Who's in on the secret? No way out of the secret.
I have a secret. My secret is that I’m a teacher that has had sex with one of his students, a beautiful and intelligent blonde cheerleader named Tiffany. If Tiffany keeps this secret between us, then I wouldn’t worry about my job or my reputation, not to mention jail time, and I trust that Tiffany will. Unfortunately, I’m paranoid that a third person will find out about my secret … that is if a third person hasn’t already found out. You see, the door wasn’t closed when I was thrusting into Tiffany backside while she leaned on my desk. At the time, I gave in to Tiffany with little hesitance. But now, in feeling the legality issues and my possible unemployment if I continue this relationship, I must resist her.
The following day, I didn’t have Tiffany until the last period, but I knew that I couldn’t have this weight on my mind the entire day so I looked for her before school. I found her by her locker. “Hey you,” she says flirtatiously. “Mr. Reynolds, please,” I respond, “You’re here early.” “I couldn’t wait to see you again … Mr. Reynolds. I like calling you that too. I can’t tell you how many times I was screaming that last night with my vibrator deep in me.” I looked around to see if anyone was here, “Tiffany… that’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about. Can you come in to my classroom for a bit?” Tiffany follows me in my room,” Only for a bit? I was going to cut class and stay under your desk, and have your yummy cock and cum in my mouth all day.” “Tiffany… look, you’re obviously beautiful and smart, but I don’t think….” “I know what you’re going to say, Mr. Reynolds,” she says interrupting, “but I have to say no.” “No?” “No. You want me to stop, but no. I can’t. I’m attracted to you. Mentally, you’re just far and away right for me compared to these high school boys, and I found out yesterday, you are very physically right for me too. I chose you to lose my virginity.” “I have to say no to you, Tiffany. My job is at stake, reputation, jail time….” “You’re happiness too. Look, I know it’s risky, still, I may just be smart, I may just be beautiful, but what you’ll find out also is that I’m persistent when I set my goals. Right now, making you cum is my goal.” She starts to rub my cock and I, again, become putty in her hands. “This amount of pleasure is worth a little risk. Unfortunately, I have to go to my first class. But I’ll see you last period.” Regaining some composure, “Tiffany. I still say no.” “I’m saying it to you too.” Resisting was not easy when Tiffany came to last period in a mid-thigh length pleated skirt with white knee high socks. Her legs were about as perfectly toned and shaped as any fit dancer’s legs. She sat in the front desk of the room and I noticed her smooth thighs crossed over when I tried to begin my lecture. Every time she uncross and crosses her legs, I was taking notice. I find her beautiful face, the tip of her pencil gracing her glossy bottom lip, her eyes wide and yearning. I started talking about … something… to the class when I notice her pencil finding its way under her desk, and between her legs. Her thighs now apart, and her pencil top rubbing between her new red panties, and I was beginning to sweat. Her panties were soaking up moisture and she was showing me her pencil is on her other lips now. I looked around the room, and everyone was just staring at me. I realized that I had stopped mid-sentence… for I-don’t-know-how long. The class laughed as I tried to regain my composure, except Tiffany who just smiled a wicked smile because only she knew the real reason why I paused. She was in on the secret, and as much as I tried to be out, I was in too. While I was handing the class back a previous assignment, I wrote on Tiffany’s paper to see me after class. When everyone left the room except Tiffany, she asked, “Do you give up?” “No.” “What else can I do to convince you?” “Tiffany, we can’t keep this a secret. I made a fool of myself in class today. And as much as I want to … reach in between your legs …,” I surprisingly find myself reaching and she quivers at my first touch, “ … and as much as I want to rub your pussy… like this. I know that I shouldn’t…. that I really shouldn’t continue to rub it, and feeling you dampen at my touch. I really shouldn’t go under your panties (like this) and feel between your pussy lips. I shouldn’t find your clit, and rub lightly around and on it with my fingertips….” “It’s feeling like you should.” “… I shouldn’t… and I should pull my hand-out.” “Please don’t,” she whimpers. But I do, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” “I was about to cum.” “I was about to taste my fingers.” “But you shouldn’t?” “I shouldn’t because if I do…,” I put my drenched fingertips in front of my mouth anticipating tasting her for the first time, “… I won’t be able to control myself and I’ll rip your panties off.” I slowly taste her on my fingers, making me reach under her skirt and suddenly ripping her panties off. She sits down my chair. I kneel in front of her, as she spreads her legs. “From one drop of you, I will need to drink all of you. From one taste of you, I crave to have to jam my tongue in your pussy.” I take one final glance at her pleading eyes, and then at her neatly trimmed, naturally blond pubic hair, down to her pulsating and glistening pink pussy lips and that’s where I targeted the tip of my tongue towards. I spread her lips open, tickling her clit. I pull back, spread her lips apart with my fingers, and dart my tongue again in circles around her lips. I slide a finger into her tight hole, and continue to explore with my tongue. I start to finger her faster, my tongue wiggling about at the same time. She starts to buck her hips, and she grabs my hair, “Please don’t stop. I’m cumming.” Her legs begin to shutter and twitch as her first wave of orgasms hit. I feel her pussy pulsating under my tongue and internally squeezing on my inserted finger. She moans and whimpers about as quiet as she could; she’s biting her lips to prevent from screaming. I drink it all like I’ve reached my own oasis. We hear the door handle turn and I crawl under my desk. Tiffany looks up, “Oh, hi, Bree, you startled me.” “Hi, where’s Mr. Reynolds?” Bree asks while walking towards the desk. “Um, I don’t know, when he passed back our papers he wrote to see him after school. See?” Tiffany hands the paper to Bree, “… but when I got here, he wasn’t here.” “Hmm, okay. I wonder why he wants to see you even though you got a perfect score. And why are you sitting on his chair?” “You know how cool Mr. Reynolds is, he’s not going to mind.” “He is a good teacher, isn’t he.” “So why are you here?” “I was looking for Mr. Reynolds too. I needed to talk to him about Matt.” “What did he do?” “We broke up.” “Oh, I’m sorry, that jerk.” “He is. Anyway, I guess I wanted to talk about it with Mr. Reynolds… just to know that there are guys out there that can be mature.” “I’ve been singing that same song. Mr. Reynolds is definitely the person to see.” “He’s really good looking too.” “Mmm. He’s very yummy.” Under the desk, I see Tiffany start to rub her pussy. I participate. “Wouldn’t you like a taste! Oh, I’m sorry Tiff, I didn’t mean anything negative about that.” “It’s all right, Bree. The rumor is College boys, Mr. Reynolds is certainly past that.” “How old to you think he is?” “He’s twenty-six.” “And we’re seventeen. We’re illegal to him. You do know that, right?” “Of course I do.” “Okay, well… I guess I’ll try and catch Mr. Reynolds at a different time.” “I’ve got a few more minutes until I have to get ready for practice.” “Okay, see you at cheerleading practice. Oh, and if you see Mr. Reynolds, could you let him know I wanted to see him? “Sure thing. Sorry to hear about you and Matt. Bye Bree,” Tiffany waits until Bree is out the door and rolls my chair back, “I didn’t think she’d ever leave! Come here, you.” Tiffany gets up, and pushes me down on the chair, “You just gave me the most intense orgasm of my life, and now I’m going to ride your cock all the way to yours.” She unbuckles my belt, unbuttons and unzips my Dockers pulling them down, with my boxers, to my thighs, and my cock springs out. She quickly grabs it in her hand and opens her mouth and immediately deep throats my cock. There was no more subtle play, she was hungry for me. She lubes me up with her mouth, and then she comes up and lowers her pussy on me. The chair turns so that the back of it is facing the door. I take that she doesn’t want me to think about the possibility of us getting caught. Her skirt blocks my view, but I feel the head of my cock pushing its way in. Her knees make their way to my sides as I sit up on my chair. She’s all the way down, I’m all the way in, and we stay that way briefly. Then she puts her hands on top of my chair, behind my head. Her blond hair falling down over my face. Then she starts to ride my cock. I grab her ass under her skirt, but I don’t want to control her… she’s in control and she’s wildly riding me, while I notice her gaze is towards my classroom door from time to time. She bounces on my thighs, moaning my name in my ear. “Cum for me, Mr. Reynolds… I want you to cum deep in me.” I couldn’t hold it in much longer, I feel it building and I start to thrust up in my chair, meeting her downward thrust. “I’m going to cum.” “Someone’s coming.” “Yes, I’m cumming, right now.” “No, Mr. Reynolds, someone’s heading towards the classroom.” She climbs off of me right when my cock started spurting thick streams of cum, and things get messy this time around: cum landed on her skirt, on her knee high socks, on her shirt, and in her hair as she crawls under my desk. She takes my cock into her mouth and I don’t even get a chance to apologize for messing up her outfit. I moan out loud as I spurt my last stream of cum down her throat, that’s when the door opens and Ms. Powers enters. “Are you okay, Mr. Reynolds?” “Ohh, um, oh, yes, yes, yes, I’m … well….” “You can’t be feeling well. We were supposed to meet and discuss the assembly this morning and you never showed yourself.” “Yes. I’m sorry. I’ve been….” “You’ve been not yourself. I think you’ve been stuck behind that desk a little too long. It’s that time in the school year, we’re being swamped with work. Perhaps you could use some time off… some time away from your desk.” “That’s a good idea. Just let me finish what I’m working on and I’ll take tomorrow off.” “I’ll have a sub for you tomorrow. Take care Mr. Reynolds.” “I will Principal Powers.” Tiffany crawls out from under the desk, “Mmm, so good. Sorry you couldn’t have finished inside of my pussy.” “It’s quite good in your mouth.” “It is very good in my mouth. Not so good all over my hair.” “I’m sorry!” “Don’t be. So a day off tomorrow… I think I could use some time away from this desk too.” “I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Tiffany.” “It’s a great idea. I can keep a secret, Mr. Reynolds, I assure you, but I had to tell Bree that you are yummy.” “Yes. She wanted to see me.” “Oh, I think she has a couple of times now. Gotta go, babe, need to change and get ready for practice.” “Yeah-bu-what?” I manage to get out before she blows me a kiss and rushes off to change for cheerleading practice, leaving me there puzzled and with my pants off. … to be continued….

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