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When the Moon and the Sun Collide, Part V
07-14-2011, 10:53 PM
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When the Moon and the Sun Collide, Part V
I get up from the floor and I look at the cab driving away and I memorize the cab and license plate number for later use. I try to pull my skirt down as much as I can and start to feel his cum dripping down my leg. I am so furious right now I don't even have the words to describe it. I get some tissue from my purse and try to discreetly clean my leg and inner thigh as I walk to the end of the alleyway and flag down another cab. I see my cut up panties on the floor and I pick them up and put them in my purse. Seeing that I don’t have any panties on, I suddenly became very aware that my skirt is rather short. I finally hail a cab and carefully get in the back seat so that my skirt does not lift up. I tell the cab where to go and he is off.

I get on my cell phone and call my office and tell them that I will not be returning as something has suddenly come up. I can just see myself explaining that now.

"Oh yeah it seems that my guy decided to kidnap me in the middle of lunch rush hour with one of his friends and they both tied me up to a steering wheel no less and gagged me while his friends began to lick my ass....MY ASS…and then my guy fucked the hell out of me and then threw me out of the fucking car!"

I snap out of my thought process in a daze as the cab pulls up to my car. I pay him and walk out.

As I drive, all I can think about is how good it felt to have his cock in ass.

God! That man drives me crazy!

He will learn that I am always up for a challenge and that I always give as good as I get. So, I decide to go shopping for some interesting items because I want to make sure that tonight was a night he would never forget.

I finally arrive home and suddenly my cell rings. I look to see who it is and I see that it's him. I composed myself so he doesn't think I am angry as hell with him and I answer as sweetly as I can.
"Hello." I say in a calm manner.

"Hey baby, how you feeling?" He says chuckling.

"Good and you?" I say sarcastically.

"I'm great! By the way, I just wanted to tell you that your ass felt so good this afternoon.” You say sarcastically.

"You do know that I had to teach you a lesson for leaving me in the bathroom like that right?" You say rather angrily as if what I did still bothers you.

"I know baby, I understand." I say almost whispering and trying not to laugh as I remembered how mad you were when I left your ass tied up in the freezing water.

"So you did learn your lesson, right?" You say again in a rather demanding tone.

"Yes baby I will never defy you again" I say as I cross my fingers and quietly laugh to myself.

"Ok well I'm coming over tonight to finish what I started, I just can't get enough of your ass baby!" You say rather heated.

"Ok well I and my ass will be waiting for you baby" I say as I feel myself getting aroused.

"You're not going to be able to sit for days after the fucking I'm going to give you tonight just wait!" You laugh loudly and with that you hung up.

My heart started to beat faster. God! I love his cock in my ass and he knows exactly what to say to me to make me wet and that upsets me even more then I already was. I shake those thoughts out of my head and I prepared for the events of the evening. I take a long hot shower and masturbate twice replaying the kidnapping in my mind again.

I lotion and spray his favorite perfume all over my body as I slip into these skimpy black boy shorts and a white tank top. I organize my room accordingly so you wouldn't be expecting a thing and so you will never know what hit you. I lie on my couch and doze off to a movie and wait for you to arrive.

I suddenly wake up to my door bell ringing and I get up and compose myself I walk over to answer it. You rush in as soon as I open the door and kiss me hard before I could say anything. Your hands are all over me and I have to control myself and somehow get you in my room. As I kiss you back I realize that you had been drinking and I knew that it was going to be easier then I thought to overpower you. I push my mouth away from you long enough to say.

"My room baby, let's go to my room!"

We started to walk together as you push me towards my room and throw me on the bed.

"I still don't believe you have learned your lesson bitch! So let me go over it again with you!"

You start to undress in a hurry and slip off your shoes you leave your socks on and jump on top of me.

"Wait baby, I have learned my lesson please no, don't! I swear I won't do it again please, no!" I say as I struggle with you on the bed and make you believe you are in control.

You bite me anywhere and everywhere and I scream when you bit my nipple hard.

"You know you like bitch so scream all you want; it just makes me harder when you do!"

You continue with your octopus hands all over my body biting me wherever you see fit. I struggle with you a bit more.

I knew you were not as strong as you usually are so I started to push back on the bed until I was sitting on top of you. I started to pull your hands over your head and I quickly grabbed the two pair of handcuffs I had under the pillow and I cuffed your left hand to the bedpost and then quickly did the same to your right hand with the other handcuff and click it to the other bed post.

"What the fuck are you doing?" You say in a very angry voice.

I ignore you and make my way down to your legs and pull them out and spread them wide on the bed. I tie your ankles to my other bed posts with rope I already had prepared for you. As I check my handy work to make sure you will not get loose. I crawled back up to you and sit on your cock as I bent it back with my ass.

"You better hope I don't get loose because you have no idea what's in store for you if I do!!!!"

You say shouting at me and pull at the handcuffs and ropes and try to get up. I laugh out loud as I slap you right across your arrogant face.

"That’s for scaring the shit out of me today!" I slap you again with my other hand across you're face.

"THAT one was for letting your fucking disgusting friend lick my ASS....MY ASS!" I shout at you.

You looked stunned and that’s exactly the way I wanted you to look.

"See I figured you need to be taught a lesson as well on how NOT to include your friends in EVERYTHING we do!!" I slowly lick your face and bite your chin. You begin to speak and I cover your mouth with my hand.

"You know what; I am really tired of hearing your mouth so this is what I am going to do for you"

I say as I open my night stand drawer and pull out my cut up panties you threw out of the cab and show them to you.

"Remember these? Yeah these are the panties your best friend cut up WHILE they were still ON ME!!!" I shove them in your mouth to gag you as I grab a strap from the drawer and pull it over your mouth and tie it behind your head. Your eyes get wide as you begin to buck your body up and down and I can tell you are pissed off. I lower my head to your ear as say.

"Now it’s my turn to have fun baby!"

I slide off of you and go to my closet. I pull out the bag of goodies I bought today from the store and I show you the bag and say.

"I went shopping for you today. Oh and you say I never think about you baby." I sarcastically laugh as I open the bag.

I remove my boy shorts as I sashay my ass in your face trying to piss you off more. I move to an area of my room where you can't see me because it’s dark and then you just feel my hands rub something wet all along your cock and your ass. I let the ropes loose a little bit as I push your knees into your chest to expose your ass more and then tie the ropes there to support your legs. I start to play with your ass as I lick up and down and bite your ass cheeks. I hear you moan and it shows me that you like it. I begin to lick more and more and I suck your ass over and over. You try to move but you can't and you get infuriated and I laugh. I can see your cock has become hard I know you want to fuck me. I stand up and I pull your ass to the edge of the bed exposing you more to me and at the same time pulling your arms so far apart above you that you find it impossible to move even and inch. I lick my lips as I look at you and say.

"Your ass looks good enough to eat baby."

I start to lick your asshole deeper with my tongue until I finally get inside and I start to fuck you with it. You start to moan loudly but it gets muffled by the gag on your mouth. I bite and suck you all over your ass. I stand up again this time grabbing the lube and lathering it all over your ass and your cock. I rub your cock up and down slowly as one of my fingers begins to enter your ass. You buck your hips in protest and that just causes me to put my finger in deeper.

"Well I thought it would only be fair baby to see how it felt to fuck around with your ass since your always fucking around with mine." I ram my entire index finger up your ass and stroke your cock faster at the same time. You start to move your hips and you’re no longer moaning so much as screaming. Your face looks pissed off as I laugh out loud.

"Not so arrogant now are you stud!" I push a second finger into your ass and you arch your back and scream some more. I start to move my fingers in a circular motion in your hole as it adjusts and loosens up.

"There you go baby loosen that ass up for me, come on you know you like it.” I start to laugh more as your constant grunts get muffled.

"What was that honey? I didn't quite get that; can you repeat that for me?" I ram a third finger up your ass and you move your body up and down in protest to my painful invasion.

"Relax baby it will feel better soon, isn't that what you tell me all the time?, so then relax because you have a long night ahead of you." I move your cock faster and faster and I notice you’re getting harder as I do this. So I can only assume that you have to like me being in your ass.

"Mmm, your ass feels so good baby but I think it will feel better after I put this in it."

I finally reveal the strap on that I have put on and I show you the seven inch dildo that's attached to it. You jump all around and move your head from side to side and all I hear you trying to scream is no. I really can’t understand you since everything you say is very muffled. Your eyes get wider and I put the tip of the dildo by your ass.

"Who am I baby?" I repeat what you told me earlier on the phone

"You’re not going to be able to sit for days baby after the fucking I'm going to give you tonight just wait." I laugh out loud as you pull on your handcuffs.

"The only ass that is going to be fucked tonight is yours and believe me baby I am going to thoroughly enjoy this!" I put some lube on my strap on dildo and remove my fingers slowly and inch the dildo little by little in your ass.

"Come on baby don't be like that let me in, yeah just like that, ok baby, a little more, yeah I know it hurts baby believe me I know, but it will start to feel better soon I promise." I laugh even louder and you buck your hips. This only helps me put the strap on in deeper and you start to groan and grunt and moan.

"Come on baby give me that sweet ass, come on, yeah there you go, let me in baby, yes just like that let me in, mmm, baby your ass is so tight, I just love it." I finally get my strap on to the hilt as you continue to moan and grunt. I grab your cock and start to stroke it up and down as I move the strap on in and out of your ass slowly.

"Oh god baby your ass feels so good, yeah you’re nice and tight but you won't be for long after I'm done with you tonight." I ram the strap on in deeper and deeper into your ass. I notice that you’re not screaming anymore as your face still looks pissed off but I see you close your eyes and moan in pleasure now.

"You know you like baby, you know you like me fucking your ass, and I know I do, come on baby let me see if I can make you cum. Cum for me baby, your ass feels so good.” I push it in deeper and deeper into you and start thrusting faster and faster as I stroke your cock up and down. I start to pump you and stroke you in unison as you begin to moan louder and louder. Faster and faster I push into you as your cock gets harder and harder as I know you’re about to cum.

"Come on baby cum for me while I’m fuck your ass, yeah there you go baby, come on, give it to me, give me your cum. Oh! Baby I love fucking your ass. It feels so good.”

I push deeper and deeper as a small amount of pre-cum starts oozing out of your cock and it shows me that you’re getting closer to blowing. I start to move my hips faster as I see the strap on going in deeper and deeper into you faster and faster as I stroke your cock at the same time.

Your cock is so hard and I know you’re going to cum any second now so I pull the strap on out of your ass and insert two of my fingers into your hole and push them in deeper as I move them faster inside of you to massage your prostrate. I put your cock in my mouth and I suck it hard once and you start to cum deep into my throat. You fill my mouth to capacity as I swallow every single drop of your cum. You start to buck your hips up and down over and over again screaming and moaning. I keep moving my fingers back and forth deeper and deeper into your ass as your orgasm slowly subsides.

I stopped sucking your cock and I slow my finger movements in your cock. I stand up and now gently started to stroke your cock up and down again with my hand.

"There, there baby, now that wasn't so bad was it?"

I start to laugh as I remove my fingers from your ass and I slowly insert the strap on inch by inch back into you again. Your eyes get wide again as you start to shake your head from side to side and you begin to grunt more.

"Oh no baby, I'm not done with your ass yet, I can see why you like my ass so much because I'm loving yours right now."

I start to pump the strap on deeper and deeper until it’s completely inside your ass again. I repeatedly fuck you and play with your cock for about another hour or so. I do it good and hard and make you cum several more times. I suck your cock each time and lick you clean.

I finally remove the strap on and put it back in my closet with the rest of my goodies that I will use at a later time with you. I grab my cell and make a quick call. I hang up and come closer to your face and just stare at your body. You are drenched with sweat and your hair is completely wet. I start to lick your face and bite your lips. I slowly take off the gag and remove it from your mouth. I still leave my now soaked panties in your mouth because I really don't want to hear you yell at me right now. I start to lick your lips as you angrily move your head away from me to one side and I start to laugh.

"Aw, are you angry with me pumpkin? Why? Hey it’s like I always say what’s good for the goose is always good for the gander."

I augh again as I roughly grab your cock. I lick your neck all the way to your ear and suck softly on your earlobe.

“You sure are sweaty baby. I really worked that nice ass of yours real good today didn't I?"

I laugh softly in your ear.

I get up and tell you I am taking a quick rinse in the shower as I walk out of the room and leave you there still tied up. I don't take long as I come back in the room with just a towel and I let it drop to the floor and start to dress myself in front of you. I know that you like what you see as your cock becomes fully erect again.

"I see you haven't had enough yet.”

I smirk sarcastically.

I finish getting dressed and put on my heels and walk towards you and start to stroke your cock softly again.

"Oh baby your ass and cock must be real sore right now aren’t they?”

As I glide my hand up and down your cock and circle your asshole with my finger. You move your head from side to side and breathe heavily.

I slowly put your cock in my mouth again when my door bell rings.

"Saved by the bell I guess."

I laugh and kiss you on the forehead, grab my purse and walk out of the room. I come to my front door and I open it and there’s a guy standing there and he says.

"Hey Miss did you call a cab?"

I lean in closer to him so he can get a real good look at me and I punch him right in the face. He falls to on the ground and I kick him in the balls real hard with my heel. He screams.

"What the fuck?"

I lower myself down to him and say.

"The first punch was for fucking cutting up my brand new panties you motherfucker and the kick in the balls was for putting your filthy hands and tongue on me!"

I get up as he withers in pain on the ground and I throw the handcuff keys at him and say.

"You may want to go inside and free your best friend since he is tied up in my room. I want you both out of the fucking house before I get back!"

I walked away and get in my car, laughing to myself and saying.

"God damn it that felt good! I loved fucking his sweet ass, I'm going to have to do that again real soon."

I laugh and I peel out of the driveway

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