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Toby and Hannah takes it to the next level
07-14-2011, 07:41 AM
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Toby and Hannah takes it to the next level
Hannah woke up the day after. The two other guests had already left Hannah noticed. It didn`t quite dawn on Hannah what exactly had happened only after 5 minutes of slumbering. At first she got scared, or shocked rather. She lie completely still, thinking about whatever had happened the night before. Upon some pondering of consequences she started thinking about what actually had happened, how Julie had gone down on her, how Toby had fucked her from behind and how she had sucked the balls and cock of Julie´s husband.

She sucked on the sensation of how she was feeling last night and felt that she was starting to tingle downstairs. She got all hot in her face and realized that in fact she was not ashamed at all by what happened last night, she got horny by the mere thought. She rolled over and found Toby still sleeping. She found him in such sound sleep she just left him to it. She ran her hand down to her pussy and, no big surprise, it was wet. She wondered, had it been wet all since last night? After cuddling her pussy for only 30 seconds she started twitching and knew that this would be a "quickie". Toby woke up from the moans and gave a good smile and a nod. He was already hard and he got up on his knees and put his dick in front of Hanna´s face and started jerking off. Hannah stopped rubbing herself for a while because she wanted to hold it only a little longer. Her husband apparently was also way over horny. It didn`t take long until Hannah noticed from his face that he was close. He jerked off violently while Hannah was doing her business. Without any warning he shot his load all over Hannah´s face, Hannah followed shortly.

After lying down for 10 minutes, not saying anything, Toby decided to take the first step. "so... how about last night?" Hannah noticed the same slight guilt in Toby´s voice that she felt inside. She thought about it for a second or two then said "I.. eh, loved it.. different, but I don´t think I´ve ever been that hot" thinking that she had taken a chance, approving of it to the fullest extent. Toby got a sign of appreciation and relief over his face and concurred.

They didn´t really go any further in their discussion about this, they were both just happy that there were no unsolved feelings around it and that they felt the same about it. Their sex life hadn´t been bad before this, but it certainly improved after. Toby seemed to have become a beast in-saturable and Hannah obviously did not protest. They found new ways and new games. For instance sex in public became one of their favorites. On a numerous occasions they did their business outside, in parks and by beaches. All it took was a large bush or some trees to hide them from the completely obvious. Sex life was good.

It was actually Toby who brought it up one night. So much time had passed since they had their 4- some that there wouldn`t "naturally" be any more similar adventures without any planning Toby thought. After having sex he started talking about "that time", knowing that they wouldn`t get it on by talking about it... he wanted to have a proper conversation about it. As last time Hannah agreed that, yeah it was amazing. Toby asked her if she wanted to do something similar again. Hannah´s attention was immediately caught. "Are you planning on running into that club again and fooling Julie and her husband into coming over again?" Hannah teased. It became apparent that Toby already had made some ideas of his own. "Why don`t we both make it down to the club?" he countered. Hannah immediately felt insecure, one thing was to live out a fantasy in their own house, but going to step of bringing it out in public? "I don`t know" Hannah said, "Why won`t we invite Julie and company over here instead?" Toby persisted, he had his idea about his wife being with other people, yes, but now he wanted to test it amongst more . "Tomorrow we`ll go. I`ll make sure Julie is there, will that make you feel safer?" Toby´s ideas started dawning on Hannah: he wanted to pull the same stunt as last time only this time in front of other people. Not being entirely sure about she agreed out of curiosity.

It was Friday again and they both came home from work around the same time. The idea had been occupying Hannah´s mind all day and she was getting hotter and hotter. Her boss Julie had not been at work today, something she was happy about. She didn`t know how she would have been able to handle Julie´s presence today. Toby assured her that Julie would come to the club. Hannah had no idea what to put on for the club, she had no "fetish like" clothes at all so she just put on one of her work costumes that Toby liked so much. They both knew where they were going so no talk was required on the subject of what was about to happen. Hannah still had an idea that Toby knew more than her though. She asked Toby if he had something cooking to which he admitted. "You`re gonna love it" he said, "let´s go"

The club was only a 20 minute taxi drive from their house. When Hannah entered she was surprised by the place itself. It reminded her of one of those posh bars downtown, only there was something else than desperation in the air that you see in the other places. Toby and Hannah sat down at a table, got a drink, sat back and enjoyed the scene. Still, Hannah was surprised, she half way expected to see naked people everywhere and guys making moves non-stop. Quite different, people were well dressed and well behaved. A younger guy came over and sat down next to Hannah. He approached her in a very polite manner and after 5 minutes conversation he asked if she and her husband was interested to move into one of the other rooms. Toby said "you`re gonna have to wait buddy, we`re waiting for someone" and the guy politely removed himself and bid them a good evening. Hannah wasn`t quite ready for random sex, but the way he had handled himself certainly caught her interest. For peace of mind she asked Toby what was happening and if there were any rules. They agreed that they wouldn´t do anything than the other approved of. "other than what I have planned for you" Toby said with his trademark grin.

Julie appeared, without her husband Hannah noticed. "He`s traveling" Julie said to Hanna´s asking eyes and that was that. It was evident that Julie had an air of smugness as she also knew what was about to happen. With a whole lot more confidence than last time she sat down next to Hannah and stroked her right leg. Hannah immediately felt it. Her instant reaction was to turn away, but from the way Julie´s touch affected her she stayed put. To try to come on top of things she took Julies hand, rubbed it and moved it further in. Julie had her hand right next to Hannah´s pussy, Hannah noticed that she wasn`t paying attention to what was going on around her. Julie squeezed her thigh and gave her a teasing laugh. "Come, let´s get started" Julie said and got up, leading Hannah away from the table. Hannah turned around and saw that Toby stayed put, still grinning.

They both went further into the room and a hall appeared. There were doors on both sides, some closed some open. Hannah noticed that the open ones had massive gang bangs going on, spanking and all sorts of different games going on. Halfway down the hall Julie stopped Hannah. "Now, you`re gonna get blindfolded. Are you okay with that?" By the sights and atmosphere Hannah was tingling and did not protest. "Just say "stop" if you don`t feel comfortable, ok?" Everything became black for Hannah and they continued walking, Julie supporting Hannah. They made a right turn, Hannah knew she was in one of the rooms and that the door wasn`t locked. From the sound of others breathing she also knew that they weren`t alone. Hannah was put down on a bed, lying on her back.

By the time she thought she was about to go completely nuts she finally felt something downstairs. "Now" Julie said, and ran her finger over her pussy. Hannah was about to explode, Julie was kind enough to run two fingers into her. She kept this going for a couple minutes, Hannah felt absolutely delighted. Julie pulled away. She felt something again only this time, by the shifting of weight in bed, it wasn`t Julie. She felt someone rubbing her clit, the person had long fingernails Hannah noticed. She purred like a cat, by now she wasn´t interested in how many or who was in the room, she just let the warmth rush over her. Suddenly she felt someone kiss her lips. It was Julie. Hannah had not kissed another girl for real before and she was more than ready for it. Julie gave her a few, lips closed kisses. She then started running her tongue down her neck. The other woman continued her rubbing, now also sliding a finger in her pussy every now and then. Julie moved on, sucked Hannah´s tits and came back to her face. She gave her a long french kiss, Hannah felt completely rushed about it, saw stars and had her first spontaneous orgasm. Having one girl rubbing her clit and making out with Julie was apparently all too much.

Hannah had completely forgotten about her husband. "Toby" she called out. "Right here" he countered and Hannah heard he was still in the room. He asked her how she was doing. She only gave a huge smile and moan. "I want more " she said. Toby assured her that they were not done yet. He crawled on to bed and started kissing her. She felt a rush of new life downstairs and felt she could take on anything. Julie and the other girl was back on the bed. They were kissing too. Toby removed himself from Hannah and put his hands on both of the women´s pussies. His participation was welcomed and they both got up on their knees like Toby. Julie gave Toby kisses on the neck while the other woman went down. She licked his balls while jerking him off. Hannah was lying next only able to listen to the sounds and noises of the pleasuring. She ran her hand down to her pussy and started playing with herself. Meanwhile Toby had been positioned back down on bed. The other woman was about to climb him. "I`m gonna get fucked by this other woman now, ok?" Toby said. "Fuck him good" Hannah retorted.

Last time it had been dark and Hannah did not really see what was going on with Julie and Toby. Now Toby was on his back right next to her, getting fucked by a woman Hannah had never seen. She heard the glistening sound of the woman´s pussy and Toby´s by now throbbing cock. She felt the bed rocking and both Toby and the other making sounds that revealed that they were both feeling good. Hannah took her time with her rubbing, knowing that she could come anytime. She then suddenly felt something touching her pussy. She reached for it and it felt like a huge cock. She ran her hands up it and when she got to the end she realized that Julie had slid into a fucking strap-on. Hannah felt like laughing, she had never in her life ever even thought about the possibility of this happening. The pussy was dripping wet already and Julie managed to push the toy dick in her easily. Hannah continued rubbing herself. She reached out and found Toby and the other woman´s body. She felt the other woman´s pussy as she was going up and down on Toby.

Being near heaven and fainting, Hannah felt a big hand on her face, it was not a woman´s. "Wanna suck on something while getting that strap-on?" a voice said. Toby answered for her "Give it to her". Hannah took the dick with both hands, jerked it off slightly. She heard from the man´s voice that he was close. Hannah decided to give him a straight hand job. While playing with herself and getting Julie´s good treatment she used her remaining hand to jerk off the guy. He was on his knees right next to her. She played around with him, only opening her mouth but not putting it in. She could only imagine the cock right in her face and everything else that was going on. Julie had now pulled out the strap-on and had started licking her. Hannah stopped touching herself and was now jerking off the guy with both hands. Toby gave a good yell, he was on his way to a good orgasm. The woman humped him violently now and he was close. Hannah noticed the man started cramping up too. He made the characteristic sound and Hannah´s neck and one breast was covered in cum. She felt the warm cum run down on her sides and suddenly it was all over her. She grabbed Julie´s head with both hands and used her hips to rub her face in even longer. She was coming now, big and long. Toby had pulled out just before coming, removed his condom and jerked all over Hannah. It was over the pussy and on Julie´s face. Hannah wondered if the orgasm would ever stop. She finally came to an end, feeling completely out of it and relaxed. They all moved into the shower facilities and cleaned themselves up.

Toby and Hannah made it home, but did not make it to the bed before they threw themselves over each other again.

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