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What They Always Wanted
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What They Always Wanted
Mary Beth Sanders was walking down the concourse at the Atlanta airport when she saw him and waved.

The first thing she noticed about her father was how good he looked, especially compared to the last time she'd seen him.

For one thing, he'd grown a beard and let his hair grow a little bit. He was dressed quite casually, shorts, a golf shirt and topsiders with no socks. He had lost at least 20 pounds, maybe more, and he was tanned, like he'd been getting out a lot. Finally, best of all, he looked relaxed, at ease, like a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders, which indeed it had.

Dave Jackson was tallish, maybe six feet tall, and quite slender after his recent weight loss. His red hair was streaked with gray, and getting thin in front, but he still looked years younger than his 64 years. He'd always been athletic, and had a crooked nose to show as a war wound, the result of its being broken playing high school football in the days just before face masks became standard equipment.

He looked almost sexy, and as the thought crossed Mary Beth's mind, she heard whispers of a forbidden desire from long ago. Then she passed through the gate and they embraced.

"Daddy, you look wonderful!" Mary Beth said as she hugged her father.

"Oh, Sweetheart, it's so good to see you," he replied. "You look great!"

Mary Beth wrapped her arm around her father as they walked down to get her luggage. They talked about her flight, and he asked about her children, who weren't really children any more. She updated him, and she asked him how he was making out.

"Oh, I have good days and bad days," he said, as a shadow passed over his face. "But I'm having a lot more good days now."

Yes, Mary Beth thought, her daddy looked more like his old self than he had in many years, and she got a great sense of satisfaction to know that she'd been right and her brother Michael had been wrong. That hadn't happened often.

Once they were in his car, and headed for the 90-minute drive to the town where he'd settled, she thought about the changes that had scarred their lives over the past few years.

It had been just over six months previously, just after New Year's, when her mother, Elizabeth, had finally succumbed to the cancer that had robbed her of all of her vitality, long before it took her life. It had been six long years from the first diagnosis to her death, and Dave had nursed her every step of the way. It was ironic, Mary Beth thought, that it took a deadly disease to finally bring her to reconcile with her mother.

Dave and Elizabeth had been an odd pair their entire married life. They'd met when he was in the Navy and she was a nurse. They'd been deeply in love from start to finish, but it wasn't easy. Dave was easy-going and fun-loving, and something of a liberal. Elizabeth was quite strong-willed, serious and very conservative. Of course, she was the one who enforced the rules in the house.

That hadn't been a problem for Michael, their first child, who was now 44. He was his mother's child, from whence he got his straight-laced attitudes, his drive to succeed and his looks, narrow with his mother's straight brown hair.

But Mary Beth? She'd been a rebel all her life. She inherited her father's ruddy complexion, his thick red hair, and his personality. She had been a problem child, or at least she was according to Elizabeth. She'd smoked, cigarettes and pot, she'd been a serious drinker for a long time, and she'd had abysmal taste in boyfriends, of which she had many. Needless to say, Mary Beth and her mother fought constantly from the time she was 12, after hitting puberty, until she moved out of the house.

In retrospect, Mary Beth had learned the hard way that maybe Mom had been right. Her first marriage at age 17 had been abusive, fortunately with no children, and her second marriage had foundered after 12 years, literally on the rocks, after producing her two sons, who were now 20 and 19 and in college.

Ten years ago, she had been arrested for a DUI after causing a wreck. Fortunately, no one had been seriously hurt, and since it had been her first offense, she was given probation. Nevertheless, it caused her to take stock of her life and realize that she was killing herself, one drink at a time. So she had taken a leave of absence from her job and entered a three-month residential rehab program. She had been sober ever since. But her husband wasn't willing to quit drinking or smoking pot or doing cocaine, and a year later she'd taken her sons and moved out. She'd moved to Texas and found work as a receptionist for a major corporation. It paid decently, but it had no future, and now she was taking her four weeks of vacation to spend with her father, and possibly find a different course to her life.

After his wife's death, Dave had made the decision to take early retirement from his company, sell the family home and start fresh in a new community. Michael had been dead-set against it, but Mary Beth had known it was the right thing to do. She knew that as long as Dave was in that house, he'd be haunted by memories of Elizabeth and the pain she'd suffered through the last years of her life.

Mary Beth suspected that Michael, a corporate executive, wanted to inherit the house after Dave was gone so he could sell it and pocket the profits, and Mary Beth had told him just that. It had sparked an awful row, but she'd stood her ground, and with her support, so had Dave.

He'd moved and gotten a two-room apartment in a beach town with lots of golf courses, and he'd eagerly gotten reacquainted with the game he'd loved before Elizabeth got sick.

As they drove and chatted, Dave occasionally stole a glance or two at Mary Beth and thought, for at least the millionth time, how beautiful and sexy his daughter was. And for at least the millionth time, he immediately castigated himself for the wicked thoughts those glances caused. He couldn't help it, though. The years had done nothing but enhance her appearance, like fine wine. She was tall, her flaming red hair worn long, just past her shoulders.

If you looked real close, you could perhaps see a few gray hairs sneaking in, and maybe a slight wrinkling at the corners of her eyes. But otherwise, at 42, she looked the same as she had when she was 15, when she had really matured into the eye-catching beauty who had drawn men like a magnet. Part of her sobriety routine was a brisk workout at the gym four days a week. She was 5-10, but weighed less than 130 pounds, giving her a trim physique. Her butt was firm and her breasts were full without being top-heavy.

Besides keeping her fit, the gym had also been fertile ground for finding lovers, and she'd had her share since her divorce nine years earlier. Lately, however, she'd shied away from casual romances and one-night stands. She was looking for something deeper, with someone she truly could love. Deep inside, she knew who that someone was, even if she wasn't consciously aware of it.

Mary Beth immediately took a liking to her father's new residence. Although the town was a Mecca for seniors, Dave had chosen to live in a regular apartment complex, where he could mix, meet and mingle with people of all ages. He had no major medical problems, other than a bad knee that was another gift of his football career, so he saw no need to find any kind of retirement facility.

Dave's apartment was just the right size for a single person. There was a foyer that opened onto a small, but full kitchen, then a large den that opened to a back patio. Down the hall were the two bedrooms, the larger master bedroom with a half-bath, and the smaller guest room, with the full bathroom set between the bedrooms.

As the summer sun lowered in the sky, Mary Beth was delighted to learn that the den and patio faced the west, so that the late-afternoon sun washed the room in brightness. As the afternoon drew to a close, father and daughter decided to take a dip in the complex's pool. Dave had a fairly hip pair of baggy trunks, while Mary Beth brought out her form-fitting one-piece. She also had a fairly skimpy bikini that she had packed, but didn't think it would be appropriate to wear that in front of her father, at least not yet.

Besides, her one-piece was plenty revealing. It fit tight around her body, and cut high on her legs, and after she took a dip in the cool water, her nipples showed prominently through the satiny material. Dave complimented Mary Beth on her stylish suit, and she teased him about his baggies. She didn't mention that she was also impressed by the sizable bulge of her father's cock when the wet material clung to his body as he climbed out of the pool after swimming a couple of laps.

At that time of the day, they were the only ones using the pool, so they took the time to relax and enjoy each other's company. And the more they lay by the pool, the more the unspoken desires came to the surface. Idly, Mary Beth wondered if her father had had any kind of sex since he'd moved there. Probably not, she decided, which meant that it had likely been several years since he'd had a woman. Just the thought made her feel warm and wet between her legs, the way it had those many years ago, when she'd had teenaged fantasies about her father.

Mary Beth forced herself to stop thinking along those lines. You're an adult now, she told herself, not a starry-eyed teenager, and he's a still-grieving widower who had never, to her knowledge, cheated on his wife.

After awhile, she realized that she was hungry, and at almost the same moment, Dave piped up.

"I think we need to get something to eat," he said. Mary Beth laughed and told him she'd been thinking that very same thing. This really was getting like the old days, when she and her father often finished each other's sentences, their minds were so in tune.

"There's a really good seafood place that's walking distance from here," Dave said. "Why don't we get cleaned up and go."

As Mary Beth showered, Dave lay back on his bed, catching a little catnap. His mind wandered to the naked beauty in the next room, and his cock began to stir. What's wrong with me, he asked himself. Why am I thinking these thoughts about my own daughter? Why have I always wanted her? He had no answers. All he knew was that he did, and he just groaned in frustration. There were a lot of willing young women living in the apartment complex, but they weren't interested in an old codger like him, and he had also met a few single women more his own age who did not attract him in the least. Besides, his emotions were still too raw from the ordeal he'd gone through with Elizabeth to pursue another relationship just yet.

Nevertheless, he was still a man, and a virile one at that, and his needs hadn't diminished much with age. Occasionally, those needs became so great that he had to masturbate, but that was something he just didn't care to do too often. And the one woman he really wanted was one he couldn't have. He knew Mary Beth had always had boyfriends, especially after her divorce, and he figured she'd be disgusted if she knew how much and how long he'd lusted after her.

Finally, with a sigh, he got up from his bed as he heard Mary Beth finish in the bathroom. He got cleaned up and they had a very nice evening. On the walk home, Dave instinctively took his daughter's hand in his, and she responded.

"Daddy, I'm really glad I came," Mary Beth said, as the cool ocean breeze blew her hair across her face. "I've really missed being around you. You know you've always been the number one man in my life. Without you being there for me, I couldn't have gotten through my teen years, when Mom and I were at each other's throats, I couldn't have gotten away from Don (her first husband) and I couldn't have gotten sober. I love you so much."

"Oh, you did it yourself," Dave said. "All I did was cheering you on. You're made of a lot stronger stuff than you realize. You've made yourself into a fine woman, and I'm so proud of you."

Mary Beth leaned her head on her father's shoulder, and as she did, they could both feel a little charge in the air. But they each figured that the other would be repelled by any sort of incestuous urges coming from the other, so they let the moment pass.

Still, when Mary Beth lay naked between the cool sheets that night, she found sleep elusive, despite her fatigue. She thought of her father, of his sinewy body, the bulge between his legs, his rugged good looks, and as she did, her pussy swelled and moistened. She ran her fingers between her lips and the wetness welled up from inside her. She rolled her clit around, fingered her pussy, clutched her tits and had a tremendous self-induced climax imagining her father taking her and making her his, the way she'd always wanted.

Despite being on vacation and being retired, Mary Beth and Dave were creatures of habit, early risers by virtue of their jobs. So they were up early eating breakfast, then drove to the beach and took a long leisurely stroll. As they walked along the beach, Mary Beth talked with her father about her dissatisfaction with her life. Dave listened intently. It was what he did best. He listened, analyzed and invariably came up with the proper solution. He didn't have an answer for his daughter yet, but he was hoping he could come up with something before she had to go back to Texas. Even though she had been there less than a full day, he had already come to depend on her presence.

They spent the day seeing the sights around town, had a leisurely lunch, bought groceries, then relaxed by the pool. This time, Mary Beth wore her bikini, and Dave had a hard time suppressing his arousal, which she duly noted.

As the next few days passed, it began to dawn on each of them that perhaps they each had the same desire for each other. They had frank talks about their love lives, or lack thereof, and while neither one was willing to say out loud what they were both thinking, it was there, like the elephant in the room.

It all finally came to a head after Mary Beth had been there a week. Dave was watching baseball on TV early that evening, when Mary Beth came out of the shower. Her hair was piled under a towel and she had on her night clothes, shorts and a t-shirt. Dave couldn't help staring at his daughter's tits as they played loosely under her top. She finished drying her hair somewhat, then sat down next to her father to watch the game.

On impulse, Mary Beth moved close to Dave on the sofa, and also on impulse, Dave wrapped his arm around Mary Beth, drawing her close, and they snuggled together the way they had when she'd been a little girl. She recalled how safe being next to her father had made her feel when she was young, and she thought about how good he felt now. In fact, he felt so good that she could feel a tingle between her legs and her pussy getting wet. She looked down and thought she saw her father's cock responding to her closeness, but she resisted the urge to reach down and stroke it.

Dave was battling an internal war between his lust as a man and his duty as a father, never mind that his child was a beautiful, sexy middle-aged woman who seemed to be giving him positive signals. They were on the brink, but they couldn't quite pull the trigger, at least not at that moment.

The game ended, and Dave got up on shaky legs to go to bed. Mary Beth jumped up as well and pulled her father into a good-night embrace. They looked deeply into each other's eyes, both seeing the want, the need in their souls. As they embraced, Dave could feel Mary Beth's rock-hard nipples boring into his chest and she could feel his bulge pressing onto her abdomen.

"Good night, Sweetheart," Dave said finally.

"Night, Daddy," Mary Beth murmured.

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RE: What They Always Wanted
Dave lay on his back under his sheet, wide awake. He always slept naked in the summer, and his cock was throbbing-hard and leaking pre-cum. He reached down and softly stroked his cock, feeling tingles of sensation from the fresh memory of Mary Beth's hot body and the wanting look in her eyes. Was it really possible that she wanted him every bit as much as he wanted her?

He got his answer seconds later. His bedroom door opened, and in walked Mary Beth, naked. Her breasts swayed seductively as she walked wordlessly into the room and up to his bed. She pulled the sheet back slightly and crawled in bed with her father.

"Sweetheart?" he asked softly. She just shushed him and brought her mouth to his and kissed him, and as they kissed, the desire swelled with their tongues feverishly working together. As they kissed, she replaced his hand with her own and resumed a soft stroking motion on his cock. She kissed her way down his chest, her fingers playing with his chest hair.

"Sweetheart, are you sure you want to do this?" Dave said, panting with desire as he unconsciously reached between Mary Beth's well-trimmed pussy to feel her hot wetness. "I mean, I'm your father."

"Daddy, I've wanted to do this since I was 13 years-old," she answered between soft kisses on his chest. "Daddy, I need you."

"Oh, baby, I need you too," Dave said. "It's been so long."

No more words were necessary. Mary Beth threw the sheets back, straddled Dave's hips as she climbed on her knees. She had kept a grip on her father's cock the whole time, holding it up toward the ceiling. She raised herself up, fitted the head of Dave's cock to her hot pink hole and slowly slid down his pole.

They both groaned lustily as she took his entire throbbing member. They stared into each other's eyes while Mary Beth started a slow up-and-down motion, working her slick cunt on her father's iron-hard cock. It wasn't nearly the biggest cock she'd ever taken, but it was big enough, about seven inches, and, besides, that wasn't the point. She didn't want to just have sex with this man; she wanted to make love with the most important person in her life, to fulfil her most cherished desire, her longest-held fantasy.

Mary Beth's tits jiggled lightly as she fucked up and down on her father's cock. Dave reached up and grasped them in both hands, and she knew what he wanted. She leaned over and let him bring her stiff pink nipples to his mouth. He licked her nips with just enough force to send crackling waves of pleasure through her body. She was on fire as Dave began to thrust up with more insistence and she began to work harder on his cock.

Dave couldn't believe how good Mary Beth's pussy felt on his cock. He had always known that men didn't keep coming around just for her good looks. It was a muscular, experienced cunt that had him on the edge in no time. And Dave's cock was proving to be a fine piece of work, hitting all of Mery Beth's hot spots.

"Ummmmmm, God, Daddy!" she panted. "Fuck me, fuck your baby. Let it all out!"

If that's what she wanted, Dave was prepared to give it to her. He'd waited too long for this, and it was time for him to claim what was now his. He rolled Mary Beth to her side, onto her back, his cock slipping out as he did. Mary Beth gazed up at her father with a steaming look as she spread her legs wide and ran her fingers through her red, wet, swollen pussy.

"Oh yeah, come on in, Daddy," she whispered. "Fuck me and make me yours."

"Ohhhh yeah," Dave exclaimed as he slid his cock into his daughter's hot cunt. He quickly got up to ramming speed, fucking Mary Beth with hard, steady strokes. Gasps, moans and cries filled the room as they lost themselves in each other, feeling the long-suppressed desire run wild.

They wanted it to last forever, but that wasn't to be. They had both gone without sex for too long to hold back forever. Mary Beth felt a white-hot climax building, building, building, climbing higher and higher as she worked her hips frantically around Dave's pistoning cock. And Dave was rolling his cock in a frenzy, trying to hit every part of his daughter's velvety cunt.

"Ohhhhhhh Daaaaaaady!" Mary Beth wailed. "I'm cummmmmmmming! Cum with me, shoot it! Fill me up!"

And he did. As Mary Beth twitched and writhed under him, Dave felt the hard tingle as his cum boiled over and shot out the end of his cock. As they gasped, grunted and moaned, he filled his daughter's experienced pussy with one of the most intense cums of his life. Then he slumped onto Mary Beth's body and sobbed, crying tears of joy, tears of grief, tears of relief. He let his emotions run wild as his precious daughter held him tight, and told him everything was going to be fine now.

Finally, he rolled off Mary Beth's body and they lay together in silence, their arms wrapped around each other as she rested her head on his shoulder.

You don't know how long I've wanted you like this," Dave said finally. "I always thought I was such an evil person for desiring you so. I mean, a father lusting after his own teenage daughter. Men go to jail for that. And the bad part about it is that your mother knew it. She was a very astute woman. Nothing that went on in that house got past her, and she could see the desire in my eyes every time you walked in wearing something sexy. She never let on that she knew, but I knew she did, and she made me pay in little ways. That's also part of the reason you two never got along. She was jealous of you. I loved her, but I wanted to fuck you."

"Oh Daddy," Mary Beth said, with a slightly shocked expression. It made sense now. She realized that if Elizabeth had seen the desire in Dave's eyes, she had also caught the desire in her eyes for him. "I'm so sorry. I never consciously wanted to come between you two. But I was awfully selfish, and I never thought about anyone but myself."

"That's OK, we've got each other now, and that's all that matters," Dave said.

"I love you, Daddy," Mary Beth whispered as sleep began to overtake her. Dave lay awake for a little while longer, holding his daughter and watching her sleep. They would take care of each other from now on, he decided.

As usual, they woke up early the next morning. On this morning, however, they didn't bother to get dressed, but fixed breakfast in the nude. They both got a big kick out of it, and they spent the time kissing and holding each other. They both felt liberated from what they had done. Now that everything was out in the open, they could build a new life together.

Later, they took a shower together, and that's when Mary Beth showed her father a few tricks. The tepid water cascaded over their bodies as they soaped and shampooed each other from head to toe. When they had rinsed off, Mary Beth pushed Dave against the shower wall, squatted down, took his stiffening cock in her hands and licked all up and down the shaft.

Dave's cock immediately swelled to full hardness under Mary Beth's skilled oral work. She used her tongue to explore every bit of her father's cock before she fed the head past her lips and sucked him all the way, not stopping until his pubic hair tickled her nose. She worked her mouth up and down, swirling her tongue around the shaft, humming to enhance his pleasure.

"Ohhhhhh, Sweetheart, that feels soooo gooood," Dave said in a soft voice. "You don't know how long it's been since I've gotten a blowjob. Please, don't stop."

Mary Beth gazed up at her father, as he looked down on her, and he got a huge charge out of the way his cock filled his daughter's mouth, her wet, stringy hair clinging to her face under the steady stream of the shower.

Dave could feel his scrotum begin to tingle and he wrapped his hands on either side of Mary Beth's head to work her a little bit harder. Mary Beth felt her arousal swell as she let her father take command. Faster and harder, she sucked Dave's cock as it pistoned back and forth in her throat. Dave could feel the sizzle in his balls as he felt his orgasm build to a crescendo.

With a gasp, he pulled Mary Beth's head to his groin, filling her mouth completely with hard cock, and spewed his cum down her throat. Mary Beth's throat worked overtime to swallow every bit of her father's cum, and she used her lips to milk every drop from his deflating dong.

By then, cool water was streaming from the shower, so they shut it off and dried off. To Mary Beth's delight, Dave led her right back to his bedroom, pushed her gently on her back on the bed and spread her legs, revealing her wet, pink pussy. He knelt on the floor by the bed and brought his face right to her steaming crotch. He swiped his tongue up her ripe furrow, curled it around her throbbing clit, then pushed it past the folds of her pussy.

Mary Beth let out a long groan of satisfaction as Dave worked his mouth on her pussy, his lips sucking her, his tongue working up and down her entire crotch, including her pink asshole, and using his fingers to fuck her deep.

"Oh, baby, this is such a treat," he whispered as he pulled away to get a breath. "Your mother never believed in oral sex, so it's been over 40 years since I've done this."

"Daddy, you can lick my pussy any time you want, just as long as you let me suck you cock any time I want," Mary Beth said, panting.

"Sounds like a deal to me," Dave said with a grin as he resumed his oral feast.

Mary Beth arched her back and pushed her crotch into Dave's face, grabbed his head to keep the cosmic connection between his mouth and her pussy. She could feel a tremendous climax brewing, as Dave began to work his lips and tongue faster and harder. Waves of pleasure washed through her body as her orgasm exploded like a volcano. She shuddered from head to toe as Dave's mouth brought her pleasure extreme.

It went on like that all day. They fucked with utter abandon, and Mary Beth even gave Dave a real treat, getting on her knees on the bed, pulling her butt cheeks open and inviting him to fuck her ass. Incredibly, it was the first time Dave had ever had anal sex, and he fucked his daughter's ass with an animal passion that left them breathless. By the end of the night, they were exhausted, but satisfied.

Indeed, it was like that the remainder of her visit. No, they didn't spend every minute of every day fucking and sucking, but every day saw them engage in some sort of sex play, as they let their love and lust for each other have full rein.

And they talked about their future. They spent a lot of time exploring some business opportunities, and came up with some good ideas on how they could add to their income and have a life together.

When it came time for Mary Beth to return to Texas, they were both sad, but they knew they wouldn't be apart for long. She went back home, got her affairs in order, gave her notice and a month later, she was back with her father for good. After all, it was what they had always wanted.

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