When my wife takes control

You stand at my back,
lean in so I feel your rack.

Pull my hands out of sight;
I feel a handcuff closing tight.

Be my slave tonight,
I promise to treat you right.

Your hands are cold,
as you slip on the blindfold.

You glide them down my back,
all I can see is black.

My knees feel week
as you caress my ass cheek

Squeezing my ass tight
you whisper “I just might take a bite”

Or maybe just a nibble
as you pinch my nipple

I said you are nice
for that I must pay the price

You take loud steps walking around,
so I hear the sound.

You push me, against a wall,
say, “I own your soul.”

Knowing that I cannot see,
You bring yourself to a knee.

You lean in without a sound,
I feel my ankles bound.

You rip of my shirt, buttons, and all,
I hear them fall.

You touch my bare chest,
and whisper, "It’s not a test."

My heart skips
as you glide your finger across my lips

You let your dress fall,
I see nothing at all.

As I try to peek;
a slap across my cheek.

You see me tremble,
and say, relax you knew this was a gamble.

A slave has to look right,
and pull the slave collar tight.

I hope this makes sense,
and undo my pants.

You tell me that I am a fool,
as you expose my love tool.

I am hard as a rock,
when your lips touch my cock.

You suck me with ease,
but I know you are just a tease.

A playful squeeze
pulls me down to my knees.

You tilt my head back
and say “Your tongue just became your cock”

You rest your hands on your hips,
and lower yourself onto my lips.

You command me to suck,
while arching you back.

Now be a good pet
and get me wet

At a very slow pace
you keep grinding your pussy in my face

You pull away without a sound,
this is the second round.

It’s only fair
to get me some air

You reach for something on the floor,
whisper “ ready for more.”

Spreading your pussy lips wide,
you guide a huge dildo inside.

I hope you don’t need to rest
this part is the best.

You take your sexy toy
bring it up to my lips with joy
whispering be a good boy
don’t fight, suck, and enjoy

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