends and family. His last shots were of the happy couple getting into the bridal car, which would take them from the church to the hotel, where the reception was being held. My husband followed close behind them as he had some last minute arrangements to make with the hotel management.

I stayed behind at the church to ensure that all the guests knew their way to the hotel, and to check that nobody had left anything behind.

Soon there was only me, Tony the best man, and Frank and Dave the two ushers left in the churchyard. Frank was the groom's younger brother who was just eighteen, whilst Dave was a friend of the groom.

As we walked around the back of the church to get to the car, Tony got out one of those mobile phones that doubles as a camera, and suggested that I pose with the two ushers. I should have suspected something after what he had put me through, but I just stood there with Frank on one side of me and Dave on the other.

"OK lads," said Tony, and with that each of the ushers grabbed hold of one of my arms, whilst pulling the hem of my skirt and slip up above my waist. The best man then started taking pictures of me without my knickers on. I tried to struggle, but against two strong young men it was hopeless. I tried to keep my legs together but they paraded me about like a puppet, so that Tony could take close ups of my naked and reddened pussy, as well as my bare ass.

He then told me to stop struggling and let the two ushers have their evil way with me, or else he would tell all the wedding guests that I was so horny I had seduced him and the bridegroom on the night before the wedding. He of course could back up those lies with photo's of me with no panties on. "We don't want one marriage ending just as another one is starting," he leered.

What could I do? I had been tricked into letting the groom and the best man use me , now I had to put out to the ushers to save my own marriage. I had never cheated on my husband in all the years that we had been married, and now I was a sex toy to a group of men, young enough to be my sons.

The three guys took it in turns to take off their tail coats and drape them over nearby gravestones. Then they took off my jacket and started to unbutton my silk blouse. If I tried to stop them, then the blouse would get torn, which would be difficult to explain. So I just stood against the church wall as my blouse was taken off,followed quickly by my bra.

Hands were all over my breasts, lips started sucking on my already sore nipples and fingers

found their way into my already sore cunt.All the time Tony taking shot after shot of my humiliation.

Then he used his mobile phone to call my husband,telling him that his car wouldn't start ,but that the Automobile Association were on their way. The bastard then passed the phone to me,forcing me to discuss wedding breakfast details with my husband, whilst my boobs, pussy and ass were being groped by Frank and Dave.

As soon as the call ended Frank dropped his trousers and pants, grabbed me by the waist and pushed his cock into me. There I was, a decent middle aged lady, naked from the waist up, skirt pushed right up, being fucked against a church wall like a cheap hooker. Luckily, the young man only had a normal sized cock and little self control, because after only five minutes solid shagging I felt him empty his cock deep inside me.

I knew that Dave was nicknamed "Donkey Dave" but I never knew why, until he dropped his pants to reveal a cock of gigantic proportions. Even as the huge helmet forced it's way between the lips of my labia I knew that I was in for a fucking of a lifetime.

Donkey Dave held me by the cheeks of my bum as he started to thrust into me. I didn't cum when Frank shafted me, but "The Donkey" was a different story entirely. Every time he hammered into me, every time his pubic hair crashed against my hairless pussy lips I was driven on towards a shuddering orgasm. He lasted for about fifteen minutes before shooting his load, by which time I had cum loudly no less than three times. All the time my agony was being caught on camera by the perverted best man.

When he pulled out of me I thought that my ordeal was over, but the evil Tony had other ideas. He got the two ushers to hold me bent over a gravestone, and then entered me with great force. I begged him to stop because I was so stretched and sore, my vagina felt like it would never feel normal again. I was surprised when he pulled his slime covered cock out of my dripping snatch, but horrified when I felt it force it's way between the cheeks of my bottom.

I was moved away from the gravestone and held in a bent over position while he held me tightly round the waist. I tried to dislodge the invading cock, but I wasn't strong enough. Every time I struggled, the cock moved inside me and he only had to stand still to get off.

It was like an American rodeo where the bronco tries to unseat the rider. eventually, I gave up and let him fuck my ass. I have to admit that before I met my husband I went out one night with some girlfriends, got drunk and let some guys fuck me,in my ass as well as my cunt, but that was a long time ago.

Eventually, I heard Tony gasp as he flooded my back passage with his filthy seed. It was all over, Tony was grinning like a Cheshire cat, the two young ushers were looking very shamefaced and I felt like hell. I was helped to dress, still without panties, then we drove to the hotel.

During the car journey I tried to clean myself up with some paper towels, but the men's jism was still oozing out of my swollen pussy and ass. We arrived at the hotel just as the meal was about to start, so I didn't get a chance to go to our room, clean up properly and put on a fresh pair of knickers.

I sat there at the top table reeking of sex, leaking cum, feeling like the biggest slut on earth and praying that the pervert of a best man would not think up any more ways to humiliate me.
Very good, Story :)

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