Webcam Fun with TV Anchor
I and Varsha are big fan of music contests on Indian TV. We never missed a one particular regional music contest show. Not because the quality was good, but because of the anchor of the show. Swati Shah, the anchor, must be in her late 30's. She had the sexiest wardrobe. On the show, she always wore low cut blouses and transparent sarees that exposed her belly button. Despite being a mom of two kids, she carried herself very well and it has always been a hot pleasure watching her on the show. Both Varsha and I admired her look.

Many times when in bed, we talked about Swati and how sexy she looked. This pillow talk had often been successful in making Varsha hot. I often undressed Varsha in bed while talking about how Swati would get undressed and how her beautiful breasts and navel look when exposed in a mild light. There was no single incident when Varsha did not get wet between her thighs after I openly fantasized of Swati getting undressed.

One night, during our pillow talk, I had casually asked Varsha about how she would feel watching me undressing Swati in our very bedroom. Varsha immediately got aroused and started telling how she would like me to undress Swati and what parts of Swati's body she would like to see being caressed by me. Needless to say, that night's sex was one of the best we had.

I had never thought that this fantasy of ours would ever come true. But this world is full of surprises isn't it? Before telling you how it happened, I must tell you little bit about ourselves. I am Sanjay. I and Varsha have been married for 8 years and are settled in Baltimore USA. We have 2 beautiful children and both of us work in IT industry. Our social circle in Baltimore is pretty big and we organize lot of community functions. Both of us are very open minded and have friends from both sexes. Varsha has never probed too much about my female friends and neither have I about her male friends. If we liked someone from other sex we have openly told this to each other. Sometimes we have also enacted roleplays where either I acted the person that Varsha liked or Varsha acted the person I liked in our roleplays. This added lot of spice in our sex life. For example, when I roleplayed a man that Varsha liked, I would enact his particular style, the way he spoke etc. The idea was to help Varsha fantasize being with such person in bed. Acting out fantasies has helped us be very loyal to each other. This helped us completely talk out the secret desires and the sex followed by that would help us subside such feeling and be even closer to each other.

So, we were organizing the music contest in the Baltimore, DC area and we wanted to give lot of publicity to the event. We also got the permission from the public cable channel of Baltimore to broadcast the event. Since the contest was first of its kind in the Baltimore Indian
community, we had decided to invite Swati Shah for the show. After negotiating the financial terms, Swati agreed to come. We had asked Swati about her accomodation preference. Swati was bringing her kids and her husband couldn't have made it. Therefore Swati requested to make her arrangements at someone's house. Since We have a 5 bedroom colonial house in Baltimore, and our kids are also same age of Swati's, we offered her to stay at our place. She readily accepted. During these days Varsha and Swati started communicating more often. Swati had also given her private messenger ID to Varsha and I so that we could plan the whole event and also a post event vacation for Swati.
The event was very successful. We had requested Swati to bring her wardrobe that she used on her TV shows in India. She really looked stunning in that wardrobe. I must confess, when I first saw her in those clothes standing just few inches away from me, I got an instant erection.

During the event, we developed a very good friendship with Swati. After the event, she took a week off to see USA with kids and then flew back to India. Before she flew, she left few of her sexy sarees and blouses for Varsha upon Varsha's request. After Swati left, Varsha had used those clothes a couple of times for our role plays in bed.

Although the even was over, we continued to grow our friendship with Swati and her family. Swati and Varsha became very close friends, thanks to the online chat. They became so close that they started chatting about their private life as well. Swati had expressed to Varsha once that due to the busy schedule that she and her husband had, their sex life was not exactly great. She had also asked Varsha how our sex life was. That time, Varsha had told her about how we roleplayed fantasizing the people we liked. Varsha also confessed once that we fantasized her quite often. After that chat, Varsha told me that Swati was interested to know more about it. I jokingly told her that may be Swati could watch us playing the roleplay on the webcam! I had made this comment very casually. But to my pleasant surprise, Varsha mentioned this in her chat with Swati and Swati was thrilled with this idea. She wanted to try it out. That night, when I was making love to Varsha, Varsha conveyed Swati's willingness to me.

I was shocked and excited. I asked Varsha if she was ok. Varsha said she too was very excited and also told me that Swati was buying a webcam as well so we could have a cam to cam chat. I loved this idea.
So, we fixed one Saturday afternoon. we arranged to send our kids to my cousin's place in Virgina for that weekend. Our Saturday afternoon was Saturday night in India. We arranged the webcam such that the webcam would capture any action on the bed. I kept the laptop on the side table next to our bed. Varsha wore the transparent blue saree with matching low-cut sleeveless blouse.

We got the call at around mid-night India time from Swati. She said that she was ready to come online. So we logged into the messenger. Within 2 minutes, Swati came online with her webcam on. Swati was wearing a blue satin gown, again a low-cut. She was a bit nervous. After she saw both of us, she gave a compliment to Varsha that Varsha looked really sexy in that saree. I said Hi to Swati as well. Since the whole situation was a bit awkward, we started chatting normally asking about well being of each others' family.

While Varsha continued typing, I was sitting next to her. Seeing Swati in that satin gown with her cleavage quite visible, I started getting hot and I put my arm around Varsha and kissed her back. Swati saw me kissing Varsha and smiled and said "Hmmm, so Sanju is getting in action". Varsha laughed and said "I am sure he is fantasizing kissing you right now". Swati blushed by that comment. I told Swati, "Swati, hope this kiss reached you on the back" and laughed. Swati offered a flying kiss back to us. Seeing that, Varsha kissed my lips and said "Passed your kiss Swati". All of us laughed.

Then Swati asked "Sanju, Varsha told me you like to fantasize undressing me." I looked in the cam and whispered in the mic, "Yes baby. Do you want to know how I would like to undress you?" Swati again blushed and nodded yes. I dropped Varsha's Pallu and then moved my hands over the first button of Varsha's blouse. And slowly undid it. Then I spread the two ends of the blouse to show Varsha's cleavage. Then I moved further to slowly undo rest of the buttons. I could see Swatis hand reaching between her thighs. I removed all of Varsha's blouse buttons and told Swati, "Swati, I will first remove your blouse to expose your lovely black bra". I could see Swati taking heavy breaths while feeling the same reaction happening to Varsha.

Varsha asked Swati to unbutton her gown to show us more. Swati followed. She wasnt wearing the bra. She parted her gown to expose her breasts enough. She made sure to cover the aerola and nipples. Her other hand was busy fingering herself. Then I re-arranged Varsha's pallu to cover her chest. After I did that, I put my hand beneath Varsha's pallu and removed her blouse and bra. Varsha'breasts were covered by that transparent saree.

[Image: Arprita95.jpg]

Swati could clearly see Varsha's breasts through the saree on webcam. I now slide my hand under the pallu and grabbed Varsha's breasts and said "Swati, I want to cover your breasts like this, with your transperent saree covering them".

Swati bit her lower lip and slid her hand into her gown to play with her nipple, while watching me caress my wife Varsha's breasts with my hand. Varsha was having double fun, watching Swati play with her breasts while getting a good massage on her own breasts by me. Now, I slid Varsha's pallu to expose her beautiful 36C breasts in front of the webcam. I could see Swati gasping at the exotic view. I lowered my head to kiss Varsha's breast. I took my tongue out and licked Varsha's nipple. While doing so, I was watching Swati's reaction from the corner of my eye. Swati was rigourously rubbing clitoris. Varsha was moaning with the sensation of my wet toungue touching her erect nipple.

I asked Swati to pull out her gown to expose her breasts....
Swati immediately followed by taking her gown off. And yes, for the first time in our life, we were watching our favorite TV anchor topless! Both Varsha and I stopped making love and watched the screen. A black mole on Swati's clevage, which played hide and seek so many times with us when we watched Swati on TV with her famous low-cut blouse , was now fully visible to us. Swati had well rounded 34Cs. Her nipples were erect pointed towards the camera. Swati noticed our undisturbed stare at her topless view and blushed again. She covered her breasts by crossing her hands over them.

We came back to our senses. "Swati you are stunning" was Varsha's comment. "Thank you! So are you both!" replied Swati. I whispered in Varsha's ears and asked her to cover her breasts like how swati did. Varsha followed. Now I slowly took Varsha's hand away from her breast and cupped Varsha's right side breast and told Swati, "Swati, immagine me cupping your breast like this. I will feel the roundness of your beautiful breast, check the erectness of your nipple with my fingers like this". Swati replied "Oh no sanjay, its a torture. I want you in real!" I looked at Varsha and both of us smiled in agreement and Varsha replied back "Swati, we both want you in real". I think that answer excited Swati even more and she continued to rub her clitoris. She said "Please Sanjay show me how you will take me. I am about to come anytime. Please I want to see how you make love to Varsha".

I could see that Swati was getting very close to climax. So, I asked Varsha to stand on her knees, facing to camera and me riding her from behind. I chose this position because both I and Varsha did not want to miss a chance to see Swati having a climax while us having sex. Varsha's breasts were hanging off her body. I held Varsha's round buttocks and entered my erect penis inside Varsha. I started Thrusting slowly. Swati brought out her dildo and entered it inside her. As I started thrusting Varsha, Swati synched in with us and started thrusting dildo inside us. I started increasting the thrust. Varsha stared moaning. So did Swati.

We could see that Swati would anytime come now. So, I too increased my pace. Now, I also went to the point of no return. I told Swati that I am going to come. I think that comment was enough to trigger a climax for Swati and seeing her climaxing, both I and Varsha reached orgasm. We could actually see Swati's love juice dripping out of her vagina.

I took my penis out of Varsha's vagina, wiped it with towel and wore paijama before coming back on the camera. Swati and Varsha chose not to cover themselves. Swati looked very contempt. We spent about 2-3 minutes speechless, just lying around and staring at each other.

Swati then came back near the camera and said "Thank you very much Sanjay and Varsha!" I enjoyed it. We smiled and I replied "So did we Swati! You are fabulous". Varsha said "Come here for vacation. We will have more fun" and all of us laughed.

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