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Tie you up, tie you down pt2
07-14-2011, 09:14 AM
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Tie you up, tie you down pt2
Carrying you to the bed I feel the occasionally drip of water and cum mixture leaking out of your sweet hole hit my legs, and feet as I walk across the room. The sheets cool to the touch make your body tense a little, but soon the cotton is warm from the heat of your body. Your legs still slightly weak, and twitching from the little after shocks that shoot through your body without warning. Gentle kisses over your tender skin force you to lie back on the bed. Your body giving itself to me without you ever knowing.

I let you lay there for a moment while I gather the silk ties. Lacing them through the cuffs still on your wrists, and ankles. I remove your blind fold so you can watch me this time. But you'll have to turn your head to do so. That's right. I need you on your tummy. You don't even second guess me, or question my plans. You turn over as I wish with an eager delight. Your body slightly wiggling on the sheets wondering what I have in store. Kneeling beside you on the bed, you can feel my shaft hit your back as I lean over and bind the ends of the ties to each post on the bed. The tip leaving a small drop of pre cum that seems to never stop oozing from my slobbering dick.

I walk around the bed and look at you from every angle. You tied face down to the bed. Spread out in ever direction. What a very erotic site this is! You are there for me. The feeling of vulnerability runs through your body, but it's too late. You turn your head to watch where I'm going. Begging me that the anticipation is too much, and to please take you. O, I plan on it. But I want to tease you a little more.

You watch as I grab the bottle of oil on the night stand. My cock out in plain view for you to see. The drips from the end coming more frequently now. I catch you staring so I take one drop on the end of my finger, and rub it across your lips. Mmmm.... You like how I taste baby? I love you response as you lick your lips clean of me. Mmmm... Good girl.

I straddle over your back facing away from you. My drips on your back eventually make a small trail down your spine as I lean over to kiss your ass. Giving each cheek a small nibble, and pat. I bury my face down between your legs. The oil I've drizzled over your bottom, and legs makes it easy to get deep into you. My cheeks slide so easily along your soft inner thighs. You've never been eaten out upside down, and from behind like this so it's driving you wild. My go-tee tickling your tight ass while my nose pressing on your clit. I can feel your body about to release another wave. I reach quickly to the night stand. Open the drawer, and pull out a vibrator to stuff in you. Your eyes never opening from being clenched shut. Just enjoying the pleasure you're receiving.

I watch your body buckling beneath me as you explode from the vibe stuck in your pussy. The sensations being sent through your body from such a small source. I turn around and straddle you in the proper direction now. Reaching back to turn it off, but leaving it still inside you. Just like after sex and enjoying the feeling of something being left in there.

I pour some oil over you and watch it puddle at your lower back. A little cascading over the side, and one small trail down between your cheeks and over your ass, and puss that's still throbbing from your recent orgasm. My hands kneading into your back, and body. Up the sides, and occasionally reaching below you and giving your breasts a firm squeeze. I can hear your breath starting to slow on the pillow, and I know I can resume my torture.

Concentrating a little more on your ass again, I start to play with your little star that's been smiling up at me this whole time. Your hips wiggle a little with the new feeling. Your body receptive to my touch I slip a single finger in your bottom. Just to the first knuckle for now. Leaving it there while I watch how your body reacts. A little more now until I have an entire finger in your tight ass. Removing it , and replacing the empty hole with my thumb now. Little larger, but not as deep. Your body is so accepting, and I love it.

My free hand rubs the rest of your body as I begin to drip even faster than before. I take my thumb out, and use both hands to rub your back down. Over your shoulders, and down the arms as far as I can reach. Kissing you on the side of the neck, and nibbling on your ear. You can feel the tip of my cock right there at the entrance of your ass. It feels as if your body is trying to raise up and meet me. I look down, and see your hips raised off the sheets attempting to take me in. O, so you do want it. I lean forward one more time, and as I nibble on the back of your neck I ease into your tight ass.

The head pushing you open to swallow the length of me. Your tight star gripping nicely around me as I disappear deep inside you on the very first stroke. All of the oil has made the penetration almost effortless. Your cheeks seems to open wide and gobble me up.

Deep inside I can feel the cold puddle of melted ice still drifting around in you. The feeling of your hot ass mixed with the cool inside makes for quite the sensation! I hold still for a minute as your body gets used to the felling of me filling you up. Deep inside like this I can feel the vibe still stuck in your puss. O, baby. You've got two holes filled at once. How's that feel for ya? You like that baby?

You reply with the thrusting of your hips into me. Raising, and falling to push me deep in, and out of you again, and again. I match your rhythm as I sit back up. From this angle I can see myself sliding in, and out of your sweet ass. O, what a site this is as well! Continuing to rub your back as I pump your ass in unison with your motions. All of this teasing has taking me to the edge. You can feel me swelling even more, and forcing you open even farther.

I reach behind myself and turn the vibrator back on nice and slow so you can feel it. I can even feel the vibrations inside of you as well. I lean forward and whisper in your ear that I'm going to cum inside of you. Your hips arch upward to take me even deeper that before. OOOO, Can you feel me filling you up? My warm load being dumped inside and mixing with the cool water. Your rim tightening around my base tells me that you're cum ming again as well. My teeth latched onto the tops of your shoulders as we finish. Exhausted I lay beside you on the bed. One leg flung over your tired body, I give you a gentle kiss. You are such a good girl!!!! I slowly untie you so we can fall fast asleep.....

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