Wanted: Big Rigs To Watch Me Get Off On The Road
"Hi Poppy I miss you so much and wish you were here with me right now cuz my wet pussy is throbbing out of control. I'm on the road heading towards the airport to pick you up with the cruise control on and my left foot on the seat".

"Mmm yes the traffic is really good, Poppy, there are lots of crazy guys in big rigs blowing their horns at me. They are getting off watching my big melons bounce around, as I bury two fingers deeply into my wet nasty pussy and finger fuck it for them".

"Mmm Poppy, then I place those wet fingers in my mouth, tasting my sweet pussy juices (mmmmm it tastes so good Poppy..) they go absolutely crazy in delight".

"Listen Poppy" (HONK *HONK *HONK* HONK blaring their air horns in mega blasts).

"Poppy, I have a big rig on each side watching me pull my thick pussy lips fully apart and then nastily suck each finger clean. "Ahhhhh. Mmm"

""I could hear her sucking the juices from her penetrating fingers over the phone, knowing she was spewing those creamy juices all mover herself"".

"No,I can't Poppy, its a surprise, I bought this nasty little outfit for your homecoming flight, you will just have to wait your turn to see me the way they see me, Poppy, but I promise you wont be disappointed".


""I could hear her moaning loudly, knowing she was about to get off as another set of semis roared past her.

HONK *HONK I knew they liked what they were seeing and she was having a blast in doing it for them. She was leaving them hard and wanting more, blaring their air horns in appreciation of the performance she was giving.

"Trust me Poppy, I'm showing them everything just like we do it. My big titties, my dark hard nipples, and yes my freshly shaved bald pussy. Everything; just the way we like to do it".

"Ok Baby Girl, keep that pussy hot n nasty for me, and I will see you in a couple of hours at the airport".

"Yes Poppy, I'm keeping it nasty, hot and wet for you.." Trust me I am" she giggled positioning both knees onto the seat, so she could flaunt her sexy ass aswell, while working that pussy for them.

For the next two hours, all I thought about was my nasty azz wife and how good she was at teasing and taunting people with her sexy fucking body.

She really loves to play with the big rigs and loves getting really nasty for them. Since there are no kids to worry about just onlooking adults, she goes wild for them. It makes me so wild with desire when she plays like this and she knows it.

Booty shorts, micro mini skirts, thong bikini sets, T-back sets, nasty lingerie, being topless, are some of the tools that she often uses to taunt others.

I have no idea what she is wearing today, but cannot wait to see for myself, as the plane finally taxis at the terminal. Exiting the security area in a fast pace, I could see her there in the distance smiling that I want to fuck right now smile.

She was clad in a knee length leather jacket that nuzzled her sleek frame, and a pair of black knee high boots. Finally, holding each other tightly as we kissed and hugged, noticing that her ass was being checked out. I lifted the jacket to grope her cheeks fully with both hands, giving them a full peek of her hot luscious ass.

We walked down to the luggage area and waited outside while having a smoke. I held her close and unsnapped each of the jacket buttons. Casually revealing a small black uplifting bustierre half bra that flaunted the majority of her sun exposed titties. I noticied the micro mini black skirt barely covered the gap between her upper inner thighs as she modeled the outfit for me.

I felt my cock begin to push madly against my jeans as I kissed her on the neck, telling her how hot she looked and how much I loved her.
Grabbing my stiff cock and squeezing it, she said "yes Poppy I know how very much you love me, and I will take care of this in a little while, squeezing my cock firmly"

Grabbing the suitcases, we strolled through the crowed terminal towards the door with her titties bouncing seductively, with every stride she took. Everybody was catching a glimpse of her as she strutted down the hall. Outside she quickly removed the leather jacket and jumped into the driver seat. "Damn baby Girl your are fucking hot" I hollared out as she began grinning nastily.

"Poppy let me show you something" she said as she took her titties out and pressed the half cups under each breast. I watched her wiggle her ass, hiking her skirt up in the back, as she planted her left foot on the seat.

"Ta da", she announced proudly, "Poppy, this is exactly how I came down here, playing with my nipples, or stroking my wet pussy for all the nasty onlookers who would look at me".

Kool Beanz Baby Girl, I replied, noticing her fully exposed pussy was swollen and wet.

Tai pulled up to pay the parking lot attendant; an older looking man of 55 or more. He enjoyed the view of her firm titties looking him in the face, as well as the view of her gaping pussy. Teasingly she ran the ticket stub between her well moistened vaginal lips before handing it to him.

He announced "that there was no charge for parking today and wished us a happy trip". We just laughed about the expression on his face when he realized the stub was saturated with Tai' s pussy juices.

I started to tell her to drive to our favorite Mexican eatery we loved.

"But Poppy wait a minute, let me tell you what happened at the airport, Ok?

"I got out of the car, put on the leather jacket only closing only the first button below my titties. It forced my titties to bounce upwards as I walked showing a little bit of my hard dark nipples. The other open buttons showed off my upper inner legs and thighs as I walked towards people".

"I was walking towards these 3 guys (1 Latino & 2 blacks) that were really checking out my titties at first, then my ass as I walked in from the car".

"Poppy, they were undressing me with their eyes as I walked around waiting for your plane. I went for a glass of wine, and they kept themselves in a place where they could eyeball me easily. I took a seat, and sipped the wine where I could see the people arriving through the gate" and they were still watching me.

"One big black guy wearing loose baggy shorts came over and sat in a seat across from me. He was busy checking out the view of my pussy which I eagerly extended to him".

"Slowly I opened and closed my legs a bit wider, watching as he began to stroke the length of his cock on top of his pants. He watched as I cupped my full tit, then he would glance back at my open pussy, stroking his cock harder in my direction (damn that black cock was driving me crazy)".
"He Allowed the swollen black cock head to peek through the legs of his shorts, Poppy I spread my pussy lips wide for him."

"I was getting so hot as he stroked that big cock Poppy, I inserted a finger into my wet open pussy. I sat there with my legs spread apart, banging my pussy while he stroked that massive dick..Ah shit Poppy I loved it"
""I closed my eyes, again thinking about taking that big black cock head in my mouth...mmmm""


""The Latino guy, who was a little younger but built like a football player, seemed more interested in my skirt under my jacket, saying "Mamacita open it all the way for me, show me your package".

""Desiring to do so, I stood up facing him, allowing the jacket to completely open. I showed him my massive titties, dark choke cherry colored erect nipples. My tiny skirt which barely covered wet my hairless kitty that he wanted to see"".

"Mmm your a hottie" he whispered to me, still standing before him as he talked in Spanish to the black guy who was still showing me his cock as he stroked it.

I allowed my hands to slither down my side and seductively spread my lips parts saying "No this is the hottie"! His piercing eyes fixated on my fingers as I spread my thick hot luscious lips apart for him to see some inner pink!

I turned and bent over, lifting the jacket off my ass, giving him a clear view of my wanting to be fucked little brown hole, as I slipped a finger in and out nastily.

Knowing he was anxious for more by looking at the size of his growing cock as I dropped the jacket to the floor. I sat down in a chair beside him, drapping my leg on the opposite chair arm letting my pussy stretch wildly. He enjoyed the view of my wet pussy as I watched his cock grow enormously big.

I lifted a nipple to my lips and sucked it in and out of my mouth as the 3rd male was walking around watching all the action".

Without speaking, he just kept eye balling me up down in total approval. My fingers were busy slipping between my saturated lips, then finding their way to my open hungry mouth. I eyed his fuck stick and thought about how good it looked, and how it made my pussy even wetter.

"Poppy, I felt my fuck hole throbbing just looking as the hardness of his big black cock. Mmm Poppy his cock just made my pussy ache and melt. I just wanted to feel it" as he kept his eyes glued on me from across the narrow isle from me.

"I continued to lap on my nipples, making them glisten with my salvia just as my pussy was shining from its own juices" I said in a panting breath.
"Fuck Poppy, I had 3 guys watching me do whatever I want to, and their massive hard cocks were driving me wild" I continued.
"Poppy, I put on a show, granting them all exactly what they wanted to see. My opened pussy was being fingered, and my nipples being tugged and sucked. I give them a good hand in the wet pussy show as they matched me by stroking their massively erect cocks."

"The 2nd black guys strokes were more sexually inviting than the others. His cock was visibly bigger and he continued offering it to me, showing me more and more of it as he stroked it."

"The more I stroked my opened wet lips from erect clit to my nasty wet hole the more he offered. Wiggling phat head towards me, lipping ""come here girl and suck on it.""
"Ahh Shit Poppy I was getting so hot and horny waiting for you, and they knew it."

"Poppy remember the 3 guys we passed going to get the luggage...that was them!, They were wanting me Poppy..Just like you do right now!"

"I loved it when they checked me out like that, so fucking nasty, I love it" I said in a pleading tone.
" I was getting so turned on that my pussy began to cream before I even touched it"
"Ahhh yes Poppy..look at the tiny droplets slipping between my lips, I'm so hot!"

As we got on the expressway heading for a bite to eat as I sit there admiring her beauty, and her love for being so expressive. Reaching down, she spreads her lips and asks, "wanna snack on this until we get some food?"

Without saying a word, my face is nuzzled between her aroused sticky lips, as my tongue traces a path from her semi opened hole to her erect clit. Flicking her clit, I hear moans of satisfaction easing from her mouth as she drives down the road.

Is the sound I can hear as I begin to lap up her sweet juices that are flowing out of control, as I turn upwards and get the thumbs up from a truck driver looking on.

"Oh Poppy, please don't stop, I want to cum on your face," just thinking about the airport makes me want to cream" (which she does all over my face, as we exit the expressway).
Taking my fingers, I ease them deeply into her raging hole, pulling them out drenched in her cum, I offer them to her parted lips. Graciously she begins to lick and suck each one dry as we pull up to a red light.

"Mmm Poppy that tastes so good, as she reaches down and coats her own fingers and sticks them in her open mouth..Mmmmm is all I can hear as she methodically cleans each finger dry of her sweet tasting cum".

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