Woman has sex with friend without knowing husband is behind her seduction
Debanjan Ghosh and Somadrita Ghosh,a young couple were living in Kolkata,both young,spirited and working professionals. Debanjan Ghosh was a qualified engineer and had his own business, and his wife Somadrita worked as a back office executive in a real estate company. Debanjan and Somadrita were both about 29 years of age, they were childhood friends and got married 4 years ago. They were originally from a small town in West Bengal, and lived in Kolkata for the last 4 years. Everything was going on well in their life,they were deeply in each other, they were happy with their respective careers, but still there was some thing that bothered them.At the time of marriage,they had decided that they would have a child after 3 or 4 years. But now after 4 years of married life,when they decided for it,they were having problems.Being busy professionals,they had no time to exercise and stay fit.They lead sedentary lives.They both put on weight and Debanjan, with his 5ft 7inches height, and a waist of 36,had put on lot of weight,due to erratic work schedules,dependence on junk food and also alcohol at times, was having low sperm count. Somadrita was about 5 ft 6inches tall,and had a curvy and voluptuous body and with her dusky skin, was a true Bengali Beauty.

Debanjan was depressed about the fact that he was unable to make his wife pregnant. Somadrita was depressed but still controlled her feelings so that she doesn't hurt Debanjan.But apart from this situation,they had a good love life, and even watched blue films and porn together.They even shared their fantasies with each other. Debanjan had a fantasy of Somadrita having sex with another man, he fantasised about her fucking another man infront of him. But whenever he told her about it,Somadrita scolded him and laughed it off. Somadrita was a tomboy since childhood, had friendship with lots of boys including Debanjan since school,but she only loved Debanjan. One day, on a saturday night,while relaxing on bed,lying next to each other, Debanjan asked Somadrita,"Soma(her nickname)I know you were a tomboy since childhood,you were one of the boys among your guy friends,you even beat up guys if they misbehaved with girls in school...and thays why it took me so many years to propose to you...though I started loving you since Class 9,I proposed to you in Class 11....but tell me one thing...apart from me...have you never found any othey guy desirable...have you not been attracted to any other guy...tell me honestly." Somadrita said,"Deb(his nickname)you really want me to answer this." Debanjan nodded his head and said,"Yes Soma." She said," Well as you know I was a tomboy...so many boys were my friends...they were all good....some were cute...sweet...like Rahul,Hirak,...some were nice but boring,studious types like Supriyo,Anupam...you were adventurous,free spirited,crazy and also adorable...and so I love you so much....but there is one guy...I found him different from the other boys...a loner, a wanderer at heart,good at sports and had a great personality...though he talked less...Shouvik..." Debanjan said," You mean Shouvik Roy....you liked him...." Somadrita said," Arrey naa...I said I found him different...yes we were friends....but I felt an attraction for him once...when we were in Class X....during our school sports day....Shouvik had won some event...I went to congratulate him...he was going to the boys room to freshen up...as I was approaching him,he had taken his shirt off, with out seeing me...and I gave a sigh,"oh." He looked behind and saw me....I looked into his eyes and then I saw him bare chested....he was looking so hot and sweaty and dazzling in his toned shirtless body...he then said,"Yes whats up Soma." I just said,"nothing...congratulations for your win...and ran way from him."Debanjan said," OK I see ...you never told me about this before...."Somadrita said,what was there to tell...it was just a small accident...and you proposed to me in Class xi." Debanjan said," OK a small accident...but you still remember it now years later." They laughed and joked with each other, and then went off to sleep.
The next day, it was Sunday and both of them decided to go to a mall for shopping and have lunch at a nice restaurant.At late afternoon,when they entered a restaurant, and took a seat...both of them saw a man enter the restaurant...a man about the same age as theirs, about 5 ft 10 inches tall, wearing a blue jeans and nice full sleeved brown shirt.Debanjan said," Soma isn't that Shouvik.." Somadrita said," Yes I was also thinking the same." Debanjan got up from the seat and approached him as Somadrita looked on...about a minute later, Debanjan brought the man to their table, and said," Look Soma...who's this...Shouvik about whom we we were talking yesterday..." Shouvik said,"what were you guys talking about me...." Soma said," well we were talking about school friends...by the way...nice perfume...and you are looking dashing shouvik." Shouvik said," well thanks Soma...you are looking gorgeous too...looking so ravishing in saree...a true bengali married woman." Somadrita smiled shyly and said," Thanks." Debanjan asked Shouvik about his being in Kolkata.Shouvik said,"well I work in a software firm in Delhi...I have come to Kolkata yesterday evening to work on a project for 7 days-10 days....I am staying at a hotel....Debanjan interrupted him and said,"What you are staying at a hotel....no way...you will stay with us at our apartment...." Shouvik said," no no don't bother....I am fine at the hotel...." Debanjan said,"nothing doing you will stay with us....Soma tumi bolo naa okey(Soma you tell him)...nijer bondhu ke bolo...amader shaate thaakte(tell your friend about staying with us). Somadrita said," Shouvik please come and stay with us...see Deb wants you to stay with us.." Shouvik smiled and said," because Deb wants me to stay...you don't want me to stay..." Somadrita smiled in mock anger,slapped Shouvik's arm lightly, and said,"Stupid...I also want you to stay with us...I insist." The three of them smiled together,then finished their lunch and went to the hotel to pick up Shouvik's bags and other stuff and then went back to Debanjan and Somadrita's apartment,taking Shouvik together with them.
After coming back home, Somadrita arranged the guest room for Shouvik,made the bed for him. Shouvik started to settle down in the guest room. Somadrita went to the bathroom, had a short bath, freshened up, and opened her almirah and was checking her set of nighties, trying to decide which one to wear. Debanjan entered the room and looked at her and said," Soma wear something sexy darling...sexy nightie poro(wear a sexy nightie)." Somadrita was surprised," Ki bolchho...shouvik aache...bari te guest aachhe...and took out a half sleeved yellow nightie...Debanjan said," not this one...wear the sleeveless red nightie....you will look great.You don't need to be shy around Shouvik...he's our childhood friend...feel free....its your house...you are the queen..." Somadrita felt encouraged by her husband, and decided to wear it.Shouvik and Debanjan were now in the living room watching TV, and Somadrita came out of her bedroom...Shouvik looked at her and was mesmerised seeing her in the sleeveless,red nightie....Somadrita's dusky skin, her fleshy arms,her shoulder, a part of her back was visible and also the tight nightie was low neck and so showed a good hint of her cleavage.Somadrita understood that he saw her but went to the kitchen. She started to cook and heat food item in the kitchen, when Shouvik entered the kitchen and asked for water. Somadrita saw him and asw that he was wearing bermuda shorts and a sleeveless vest/ganjee.Somadrita gave him a mineral water bottle.They chatted for a few mins,He came near her, trying to see what she was cooking,he even kept his hand over her shoulder while taking to her and seeing what she was cooking.But then he left the kitchen and joined Debanjan in the living room and continued watching TV.
After sometime,Somadrita arranged the dining table and served food to Debanjan and Shouvik and then joined them in having dinner.They talked and ate together. Shouvik said," Soma tui toh khub bhalo ranna korish(Soma you cook really well) the food is really nice..." Somadrita smiled. Shouvik said," Your wife is a really good cook Debanjan...you are a lucky man."Debanjan smiled. Shouvik said,I must say another thing....hope you won't mind Deb...Soma has grown more beautiful after marriage....she looks so sexy."Soma was stunned. Shouvik went silent.Debanjan said," Arrey why will I mind...if she is beautiful...if she is sexy...you will surely compliment her...why not...say thanks soma...he is complimenting you."Somadrita smiled shyly and said,"Thanks Shouvik...thanks for the compliments...you have become talkative and naughty...by the way, why have you not got married till now...if you have a wife,she will cook for you too....and like Debanjan you will be a lucky man too."Shouvik smiled and said,"I can't be lucky like Deb...as I can't get a girl like you...he has already got you Soma."He then laughed, and all the three of them laughed together. Debanjan then asked Shouvik how he was so fit and in good shape...and Shouvik said that he goes to gym in Delhi, and also plays football on sundays with his colony boys.Shouvik then said," but you too have put on weight...but don't take it wrongly Soma,you look great...and Debanajan you too can still lose weight."After finishing dinner,Shouvik went to the guest room to sleep. Debanjan and Somadrita went to their bedroom to sleep.
In the bedroom,Debanjan took Somadrita from behind, and started kissing her neck and shoulder.Somadrita said,"oh...aah ki korchho(what are you doing?) chhere dao(leave me)...its monday tomorrow...lets sleep...we have office...aajke chhere dao." Debanjan said," Aajke chharbo naa tomake...specially Shouvik tomaar proshongsha korar pore(I won't leave you today...especially after Shouvik praised you...gave you compliments." Debanjan then turned her around,took her in his arms, kissed her forehead,kissed her ears,her nose,her cheeks,he then started kissing her lips,Somadrita too reciprocated by kissing him back...they then opened their mouths and Debanjan put his tongue inside her mouth and Somadrita too gave him her tongue...and their tongues started playing with each other.They shared a passionate French Kiss for a little while and then Deabanjan released her. He then told her to take her nightie off.Somadrita did as she was told, and took off her nightie,she was now wearing her black lacky bra and panty. Dipanjan then took off his T-shirt, and was shirtless and only in shorts. He then undid the hooks of Somadrita's bra straps. Now Somadrita was topless, and her big,heavy breasts were out infront of her hubby. Debanjan then praised her beauty,her lovely,soft and big breasts, and started sucking her nipples, and she started moaning,":aah aah no no...darun...Very nice...aah aah..." Debanjan then cupped her breasts in his hands,He squeezed her breasts,gave soft slaps to them,licked them,and gave her immense pleasure, making her moan with pleasure,"aah aah...no...love you." He then sat on his knees and kissed and licked her navel and waist. Then asked her to sit on her knees and give him a handjob,and Somadrita held his semi erect cock in her palm, and started giving him a handjob, and then he sinalled her to take it in her mouth...she now took her hubby's cock in her mouth and started to swallow his cum...she swallowed a whole lot...the entire load of cum in her mouth.They both lied down for a while....and then Debanjan got up....spread her legs...and put his finger inside her cunt...Somadrita was going crazy in pleasure, and moaned...oh oh aaah aah...naaa naa...ui maa ui maa."He then put his mouth over her cunt and started to fuck her cunt with his mouth and tongue...he started tongue fucking her cunt and swallow her juices and now Somadrita experienced immense pleasure and cried in pleasure,"aah aah naa aar naa....naa oh maa oh maa naa." After a while, Debanjan released her and lied beside her....he then started kissing her forhead,her cheeks and kissed her lips again...then he squeezed her breasts and sucked her nipples for a while, then he made her give him a handjob again....in a little while, his cock was erect again, and now Debanjan came up, spread her legs wide, and started inserting his cock inisde her pussy...and started to hump her slowly....he also squeezed her breasts, andtouched her navel and waist....and Somadrita was getting wild now and moaned and screamed, "oh oh aaah aah urgh....naa morey gelam....aar paari naa....please please..."Debanjan then made a strong move and ejaculated inside her...depsositing his semen inside her vagina. He then lied beside her tired...and Somadrita was now exhausted and sleepy.She cuddled upto Debanjan and they both went off to sleep.
The next morning, it was Monday and Somadrita woke up at 8 am, woke up Debanjan and went to the kitchen to make Tea and Breakfast, and saw that the guest room was open and she looked inside and saw that Shouvik was bare chested,wearing only his shorts and was doing his free hand exercises. Somadrita quickly made a move and went to the kitchen. She made herself busy and tried hard but kept thinking about his toned body,nice chest and flat stomach...and also thought about her husband's flabby body,pot belly. She controlled her thoughts somehow and then arranged the table with tea and breakfast, and called Debanjan and Shouvik.Both the men were ready,all dressed and ate breakfast and had tea, and then left. After they left, Somadrita did some household work,attended to the maid and instructed her about her job. After the maid left, Somadrita got dressed up in a nice sleevless salwar kameez and went to her office.In the evening, all the three came back home, discussed their day,chatted and then ate dinner and went off to sleep.The next day,went just like the previous day,but in the evening, Shouvik came back first to the apartment and waited. A little later, Somadrita came, she was wearing a nice yellow saree and yellow half sleeved blouse,but she was fully drenched and wet as it was raining heavily. Somadrita saw that Shouvik was waiting outside their apartment. She said,"Arrey Shouvik when did you come...." Shouvik said," about 15 mins back....you are fully wet..." Somadrita said,"Yes I didnot take an umbrella, and its raining heavily outside and I have to walk back quite a bit..." She opened the door with her keys and they came in inside.After coming inside, somadrita kept her bag on the table, opened her shoes and saw that Shouvik was looking at her smiling. She said," why are you smiling Shouvik..." He smiled and said," seeing you all drenched and wet, I remember a song,"Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si...soi raaton ko jaagi si...mili ek ajnabi se...koi aagey naa peeche...tum hi kaho yeh koi baat hain." Somadrita smiled and said,"You are always flirting...stop it yaar." She then excused herself to go the bedroom and change her wet saree . A little later, she cam out of her room, wearing a nice pink sleeveless nightie, and saw that Shouvik was making tea in the kitchen. Somadrita said," Shouvik ki korchhish tui(shouvik what are you doing?)..." He said,"Dekhchish naa chaa banaachhi tor aar aamar jonney(Can't you see making tea for both of you."Somadrita then went to the living room and switched on the TV. Shouvik came with a tray having two two cups of tea and some biscuits. They were enjoying the Tea and biscuits, and chatted with each other.Somadrita then told Shouvik that she was having a slight headache and pain in the neck and shoulder. Shouvike then said that he could give her a nice head and neck massage and she would feel better. Somadrita tried to say no,but Shouviuk stood up and went behind her and started giving her a massage. As his fingers caressed her head,herneck andshoulders,her body started responding to his touches and the way he pressed points in her neck and shoulder.Somadrita started feeling nice and felt better.In the night, when Debanjan came home,the three had dinner together, and Debanjan saw that Somadrita and Shouvik were talking more with each other and less with him.They laughed a lot and flirted with each other too. When they came to their bedroom, Debanjan asked Somadrita,"shouvik has adjusted very nicely with us right..." Somadrita said," Yes Deb...its so nice to have him with us...he is so cool...you know he made tea for himself and me this evening...he also gave me a nice head massage as I had a slight headche...Shouvik is a sweetheart.." Debanjan then said,"He is still in good shape,though he is of our age...and busy in his work." Somadrita said," He is fit...he is healthy...that day morning I saw him shirtless doing freehand exercises." Debanjan then told her that he was feeling sleepy and its time they went off to sleep.The next morning, Somadrita woke up, and saw that Shouvik was awake and had finished brushing his teeth. He said to her," Good Morning Beautiful !" She said smilingly,"Good Morning Handsome !"She then went to the kitchen. Debanjan had woken up and sat on the sofa in the living room and was talking on his mobile. Shouvik took his bath and came all dressed up. The three of them now sat together to have breakfast.After a while,Debanjan and Shouvik finished their lunch and left together. In the car, while driving, Debanjan asked Shouvik whether he would like to have lunch with him in the afternoon. Debanjan told him about a restaurant which was located in an area which was near to both their offices. Shouvik agreed to his lunch invitation.They fixed the time at 2 pm.
At 2pm, both of them reached the restaurant and took a seat and ordered lunch. Debanjan then started talking. He said,"So Shouvik how is your work going? " Shouvik said," Well its going nice...actually my stay in Kolkata has got extended...my project work will require another two weeks atleast...so I will have to be in Kolkata for another 15-20 days." Debanjan said,"WOW thats great....we will have you with us for atleast two more weeks....hope you are enjoying your stay with us....enjoying Soma's company and my comapny too." Shouvik said,"Yes offcourse...."Debanjan then said," Shouvik I need to ask you something....hope you don't mind...please answer honestly...promise me..." Shouvik said,"Why are you being so formal...ask me...Ok I promise you I'll answer honestly."Debanjan then said," Shouvik tor Soma ke kamon laagey...tor ki okey pochondo..." Shouvik was stunned and remained silent.He then said,"what are you asking....do i like your wife....soma is a friend...i will like her...so." Debanjan said," not like that....i mean are you attracted to her....do you have feelings for her....tell me honestly...you promised me.." Shouvik looked at Debanjan's eyes for a minute and then said," I have loved Soma since we were in class IX....she was so different from the other girls in our class and in our school...she did not have tantrums...she was not fake....she was a tomboy...she was a true friend....she was a strong girl...she was a nice,genuinely nice girl.....but I could never propose to her as when I decided to propose to her in Class XI, you had already proposed to her...and as you were a dear friend...I decided to suppress my feelings and not come in the middle of both of you...so I kept my love for her in my heart,finished my studies and concentrated on my career and tried to move on....I made friendships with girls but didnot find any one suitable to fall in love with and settle down with...and now seeing her so womanly,so graceful...so beautiful...I find her irresistable.but I won't come in between you both...my love is pure and true." Debanjan said,"So I am responsible for your life being loveless....now I will help you...but I want a favour from you....he then narrated the whole incident about the unsuccessful attempts for a child....his low sperm count....his and Soma's depression.now I want you to seduce her and make love to her, I want you to give her a child....make her a complete woman...." Shouvik said," I can't do it....its wrong.." Debanjan said,"Its not wrong...you love her...she also finds you attractive...(Debanjan told him about Soma's attraction for Shouvik in school days and even now she has seen him shirtless and likes his fit and healthy body.)" Shouvik smiled in happiness after hearing all this. Debanjan also told him he had fantasised about Soma having sex with another man and he being able to see it. He also told him she had never agreed to his fantasy and laughed it off.Debanjan told him that Shouvik would have to seduce her and make her submit to him.Shouvik finally agreed to Debanjan's proposal. Now Debanjan told him about his plan and how to go about the whole thing.
It was evening and Somadrita came out of her office and was surprised to see that Shouvik was standing outside his office building.Somadrita came to him and asked,"Arrey Shouvik tui ekhane(Shouvik you here)...how did you get to know about my office address." Shouvik said,"Debanjan had told me about your office and its location and well I have come here for a reason....well actually Debanjan called me up and told that he tried your number but could get you due to network problems or so...and he said that he will be late tonight and he will have his dinner outside with his office colleagues.So I decided to come here to pick you up and take you out for a dinner." Somadrita said,"no we can go home and have dinner at home...." Shouvik interrupted her and said,"everyday you cook at home...I wanna give you a break...come with me yaar...its my treat...its our dinner date....please I request you...and you are looking pretty in this purple saree...yaar don't say no..." Somadrita smiled, and said,"Ok Chalo baba..." Shouvik took Somadrita to a nice restaurant and treated her to a great food....they had a great time...and talked with each other...and then they returned home.As they entered their building, they saw that Debanjan had just come back and opened the apartment door.On enetering inside,Somadrita asked Debanjan,"You came just now...thank God we are back too...darling you have had your dinner." Debanjan nodded his head in approval. He then told Somadrita and Debanjan to come and sit with him in the living room,they did as told...Debanjan made drinks for the three of them...Somadrita told him that she will not drink....Debanjan told her that he will give her a light drink...wine.Debanjan made the drinks,he mixed some thing in Somadrita's drink...(without letting her realise)...The three of them started drinking.Then Debanjan showed them that he had brought a new CD with all the item songs in it. He also told Shouvik that they will dance and Somadrita who was a good dancer, and she will be the main performer. Somadrita was reluctant but finally gave in to the demands of the two men. Debanjan inserted the CD and it started to play....the first song was Sheila ki jawani...Debanjan and Shouvik started to dance and then Debanjan signalled Somadrita to join....she was now under the influence of drinks and came up and joined them in dancing...the two men gave her space...and let her dance with freedom...and Somadrita now feeling a bit tipsy ...dance,smiled and also sang with the lyrics. The two men slowly moved back and sat on the sofa....now the next song started ...it was Munni bhi maani aur Sheila bhi maani...Shalu ke thumke ki duniya deewani...now Somadrita was feeling tipsy...her saree pallu fell down as she danced wildly...Debanjan qucikly grabbed her and opened her pallu...she was now only in her blouse and petticoat....she continued dancing with wild abandon....the next song was Munni badnaam hui darling tere liye....and now Somadrita was in full form and she winked at both the guys to come and dance with her ....they came up...and she hugged Debanjan....and tried to unbutton his shirt....and in the meanwhile Shouvik came up...caressed her back...her neck...and then touched and felt her naked waist and belly....she looked sideways at him once...smiled naughtily and still singing the lyrics of the song...she had opened Debanjan's shirt now...he was shirtless...he then told her to open Shouvik's shirt too...now Somadrita turned around to face Shouvik,blew him kisses...and then touched his cheek softly with her hands...and then started to unbutton Shouvik's shirt...she unbuttoned him and now took off his shirt and was bare chested...she now started touching and caressing his broad chest...she also bent and kissed his chest....his neck...his cheek....oblivious in her drunken state that her hubby was standing right beside her....Shouvik then tried to kiss her on her lips but she naughtily moved her face and got kissed on her cheek by shouvik.Debanjan again turned her around to face him...he now told her to unbutton her blouse..she hesitated sexily but finally unbuttoned her blouse and Debanjan helped her take it off...she was now only wearing her bra and petticoat...the two men came and sat on the sofa...the next song started...it was Chikni Chameli...Debanjan again gave her a drink...she took a little sip and continued to dance....the men sat on the sofa and watched her sexy dance performance...then the next song started...it was Fevicol Se....now Debanjan joined him....and he opened her petticoat string...her petticoat fell down...she continued dancing to the song...and was now only wearing her bra and panty....now both the men joined her with drinks in their hands...she danced wildly...swaying her hips sexily and singing the lyrics...and she repeated this particular lyrics several times- Main toh tandoori murgi hoon yaar....gatkaley saiyaan alcohol se....finally the song finished...and Somadrita too became tired and the two men made her sit on the sofa.Somadrita sat between both the men and kept her head on Shouvik's shoulder....and murmured,"Shouvik you are great...you are a handsome hunk...I had a great evening...the dinner and now this drink....you have a great body...you are a DUDE....love you...."She then fell asleep. Debanjan then took him to their bedroom and made her sleep,helping her wear a nightie with the help of Shouvik.After she slept on the bed,the two men came out....and Debanjan said,"You saw that she is attracted to you and has feelings for you...alcohol and dance brought it out...in her senses she would have suppressed thes feelings in her heart...so now you are ready for my plan." Shouvik smiled and said,"Dude....Soma is a Sex Bomb...a real Bombshell...can't believe the tomboy of our class....that Gundi Ladki...is such an ITEM now...my resolve is now strong....I will make her my WOMAN...I will make her the mother of my CHILD...now nothing can stop me." Debanjan said,"We are on buddy...I'll talk to you about the next course of action tomorrow morning.Good Night Dude." Both the men went off to sleep in their respective rooms.
The next morning, Somadrita woke up and felt a little hangover for yesterday niight's drinks session and was gives lemon water by Debanjan. She did not remember anything about what she had done the previous night. Somadrita was in for a pleasant surprise as she came out of her room and saw that breakfast and tea had already been made by Debanjan and Shouvik.Somadrita also told Debanjan that she had her holidays pending in her office rooster...and so we would be going to office today and then from tomorrow she will take her 5 days holiday on the last 5 days of this month.After having breakfast, Debanjan and Shouvik left together. In the Car, Debanjan said," Shouvik from tomorrow Soma will be taking a 5 day leave, and tomorrow Shouvik should also take a leave either full day or atleast half day for the morning and afternoon." He then told him that tomorrow both of them would leave together a little earlier than other days and then wait outside the building. Debanjan would tell the maid to not go to their apartment, and then he will call Soma to know what she is doing....as per Debanjan's assumption, Soma takes her bath before the maid comes, and so as he will call Soma and knowing her status, he will direct Shouvik to go inside.Debanjan then told Shouvik that today after Soma leaves for her office,they both will go inside and the spy cameras and stuff they had bought, they will install in Soma and Debanjan's bedroom and Shouvik's guest room in such a way that it will not come to Soma's knowledge and will be hidden and they will have connections to Debanjan's laptop so he can see Soma and Shouvik in action.Later he can give the recording as a CD to Shouvik for his pleasure as well.
As soon as Soma left for her office,the two men came together to the apartment and after entering inside,they installed the spy cameras in both the rooms in such a fashion that Soma would not be able to know about it.After installing it,they left together again.In the evening,all three of them came back home and like any other evening,had dinner and went off to sleep.The next morning, Soma woke up and felt happy knowing that she was now on leave for 5 days. The two guys, Debanjan and Shouvik told her that they had to leave early, and so left early. After coming out , they waited outside the building for quite sometime,about 40-45 mins later,Debanjan saw the maid and told her not to go to his apartment today as he,his wife and this friend-referring to Shouvik would be leaving and there would be no one at home. After the maid was done away with, after a few mins, Debanjan called up Soma knowing that she takes her mobile with her to the bathroom while taking her bath. He dialled her number. Somadrita picked up the call, and said,"Yes Deb...you reached office...." Debanjan said,"Yes and what are you doing..."Somadrita said," I was having my bath, nearly finished...then I'll wrap my towel around me and come out.."Debanjan said,"WOW you al wet and only in a towel...at your sexiest best."Somadrita said angrily,"Deb stop being naughty,the maid will any moment now...I'll have to finish my bath and then open the door to her." Debanjan then disconnected the phone and wished Shouvik - All The Best, and told him to go back to the apartment.Shouvik quickly went inside the building and reached the door of the flat.He rung the bell twice. The door was opened, and Somadrita was stunned seeing Shouvik.She had hurriedly opened the door,without caring to see the eyehole.Somadrita just opened her mouth wide in tension and shock, and said,"You...how..." Shouvik stared at Somadrita with full attention,looked at her from head to toe. Somadrita's harir was wet,she was wrapped in her towel,from her chest to about her thighs, but her bare neck,bare shoulder,bare back and bare legs were also visible.Shouvik was mesmerised seeing his angel at her most pure,most sexy yet vulnerable self. Somadrita realised that he was staring at her, and tried to distract him by asking him,"How come you have come back....you went to office right."Shouvik came inside,closed the door, and said I had not taken a few things,so came back...but I guess I have come back at the right time...otherwise I would missed seeing you at your sexiest best Soma." Somadrita was stunned by this reply and said," What do you mean and tried to run away from him and go towards the bedroom,but in her nervousness,she tripped and her towel slipped on the floor.Shouvik took the towel in his hand. Now Somadrita turned away from him to run, and she was now fully nude...and Shouvik her butt naked,and also bare back...he ran after her,caught hold of her before she could close the door of her bedroom. He caught her tightly and took her in his arms, and took her towards the guest room.Somadrita tried to resist him but was unsuccessful. Shouvik took him inside the guest room and closed the door. He then pushed her on the bed. Somadrita was scare now and she screamed,"what the hell are you doing Shouvik...have you gone mad..." Shouvik said,"Yes seeing you today in your bare beauty...in your flesh...I have gone crazy ...." Somadrita shouted at him," You pervert...you bastard..."At this, Shouvik gave Somadrita a tight slap on her cheek, and said,"Tui amake haramzada bolli...(you called me a bastard)...tui aaj hobi amar randi(today you will be my slut)...aaj tokey aami chudbo mon bhorey(today I will fuck you to my heart's content)...now Somadrita again tried to get up from the bed, but Shouvik pushed her again.Now Shouvik started to undress himself...Somadrita now pleaded," please leave me Shouvik...you are my friend....I am a married woman...my husband Debanjan is also your friend...this is wrong." Shouvik answered,"I am not a MAN if I leave you today...today I will become your LOVER...no more just a friend...your husband...if he was a real man...he would have made you a mother by now...nearly 5 years of marriage and still no kid for a beautiful woman like you...cooperate with me then I'll make it a beautiful experience for you Soma...otherwise I'll ravage you." Soma again pleaded,"The maid will come anytime..."Shouvik said,"she will ring the bell a few times, and then she will go back....Soma just shut up and get ready to be fucked by me...get ready for a royal fuck. Shouvik had now undressed himself completely and was standing fully nude infront of Soma.
Outside the building,at a little distance Debanjan was sitting in his car and seeing everything happening between Shouvik and Somadrita, on his laptop.
Now Shouvik was fully nude, and asked Somadrita,"So you will cooperate with me right ." Somadrita nodded her head without looking at him.Shouvik shouted," Look at my eyes and say it...." Somadrita looked in his eyes and said," aami raji tor randi hoar jonney....chod amaye....I am ready to be your slut....fuck me." Somadrita looked at Shouvik who was nude now, and saw that he was toned, and slim...had a nice fit body and a flat stomach....and his cock was quite a size....even if it was not fully erect,it was way larger than Debanjan's cock. Shouvik then told her to come down and sit on her knees and face him while he stood. He told her to give him a handjob....Somadrita obediently followed his instruction and took his cock and gave it a handjob...his cock was quite big...and she gave it a hand job....and then he said,"Eibaar amaye blow job de....suck it in your mouth....Somadrita then opened her mouth wide and took his cock inside....and started swallowing it....she was finally able to swallow his whole load of cum inside her mouth.Then she sat still on the floor....Shouvik caressed her hair and lifted her to make her stand. He kissed her forehead, he then kissed her ears,her cheeks and then held her in his arms and started kissing her shoulder.He caressed her bare back with his hands....slowly Somadrita too started caressing Shouvik's bare back.He then started kissing her on her lips...and quickly slid his tongue inside her mouth and she too responded with her tongue...and they shared a passionate French Kiss...after a while he took her to bed and made her lie down on her back.He then looked at her huge breasts, and praised them and said,"They are beautiful....the most magnificent breasts.....he started sucking her nipples...and Somadrita started moaning in pleasure,"aah aah nice...aah bhalo...he then started licking her breasts,giving soft bites on her breasts, and she moaned and screamed,"aah ouch....aah." He then kissed her navel,licked her navel.He then parted her legs, and kissed and licked her thighs and put his finger inside her pussy and finger fucked her to pleasure...and she received her first orgasm.She cried out in pleasure,"aah aah naa naa...pari naa oh maa." Finally he took his fingers out. He then came between her legs and spread them wide and lifted her legs on his shoulders and inserted his cock inside Somadrita's pussy.He made some thrusts inside her pussy....and just as he was set to eplode inside her, he took his cock out and sprayed his cum on her belly and breasts. Shouvik then said,"as you are a married woman I have sparayed my cum on your belly and boobs and not inside your pussy..."Somadrita felt happy and relieved. He then lied beside her and again started kissing her all over.He kissed her cheeks,her lips,then he kissed her shoulders,her chest, and then again made her give a handjob...Somadrita again started giving him a handjob,and within a while his cock was erect again.He then lifted her up and told her to sit on her fours, as he wanted to do her from behind....fuck her in doggy style."Somadrita pleaded,"please your cock is very big...and I have never taken it from behind....please don't do it..." Shouvik said," Soma do as I say...you are my slut....and how can I leave such a fleshy and plump ass of a fat,voluptuous woman like you...aami tor gand maarbo i(I will definitely fuck your ass." Somadrita pleaded,Khub byatha korbe...it will pain a lot." Shouvik said,"don't worry...it will pain a little initially but then it will be ok...he then put his spit inside her asshole..to make it smooth.He then praised her ass,"what lovely,fat ass...and gave a slap to her ass...and she screamed,"Ouch aah.."He then inserted his cock inside her asshole...he was gentle initially, and gradually increased his pace and made vigorous strokes inside her asshole. Somadrita was now going mad with pain and pleasure, and shouted and screamed,"aah aah aah naa aar pari naa....ui maa...oh maa maa go naa...and then she experienced another of her orgasms and finally Shouvik came inside her asshole....Somadrita now lay on the floor for a while.Shouvik sat on the bed and lied there for a while...he then got up,lifted Somadrita up and made her lie down on the bed. He then went to the kitchen and took a bottke of water and took it the room to make somadrita drink some water. He then ordered Pizza for both of them. Somadrita lied down naked on the bed in the guest room,tired by the vigorous sex she had with Shouvik. Then she went to the bedroom, she walked with great difficulty as she had been fucked in her ass for the first time,but she went to her room,wore a nighty, and then had her lunch, ate the pizza ordered by Shouvik.
After their sex encounter was over, Debanjan turned off his laptop and then went off to office.All the while driving his care,how his faithful and loving wife, had become a slut...she was so wild and hot...and had the stamina to survive trhe vigorous sex session she had with Shouvik.
After having lunch, Somadrita went to her bedroom,while Shouvik watched TV.Somadrita was feeling gulity about cheating on her husband and decided to tell Debanjan about her fucking Shouvik and everything that happened in the day. She now waited for Debanjan to return in the evening.
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In the evening, Debanjan returned home. Shouvik opened the door and welcomed him inside. Both the guys went to the living room and watched TV and chatted for some time. Then Debanjan went to the bedroom. On entering the bedroom,he saw Somadrita sitting on the bed and lost in her thoughts. Debanjan smiled and said,"Darling I am back..." Somadrita looked at him and gave a faint smile. Debanjan then said," The maid didn't come today...actually when I left home in the morning, I met her outside the building and she told me that she won't be coming today for work to our house as she had an emergency at home and she had to rush to her home. I couldnot call you as my mobile battery was weak. I called you up after reaching office but you were busy taking bath and did not want to talk to me, and so I couldnot inform you. Somadrita still remained silent. After a few mins, Somadrita said," Deb I have to tell you something....I...I..." Debanjan asked her,"I what..." Somadrita said," I cheated on you....I had sex with Shouvik today..." Debanjan, who knew everything as it was planned by him, and he had seen everything on his laptop through spy cameras, continued listening seriously as Somadrita went on to narrate to him everything that happened in the day and her having sex with Shouvik. Somadrita then said," It was just sex...rough sex...without emotions...he kind of forced me...but I Love you Deb....I know I have cheated on you...I have committed a sin...you can punish me but please don't leave me...I Love You." Debanjan remained silent and serious for a while. Somadrita said,"Deb please say something...don't stay silent..." Debanjan said," well Shouvik left with me today in the morning, but after going a certain distance, he said that he had left some important documents here, and he needed to get them...and Soma seeing you in just a towel, in your wet body at your sexiest best....I know he must have found you hard to resist and did what his urge as a man made him to do...to have sex with you...he was seduced by your beauty...kind of mesmerised...if you remember when I am there at home on sundays and holidays, even I can't resist you when you have just come out after taking your bath... and we have often had sex after you have just taken your bath...so its hard to blame him..." Somadrita said," What do you mean....its not his fault...its my fault... I seduced him...I am wrong...." Debanjan said,"No Soma...I am not saying that...I am saying that whatever happened...it happened in the heat of the moment...you both had sex.But yes as a married woman... as my wife you have cheated me...and I will punish you...and promise me you will do what I say..." Somadrita said," I promise you...I'll do what you say...but you won't leave me." Debanjan smiled and said," I won't leave you baby...I love you...but you will have to do what I say...I want you to have sex...I mean unprotected sex with Shouvik and get pregnant...I want you to have his child... " Somadrita interrupted him and said,"What the hell are you saying...what punishment is this...no I can't...I won't have sex with him...and why should I have his child...I want to be the mother of your child...not Shouvik's." Debanjan said," Soma...you promised to do what I tell you to do...and I know you find him attractive and have a crush on him...don't lie to me...remember when we watched blue films, I told you that I fantasised you having sex with another man and I am watching you...fulfill my fantasy...I want to see you having sex with Shouvik...also you know I have low sperm count...its difficult for me to make you a mother...also you will be 30 soon...so have his child...become a mother...and if a few years later, I can increase my sperm count through exercises and diet, then I'll make you the mother of my child then." Somadrita was silent and after a few mins, she said," you understand what you are saying...you want to see me, your wife having sex with Shouvik...and if I have his child...can you bear to take care of another man's child as your own child...will you be able to love the child." Debanjan said,"I love you Soma... and your child will be my child...I'll give love and affection to the child...just agree..say you are attracted to him and you are ready to have sex with him." Somadrita then said," Yes I find him attractive and I am ready to have sex with him." Debanjan then told her that he will install spy cameras in the room to watch Somadrita and Debanjan having sex(though he had already installed spy cameras, but Somadrita was not aware of it. Debanjan and took Somadrita with him to the living room to talk to Shouvik.
On reaching the living room, Debanjan and Somadrita sat together...and Debanjan told Shouvik that he had something important to talk. Shouvik switched off the TV. Debanjan then told him that Somadrita had just told him about everything that happened in the day between Somadrita and Shouvik. Shouvik told Debanjan that he is really sorry and whatever happened it was in the heat of the moment...and it was his mistake...and he is sorry...he apologised to Somadrita and Debanjan. Debanjan then told him that he will forgive him if he does what he wants Shouvik to do. Shouvik promised him he will do as he tells him. Debanjan then told him that he has low sperm count and thats why he has not been able to make Somadrita a mother till now...so he wants Shouvik to have sex with her and impregnate her...make her a mother..." Shouvik said," What are you saying Deb...I can understand your problem...I can empathise with you...but ." Debanjan said," Please don't say no yaar...please help us." Shouvik looked at Somadrita once...and Somadrita was looking down with shyness. Shouvik then said," OK I will do it...but I want Soma to look into my eyes and tell me that she wants to have sex with me, and wants to have my child...be the mother of my child." Debanjan signalled Somadrita to do as told by Shouvik. Somadrita gathered courage and looked into Shouvik's eyes and said," Shouvik I want to have sex with you...I want to have your child...I want you to make me the mother of your child." Shouvik then looked at Debanjan and said, "OK Deb...but I want to have her as a wife...and the first night I will have sex with her I want her dressed up like a newly wed bride and waiting for me on bed as a coy and demure bride...and as I am in the city for atleast 15-20 days more, I want her as my wife for those days and have sex with her every night." Debanjan told him that he and Somadrita were fine with it and that he won't be staying here for these next two weeks or so, and that Somadrita and Shouvik coul stay together like a couple, like husband and wife.
The next day, Somadrita went for shopping and also visited a beauty parlour to get styled and fashioned for her big night tonight...he suhaagraat with Shouvik. Debanjan told her that he will install cameras in the room and then take his stuff and leave home for a few days. In the evening, Shouvik came home, Debanjan told him that he would be leaving in a little while. Debanjan had decorated the bed in the bedroom with rose petals and also decorated the room. He left in a short while.After having a light dinner, without talking much with each other, Somadrita went to her bedroom to get ready for the night.She took a bath, and then wore a nice red transparent saree and half sleeved red blouse. Then she opened her bedroom door. It was a signal for Shouvik to come into the bedroom. Shouvik understood the signal and came inside the bedroom.He was wearing a nice kurta pyjama and looked like a Dulha. He cam slowly to the bed. Somadrita was dressed in a nice red saree and covered her face with her pallu like a newly wed bride/dulhan. Shouvik opened her pallu from her face and said," Waah mera chaand ka tukdaa..." Somadrita looked down shyly. Shouvik took her face in his hands and made her look into his eyes.She looked shyly. Shouvik said," Bhoy peyo naa Somaa(Dont be afraid Soma)...I won't hurt you like that day...I will make love to you tonight...we will have soft romantic sex...He then kissed her forehead.Then he took off her pallu and made her open her saree. Now Somadrita was wearing only her blouse and petticoat. Shouvik then took off his kurt, and was bare chested. He then unhooked her blouse,unbuttoned it and opened it.Somadrita lifted her arms and took off her blouse. She was now wearing only her bra and petticoat.He then opened the string of her petticoat, and Somadrita removed her petticoat, and was now only wearing her bra and panty.Shouvik then took her in his arms and caressed her bare back. He softly whispered in her ears,"Soma I Love You...I am sorry for that day...I love you since when we were in Class 9. Somadrita looked into his eyes and said,"What...how come you never told me..."Shouvik said,"I had gathered courage to propose to you in Class 11, but before me, Debanjan had proposed to you...and you both were in a relatinonship...as both of you were my friends...I didnot want to come in between the both of you...and kept my love suppressed in my heart...and I have never met a girl like you in all these years...and so I am single." Somadrita said,"What....because of me...you are a nice guy...you could get any girl you wanted...." Shouvik said,"But I could not get you...my first love." Somadrita saw pain in his eyes, and took his face in her hands, kissed his forehead and then kissed his lips passionately. Somadrita then pushed her tongue inside his mouth and played with tongue...Shouvik too reciprocated with his tongue.They shared a passionate French Kiss for a while.Then they released each other, smiled naughtily at each other, and Somadrita said,"you know I also liked you in school days...around the same time of class 9...remember during our class 10 sports day...I had seen you shirtless when I went to congratulate you and then ran away awkwardly from you...at that time I had a huge crush on you...but being a girl I didnot profess my feelings to you, as I was a tomboy and was just friends with guys in our class and didnot have mushy romantic thoughts like most other girls...but in Class 11, Debanjan proposed to me...and I accepted him as my boyfriend as he was a nice guy....but..." Shouvik said,"But what..." Somadrita said,"But I think if you had proposed to me before him, I would have accepted your proposal." Shouvik then said," Silly me...I wasted so many years...but now I will make up for the lost time..." and he hugged her and careesed her bare back, and then unhooked her bra straps, and she helped him and took off her bra and was now topless infront of him....Shouvik praised her breasts...told her that they were awesome....and then he started to suck her nipples...and Somadrita went crazy with pleasure, and moaned," aah aah naa...wow no aah." After a while, he stopped sucking her nipples, and then licked her breasts,gave soft little bites on it and Somadrita moaned more excitedly,"oh oh aah aah...no ..." He then pressed and squeezed her breasts too. Then he kissed and licked her navel and belly and made her even more crazy with pleasure...and then he told her to take off her panty...Somadrita took off her panty and was now fully nude.Shouvik too took off his pyajama and became fully nude.( Meanwhile,Debanjan was watching all the action on his laptop in his room in a hotel.He became hot seeing his wife having such hot sex with another man...he got aroused seeing it and stroked his cock seeing Somadrita having sex with Shouvik and also taking the initiative time to time.) Back in the bedroom, Shouvik had parted Somadrita's legs, and kissed and licked her thighs and feet...and then put his finger inside her pussy...and fucked her cunt with his fingers, making her crazy....and after a while,he took his fingers out, and put his mouth on her pussy...and started sucking and licking her juices...and Somadrita was going crazy with pleasure, and moaned and screamed,"aah aah urgh aah naa uimaa...aah I feel so nice...I love you Shouvik...you are my sweetheart...aah...and then she experienced an orgasm...and finally exploded. Shouvik then took his mouth out and wiped off the juices from his mouth and tongue.He then lied beside her.After a while, Somadrita got up and came up,sat on Shouvik saying,"Shouvik my lover boy...now I am on top of you...Its woman on top time now..."Shouvik smiled and said,"Soma do what you want with me...it will be my pleasure..." Somadrita kissed his forehead,his cheeks,his ears,his neck,shoulder,chest,then she kissed his stomach...and then she fave a handjob to his cock and put his erect cock in her pussy...and started to ride him...as Somadrita rode him..Shouvik caressed her bare back,her butt,squeezed her breasts and moaned in pleasure...and Somadrita too experienced great pleasure....and finally took his semen in her vagina...and then lied beside him. After a few minutes when both rested, Shouvik told her to turn around and lie on her chest. Shouvik kissed and caressed her head...he then kissed and licked her shoulders and back...gave her a nice back massage..which gave further pleasure to Somadrita.he then kissed her butt...the back of her thighs and then he again turnbed her around.They both cuddled for a while,kissed each other...and Somadrita again gave him a handjob and his cock was fully erect now.( In his hotel room, seeing Shouvik's big cock...Debanjan felt small as he knew his cock was smaller than Shouvik's...and he knew that Somadrita would really enjoy being fucked by Shouvik's big cock...with this thought, he kept stroking his cock.)Now Shouvik spread Somadrita's legs and lifted them on his shoulders and inserted his cock inside Somadrita's pussy...he started with slow strokes...he humped her slowly...and gradually increased his pace, and Somadrita was going crazy with pleasure and moaned,screamed,"oh oh...aah aah...oh maa..it feels nice ..so nice to be fucked by your big cock...Love you Shouvik....you are awesome...aah aah..." Shouvik asked her how was he as a lover...was he better than Debanjan. Somadrita in her excitment," moaned out," aah aah..Deb is good...but you are great Shouvik...you are a great lover...love you Shouvik." Somadrita again experienced another orgasm and screamed out,""aah aah oh maa naa paari naa."Shouvik made a strong thrust and exploded his semen inside Somadrita's Vagina...and then lied beside Somadrita.He then took her in his arms.She was sleepy,had her eyes closed and had a smile on her face,feeling happy,relieved and fulfilled after having her pussy filled with so much semen from Shouvik...she was happy after being fucked by Shouvik.Shouvik said," I Love You Soma,"and took her in his arms and both went off to sleep.(In his hotel room,Debanjan too had sjaculated his sperm out. He too was relieved seeing such a nice,erotic fuck session between Somadrita and Debanjan.
The next few days went on nicely...with Somadrita and Shouvik enjoying living together as a couple and had sex every night...gradually Somadrita missed her period and her doctor confirmed that she was pregnant...all three of them..Somadrita, Shouvik and Debanjan were filled with joy...Shouvik had to leave the city as his project work was over...but he promised them he will be back soon and will try to get a transfer from Delhi to his Kolkata office branch, as he could not live far from Somadrita now and he looked forward to the birth of his and Somadrita's child....now Debanjan started taking care of Somadrita...days passed by...in a couple of months, Shouvik too came back to Kolkata taking a transfer, and he too took good care of Somadrita.....
A few months later.....
Somadrita's delivery date had arrived...she was admitted to a hospital by Debanjan and Shouvik....and Somadrita gave birth to a healthy baby...a boy....Somadrita was happy on becoming a mother...Shouvik was happy that he had made Somadrita the mother of his child....the symbol of their love and union...and Debanjan was happy that his wife had become a mother and was so happy.

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