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Venki and fantastic group thriller
07-15-2011, 06:12 PM
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Venki and fantastic group thriller
Gupta, Ram and Venki were thick friends. They got married. They were childhood friends. They used to enjoy dining and freak-outs together. They were inseparable friends. Gupta’s wife’s name is Rathna. She was very buxom with huge breasts and big buttocks. Ram’s wife name is Lalitha, equally buxom and round faced with thick lips and Venki’s wife is Sita – voluptuous beauty. Rathna, Lalitha and Sita became very close friends. They used to go to shopping and other places together. One day when the men were not there, all the three ladies met at Rathna’s residence. Rathna prepared a very sumptuous lunch rich in calories with lots of dates, pasta and badam. After that lunch, all the ladies were twitching with desire – the effect of Badam, Pista and Dates. They went into the cozy air-conditioned bedroom of Rathna and began to unwind for some time. Rathna, Lalitha and Sita slipped into their respective comfort wear – courtesy Rathna. They all looked comfortable and relaxed. They all were lying close to each other.

Rathna cuddles Lalitha and the three way lesbian thriller Rathna slowly moved towards Lalitha and hugged her in Bed with her huge hands, buxom legs coiling Lalitha’s entire body. She planted a kiss with her well proportioned lips on her entire face and tongue swirled into Lalitha’s tongue and they played this game for a while and this made the third lady Sita very horny and she slowly inserted her hand into her hole which had become very wet by this time. She shoved her hand in and out of her moist pussy and looked cravingly at Rathna and Lalitha. Rathna slowly removed Lalitha’s dress and Lalitha in-turn undressed Rathna’s dress. They both became nude and they looked absolutely beautiful and gorgeous in their natural dress. Rathna slowly licked Lalitha’s nipples and sucked the same simultaneously inserting a finger

Into Lalitha’s pussy and Lalitha in turn sucked and licked Rathna’s luscious mouth, licked her nipples and sucked the same. Now Rathna moved her mouth slowly to Lalitha’s belly and circled it with her tongue and moved her tongue slowly into Lalitha’s moist pussy. The pussy glistened and looked like a shining marble in sheer heat of passion. Now Rathna slowly licked Lalitha’s pussy and sucked it slowly. Rathna fucked Lalitha’s pussy with her mouth and drank all her pussy juices. At this time Sita who was self-fucking with her hand joined the action. Now Sita went on top of Lalitha, licked, sucked her mouth and after performing mouth to mouth fucking for a while, removed her dress and went on top of Lalitha and allowed Lalitha to have a feel of her pussy. Lalitha licked, sucked Sita’s pussy and drank all her juices with her lavish tongue even as Rathna was licking and sucking Lalitha’s pussy. Lalitha’s pussy and mouth had been totally occupied and all the three ladies enjoyed the lesbian sessions to the hilt.
Now all the three ladies decided to take a rest and slight nap. They took a shower. Now, Rathna prepared three Tomato Soups for all of them with lavish Ground Nuts and Badam mix kept separate for arousing the desire and after sipping their respective cups, all the three ladies decided to enjoy the action. There were varieties this time. Rathna took out a huge Dildo and inserted into Sita’s pussy and began fucking it and Sita attained a very huge orgasm. Now Lalitha inserted her finger into Rathna pussy and finger-fucked her pussy. Now Rathna removed the Dildo from Sita’s pussy and sucked it in her mouth and after imparting shine to the Dildo, she inserted into Lalitha’s pussy and the Dildo went easily into Lalitha’s pussy since it was imparted shine and Rathna slowly fucked Lalitha with the Dildo. After some time Lalitha shoved the Dildo into Rathna’s huge pussy and at the same time fucked Rathna’s mouth. Sita now licked and sucked the luscious thighs of Rathna even as Lalitha was fucking Rathna with the Dildo. Sita slowly drank all the pussy juices of Rathna and Lalitha also joined Sita in licking and sucking the cunt of Rathna. The three ladies became very horny and enjoyed the lesbian lessons and they continued to enjoy now with the full consent and presence of their respective husbands. They finally kissed each other even as you said “ All your cunts’ taste’s good” and both Lalitha and Sita agreed.

Two Cocks and Three Pussies

As desired and agreed, Ram’s wife, myself and my wife, Gupta and his wife decided to meet for a group thriller in the third Sunday of the month in a salubrious Yercaud. Ram could not attend the party owing to his pressing engagements. That being the Sunday afternoon, all of us, Ram-Lalitha, Gupta – Rathna, Venki-Sita casually dressed ourselves and leisurely watched a Blue Film. Immediately Rathna and Lalitha became very horny and made lesbian love. Now Gupta took out his huge cock and flaunted it in front of Sita, who was eating a banana and at the same time looking at me more enticingly. My wife was eating a banana thrusting back and forth in her mouth as though she was sucking the erect cock of a male. At the other side, Rathna and Lalitha performed lesbian and were sexually very hungry. Rathna took her right index finger and let it slip into her underwear and into her vaginal opening and at the same time sucking her left middle finger. Lalitha’s Cunt became wet and sticky. Now Gupta’s cock was enticingly looked at by Sita and licked her lips. Now, Sita positioned herself so comfortably that she licked Gupta’s cock vigorously, painting with her tongue superbly and Gupta’s cock became very new and soon became the envy of Rathna and Lalitha. I decided to join Rathna and Lalitha for a three some sex.

Rathna removed Lalitha’s blouse and subsequently her underwear. Lalitha looked beautiful and buxom with her all body contours revealing. Her boobs of 36” size and her big and beautiful buttocks were exciting and incited and ignited the passions of myself, Gupta and Sita and we made meaningful glances at each other. Rathna now was wet and dripping after seeing Lalitha and Lalitha removed Rathna’s Bra and her shorts.

Gupta’s encounter with Sita

Gupta now started removing Sita’s bra and nibbled her nipples smoothly and simultaneously planted a kiss on Sita’s wet tongue. Gupta moved her tongue over Sita’s left ball while at the same time nibbling the other. Sita slipped her hand into her own underwear and into her vagina and started fondling it. Gupta after seeing Sita in that position, removed Sita’s underwear completely and moved her tongue into the vagina of Sita by thrusting her tongue back and forth. Sita’s Cunt became wet with juices cumming through her vaginal opening. Now Sita’s Cunt shone like a droplets of dew in the grass on a misty morning. Now, Gupta placed his cock in between Sita’s boobs and started caressing it- gently first and then fucked the tunnel even as Sita was moaning with pleasure. Now Gupta moved his cock vertically and brought it in front of Sita’s pussy and gave a superb fucking exhibition for some time. After ramming her pussy, Gupta inserted his huge pole into Sita’s ass and fucked her delightfully and simultaneously massaged her breasts. Both Sita and Gupta exploded into a highly satisfying orgasm. Sita hugged Gupta warmly and kissed him deeply for the heavenly pleasure provided by Gupta.

Venki, Rathna, Lalitha, Gupta and Sita in a Five Some thriller

At this time myself, Rathna and Lalitha were wet with excitement. I became very restless and joined you both. Rathna was tasting Lalitha’s Pussy from back as Lalitha was in front of my cock and all of us were in delirium and after some time Rathna and Lalitha were fighting for their share of my cock. Lalitha completely undressed me. Seeing my naked state, I was called by Lalitha and Rathna in a chorus to fuck. Lalitha was very angry as I

Left her abruptly after flaming her passions. I joined you two and requested Gupta and Sita also. Now Rathna and Lalitha interchanged their positions. Rathna was lying in bed and Lalitha was lying over her with Sita tasting Rathna’s Pussy and Lalitha Pussy was tasted by Rathna. Now I started by planting a kiss on the mouth of both Rathna and Sita. Now Sita, Lalitha and Rathna started sucking my cock with feverish excitement. My cock became like a stiff rod and gained the respect and admiration of all the three girls. Now I sat in front of Rathna’s Pussy and gave a thrust with my cock into her vagina. Lalitha was sucking Sita’s Pussy and I planted a kiss on the mouth of Lalitha with both our tongues performing love. Now, Lalitha started kissing me and she sat over Lalitha and Lalitha licked Sita’s pussy. Now, Gupta, who was watching the action joined at this stage and brought his cock near Lalitha’s tongue even as Rathna, Venki and Sita were lying side by side enjoying love making.

Gupta fucked Lalitha even as her boobs were licked on either side by Rathna and Sita and my cock was given fellatio by Lalitha. In this way we changed positions and began to enjoy this group sex. We five have become most intimate friends and we enjoy Group fun. Oh! What a fabulous fucker’s night. All of us excreted sex juices and tasted each other’s juices. All the five of us then went to the bathroom and took bath together simultaneously cleaning each other’s genitals. Email me with ur comments at xxxxxxxxxxx

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