With my aunt Sadia 2
I and auntie Sadia just started acting like husband and wife, we were always together. It was my vacations from college so we had no problem being together. We used to go out together we went together to her friend’s house whenever she wanted; she used to accompany me whenever I had to go to my friend’s house. Everyone who was not aware of our relations used to take us as husband and wife, and those who knew us thought it funny. But my mom and my elder auntie Fouzia always gave us a meaningful smile whenever we came across them. We never took their smile as serious thing and returned smile to them. Today auntie Sadia’s friend Naureen invited her to dinner and I also accompanied her as driver. When we left Naureen’s house it was very late, there were thick clouds and it looked as it will rain anytime. I was driving very slow as I knew if mom and are asleep our servant will open the door. So we were not worried that we were getting late. As I was driving auntie Sadia put her head on my shoulder, I was not bothered because she often used to do that while I drove the car her hand was on my left thigh and gently caressing it.

This turned me on and I began to get erection. Suddenly she unzipped my pants and put her hand in my pant fly then she pushed my undies down and took out my hard throbbing dick and started stroking it. Then she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. First she started licking my dick head and then my shaft and balls, after 5 minutes she took all my length into her mouth it went so deep in her mouth that I felt my dick head entering her throat. She was sucking wildly as if this was the last time she was sucking it. I could hear the sounds of chup she was getting crazy and moving her tongue all around my shaft. I was a bit uncomfortable driving in this position she was exploring every inch of my dick with her tongue, when she moved the tip of tongue on the edge of my dick head it made me fly in heavens. After she gave me good blowjobs for 15 minutes I was ready to explode. I warned her that I am about to cum but she was not bothered and started slurping harder and faster and then my balls shrinked and a wave went all the way though my spine and my dick started ejecting thick sticky liquid in her mouth. She was so good in giving blow jobs that she didn’t let one drop come out of her mouth and swallowed all my cum.

She got up and kissed my lips, we reached home and I turned my car into the house. My dick was still rock hard and was making big bulk in my pants. We got down from the car and walked towards main entrance with our arms on each other’s shoulders. I slowly knocked the door and to our surprise auntie Fouzia opened the door, we entered the house and auntie Fouzia was standing in such an angle that as we passed the door her hand brushed on my dick with pressure, I looked at her but she was ignorant as if it happened accidentally. Mom was also awake and that gave me a shock because it never happened that both old women were up so late. “you are back prince and princess” she asked with a meaningful smile on her face and winked at auntie Fouzia very lightly but I noticed her action. I was totally confused at her behavior. Auntie Sadia did not notice anything and almost pulled me towards our bedroom as we entered the room, we heard a loud laughter of my mom and auntie Fouzia. Now auntie Sadia was also surprised and said have these old ladies gone crazy. We were tired so we changed and slipped into the bed.

Suddenly there was a loud thunder of cloud as loud as it felt a bomb exploded on our roof auntie Sadia held me tight with her and hide her face in my chest. She was frightened. Her hot body touch left a wave of pleasure in my body and my dick which was already hard due to feeling of auntie Sadia in my armed and touch of auntie Fouzia. I wrapped auntie Sadia in my arms and started pressing her butts and caressing her butt crack. She opened her eyes and looked into mine with a sweet smile and said, “kia irade hain shehzade kia meri gand pharne ka irada hai aaj”. I in return kissed her lips and said. I think that will be fun auntie I had been fantasying your big butts since long time. She said I don’t mind but it will hurt a lot and maybe I start screaming and your mom might come running to find out what happened to her sweet sister. We laughed loudly at this. I started kissing her all over she was only wearing her nighty and nothing else and me in my boxers only. It was raining outside I was kissing on her lips and pushing my tongue in her mouth. She felt my tongue and opened her mouth and locked my tongue with hers after 5 minutes of lock up I went down on her neck kissing all over and behind her neck.

My fingers were continuously moving in her butt crack in up and down motion. This aroused her too and now she was also responding with same enthusiasm. She pulled my boxer down and held my already hard dick and started stroking it she was moaning with the hotness of my kissed and was whispering in my years aunti ki jaan aaj is lode se anpi piyari auntie ki gand ka satia nass kar do, phaar do iss ko, saali bahut tung hai, shit karte hooe takleef hoti hai khol do iss ko. Every word of her was making me crazy and making me want her more and more. I started licking her hard nipples her nipples were ½ inch long and of brown color with light brown and pinkish areolas. I took one nipple in my mouth and started finger fucking her and squeezing her other boob with my spare hand. She started moaning loudly “ssssssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm “maderjod kiun tadpa raha hai mujhe aur unglian ander daal bulke pura hath ander daal de” I slipped all my all five fingers in her cunt and she started pressing her pussy on my fingers with her body weight. She was getting wild biting my neck and cheeks I started pumping in her cunt with my finger and sucking her nipples hard one by one in turn. After 15 minutes I felt shiver in her body and she was shaking and then moaned loudly and I felt loads of pussy juice on my fingers and oozing out of her cunt lips. She had reached her climax and orgasm.

She got up and took the bottle of cold cream from cupboard and started applying on my hard dick all over. Then she asked me to apply sufficient cream on her back hole she laid on her tummy and opened her legs wide. I took some ream on my finger and started applying on her ass opening. She asked me to apply inside her hole as well so I put my finger in her ass hole and applied sufficient cream in her hole as deep as I could. Then I positioned myself and put my dick head on her back hole and applied pressure on my dick. I didn’t realize push was hard she screamed loudly and said Kutiya ki nasal tuje kaha tha ahista ghuserna. Ruk kar ander karo thora. So I did as she said she remain guiding me how to do as it was my first time fucking any girls ass. After little push I paused a little so that her anal muscles get used to my hard thick dick and after 4 minutes I was able to insert my full length into her when it was all in her she asked me to stop there for a while so I did and kissed her on her cheeks. Then after 3 minutes she asked me to move in out slowly and I did. Now she looked normal and she was also responding by moving her butts with my movement.

I was thrusting her ass in a continuous motion and she was moaning with mix feeling of pain and pleasure, but this pain now was not bothering her as I noticed from her face expressions. I took my hands under her and held her boobs while kissing her on ber cheek and back of neck I started pounding her fast she was making noises aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh mmm sssssssssssss zor se meri jan jimi jitna zor hai laga de phar daal me gand ghusa de pura lodda mere ander mere halak se nikal de isse aar paar karde. I was getting crazy and my speed increased to maximum and then after 45 minutes my dick shot out loads of cum in her anal it seemed that it won’t stop Cumming today. I was ejecting strings after strings in her. I was exhausted so I lay on her taking long breaths. After sometimes she said “ baba jee ke foam par nahi soye ho hato ooper se” amd I slid myself beside her and kissed her lips. There was knocking at the door and she got up and wore her clothes and opened the door I also pulled my boxer and pretended as if I was sleeping. I hear it was mom asking Sadia auntie to come with her. I didn’t open my eyes. After a while I felt someone entered the room I did not open my eyes. Whoever was came and sat on the bed besides me I saw from corner of my eyes it was auntie Fouzia, she straight away held my dick. This story is still not finished please wait for third part.

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