Two aunties and me
I am joseph george from kerala, continuing with my experience with rena aunty, i had just finished fucking rena aunty, i heard some sound of footsteps coming. I then realized that i had not locked the main door. As i was about to move, i saw the face of lekha aunty. As she was entering the bedroom, she was shocked to see a woman with me that to naked. I was surprised with rena aunty, neither was she shocked or trying to cover herself. Lekha aunty was wearing white blouse and black petticoat with a cloth covering her front like a typical kerala lady. She was looking at me with anger, but rena was a sexy and clever lady, she raised her arms inviting her for the party.

I was waiting to see lekha auntie’s reaction to the invitation. As rena aunty was inviting lekha aunty she got up from the bed, slowly hugging her, massaged her boobs and started kissing her. Lekha aunty also responded to her kiss and now i was getting relaxed from the shock and my cock was getting hard seeing the ladies in lesbian action. Rena aunty removed the cloth, kissing her belly; she started to remove the buttons of the blouse. Lekha aunty was aroused by the play, rena continued with her work and removed the blouse. Lekha aunty was standing with a black bra and petticoat. Rena aunty called for me, i started kissing the back of lekha aunty and unhooked her brassiere.

Rena aunty slides her both hand inside the cups of the loosened brassiere, and gently massaging her boobs. Lekha aunty also was playing with rena auntie’s nipples. I raised lekha aunt’s petticoat exposing her buttocks. She was wearing a cream color panty inside. I kissed the back of her thigh and put my hand inside her panty pressing her round buttocks. All this while she was standing, we took her, making her lie on the bed. Rena aunty went after her pussy; lekha aunty hugged me reaching her hand for my cock. Rena aunty pulled her panty licking her pussy. Lekha aunty took my cock and put it her mouth. I was feeling so excited and hot having two ladies at a time was a dream come true. The more rena aunty was licking her cunt, the harder was lekha aunty sucking me.

After some time rena aunty got up and pushed me away from lekha aunty and placed her cunt on lekha aunt’s mouth with two legs on either side of lekha aunt’s neck. I was totally new to this experience and didn’t know the next step. Rena aunty showed me waving her hand towards lekha’s cunt. I made way for the entry of my cock into lekha’s cunt. I guided my dick inside lekha aunt’s cunt; rena auntie’s back was towards to me. I was trying to reach for rena aunt’s boobs, but was unable to do it. Rena aunty understood the position and turned herself having her face towards my direction. Her cunt was still in lekha auntie’s mouth with her arse facing lekha aunty.

I stopped pumping, with my cock still inside lekha auntie’s cunt, i was kissing rena aunty. It was all types of sounds were coming in the bedroom. Now rena aunty offered her nipples to be sucked. Rena aunty was moaning with excitement as she was about to cum in lekha auntie’s mouth. I also increased my pace and started pumping lekha aunt’s cunt. Rena aunty had her orgasm and was never finished. She now started tinkling my balls as my dick was going in and out of lekha aunt’s cunt. Lekha aunty was licking her lips as she enjoyed the juices of rena auntie’s cunt. Come on joseph, i am going to cum, she was screaming, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she was shouting. Harder, ahhhhhhh, harder, harder, shhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yahhhhhhhhhhhhh uuhhhhhhhhi ammmmmeee, and she came with raptures and her cunt was holding me tight inside, but my cock was still hard, as i had not cum as i fucked a few times earlier.

I was still stroking her cunt, she told me to stop. I removed my cock from her cunt, but rena aunty took it and put it in her mouth. Rena aunty was a really hot lady and she knew the art of sucking. Within a few minutes, i poured my cum inside her mouth. Rena aunty licked my entire cock head. All three were exhausted, so we decided to have a shower. Rena aunty had all types of idea, as she pushed us along with her to the shower. We washed each other and then had lunch together. We had a session later in the evening, as i licked both the cunts to orgasm.

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