Vandana Aunty ko Fuck Kiya
April 2010, just had finished my degree and had ample time for results. Had never been to Banglore and was dying to witness the Silicon Valley of India. My uncle and his family live there. Family consists of Vanada Aunty and her school going kid.(Vandana Aunty also has a cute girl who's studying engineering in Hyderabad). My uncle owns a retail mart and what else could be a good place to learn management after the degree than a retail store of your family. So things appeared conducive for a month’s stay at banglore. On a weekend left to banglore on a train reached there early morning, caught hold of an auto and reached my uncles place. The bungalow had been designed fantastically, needless to say, Vandana aunt’s mastermind. I rang the bell expecting chotu to open the door. To my surprise it was Vandana aunt who opened the door and welcomed me in. She was in a full size night dress covering her in a shawl. It was normal, and nothing extreme was running inside my mind. Perhaps the devil was still asleep. Whole family was happy, asked about my journey, my exams etc. We had a tasty breakfast and uncle left for his store after an hour. Chotu was excited to see me with couple of PC games cd that I had presented him. He immediately took me to his room and asked me to help him out with installation. I was enthusiastic too. Little did I know these gaming CDs would aid me one day.
First day just passed normally resting and watching TV. I am a shy kind of guy and specially don’t like chatting with anyone a lot. Not with Vandana aunt too, despite she being my firs crush in childhood. So we never had developed a good rapo even after knowing each other from the day she got married to my uncle. The second day was a monday and chotu had to leave for school. I felt this to be boring as no one would be at home and decided to visit the retail store right away. Even aunt suggested the same. I was happy that she was at least showing an attachment. So started visiting the store. The first week was gr8, came across various customers with diverse requirements, also met my uncles financial parner Mr Rao. Mr Rao is a prominent socialist and well known for funding small scale businesses. Interesting guy. Each and every sentence he utters appears to be coming out from a genius and the style like an actor. This ones the guy who is responsible for my sexual encounters. But slowly things started getting boring. Same store, same staff, same process. I told this to my uncle and he gave a good suggestion to visit other retail stores in the city and learn new things. This was cool. Would get a chance to see banglore at the same time develop knowledge. Vandana Aunt didn’t know about this. Next day I left with uncle to his store then from there with one of his staff member ‘Sadanand (Sada)’ started my banglore darshan on a bike. We roamed to various destinations like Garuda mall, Mantri Square, Sigma Mall etc. On Wednesday, second week of my stay, We returned early afternoon and as going back to uncles retail store would be long Sada directly left me to my uncles bungalow in the afternoon. Here was the surprise.
I rang the bell 3-4 times. No one responded. I thought Aunty must have gone out and I was just leaving but suddenly the door opened. Vandana aunty was in a mess. Hair untied, no specs, no bindi, Sari loosely tied, bra strap visible etc. I just was confused as to what had happened. She noticed the question on my face and replied
“Oh its you? How come so early? Nyways come in. I just had a bath and was getting ready to leave to your uncle’s store.”
I smiled in confusion and entered in, nodding my head.
“Aunty, just finished my visits early today, was tired so came back. Sorrry…….”
When I went in I was stunned. It was Mr Rao sitting on the couch with the Tv remote. Even more confused I starred at Mr Rao. He smilingly replied
“Oh Raj, We have a party this evening and just came here to receive Vandana. Will pick up your uncle on the way. Have your lunch and you too join us”.
Things were clear and I was happy for the invitation. I said “sorry sir, I am a bit tired, u ppl enjoy. Mbbe I’ll join u nxt time:” Aunty in the meantime got ready, was looking beautiful in Blue sari and after 15-20 mins they left. At 6.00pm chotu was back home and At 9.00 pm uncle returned back alone. On asking he said,
“ Vandana and Mr Rao with his wife are at the party. They will be late. I have ordered pizzas for us. Let’s enjoy them over a Carom match.” All this was strange. The atmosphere had some negative waves. I thought it must just be because in my family ladies don’t go out with other men. I was archaic and the world I was witnessing was modern. Chotu slept at 10pm, and we were playing carom. At about 10.45pm the bell rang and aunt was here. Mr Rao himself had dropped her. On this my uncle was a bit angry. I could feel it. He ended the game instantly and asked me to go upstairs and sleep. At about 11.15pm heard some rough sounds from uncle’s room downstairs. Chotu was asleep, so shut the door properly and went outside on the steps. Uncle and aunt were quarrelling.
Uncle: ‘U are misusing the freedom I gave you. Its 11 night and you come home with other man on his car. What will people in the locality feel.’
Vandana Aunty: “sorry dear the prize distribution ceremony lasted so long, so was late.”
Uncle was not ready to listen and just bashed her. Aunt tolerated to some extent, and then shouted in return
“U always stay away from ppl. No networking. That’s the reason why u still operate a small store. That too funded by Mr Rao who haapens to be my friend Mrs Raos husband. I like to interact with people and this is the first time I am late. It wont happen again.”
Both were calm thereafter. Probably they left for bed. I didn’t like Uncles behavior towards Vandana aunty, but then his concerns were legitimate. The next morning all was normal. Everyone had breakfast and left to work.
[Image: 27912ama4.jpg]
Sada arrived directly to uncles place and we started towards Dombloor.. 2 mins after we left, Vandana aunt called me and said
“Raj do let me know if you are coming back early. Don’t want to leave u alone like yesterday.”
I said “No prob aunty. I don’t wanna bother you. Anyways, I would be late today” and ended the call. Sada was smiling. In a weeks time we were good friends and he had passed most of his knowledge to me. But that strictly adhered to retail. But now he was gonna make a revelation. We stopped at a deserted chai canteen and started chatting.
Sada asked ‘Raj yesterday Mr Rao was at boss’s place?’
Me: “Yess. How do u Know?”
Sada: “ had to warn you of some things, but thought u would leave soon so wouldn’t encounter such incidents.
Me: ‘what incidents?’
Sada: “Rao seems to be frequently visiting boss’s house. I have been tracing him. Last month I just visited the bungalow to get ( ) Vandana Madams signature on a check. Rao was there. Then couple of weeks later when I called landline as boss was late to work, it was Mr Rao who picked up.
Me: “What do u mean?”
Sada: “u know exactly what I mean”.
Me: ‘shut up sad, I interact with u freely, doesn’t mean that you take it for granted. Beside Vandana aunt can’t be like that. I know her for long”
Sada: Accha?? U urself said u weren’t in contact with her all these years?
Me: “I am puzzled, u mean an affair going on..??”
Sada: “I dont know, its non of my business, But I just thought to inform u. I can’t talk this to Boss.”
Me: “If u are true, the reason behind aunt calling me couple of minutes before was to make sure I don’t be there like yesterday. Hmmm. So let’s just go back hide somewhere and keep an eye.”
Sada: “See what u can do, I just made an assumption. Drop me at the bus stop and you keep the bike. You may need it.”
Me: ‘thnx”
So went back to public garden adjoining uncles house, parked sadas bike and just started spying. To my surprise Mr Raos Linea was also parked in the 4 wheeler parking area. I called Vanadana aunty not on cell but on landline expecting Rao to pick up. To my surprise Vandana aunty picked up the phone, I was choked.
Me: “ A a a a Aunty Raj here, just called to tell that bike got punctured and will be returning home in half an hour.”
Aunty: “ Don’t u have a repair center nearby? “
Me: “ No aunty. Will push the bike and repair it in your area”
Aunty “oki. Then come back. Be careful”
Minutes after the call I saw Mr Rao running towards his car and leaving. Sada was right. Something dirty was cooking. I returned back home after an hour. Aunt was neatly ready, she welcomed me and we had lunch. I was really ashamed of aunt and a bit angry too. Finally while on couch when we both were watching TV I asked her
“How could you do this to uncle?”
Vandana: What?
Me :“Don’t act. I respected u so much from childhood and you just….”
Vandana: “Whats wrong with u?”
Me: “Mr Rao…..What does he do here when you are alone at home??”
Vandana “What? U are spying at me. How embarrassing?” she stood up and I too did
Me: “if uncle comes to know this from me, I know how embarrassed he would be”
Vandana: “U are out of ur mind. U are close to us thats why I am silent, if not I would have kicked u out the house. Beside what proof do you have?”
Me: “None. But uncle wont be asking for proofs If I say Rao visits this place every day when u r alone. Hes quite intelligent to decode my words”
Vandana: “ Please dont do that, I am losing him day by day. I love him.”
Me: “shut up, u have an extra marital affair and say you love uncle. Nice triangle. I am fed up, Will tell this to uncle and leave back to Mumbai tomorrow.”
Vandana: “ Please don’t Raj, I beg u, all this is not under my control, I had no options left’.
Me: “U expect me to believe that? and what do u mean had no options.'
Vandana: “ please sit, will tell you, if not you may make things worse.”
We sat on the couch again, she switched the Tv off and continued
“ Mr Rao is the person who helped uncle to set up his business and I am the person who made him invest. Why would such a big socialist invest in a mid scale retail store. My flesh was the price. He’s an investor and donno how many other wives and girls satisfy him to get money.”
Me: ‘U have turned to be a whore”
Vandana aunty stood up and hit me hard.
There was minutes of silence in the hall. The slap was enough to understand that she wasn’t lying. Or may be the soft corner that I had for her, made me believe her. I went near her and just hugged her, she did the same as she was feeling lonely.
I asked Vandana Aunty
“Isnt there a solution to get urself out?”
Vandana aunty “There is, I take poison and give my life” in a depressed voice.
Me “Shutup, wash you face, and never utter such words. We are ther to help u. I’ll try to find a solution.” Frankly couldn’t see her this way. I had 2 weeks in hand and had to settle this issue. First thing was to black mail Mr Rao, but how? Luckily I decided to attend this week’s party with Vandana aunty, that Mrs. Rao was throwing. On a Saturday evening we reached Rao mansion a posh bungalow cum farm house couple of kilometers away from the city. I was introduced to Mrs. Deepa Rao by Vandana Aunty. She’s a charming lady even today. She was in her early 40’s, but did look younger. 6 ft tall, white skin, a figure that college girls would be jealous of, clad in lavender color sari and sleeveless blouse The way she carried herself, every man in the party never missed a chance to gaze at her, me included. The way she was networking with ppl showed how bold she was and what she could do if she wanted to achieve something. Another lucky thing , Mr Rao was absent as he was out of station. Must have been fucking some north Indian girl. Rascal.
Vandana aunt was depressed and I knew it better. I said ,
“ Aunty lets leave, u r not feeling well” She accepted.
Me “ will just get a bit fresh and then lets leave. Meanwhile you tell all ur friends that u r leaving”
I then went to the washroom located behind the house. Just locked the door of compartment and started peeing. Suddenly some guys entered the washroom discussing what they felt was too interesting.
Person1: Mrs Rao is sexy.
Person2 Yeah, its her experience”.
Person3 “yeah marketing requires experience”
Person2 “Dumbo, I am talking bout her sexual experience. Rumors say she has affairs with her younger employees.
Person1: ‘I should request her to recruit me. I can perform very well when I’m in (pussy).
Person 3 “ Me too, My CV is pretty long (Dick) hahaha” and they left.
This was ridiculous as I was introduced to a taboo I had seen only in movies. Was the whole Rao family corrupted mentally??? I said I shouldn’t be thinking this way after all those guys were drunk. I came out of the mens washroom, coincidently Mrs Rao appeared from the women’s washroom. She smiled and asked
“Had a nice time?”
Me “In Washroom?”
Mrs. Deepa Rao “yeah, most sacred place here” sly look.
Me:“excuse me. Didn’t get you.
Mrs Rao “Ah you are handsome enough to understand, didn’t you do anyone inside?”
Me “Lady. What the hell, u people are out of ur mind. U have a husband whose, donno fucking every lady he meets every day and you are a nice accomplice to him.”
Mrs Rao “ How dare you talk about my husband that way. Its you youngsters who misuse these kind of parties and blame us.”
I was shocked. Either she was drunk or was serious. Her expressions showed she was serious. I calmed a bit and said
“lady, u caught the wrong guy. I am leaving”
Mrs Rao “Raj…… right…….., sorry actually just caught a guy kissing my cousin inside washroom and lost my temper. Sorry for whatever I said.”
We walked back to the garden. On the way with little conversation that I had, I was impressed by her intelligence. She too was impressed with my knowledge and did ask me to stay for some time and discuss things. I hired an auto for Vandana aunty and at about 8 pm she left the party. Uncle would have been happy today that his wife returned early.
I was hanging out meeting industrialists and NGO heads till 10pm when people started leaving. Couple of minutes later the garden was deserted and Mrs Rao was ordering her servants to clean up. Her cousin came shouting bashing Mrs Rao, not to intrude her privacy again and left with her boyfriend. Mrs Rao too seemed depressed and choked now. I fetched her some water and asked the servants to guide her inside. But she insisted me to accompany her inside. The servant directed us to Mrs Rao’s bedroom via huge hall. She rested half stretched on her bed and I found myself comfortable on a Bean bag. She started,
“Raj sorry for Riya (her cousin), shes just a kid in her early 20’s and shes having sex with anyone she gets attracted to. She was 3 when her parents died and I took the responsibility to adopt her. But I failed to grow her the right way. Shes my everything as god never gifted us a kid.”
Me thinking “This beauty’s husband fucks around the city, can’t believe Mrs Rao doesn’t have a kid.” Mrs Rao “Anyways thanx for the water. Donno, just felt to share my feelings with you. Sorry again”
Me : not a problem Mam, Life is full of sorrows and surprises. Never know when good or bad things happen. Just keep urself going.”
Mrs Rao “ nice thinking, thats what impressed me about you. Why I kept you waiting was, to talk to you about an offer.”
Me “Cool, No problems till its strictly professional”
She giggled, “It is of course, Won’t ask you to marry my cousin.”
Me: “u are too intelligent mam, thats a compliment, u figured out what I meant.”
Mrs Rao “thnx for the compliment young man, but on a serious note we are opening an office for our e commerce division next quarter in Mumbai. Was thinking if you could handle partial operations”
I was surprised and excited, but did have my doubts, even an idiot in the corporate world wouldn’t hand over operations of a new business to a fresher.
I said “I am excited, but dont you feel the offer is a bit too big for me. I am just a fresher.’
Mr Rao “Don’t worry I said partial, the other half will be monitored by me, so u will have my guidance.” Me “That’s gr8. I would like to accept blindfolded”
Mrs Rao “Oki nice then, Just stay, will get fresh and change. Meanwhile check the business model on my laptop”.
So she left with a towel to her master bathroom and shut the door. I started her laptop and started the presentation located on the desktop. Finished the whole stuff in couple of minutes. Grasping the model was a cake walk for every management graduate.
Now comes the turn that changed my whole life.
There was a shortcut to folder named ‘My imp’. I clicked on it and a window full of family pics opened. Mr and Mrs Rao’s wedding ceremony, Riya’s birthday pics etc. But there was a last folder which was dimmed by the system ie a hidden folder named X. I clicked on it, and was stunned. Got a sudden jolt on my dick. Picks of Vandana aunty and Mr Rao in compromising positions. Some pics had aunty lying naked on bed, some with Rao’s dick inserted, some in which Vandana aunty was tied to the bed with her eyes closed and rascal Rao enjoying her. Never had seen Vandana aunty this way, my dick too risen which never happened even when I hugged Vandana aunty a day before. Thousands of thought running in my mind. I calmed myself controlling so called ‘vulgar thoughts” . The point here was the pics were clear and taken intentionally. Also to be noted what were they doing in Mrs Raos laptop.
The bathroom door opened and I just hurriedly closed the laptop.
Mrs Rao ‘Raj what happened? Done with presentation?” She was in her night dress pink silky texture. The dress had a strap which she had tied tightly around her west revealing her sexy figure. The whole atmosphere had turned me on. Nude images of my beautiful aunt and a 40 year lady just coming out of the bathroom, hair spread, body partially wet, and the scent of the shampoo that freshened the room. Me “Yes mam, done. The model needs some treatment. Will help you.”
Mrs Rao “Yeah u will, we have the whole night”
Me “Sorry. Mam. Actually….”
Mrs Rao “What?? I made u an offer of a lifetime, u need to work on this right away. And stop calling me Mam. In our company we call people by name. Call me Deepa. Also dont worry about aunt, I told her before that you would be back early morning”
Me “But……Oki. If you insist.”
She came near me and took the laptop, I was a bit reluctant to give it away as I had not closed the X folder. But had no choice. I kept my figures crossed as she opened the laptop. But no use, the folder was as it was.
Mrs Rao smiled “ you boys don’t have other work than spying.”
Me “sorry. Actually I finished with the presentation early and had no work, so….”
Mrs Rao “ So u browse my personal content ha? “
Me “Sorry Deepa” a bit embarrassed. She asked me to sit beside her and started browsing the pic one by one.
Mrs rao “ur aunt is such a charm, see my husband enjoying her. This is the photo from our guest room where I donno how many innocent have been taken advantage of this way.’
The day was full of surprises and spine chilling moments.
Me : ‘so u know all this.”
Mrs Rao “yeah, and u too right. Me “yes, aunt is not at fault.’
Mrs Rao “ that I know, these are pics 2 yrs back when she first met my husband. I knew what he would do with her but had no proof so planted cameras in our guest room and caught the whole episode. He added pills in her drink, she fainted and rest is what u see here”
Me “And now he is blackmailing her on basis of this incident. Deepa being a women, u could have stopped this.”
Mrs Rao “No. not at all, he’s an influential person, without proof no one can touch him and even if you have proof no one would believe you, in turn the poor women being harassed would be at fault.”
Me “Then why did u shoot all this?”
Mrs Rao “ blackmail what else? I knew theres no use showing this to city cops, he can get away easily; at least I can get my demands satisfied. U see me today, its all because of ur aunt and her pics. I own 60 % of his business and in return he is free to do what he likes. I stay mum about his sexual conquests.”
Me “didn’t he ever force u for sex?’
Mrs Rao starring at me “Ah.. no, I knew about his activities right from week 1 of our marriage and never did he dare to force me as I brought a lot of wealth and status to him as dowry. When I knew what a pervert he is, I decided to get all that I brought to him back. Today its 60% of what my dad gave him free. Tomorrow it will be higher and one day 100% when I would expose him completely.”
Me, a bit harsh “u are ambitious and for that you would be using my aunt, right?”
Mrs Rao “yeah, a lady has to be sacrificed for saving other innocent and unfortunately its ur aunt.”
I felt so tied in front of her power and money. I would have slapped her hard if I could but I had my career on one side and my aunt’s well being on the other side.
Me “there should be a solution. see my aunt’s innocent and plz don’t pull her in. We have whole night, lets discuss”
Mrs Rao “There is”
Me ‘ what?”
Mrs Rao “I am his everything, if my name gets spoilt it would be a big loss to him too as he would lose all his reputation. Even if I am killed, according to my will all my property will be donated to NGO’s and government. So he wont try to do that either. He has to be in relation with me if he wants the life hes enjoying.”
Me thinking this lady is astute. Where the hell am I stuck. I did have a chance to get out of this and return to my boring life of finding jobs. This way only Mrs Rao would be at profit, My uncle and his family would be at loss and I didn’t want that to happen.
Me “deepa please tell what can be done.”
Mrs Rao “Raj, most negative impressions of a women is when she is caught in an extra marital affair”
Me “didn’t get u”.
Mrs Rao ‘ let me explain, What if ur uncle finds ur aunt in a compromising position with Mr Rao?”
Me “ He would be broken, I cant imagine what he would do to himself. Top of that aunty would surely commit a suicide”
Mrs Rao “yup, but if Mr Rao finds me in a compromising position with someone else, what would happen ?’
Me “donno??”
Mrs Rao “ He would not be upset for sure, but he is a person who would take utmost care that the pics in which I am in a compromising position don’t reach anyone. Cause this would bash me in public, and if I lose my reputation, his reputation of a so called “ideal socialist” would get destroyed.’
Me ‘That’s insane and doesn’t make sense. By the way, Whts the idea”
Mrs Rao “I will appear in a compromising position with someone else and the pics will be shown to him. We can blackmail him then anyway we want. U may ask him to leave visitng ur aunt or any other girl for that matter. I will get my share back and this rascal is doomed.”
Me “U said he’s influential, I can imagine a 3rd degree treatment if he finds I am involved”
Mrs Rao “ Why? U forgetting me? I have better influences than him. U would be safe”.
Me “wait a min, if u have such influences why spoil urself??? Directly blackmail him on basis of ur power.”
Mrs Rao “Yeah that’s easy, but he wouldn’t be emotionally broken, I want to torture him not just physically but mentally also. U wont understand’
Me “why? Tell me”
Mrs Rao “ its kiddish for a 40 year old but, I want to show him he’s not the only one who can win sex partners, but at the same time I don’t want to play with my conscience. I am a virgin and have no expectation to break the same. So just for pics sake I will appear compromising with someone”
Me “Nice, Bade log, bade vichaar, not my level of thinking, but with whom?”
Mrs Rao “Donno, have a person in mind. Lets c.”
Me “Deepa do what u like, please get my aunt out of this. I trust you on this. But I have learned one thing; a lady should be satisfied early in her age, if not things go haywire, just like ur case. Frankly u are not like others, u r eccentric.”
Mrs Rao “that I am, take it or leave it”. A sly smile.
Me “oki, its 1.00 am, show me my room, lets sleep.”
Mrs Rao “Sure’ she called the servant and asked him to show me the way to guest room.
Me “don’t ur servants ever sleep’
Mrs Rao “ hes on night shift, Good night”. I was taken downstairs to a huge hall, which they called guest room. I was given a towel, a night suite, shampoo, and the bed was neatly kept ready. I had a bath, changed my dress and went to sleep with lights on.
At about 2.00 am my door was knocked, It was Mrs Rao .
Me “Deepa, didn’t u sleep?”
Mrs Rao “ No. I have so much of tensions that cant sleep. Sleeping pills also are over. Just wanted to relax a bit, saw the lights in ur room and thought u were awake, so came here.
Me “Sure, its ur house, come in”.
Mrs Rao ‘u smell fresh ha..the scent is the same as mine.”
Me “yeah ur servant gave me one of those.”
Mrs Rao : it’s an aroma flavor that is promoted to rejuvenate ur sexual desire.”
Me “oh..Bade log. Never knew all these things. For me its just the AXE deo that’s promoted to work that way.”
Mrs Rao ‘funny..” a bit irritated for pulling her legs.
She sat on the bed half stretched as usual. Her pink gown was shining in the white lights of the guest room.
Mrs Rao : Raj, I asked u so much bout urself, but never told me ur first impression about me. Apart from the compromising position idea.”
Me “U are beautiful”
Mrs Rao ‘only ??“
Me ‘and gorgeous and sexy….”
Mrs Rao “Hot..Haha. u are frank? Didn’t you feel shy to call me sexy?”
Me ‘After all that we saw and discussed couple of hours before, shyness has no place in my dictionary at least with u.”
Mrs Rao “ true, same here, come here sit with me, I would feel relaxed if we chat a bit.”
Me” sure, so tell me.”
Mrs Rao “ u are truly a good human being, mostly in the first meeting itself I get to know intentions of men from the way they act. Irrespective of they being youngster, mid aged or aged. U Also seem to be trust worthy.’
Me “thanx”
Mrs Rao ‘What if I shoot those compromising pics with u?”
I was shocked again, I got up of the bed and said
“what, r u nuts deepa?”
Mrs Rao ”no serious, see I cant give myself to anyone just like that. I have contacts but they are committed and I don’t want any kind of risks. If I hire someone, again he may blackmail me…which is again dangerous. So I feel u are the right person.”
Me “Whats this deepa? U think extreme. Hws this possible?”
Mrs Rao “Why? U just have to pose with me, ur face would be blurred. Whats the problem”
Me ‘its embarrassing’
Mrs Rao “why?”
Me “I mean me nude, for u its easy to hide…”
Mrs Rao “what to hide if am nude?”
Me “I mean…my…”
Mrs Rao “oh. That, dont worry, its natural, I’m sure u can control and besides I would be there with u for long time as ur boss. Haha. So no one would actually know. Our secret. Accept it. I will pay u for that.”
Me ‘U feel I’m a call boy or something that u would pay me cash to get nude?”
Mrs Rao ‘hey I didn’t mean that. Will present u a gift of lifetime…”
Me “R u sure?”
Mrs Rao “yeah come now, let’s plan the angles and heres the remote of the cams”
Me ‘u are impossible, Cams? Where?”
Mrs Rao ‘I told u before, ur aunt was misused in this room. And the cams are hidden behind mirrors on the ceiling and walls. Also on the top end on the bed.”
This was unusual for me..I came here for a party, of course we found solution for aunts problem but I never imagined being explicit for this. But to be frank seeing Mrs Rao nude was every guy’s fantasy. I was a bit apprehensive, but the idea of watching her in this position would arouse any man.
I locked the door and went near Mrs Rao gazing at her eye to eye. She said “what?”
Me “nothing, lets start and finish this off fast.
She nodded and started untying the straps of her pink gown. The straps just flew away when she untied last knot. Her breasts loosened up. She slowly stood and bent down to raise the lower end of the gown. I couldn’t stop staring at her milky smooth thighs. As she removed her gown Purple panty and black bra took care of her assets. At the same time I started the camera and recording. The videos of various angles appeared in the large 42 inch lcd.
Mrs Rao “ undress urself also, not fair, u r the only one having pleasure.”
I was in the night suite, undressing was just a strap knot away. Threw my suite away on floor, and here were two people who met just hours before and now ready to shed off all reservations in front of a stranger Mrs Rao sat on the bed tucked in the purple bra and panty with a nice golden mangal sutra in her neck. She reminded me of mermaids. No extra pound of muscle, no rash/stretch marks. Whole skin clean as young as a teenager. But little wrinkles around neck and a mature women look on face. What else does an aged man in his 50’s require if his wife is so like an angel? Poor Mrs Rao, must have been fucking others because the lady in front of me never let him in. My dick had started getting erect inside my underwear. She did notice that but ignored it.
Me “now what?”
Mrs Rao “Come close dumbo. U r 5 ft away from me, if this is a compromising position then god help us” Me ‘Sure” went near her and sat by her. She turned herself on her front to expose her back and get rid of her bra. I helped her out. The straps went down. Her back was like milk in large vessel. Very healthy and broad, would like to lick her for hours. Then she turned on her back, now lower portion of the breast were clearly pooping out. She then slowly raised her hands and got rid of the bucket bra. Boobs were no too large not too small. Enough enjoyment for a mouth to suck them. My dick just got even more erect. She saw it,
Mrs Rao “Raj u would embarrass a women in public if that stands up so fast”
Me “ I told u” and put my head down ashamed to make an eye contact.
Mrs Rao ‘thats ok, I told u before, now lets give some real reason for ur rod to get erect. Help me out with my panty.”
I got up went towards her legs and started removing her panty. As all her assets were beyond expectation, I thought of a clean shaved pink pussy. But it was the opposite. Hairy totally. Why would she shave when no one actually used it? But anyways they weren’t a turn down.
Now I had a powerful influential milky lady angel totally nude with a shining gold chain around her neck. Me “don’t want to remove the chain?”
Mrs Rao “No this mangal sutra will remain. Let Mr Rao get a confirmation that its me and not anyone else when he sees pics”,
me “Fine so lets get going”.
Mrs Rao “wait, why didnt u get rid of ur underwear?”
Me “let them be deepa”.
Mrs Rao “u r dumbo, ur face is gonna be blurred, and if ur dick too is unseen what the hell will the photo have? Remove it.”
Had to budge. As I removed it, my dick popped out. 5.5 inch long not a thing to boast about.
Mrs Rao ‘U r virgin”
Me “yeah hw do u know”
Rao “only a virgin can understand that.” She winkled her right eye. I smiled and got back on bed. After that we took various pics in angles that would mostly hide my face but Mrs Rao face would be clear. The position involved frequent overlapping on each others body, both enjoyed it. I expressed it and she acted indifferent. Dick was wet and some fluid did drop on her thighs. She too was sweating. In 20 minutes we finished the work and sat back on bed reviewing the pics.
Mrs Rao ‘Raj, nice try, but something’s missing, I mean these don’t have that original flavor that ur aunts pics have.
Me ‘obviously, those are where ur ideal husband kissed Vanadana aunty and put his rod inside. These are soft core pics to be precise.”
Mrs Rao “true, ummm, wht to do..??”
I was aroused completely, my dick was secreting lubricating fluid and I was wiping it with tissues. Top of that Mrs Rao was acting weird with her words and expressions, trying to hide her feelings, sexually arousing. she was starring at the LCD. I looked at her. She took her hair strands that fell on her face behind here tight ear. What a sexy face it was. I just went near her ear caught her tightly and bit her ear slightly.
Mrs Rao “ what.. what are u doing?” she pushed.
Me “ I cant control now deepa. In fact any man seeing his boss nude cant control.” I hugged her again. Mrs Rao ‘leave me, just leave me. Or I’ll shout.” I had to leave her.
Me ‘whats the problem? Check out the pic where I bit ur ears, they feel so real.”
She rewinded the video and paused it at the point, the pic was fantastic and felt like a true scandal except my face was clear. She realized that.
Mrs Rao “So u wanna make lip contact with my body.’
Me “any contact would do.” I gave a sly smile now.
Mrs Rao ‘u r somehow deviating from our contract.
Mrs Rao ‘ come on I am sleepy also, lets finish this, what say?”
Mrs Rao ‘Oki”
the moment she said that I just pounced on her and gave a hard wet kiss to the mature lady. Her hands were locked between our body and in no way could she scream because of the vacuum I created while kissing. This lasted for 5 mins. I finally left her free. I was panting and so was she.
Mrs Rao ‘U r a beast, huffff, didn’t u realize I almost lost breath, huffff”
me “that was one hell of a kiss huhhhh. U r wet.”
Mrs Rao “ thts sweat, I am not aroused like u pervert.”
Me frankly tell. Didn’t u enjoy that?
Mrs Rao “huffff yeah. But my hands are aching. What were u doing? raping me?
Me ‘ shutup, don’t scare me. So now?”
Mrs Rao “Now what? Complete this. Just take ur penis near my cunt and let the video record it.”
I just wiped my dick with a tissue again, took it in right hand and started the job. Mrs Rao spread her legs, a small dark opening inside dense hairs appeared as she spread. I just inserted my rod into the hole. So exciting it was. Just an inch of my dick went in easily. I waited for some few second for camera to record this properly. But my devil mind was making me push my dick even more. She noticed that and asked to stop.
Mrs. Rao “see u didn’t trust, I am still a virgin, thanx to the soda bottles I use to masturbate that at least my vagina opened a bit.”
Me ‘Don’t worry, from today u wont regret “
Mrs Rao ‘What????”
Me’ just relax’,
Mrs Rao “ no no no..plz..” by the time she tried getting up I pushed hard. My dick when straight in. she was half way to get up and stop me but due to pain she couldn’t.
She shouted loud “isssss ahhhhh’ and almost fainted.
I had my dick deep inside, was a bit scared if she really fainted as she closed her eyes totally. With my dick inside I bent forward towards her ear and asked “are u fine?”
Mrs Rao “u scoundrel, it hurts na..dont u understand? and u are raping me.’
me “what? Didn’t u enjoy? aNd it wont hurt from now.”
Mrs Rao “I wanted to stay away of all this and I trusted u. all u men are same. U are a kid, then tooo…” Me ‘Point is both enjoined this, and this is between us. So don’t bother. It wont be headlines unless u want it to be”
I was stroking slowly while talking.
Mrs Rao “as if I iaaahhhh….i would like to do that….ahhhh. I promised u ahhhhh…….a gift, ……..cummmhhhhhhhh come inside me. Whhhhhhh….What else would be ahhhhhhhh a gift of a lifetime than this ahhhh”
me ‘yeah thts it Mrs Rao, hold me I tight. Aaahhh.. oohhhh. U r the goddess whos gonna free me from my virginity.”
These words made wonders. Her muscles inside tightened and caught hold of my dick well. Was fun to experience the phenomenon that I had just read on net. Her milky boobs were dancing up down. Its then that I realized everything was going fast. This was my first one and had to make it memorable. I immediately controlled my feelings and took my rod out of her. The sound was worth remembering. Just when I took my dick out it sounded like someone opened a cola bottle. But not that loud.
Mrs Rao “Why?? Why r u troubling me so much ha? Get in again.’
Me ‘hey its our first time lets enjoy deepa. Get up.
Mrs Rao ‘u r such a dumbo”.
As she got up and rested her back on the pillow I bent down to her breasts and started caressing her. Her sweat made her wet and sucking her boobs was salty initially. Just reminded me of the plastic nipple that kids use to drink milk. I lightly chewed her nipples, licked them, vacuum sucked them. She was feeling relaxed. She had her palm on my head and fingers inside my hair. I asked her to rest on her front and expose her back to me. I went on her, rested on her, slightly downwards, my head was exactly on her back portion and dick stuck between her thighs. Finally I got to do what my fantasy was. Lick her back. Broad white mass of muscle with a thin lining in centre and couple of birth mark which made her back even sexier. Started from left, then up, then right and down. All her sweat was replaced by my saliva. Just wanted to sprinkle some juice and lick all over again. But the moment was so exciting and didn’t want to lose it just for some drops of juice. I slowly shifted to her waist and then ass. The ass crack was clean and a bit dark. I spat on the crack and started licking all over. Her ass was very attractive. I thought, enough of relaxing Mrs Rao had, lets make her cry a bit. I didnt give her a hint of next action. My dick was erect; I spread her bums and immediately inserted my dick. It was hard. Hole was small. She moaned and shouted
‘What the fuck. Thts not the place.
I said ‘thts a good place. Just relax.;
Mrs Rao “ahh ahhh ahhhhhhhh. Its hurting.” I was stroking hard
ME: ‘Don’t worry dear, just couple of mins,” she tried to put me down, but I didnt allow her and started stroking hard till the point it touched something in. She shouted with moan I felt strange inside so stopped, my dick got pushed out, to my surprise she farted. That was embarrassing for her.
Mrs Rao ‘ sorry. I told u not there.”
Me “no dear, that was existing.”
Rao “thatwas grose, if u r a human”
Me “ I am a beast, u know that. Now just one thing remains.”
Mrs Rao. “ my dicks gone down. Need a mouth to get it erect.”
Rao ‘ use urs, that wont fit in mine’
Me ‘Plz. Will u. “
she got up went down the bed and kneeled down. I was sitting on bed legs spread. She kissed my dick and took it in like a pro. My god she was acting just like in porn. Applying saliva well playing and all.
Me ‘ bed sex u acted as no experience. u are a pro here?”
Rao ‘this is my second blow job, first one was while getting tender passed for my husband. …Ummmchta… The manager of tender wanted below the table business. Little did I know it wasn’t money but had to get below table and suck his filthy cock. Ummmmhhhh… I literally vomited when I came back home. Urs is a different thing, its so clean and no smell. I love this.” (That’s the incident from which she kept her husband away from her.) She went on doing it till my dick got charged and ready. It was 3.30 am and Mrs Rao
‘lets do this fast, if not we wont have sleep.”
I parted hair around her pussy and kissed her there. Licked the clitoris well to get her charged, once she started moaning I inserted the 5.5 in her. This time she got hold of it immediately. Her hole and my rod locked well. I bent forward towards her. Kissed her lips, neck, shoulders, played with magal sutra (Using {Fucking} someone else’s property is fun. Magal sutra reminded me of tht) a bit at the same time stroking hard. She was moaning. She used to open her eyes in between. Her expression was worth diamonds. As if she was in pain but couldnt stop as she was enjoying. Only a girl can explain this well. For us to understand its like the pain when we do abs work out first time. Theres a constant pain which increases when we laugh. But equally enjoyable. I was in her for about 10 minutes continuously stroking and praying not to come fast. But being my first time, 10 minutes holding after 1 hour of foreplay was quite good stat. I had a last thing to witness. Wanted her face to be wet with my cum, just as in porno movies. She had closed her eyes in pleasure. I immediately came out and jumped towards her chest with my knees spread across and having Mrs Rao between my thighs. She was just recovering and opening her eyes slowly, I suddenly sprayed my semen on her face. It was unexpected for her. She closed her eyes with a smile. Her face was filled with starchy semisolid fluid. I just pinched and shut her nasal with my left hand fingers that opened her mouth, and took a tissue from right hand and directed all the cum into her mouth. She was trying to stop me but my thighs had locked her hands. Slowly freed her and kissed her with the cum in her mouth. Finally making sure that she had swallowed it all.
Mrs Rao ‘“that was grose. I just took that shit in”
Me ‘Guess u did. But that makes sure u never forget my taste”
Mrs Rao ‘U……” she pushed me, stood up and threw her pillow on me. I asked her to sleep with me and she did. At 8.00 am we got up, dressed ourselves, had coffee and started editing the videos and taking Still pics. I blurred my face in most of the images. The pics were so arousing that we kissed each other in the morning and she thanked me with what she was good at, a nice 15 min blow job. After breakfast she ordered her driver to drop me back home. I had transferred the video and pics to my cell. And another copy was in Mrs Rao laptop. Mr Rao would be back tomorrow and first thing he would do is visit Vandana Aunty.
Monday early morning, I received a call from Mrs Rao. I just got up and answered the call.
Mrs Rao: “Raj, the bastard has arrived. Time for you to meet him. Hes free today, so just meet him somehow.”
Me “No Problem. But Deepa, are you ready for this?”
Mrs Rao “Dumbo, after all we’ve done, is that the question to ask? Use your head and show me how well you have learn't to handle risks” taunting me for being a management graduate.
Me”fine. Catch u later”
Mrs Rao ‘U better do, I’m missing u”
Me “ohh..thts lovely. Oki aunts here. Will call afternoon. Bye.”

Vandana aunty had lost her shining face. She was tensed every time, didn’t carry herself well and had started talking very less with all. I was concerned about this. I had seen here smiling and very enthusiastic whenever I met her once in a year right from my childhood.
She came inside the room with a cup of coffee, chotu was still asleep. She woke him up and asked him to go and have a bath. I was watching her throughout. She came near me and said,
“Raj, Mrs Rao had called yesterday, she said you both had found a solution for my problem”
Me: “what problem” trying to pull her legs a bit mischievously
Vandana: “Plzzz, I am so depressed, don’t trouble me more.”
I then kept my cup aside and held her left palm with both my hands, implying a sign of trust.
Me: “Don’t worry. Everythings gonna be fine, u just behave as nothing happened. U trust me right?”
Vandana: “Hm” nodding her head. “Get me out of this. I am tired.”
I hugged her, she was a bit resistive today. But couple of seconds later she too embraced me. To be true with you people, my dick did got erected this time, as all her nude pics scrambled in my mind and Vandana aunt didn’t know I had seen her nude. But as a good son in law, I calmed myself behaved like a gentleman. For me this was a very emotional experience. My aunt, my crush, whom I never dared to even speak with due to shyness, was embracing me and most of all counting on me. First time I felt like an adult responsible Man. She left the room, I then got ready and called Mr Rao.
Me “Hello, Mr Rao, this is Raj here.”
Mr Rao “Hey young man, whats up?”
Devil in me thinning – Nothing rascal, just ended up fucking ur wife.
Me: “Nothing sir, I just collected some of your contacts through the list that was stored in uncles retail store. I have decided to build a website for my uncle’s business and need to include your contacts to make them known about the launch. So wanted to meet you for guidance.”
Mr Rao: “Sure young man. I am free today resting after a fantastic journey. Do meet me in the evening at my mansion.”
Devil in me thinking – fantastic journey my foot. Donno which lady minister u fucked…
Me: ‘oki Mr rao. Will be there thanx”

First step had worked well. I called Mrs Rao and gave her the report. She too was excited. I spent the whole day preparing logics to blackmail Mr Rao. Later in the evening I visited Rao mansion. Mr Rao was lying on a rest chair in his night suite and a drink in his hand. I went to him. He welcomed me and asked me to be seated and offered me a drink.
Me “No sir, thanx, I don’t drink”
Mr Rao “What?? Have some, its elixir”
Me “I am fine. Besides drinks would spoil todays party”
Mr Rao: “Party? Its already late, what party will u attend now”
Me “I meant the beginning of a party”
Mr Rao “ U r strange, cant get you. Anyways, tell me about the website thing”
Me ‘nothing I have created a design, once that’s up, want to send promotional links to your contacts. That way the retail store would get a good publicity.”
Mr Rao ‘Frankly I dont understand these things, My job is to invest and enjoy returns.”
Devil in me thinking : Yeah what else can a looser parasite can do.
Me “I have sent all ur contacts mail ids to my friend in Mumbai. Any content we want to share now can be sent to everyone in your circle.”
Mr Rao “nice. I like the idea. Will support you”
Me ‘oh yeah? I need you to think twice before u say that.”
Mr Rao ‘What do u mean?”
Me ‘On the bluetooth of ur laptop. Need to share some content”
He picked up his laptop lying on the table beside and started the bluetooth. I first transferred the folder X from my cell to his laptop.
Mr Rao ‘ X. ha? Whats it?” he clicked on the folder. He was shocked. “Shit, what the hell???how did you get these and don’t you feel ashamed seeing your aunt this way?”
Me “Don’t you feel ashamed to fuck others wife? And by the way u know its aunt vandana, I know its aunt vandana, but for others she’s just a nude lady. Her face is blurred.”
Mr Rao: u donno kid, you are messing with me calling for trouble. So whats ur plan”
Me “I don’t care whom you fuck, I want you to stay away from Vandana aunty or for that matter any lady related to our family.”
Mr Rao “that’s not possible, Ur aunt is such an item, I’ve experienced many, but not like her. Usually when it’s a case of money most of these bitches accept to do anything without thinking twice. But with your aunt it was different, She never was willing, I gave her greed of money, power etc. but nothing. So finally one day caught hold of her in a party, made her faint and nicely tasted her. She was unconscious for 2 hours. I stroked, sucked and what not , and there was no word of complain. Finally she gained her conscience to find herself sleeping besides me undressed. She knew that I had done something wrong with her, but the whole scene appeared as if she with consent had let me do her. A culturally bound lady that she is, she curses herself for the incident and not me haha.”
Me “This will end today”
Mr Rao came near me and caught my collars “U feel u can blackmail me with these stuffs. Even if I get caught all I need to do is use my contacts in the media industry to publish filthy things about ur aunt. That’s it me saying that its ur aunt in the pics is more than enough. The media will totally doom your family. I will also say that Ur aunt Vandana consented as she wanted money for her husband’s business which is partially true. So now tell who’s strong, u or me ? hahah?”
Me “I knew ur response, before planning to do anything further have a look at the ‘2X’ folder that I just transferred to your lappy”
Rao acting to be brave approached the laptop and opened the folder. He was stunned. All his brave expressions suddenly disappeared. The folder had all the pics of my encounter with Mrs Rao, with my face blurred. He got up and threw the laptop In anger and came to me and caught my collar again, even more tightly this time.
Mr Rao ‘how did you get all these?”
Me: “My friend in Mumbai works for the government as an ethical hacker. He hacked your mail id, Mrs Raos mail id and donno who else in your contact list…your mail inbox is full of porno links nothing else. But we were able to come across your wife’s conquests by getting access to her mail. Perhaps shes doing with someone in your contacts.” The biggest lie I ever said, but this was for good and Mrs Rao had no problems with it.
Mr Rao:” I’ll kill you” directing his heavy hands towards my neck.
Me: “Don’t even think of that. One news of me going missing or me being hurt, my hacker friends will air all these pics and yeah clear HQ videos too on the net. U would be doomed.” I got myself freed from him. “Now tell me who’s strong?”
Mr Rao: “So you have planned this flawless. was wondering how a kid who connected with me just 2 weeks back knows so much about me. See I make you an offer, I will pay you handsome, look after your career just lemme enjoy your aunt.”
Me “ shutup”
Mr Rao “What else do you want? Ahh….I Will give you access to high class girls for free. Come on enjoy your life”
Me “I can get them without your help. So shut the fuck up”
Mr Rao “Aah…you love your aunt very much. And why not? She is a charm. Now I get you, you want to enjoy her alone. Thts fine with me. We can take turns. Lucky Vandana, would have 3 healthy handsomes fucking her. Oh man shes one lucky chick.
These sentences sent chills through my spines. Me having sex with aunt, was exciting but at the same time was feeling guilty about it.
Me: “Pervert close you mouth. I have no such intentions. I respect her a lot. And Mr Rao, I have no interest in who you fuck and in what numbers you fuck. That’s your lifestyle. All I am bothered is about my family. Stay away from them. And if it’s the money you have invested in my uncles store, you have already got the returns as profit so we don’t owe u anything. Besides you have no options left, so sit here and think calmly.
Oh.. I forgot to mention, your wife was kind enough to give me a business partnership when I blackmailed her with her pics.” I lied again to keep him in dark. “She has called me inside to complete some final formalities. I will meet her and come (I meant semen cum and not come). It’s a half an hour appointment and please don’t disturb us as we will be locking our assets (dick and vagina) for work”
And I left him deserted in the garden.
I entered the mansion and went upstairs to Mrs Raos room. I knocked to which she opened the door quickly and pulled me in. she locked the door and pushed me on her bed. I was undressed by her and she too got rid of her red designer. She was in Her red bra and petticoat. Here we were again for a quick sex drive. She kneeled down between my legs spread across. without speaking and bended towards my dick, indicating with her eyes to get ready for a blowjob. A pro as she is.
As she was busy with my dick I removed her bra and threw it aside.
As my dick got erected, She first stood on the bed separating her legs on both side of my body and then kneeled down. Her front hole took my cock inside and she was in the horse rising position.
Mrs Rao : We missed this style that day.

Me: We missed a lot of styles that day.
Mrs Rao: I love this. Tell me what happened downstairs.
She started jumping up down stroking my dick. Her palms were on my chest pressing hard.
Me: in process of getting aroused “Nothing all according to the plan. Lied a couple of things which did wonders.”
Mrs Rao “ Oh yeah? Ummhhhhhh. That’s nice. Soon would get rid of him. Aaaaahhhhh …. “
She was jumping hard and fast. My dick too was very well erect. Last session I controlled her, this session she had decided to control me.

Me: “ Ahhhhh…A pervert husband is waiting outside his wife’s hhhhouse to get doomed and a young guy is f.f.fffucking his wife inside.”
Mrs Rao ‘wwww…where do you craft these sentences from. Ahhhhh. Ummmmmhhhh. Makes me really horny”
Once she was satisfied she came forward and kissed my chest. Then came upwards and we locked our lips.

I turned her to left and was on her.
ME ‘Really? lets try doggy way then”
Mrs Rao “Whts that?”
Me “u were a virgin, accepted, but I cant accept that u never see porn. Don’t act”
Mrs Rao with her typical sly smile “Ok here you have my ass.”
She resumed the doggy position. Her beautiful milky bums were calling my rod.

I just inserted it into her ass hole. Today it was far smoother. After nice exercise of my dick inside the ass hole, I bent a bit and inserted my dick in her vagina and started stroking. My left hand played with her breasts that were hanging from her chest like grapes bunch. And with my right hand holding her right bum curve tight.

Her moaning, sweat on her back and hard muscles inside vagina holding my dick well all made me excited even more. Finally after 25 minutes the session ended as I had cum inside her. We rested back.

We went into the master bathroom, and cleaned ourselves quickly with the water jet.

We came out hugging each other.

Mrs. Rao took a pill and had some water.
Me “Whats that?”
Mrs Rao “Dumbo, its contraceptive pills. Did we use condoms?”
Me “ No”
Mrs Rao “then? U want a 40 year old to get pregnant?”
Me “No not at all. But I have a fantasy left”
Mrs Rao “What ?? fuck a pregnant woman?”
Me “Shutup Deepa, I want taste breast milk. But that would remain a fantasy.”
Mrs Rao “that’s gr8..but sorry I cant give you that. Hahaha”
I got myself dressed and thanked Mrs Rao for her support promising to meet her soon. I left the room and went towards Mr Rao. He was in the same position.
Mr Rao: ‘Done with your meeting. Did u enjoy?' (Donno had he figured out Mrs Rao & my affair. but really didnt matter)

Me ‘yes. So what have you decided.”
Mr Rao ‘ Cant believe my wife could do this”
Me “When you can, why cant her? Theres a whole world outside this city. You need to know that. Don’t be a chauvinist. Gone are the days where every lady is a Vanadana aunty.”
Mr Rao ‘I agree with you. So we have a deal. I wont meet your aunt again and you keep all these a secret. But how should I trust you?”
Me “The same way as I am trusting you on not spoiling my aunts name”
Mr Rao “Fine, but if something goes wrong from your side, mark my words you would be doomed”
Me “don’t worry. I have the same dialogue for you. It was nice meeting you Mr Rao. Hope to see u soon.”
Mr Rao: We will for sure” with a challenging rude smile.

I then left the mansion at around 10 pm and returned back home. Uncle and aunty were playing carom with Chotu. Aunt showed small signs of recovering. In all, a positive atmosphere. But things weren’t over yet. I mean the cyclone had passed away, but its after effects were yet to be discovered.
After having a memorable month of my life at Bangalore, I returned to aamchi Mumbai…Same old traffic, road blocks, concrete jungle. Not much different than Banglore to be practical.. It was time to get back to a routine and start earning. With the job offer I had a future that seemed very bright. I cleaned my room on Sunday morning. Then at around 10 am left my room to meet my friends and finish some pending tasks. Me and my friends had a nice lunch at 'Bagicha' Restraunt in Juhu and went for having fun on beach. The day ended with a sun set view and it was time to return back home. My friends had been pulling my legs for having developed a nice round tummy…Frankly all the time at college was spent on studying so had been neglecting mt health a lot. So while returning I thought anyhow my job will end at 6.00pm everyday and by the time I return my area it would be 7.00pm. I still would have 2 hrs to pass time. One option would be to go home and just rest watching TV and adding up body weight and another would be join a gym and take care of health. Latter appeared to be a wise decision. As I approached my area I planned to visit Dynamic gym..People didn’t usually recommend the gym as it was on its way to closure after a month. The business sense in me told me, once the job starts I would get allowances anyways which would help me join some of the premium gyms in Mumbai. So for time being its just warm ups and light exercises that I will be doing. I can bargain well as the gym is short of customers.
I entered the building walked upstairs and rang the door bell. Radio Mirchi was being played so loud that it was easy to figure out door bell made no sense. I just barged in. A tall well built handsome guy approached me with heavy dum bells in his hands. He kept them aside and asked me
“Hello, I am the instructor here, How may I help u?”
I expected the guy to speak hindi but his English made a good impression
Me: ‘Sir, I need admission to your gym”
Instructor: “Sorry sir, we r closing this gym in couple of weeks, so have stopped admissions.
The gym had just 2 people working on the machines.
Looking at them I said, “Yeah..Seems your closing. But listen, People have recommended that you teach very well. I would be lucky if you could teach me the basics, so that further I can grasp things easily no matter which gym I visit. Its just a matter of a month”
Instructor: “Well..If you insist I have no problems.”
Me: “gr8. So will join from tomorrow at 7.00pm. What would be the charge?”
Instructor: “Its just basics u will learn and mild exercises, and I wont be dedicated much to teach you, We never had a separate package for this. We had yearly packages. So, just pay me as you wish.”
The maska of appreciating him worked well. Or maybe he was a good human being who wanted to help.
Me: “hmm. I have no idea, would 500 do.”
Instructor: “that’s fine…I wont earn anything, u know”
Me: “No plz do tell me the exact amount”
Instructor: “Nothing like that. 500 would do”
Me: “ Thanx, my name is Raj”
Instructor: “Nice meeting you Raj, I am Harsh”


On a Monday evening after fooling around whole day I went to the gym at sharp 6.45pm.

Harsh started training me very well. His experience was fantastic. I attended the gym regularly as opposed to my previous attempts years back. 2 weeks had passed and everything was going on well. I was trying my hands on the shoulder workout machine which was placed exactly opposite to the gym entrance door. 20 feet apart. At around 8.15 pm someone pushed the door slightly and stepped with right leg in. A red track pant and White reebok shoe was visible. The person was talking to someone outside and so was just half way in. Slowly the person came in with the back facing me. A lady with short hair tied neatly wearing a white T Shirt which was half wet. Sweat. Not difficult to figure out. After her conversation ended she turned and showed her cute face. We watched each other for a second and she turned left towards Harsh. They had a short talk and she left. Harsh approached me and said
“Raj seems like you have parked your bike in the empty space downstairs. Forgot to tell you that couple of women who have returned from their vacations want to have a yoga session there.”
Me “Yoga??? At this time???”
Harsh “hahaha. They are housewives, this is the time when they finish their daily work and find some time for themselves.”
Me “oh.nice. If all Indian housewives would be like them, Ekta kapoor would have had to pack up her shows. Well I am just done for today and will be leaving. Just lemme have some water and the hardworking housewives may get rid of me.”
Harsh “haha. Sure”

Afte 5 mins I packed my bag and left downstairs. There were two obese aunties staring at the stairs. I went towards them and smiled expressing a hello. Both women didn’t even respond as if I had committed a crime. I just felt embarrassed an sat on my bike and started it. Suddenly the same lady in red and white track suite passed me from behind. Again Couldn’t clearly see her face. Wanted to see her but the moment had already been embarrassing and didn’t want to ruin it even more. I just left. Donno why whole night I was thinking about the lady. There was something that was pulling me towards her. She didn’t have a perfect figure. Neither her posture or body language was meant to attract men. She was simple, neat and clean. All these thoughts ended up flashing the sexy encounters I had with Mrs Rao. I just had a hard on, went to bathroom midnight and masturbated. It was so relaxing. I had good sleep that night.

Next day evening I went to the gym praying I could just have a glance at this mysterious lady. It was time for skipping and I had to use the terrace for that. I went upstairs and lucky me. The mysterious lady was there, skipping so hard and fast that I was ashamed the way I skipped. She noticed me and stopped skipping.

The lady “Oh sorry, I am leaving please proceed, its all yours”
Devil in me in my mind “Whats all mine? The terrace or your wet clothes”

She wasn’t a beauty. She was fair but no hot factor. She was cute without any seductress expression. Needless to say she wasn’t an extrovert. Just like me.

Me “thanks”
And she left.
I couldn’t perform even a jump. Was just thinking about her. Reminded me of Vandana aunty. Shy and tensed always as if the whole world is behind her. But Vandana aunty did have a reason to be tensed. That was past. But why was this lady tensed? She had something that was calling me. Not sex, not bodily attraction. Just an instinct. I wanted to talk to her. Express my thoughts and also listen to her… maybe I was feeling lonely. . But my friends were with me. But you know not all things can be shared between known people. Sometimes in life You meet a stranger in your journey, treat them as a confession box and tell them all your secrets and they confess to you too about their secrets. After couple of hours you reach a point after which you would probably never meet that person. The feeling I had was just the same.....
The very next day I went to gym with full of optimism but sometimes luck seems to be against you. Harsh was packing most of the equipment’s that had been sold. The Gym looked deserted. The other two guys also had stopped attending the gym.
Harsh came to me and said, “the closing day has come, unfortunately. I will be flying to Bangalore tomorrow and then back to US. Will be returning in a fortnight & finally go back again and settle there ”
Me, “ back to US??, U never told me u had been there”
Harsh, “yeah, long story, Don’t bother about that. I just want to apologize that you would have to cease your training under me, but hey I have a gr8 friend of mine who also owns a gym, Will refer you there.”
Me, “But it has been just two weeks, our idea was 1 month”
Harsh, “I understand, but then I won’t be here… So what would you do alone?”
Me, “ I am fine with that, see, all I need is a dumbbell and skipping rope and a hall to do that. In gym I get charged up, u know, back there in my room atmosphere is too lazy”
Harsh, “Hmm, I would love to, but there are security concerns also, this gym area is very precious”
Me “Trust me, I will manage and watchman is always there. I will take care of maintenance also, as of now I have no work to do. Just mater of 2-3 weeks more right. Once you are back you would sell this gym to someone else. If in your absence any new customer comes to check I can negotiate well, u know that ”
Harsh” Yeah..Okey, no problem then, anyways the evening yoga sessions will continue so you don’t have to bother bout locking the gym, just make efforts to open it early. Will tell Priya about the same”
I had slight hints about Priya..The mysterious lady….You are not unlucky always..
For next 2 days I went to the gym at 6 itself worked out a bit and just waited for 8.45pm to have a glimpse of ‘The Priya’ . We just exchanged smiles for 3 days till the Friday. On the Friday the yoga mania aunties somehow decided not to attend the gym but Priya did come to the gym.
Me ‘Hi, where are your student?”
Priya “Hello, umm, they must be late”
Me “ Well then, I’ll make a move, see you tomorrow.”
Priya, a bit unsure looks at the watchman and responds ‘Hey, could you wait for couple of minutes more?”
Me “ Yeah….But why?”
Priya, “ I have some strange feeling about the watchman, you understand right?”
Me “oh! Oki. Yeah I understand”
Seeing her expression it was easy to decipher that the watchman was drunk as usual and she was afraid of him. But I was rejoicing, not for the fact that I got a chance to hang around but something even bigger, She trusted me.
We waited for 20 mins seated on the two ends of a bench. No conversation. She was fidgeting with her mobile, I was pretending to be busy reading a magazine.
Priya suddenly started “I am so sorry, kept you waiting. Their cell phones are also not reachable. Donno what happened, they had to be here usually at this time.
Me ‘No probs, I anyways spent time here till 8.30 or 9.00. Its just because ladies come here, so I leave early in Harsh’s absence.
Priya, “that’s nice of you. Oh sorry again I never asked your name”
Me “ I thought you knew, Its Raj”
Priya “No I did not, but you knew mine right?”
Me “yeah that’s the first thing I inquired when I saw you”
Priya ‘Got a bit serious and turned her head down”
I got it, any attempt to flirt with this lady is gonna just mess up things. I decided to talk about other things. For next 10 mins I was just asking her questions about health and yoga. She was so excited about these topics that she never stopped. We also talked about our professions and education. I was just observing her expressions, her moving lips and nodding my head. Don’t even remember what she said. It was late and we decided to lock the gym and leave. I was enjoying her company, after a gap of almost a month I was interacting with someone; I didn’t want to leave her on such a good Friday night. I knew that I wouldn’t meet her for next two days. But, my attempts to flirt had failed. I had to try something else. I got a call from my mess suddenly. Priya was aside. The mess Anna told me that due to some gas leak he would be unable to provide food that day.
Me on call “Anna, Aise kaise leak ho gaya? Toh aaj khana nahi milega? Hmm. Thik hai, mai hotel se order kar leta hu. “
Priya “No dinner today?”
Me “yeah..Will get it from the hotel. Do you know any good one nearby?”
Priya “yeah Gokul should be fine. Gujrati thali. Its homely food unlike others”
Me “gr8, but how do I locate?”
Priya “ just take a right from next corner outside then left, then 2 rights an you are there.”
Me “Pondering…Lady that would bring me back to this gym.”
Priya giggling “You are intelligent…The hotel is on the left side of our gym. You must have not noticed it as you always take the right sided way home”
Me “ Fine. Thank You. Lets go then”
Priya “ you go, its late, I’ll make a move”
Me “Please come, you have to, I stayed back for you, now you won’t do the same for me? Unfair”
Priya with a grin on her face “Hmmm. Oki. Fine”
So we just walked out of the compound and went towards Gokul. I was surprised there were no tables no chairs, just a huge board of menu of stuffs that were only available in the daylight and a small counter. Figured out that it was a parcel service. So had to take all those 18-20 stuffs of a Gujrati thali as a parcel in plastic bags to my room. Irritating.
Me ‘this is ridiculous yaar. How would I take this to my room?’
Priya ‘you’ll manage, don’t worry”
Me ‘I wont. Forget it, its better I stay hungry”
Priya “hey, You are acting kiddidsh, buy a thali and have a nice dinner”
Me “Well forget it. By the way what about you?”
Priya “Well, will go and cook something Dal and rice maybe”
Me “Boring” then told to the person at counter to pack 2 thalis and paid the bill.
Priya “2 thalis….and you want to reduce your weight??”
Me “One for you and One for me”
Priya “Hey I don’t want one. What are you doing……Bhayya Ek hi…..”
Me “Shut up. Listen to me. I am not accustomed to have food alone. Its boring. Lets have it together.”
Priya “No Raj, I cant join you. You are a stranger and how can you imagine me coming to your room?”
She was a bit angry but not aggressive. I could feel a sense of curiousness in her words.
Me “ Stranger? Isn’t it weird? I am not a stranger when you ask me to stay with you as you fear a drunken watchman. Now suddenly when I invite you to have dinner I am a stranger???”
I expressed a bit of disappointment then. Meanwhile the thalis were packed and the waiter handed the bags to me. I made Priya hold a bag forcefully and just returned back to my bike without even talking to her. I sat on my bike and hooked my bag to the handle bars. Suddenly someone just came and sat on my pillion seat, legs across the seat. I turned around and to my surprise it was Priya.
Me “What???”
Priya “lets move”
Me “And what about the stranger stuff. What about not coming to my room?”
Priya “ I said I don’t visit strangers room, but you can always visit my flat. We’ll have dinner in my home”
Me “You sure? Or kidding me”
Priya ‘Sure yaar…just lets go before people see me with you ”
We just rode ½ km from the gym and there was her apartment. She lived in the ground floor so her concerns about people watching her with a stranger wasn’t an issue here.
She opened the lock and welcomed me in. It was a 2 BHK flat and have to say was very neatly decorated. She took both the food bags to kitchen and asked me to be seated in the hall.
Priya, “Raj…I’ll freshen up and come. You may watch TV till then.”
Me “No Probs”
I switched on the TV and started watching the news. 10 mins later I just smelt a mild aroma coming from behind just to witness Priya in a blue T shirt and a grey track pant. The shirt was a bit wet on sides. She was looking gorgeous in blue. A fair lady in blue always looks good. Her hair were spread and I had seen her this way the first time. I couldn’t control. She was arranging food on the dining table behind the sofa so her back was totally viewable. I just turned behind and started starring her. Each time she bent a small part of her ass crack was visible. She suddenly turned and I was just shocked. She starred at me.
Me “Would you mind me getting fresh too?”
Priya “Hmm….Take this..Sorry its wet a bit. I just have a single towel.”
I knew she had got the hint that I was staring at her. I just ran to the bathroom took off my clothes and started stroking my dick. In the process I took a glimpse of the bathroom. There was a hanger and Priyas wet sweaty clothes on it. Wait, so what all did I have? A lady’s Sweaty Clothes that smelt like a over Ripe Guava fruit and a wet towel used by a lady with perfume fragrance. All set for a nice erection…but something was missing. If at all I got her undergarments, this would make my fantasy worth remembering.. I went close to the hanger and started searching for her bra and panty. They were hidden behind the track pant on the hanger. Took them off and what then, did all the things that are supposed to be considered Unhealthy. After stroking for about 5 mins I said it was time and took her wet bra and rolled it around my Dick and gave some last hard strokes. Also held her wet panty close to my face trying to smell it and leaving my saliva on it. Finally came inside her black bra. My semen was collected inside her bra. I dint want to wash it, I was having this wonderful feeling of my semen touching her round globes.
Later I hanged her clothes to the hanger as before, got fresh, wore my clothes and went back to the hall.
She was sitting on the couch and watching Titanic.
Me “You like that movie?”
Priya “all time favorite. You like it?”
Me “Yeah few sequences are fantastic”
She didn’t get the clew of what sequences I meant
Me smelling towel “That’s a nice fragrance”
Priya “yuk..what are you doing? Smelling my towel?”
Me ‘Ha? Whats wrong? You gave me your towel to wipe myself after using it, wasn’t that Yuk?”
Priya “What. You had a bath?? Oh God!! I use it just to wipe my face and hands”
Me “ Hey.. I was too wet of sweat. What did you expect? Have a dinner without washing myself?”
Priya “This is so funny…A person I don’t know comes to my house and has a bath?”
Me “Now you are behaving like kids. Just took a shower and came out, Did nothing else. Your bathroom is as intact as it should be”
I knew why she was so upset, she had the doubt that I must have seen her private clothes that too in a filthy condition. But little did she know that those had given me an experience that I could remember every day in my bathroom and just go on masturbating.
Priya ‘Let it be now. Lets enjoy dinner.”
Me ‘oh thanks Mam for forgiving me”
Priya “I haven’t yet, after such a good dinner, bring me a pan and then I will think of forgiving you.
Me “Why not. Anything you say Mam.”
We just sat on the dining table and took half an hour to finish the big thali. Even after getting our stomach full there were 3 more small packets of delicacy still untouched. Gulab Jamun and its sugar syrup, pieces of dhokla and onions. Priya took them and placed them inside the refrigerator. I helped her clean the table and went to a shop nearby and left to bring the pan. I never like pan so just ordered a jumbo masala for Priya. Then returned to priyas apartment and she opened the door. I went in and gave her the pan wrapped in paper. She thanked me and went towards the dining table to open the pan.
I turned towards the TV and was surprised it was off. Took the remote and asked
“Priya, why did you switch off the TV?”
She just turned fast and came running to me as if I was pressing a button that would create an explosion.
Priya “No..Dont switch on!!”
It was late and the Tv had started already. She was holding my hands and both of us were starring at the TV screen. What was going on isn’t hard to predict. Mr Caprio and Kate were enjoying a naked show. The movie was on the local cable network and not commercial channel. All scenes uncensored. For 2 mins we were holding each other’s hands. I realized this and made a move to hand over the remote to her. Both of us sat on the sofa. Surprisingly she didn’t switch off the TV. Couple of seconds later I couldn’t resist my laugh. I started laughing. She starred at me with her typical grin.
Me “uhm..Ahm..sorry couldn’t control…Hmm hahaha”
She was a bit irritated but then seeing me laughing she too started smiling and giggling.
Me “Mam, you were watching this scene and as I came you just switched the TV off ha?”
Priya ‘shut up, I don’t watch such things. Had switched off earlier itself”
Me “Oh yeah they both are still making love why don’t you switch it off?”
Priya immediately switched off the TV.
Me “Forget it. Hota hai..Dnt worry. I am not a person who would talk about such things outside and insult someone”
Priya “hey I really don’t watch such stuff!!!”
Me “Really?? Then you are one great lady to hang around with.”
Priya “Shutup. I think u should leave now. It was a funny evening”
Me “Oh yeah. But I enjoyed your company. But u didn’t say, did you forgive me?”
Priya “what..oh that..Wait lets taste the pan first, only then will see if I can forgive you.”
She went to the table and opened the pan
Priya ‘Hey only one? Wheres yours?”
Me “I don’t like pan.”
Priya “oki, it’s a jumbo one. You are too good for favors. Thanks.”
Me “mention not”
She came towards the sofa licking her fingers and then wiping them with a tissue. Her mouth was full with the jumbo pan trying hard to chew and take it in. I liked playing pranks with this lady now.
Me “Oki I am leaving Bye!!!”
Priya trying to speak but unable to, waving her hands.
Me “ Priya I said Byeeee…”
Priya attempting to say bye left some red juice out from her mouth. I started laughing.
She was embarrassed again. And just took her looks away from me. I went near her with a tissue and tried wiping her lips. She denied with her hands trying to put my hands back. But I caught hold of her, said “shutup” and helped her out. Our eyes just starring at each other. We were in a telepathy situation. Conveying feelings wirelessly. Meanwhile she was half done chewing the pan. She said
“Thanks again.”
Me without speaking a word just got up and moved towards the door.
Priya “Hey the Pan was so nice.”
Me “yeah?” opening the door latch
Priya “you must taste it for sure.”
Me “No thanks I have no mood to go back to the shop”
Priya came near the door and locked the main door than I had opened.
I starred her with a grin and curious about what she was upto.
Priya smiling “you don’t have to go to the pan stall to taste it, there is half of it still left”
Me “Where?” I wasn’t getting what she was saying.
Priya “sit back on the sofa, close your eyes, will bring it to you”
I obeyed what she said
Sat on the sofa and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes priyas lips were locked to mine…..
She was wet kissing me with all the pan’s fluid. She then stopped.
Priya ‘hmm..Common take it.. It tatses good..”
Me : “You are ridiculous”
she just sat on my laps and locked her lips back with mine again.
I had no options left…lady rapes a man? Hows that possible? No man is such a saint to leave such encounters, especially when the woman is ready for it. I responded back by tasting the sweet juice in her mouth. Could experience my mouth getting scented with the flavor. We exchanged saliva for about 10 mins. The longest I have experienced till today. The way she managed to divide the pans juice turn by turn was amazing!!!
She was sitting right near my dick. My dick was erect and was bulging out of my pants. I couldn’t take the pressure so in one hand I just unzipped my pants and managed to take my dick out from the opening of my underwear. We were still kissing.
After she was satisfied she let my face free. Both were panting hard for oxygen. I could see her face starting to sweat a bit. Drops running down her neck with her lips and adjoining area Red with juice. She just took her tongue out and licked all around her lips as if she was satisfied after having a glass of Lussy. God if only I could have recorded that expression !!! I miss it a lot.
She looked at me and started laughing. I was a bit confused.
Me “What?”
Priya “ Your lips look exactly like a jokers”
Me “Yeah yeah and yours too looked same just couple of seconds back. Do that for me once again plzzz”
Priya just licked her lips with tongue in a 360 degree action.
Priya “Happy?”
Me “Naaa” I pointed towards my dick. She looked down. With a shock she just jumped away from my lap.
Priya “you are a pervert. Put that inside..”
Me “what? Why?”
Priya “Listen I just felt like kissing you. That doesn’t mean we can move forward.”
I was totally confused.
Me “Oh got it. I thought you were a good lady. I get it know”
I put my dick in zipped my pant and got up.
Priya “what do u mean??”
Me ‘Usually this happens to men. They misuse a girl. It’s just for fun. We call it time pass you know. But today I am with a lady who like TIME PASS”
Priya came near me and slapped me hard.
Me “what???are you mad?”
I was angry. But imagining me hitting a women is like crushing a beautiful rose. I am not of that kind. All I could do is just leave. But I felt so embarrassed, this was the only lady after my mom who had hit me on cheeks and I felt the same feeling of unable to respond. But couldn’t control my anger, just pulled her, grabbed her waist hard to mine by left hand and her neck from behind with right hand and gave the most aggressive kiss of my lifetime. Have to say didn’t enjoy this even a little. Bit her lips so hard that, could see tears in her eyes. Her lower lip was bleeding. She pushed me back and slapped me again not hard as before and ran back to the kitchen. I controlled my temper. I felt really sorry about what I had done. Also the fear of being accused for assault haunted me. I slowly entered the kitchen. She was facing the opposite direction and crying hard. I tried making her turn. She denied.
Me ‘I am so sorry priya. Donno what happened to me. Just forgive me. I promise to be good with you Please don’t cry”
She had no intension to stop crying just making me even more afraid.
Me “If you don’t stop crying I too would start crying. Plzz look at me”
She turned with her head down. I raised her chin with my hand. Her lips appeared to be bleeding badly as she hadn’t wiped the blood” But one thing for sure with that pure red blood from her lips on her white skin and untied hair. She was looking gorgeous…
Me ‘Oh my god!! I am so sorry.” I actually used my thumb to touch the wound and try stopping the bleeding. But no use. She felt the pain whenever I tried touching the wound.
Me “you know something. You are so beautiful and I just couldn’t resist. And I was angry as you hit me without reason”
Priya trying to recover a bit “I had reasons raj…..I felt it was wrong….And what you said hurt me a lot”
This was making no sense to me. First she kisses by herself and then responds so harshly for a sex invitation. But what could I do. I had to help her out of her pain.
Me “ok. Sorry . Sorry. Just don’t cry. I hugged her. She did too.” Women always feel lonely when hurt and can’t hide it unlike men. And sorry to say….even after being a sensitive human being. I have a devil in me. So when women are depressed it’s the right time for men to get into their hearts, brains or whatever else you can get in.
Embracing each other we went to the bed room. I made her sit on the bed. Just got some cotton with turmeric powder and slowly asked her to keep it on the wound. She did so with slight painful expression. I sat on the floor resting my arms on her thighs and keeping my head her lap. She gently run her hands on my head. Such a wonderful feeling. Mixture of lust as well as love.
Priya running her hands on my head “ You know you are an animal “
Me ‘yeah”
Priya “I am sorry too. I actually responded badly”
Me ‘That’s fine”
I was enjoying her cozy laps.
Priya, “ You like being pampered ha?”
Me “yeah. Everyone does”
Priya “some don’t”
Me “may be”
Priya “You hurt me so hard see the bleeding isn’t stopping yet.”
I got up and looked at her. Our eyes made a contact again. Could feel her submissive stance. Just went to her and kissed exactly on her wond. Run my tongue around her lips trying to seal her wound with my saliva.
And miraculously it did stop bleeding. My hands were on her waist and hers behind my neck while kissing. We stopped looked at each other for a second and I slowly pushed her down to bed. We kissed each others face everywhere. I enjoyed kissing her neck a lot. She enjoyed biting my ears and cheek. After a nice relaxed fore play without any nudity. It was time to get extreme.
Priya whispered ‘you showed me something after the panwala kiss…I love it”
Me with full of excitement ‘’How dirty you are……..By the way, If you say no this time I am gonna rape you for sure”
Priya ‘’go ahead no ones gonna stop you’’ she just spread her arms away lying on bed. Her assets from head to feet were visible. And to add the glamor her Navels gave a nice glimpse of her inside skin tone. What a beauty. I removed my shirt and kept it on the desk on side. Went to lay on her, held her hands and tried to kiss her arm pits with her blue t shirt on, pushing her sleeves. Slowly she turned over me and went down to my dick. Unzipped my pants and pulled it out. I helped her with my under wear. I was naked and she was fully dressed. A bit embarrassing but worth it for what was gonna happen. Now I was sitting on bed and she was between my legs with her face exactly facing my dick. Her expressions were worth watching. As if a hungry cat has seen a rat and is gonna attack.
Me ‘Priya..”
Priya “ummmm…don’t talk just enjoy”
She went further to take my dick. She took it till her throat. I could feel the inner walls through my dick. The best thing was she was enjoying it and doing it without any assistance. I just relaxed and experienced her lust. She then pushed my penis skin wanting to lick the glans. She moved her wet tongue around. Slowly once my dick was fully erect I stopped her made her stand I stood too. Turned her in a way she faced the mirror in the room and started undressing her from behind. Just lifted her blue shirt easily to reveal her black bra . Unhooked the bra from behind and let it loose, to drop. I could see in the mirror her round breasts hanging down when the bra was unhooked. Slowly, I bent down and slided her grey track pant down. She lifted her feet one by one to get rid of her pants. She was in her black panty. I stood up slowly kissing her back then asked her to face me. She was shy and really couldn’t gather courage to make an eye contact with me.
Me “Priya your turn to enjoy now” slightly pushed her on bed. As she fell her boobs just bounced so well. Separated her legs and firstly kissed her pussy which was covered by her panty. I slowly removed it and wow those pink vaginal lips I witnessed was heaven. Even Mrs. Raos weren’t this pink and in shape. Priya had well shaved her pussy and it was clean and beautiful. She did belong to Eastern part of India and hence did have those Asian Porn girls like tone. But her face was typically Indian. Vaginal lips were so attractive and shined so well when wet. Also her clitoris was clearly visible making the job far more easier. I kissed them all and started using my fingers to arouse her. Her vagina soon got even more wet. It was time to use my tongue. I used my tongue as if licking an ice cream. The taste of her wet cunt was mildly salty and it was just sticky like saliva.
Me “how does it feel”
Priya “ummm. Nice. Just don’t stop. go on”
I took my finger and started exploring inside her. Stroked in out to make her scream but she didn’t.
Me “ Common..Common”
Priya “ah…..ummmh…ah bas aise hi karo”
I was striving hard to make her scream but no luck. Finally my fingers reached a bulgy smooth wall inside her and when they touched those walls she just screamed
“Issss Maaaaa..Oh God that was just…….haaaa….haaaa..haaaaaaaa”
I had got the spot that just made her mad. I slowly let her rest for few seconds. Then again let my both fingers in. it wasn’t hard to find the spot that aroused her. Just a small press on the inside wall and she used to scream in pain.
Priya “Don’t do that..It pains….but it is so enjoyable”
Last time I gave her a hard press. She lost her control and just took hold of me with her legs tightly locking around me for support. She also grabbed the spongy bed.
My dick was erect hearing her scream so loud.
Priya “lets stop for some time plz”
Me “But, I am almost on”
Priya “plz hold on, lets play a bit more”
I tried hard to control and experienced a pain in my dick. But got it under control.
We got rid of the bed sheet and laid properly on the bed. She was lying straight facing the cieling and My left leg on her lower body with my left hand playing with her breasts. She was looking at me and I was busy playing with her body. I went down to her breasts kissed the nipples then asked her to lay facing down exposing her back to me. Ladies’ back are my favorite. Even on roads I don’t leave a chance to get a glimpse of beautiful backs of women wearing sarees and exposing their back with low end blouses.
I got up immediately and went to the fridge
Priya ‘where r u going”
Me “coming dear..just got a game.”
I fetched the bowl in which priya had kept the left over jamuns and sugar syrup. Took the bowl and went back to the room. She yet laid with her back and ass exposed. I kept the bowl with a spoon near her face.
Priya “whats this. As if I don’t have much to give you, u wanna eat these now?”
Me “just watch”
I took a spoonful of syrup and sprinkled it on her back.
Priya “hey..thts sticky”
Me “ don’t worry my mouth will clean you well”
She smiled
I spread more syrup on her back and massaged her. Her back was shining as if oil applied. Slowly I kept my legs on both side of her rested my stomach on her ass and started licking her back. Idea was to clean lick her back. She also enjoyed it. Once the sweetness was gone I felt its done.
Women are usually not aware of ass fuck. And I like to do that, surprising them. So even with priya I did the same. I pretended to be exploring her ass crack, slowly parted the balls to find a nice small hole. My dick was half erect and with one stroke, but it didn’t go in fully as her hole walls were hard.
Priya trying to push me ‘What are you doing?”
Me, “ just lay down” and forced her back. I knew if I didn’t force her she would just push me out of pain and never let me in again. So I rested both my hand on her back instead of the bed. Thus tightly pushing her to the bed. She kept her head turned left to avoid any neck pain.
“Raj don’t do it, it hurts”
Me “that’s for making me feel guilty….just bear it for some time”
I had a lady fully naked pushed down with no option to resist. She was all mine. I exerted even more force with my left hand on her back as I removed my right hand from her to help insert my penis in her ass hole. I just dipped my right hand in the gulab jamun syrum and sent some drops into her ass hole. Also lubricated my penis. Then tried hard to get in. she was screaming and crying in pain
Me ‘Just one minute. Sirf ek bar priya… Ho gaya. Ho gaya”
She was banging the bed with her hands pleading me to leave her
Priya “Raj do anything, par yeah nahi please please”
Me “Done..just open it baby open it a bit…that’s nice..”
Finally after 5 attempts My whole penis went in. she too was in pain but now relaxed I freed her from my left hands pressure. My left hand impression, in red, had formed on her white back. I just laid on her with my penis still in. once both were at ease. I got up pulling her waist with me to form a doggy position. She co operated well. I just started stroking inside her ass. With my right hand stimulating her vagina. She was aroused again. My dick was fully erect now and I found it hard to take it out from her ass hole. It was stuck almost. Slowly after pushing and pulling it came out. Priya now just layed down facing me and me on top of her.
Priya “get in now. I cant wait”
Me ‘Same here”
Priya “you have a condom?”
Me “why all that…Its good without them”
Priya “shutup…don’t act foolish…u would get me pregnant and run away….what about me?”
Me “Hmmm..alright I don’t have one”
Priya “what?? How dumb”
Me “what?? I didnt know I would be fucking my gyms lady instructor whom I came to know couple of hours before”
Priya “Oh man!! You learnt your lesson. Encounters can happen any time. Unplanned. You need to keep condoms with you all time”
In my mind I agreed, as my encounter with Mrs Rao too was unplanned. She was old, so didn’t face any prob. But Priya was young, maybe just 2 years older than me but yet young.
Me ‘Now what to do?”
Priya ‘You are dumb Not me. Get my purse from there, she pointed out at the almirah. I gave her her vanity bag. She opened it and took a flat paper cover out. She tore it, and I was surprised to see such a big condom. A small dio trial tin could easily fit into it. My first encounter with female condom. She put the closed end rind inside her vagina without wasting time and properly adjusted the open end.
I put my erect dick inside her pink pussy now laminated with the new age condom. Bended to her face and we kissed each other. Also stroking simultaneously.
Priya. “ahhh….How am I..ahhh…..didnt you have a nice ex…ex..experience?”
Me “umhaa….yeah” stroking even hard “ you are one sex ride”
Priya ‘ahhhhhhh…..aaaahhhhh…..Maaaaaaa….uffff……that’s it do it hard raj”
Me “youaaaa want it……ahhh…hard….Take this…”
My pace increased. She was screaming consistently for past 5 minutes. I was happy and even more encouraged to delay ejaculation by her response. I tried my best to hold. But alas reached a point where I had to lose my control. I took my dick out and jumped to her face stroking my dick with my hand
Priya. Hey “No No Not on my face”
Me “lets play some holi with white color”
I shot my semen all over her face. Some drops fell on her fore head. Some near her eye lash. Some on her lips.
Priya ‘yuk…that’s grose….”
Me “taste it..its full of manly proteins. Will help you in your exercise tomorrow.”
Priya “ shut up. get up and let me have a tissue”
Me “No lady those are the fruits of our one hours sex and you want to waste them?? Your condom wouldn’t have let them in..At least your mouth will”
Priya “what yaar…its filthy”
Me “ you wont listen ha?” I bended again and locked her hand between my stomach and hers. Gathered all my semen on her face and directed it to her lips. My old tact, forcefully closed her nose to make her open the mouth. She was trying to throw it out again. Immediately took a jamun from the bowl placed it in my mouth and thrusted it to hers. Made sure she took it all. We kissed each other for another five minutes and separated ourselves to both ends of the bed.
Me “Phew That was awesome”
Priya “Yeah..thanks.. you too were good except for forcing me to do some things”
Me ‘Happens. When you are aroused. You don’t think of pain and filth. You just do it and enjoy”
Priya “Animal….”
She removed her condom slowly and threw it in the dustbin.
Me “so what next?”
Priya ‘What? We had enough. You stay here tonight and leave around 10 am tomorrow to your room. People will leave to office before 10 so no one would doubt about us”
ME ‘why r you so scared? Its your life”
Priya “yeah, But if Harsh comes to know this, It would be bad”
Me “what? What will he do, fire you from gym for having sex with me?”
Priya ‘No..even me from his life…”
Me “So what..i am always there for you. And how does it matter to you if he throws you. You can find another gym”
Priya a bit confused “Don’t you know about us?”
Me “what?”
Priya “Harsh is my ……..Husband”
I was feeling dizzy suddenly….’What? Oh my god…Oh my god….”
Priya “Oh my god…You didn’t know? Gosh”
Me “how would I know? He never told me much about you..this is …I am screwed lady. Totally…”
Priya ‘that you are….Oh Ma..cant believe, I thought you knew about us and even then you were trying to flirt with me”
Me “Sorry…I didn’t flirt with you….”
Priya “yes you did”
Me “ah oki little bit but that was because I saw a beautiful lady and wanted to come close to her…Not to fuck someone else’s wife and boast about my conquests with others wives”
Priya ‘I am so sorry dear. I took you wrong.. you are so good… Just feeling bad that I messed you up.”
Me “never mind hota hai…you know something. When I was doing you I already planned to ask you to be my girl”
Priya “oho…Sad yaar. Sorry. Very sorry. Would love to be. But…”
Me ‘but you are engaged….unlucky me”
Priya came closer to me and hugged me. Listen to me carefully “Such things do happen sometimes. Don’t take it to heart. Just keep these moments with you and enjoy when you remember me okey?”
Me “yeah yeah..But its not so easy you know”
Me ‘anyways so you too shifting to US?”
Priya “yes, harsh has bought a gym over there and we plan to settle there with our profession”
Me ‘Oki sounds like a plan. Well then I should leave now. Staying till morning makes no point now. Happy journey to you people. I will most probably never meet you. Tell harsh thanks from my side. Bye “
I got up to dress myself.
Priya ‘Wait a minute, you feel all this was a joke? You must be thinking I was deprived of pleasure and sex hungry so indulged into sex with you?”
Me “hey hey hey..what r u saying.. I never said that. Forget saying I never thought that.”
Priya “then why are u leaving this way? Got satisfied and leaving?”
Me “Calm down. what do you want me to do? “
Priya “nothing .Leave…As if you are doing me a favor”
Me ‘why r u acting so weird? You have a husband lady. Whatever happened was gr8 but happened unknowingly. “
Priya “Yeah but it doesn’t mean we end all interactions, can’t we be friends, keep in touch or something”
Me “Would love to, but unfortunately that would turn to be an affair…The way I see ur feelings bout me and my feeling bout you it wont take much time for you and me to have Cyber sex sometime down the in US without clothes and me here in India with my dick erected”
Priya “whats wrong in that? I am not a whore. I don’t even talk to other males properly. You are the only one with whom I shared myself.”
Me “God..i have no answers to your questions. You tell me what to do and will do that. Oki?”
Priya ‘For now just stay. Lets sleep together.”
Me “hmm oki. As you say”
And we slept that night embracing each other. Morning at eight we got up and indulged in sex was her initiative again. We decided to keep our secrets and remain friends for world. Even today we chat online. She gets naughty sometimes. I try my best to keep the chat clean. But whenever inside bathroom I remember the time spent with priya years back and get a good hard on. She keeps sending pictures of hers in hot outfits asking for my opinion even today. Last month she did visit Mumbai. Harsh was busy with his seminars. We met each other greeted each other. She made the same eye contact that she had done before. Between the seminar she left for washroom indicating me to follow her. I followed her. She had bribed the Hotel watchman to give us the terrace place for an hour and keys. We had nice chat and sex on the terrace in open air. She hasn’t changed much except for her stretch marks as she had delivered a baby just 6 months bef

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