Three is Not a Crowd Part 1
I spent the last few moments I had primping in the mirror. I lifted up my skirt to look again at my bare, smooth pussy. I pulled my thong aside and ran my fingers over my silky lips, my wetness already showing through. I smiled to myself knowing this would be a night to remember. Had it not been for the knock at the door I may have continued to masturbate at just the thought of the evening’s events. I quickly pulled my skirt back down and turned to the door. Here we go, no backing out now…

There he was, for an older man Spencer was incredibly handsome. His dirty blonde hair made him look much younger and he had blue eyes that any girl could just stare into for hours. His body’s reaction to my outfit was all I needed to let me know how amazing I looked. He shifted his weight as he looked me up and down. I didn’t think I had the best figure but I was only 5’5” and 140lbs. My 38C’s where stuffed into my black bra and showing more than I probably should be in my blouse. I was curvy in all the right places and I thought I looked great tonight. My red hair stood out against my outfit and from the way the buldge in his pants was growing I knew my plan of seduction was working. We got into his car and I didn’t even take the time to put on my seatbelt. As he started driving I moved my hand over to his thigh, massaging and running my nails from his knee to his groin. I could hear him moaning from the pleasure and it only enticed me more. I turned in my seat and reached over to undo his belt. His zipper came down with very little resistance and allowed me full access to his ever-hardening cock. Once it was in my hands I was able to see just how bad he wanted me and it made me more wet than ever. I darted my tongue over the top of his cock and he immediately took a gasp of air. I took his whole cock in my hot, wet mouth…using my tongue to massage the shaft. I felt his hand on my head, guiding me down on his cock. I looked up and saw his eyes were starting to close…I raised my mouth off of him and whispered into his ear, “Spencer, you better keep your eyes open or I won’t continue with my special treat”. All he could do was nod; I could tell he was at the height of enjoyment. I nibbled on his ears and neck, and gave him soft kisses as I worked my way back down to his still very hard erection. His pre-cum tasted so good on my lips and made me suck him harder. He began to move his hips as if he were fucking my mouth, his cock going deep within my throat. It wasn’t long at all that he grabbed my hair and shoved me further than ever. He moaned, “OH God, I am going to cum”. I felt his balls tense up in my hand just before my mouth filled with amazingly hot cum. I swallowed every drop and continued to suck on him, not letting him go. He looked over at me and smiled, “You have an amazing tongue, can you lick a pussy the same way?” “I think I am even better at that and I can’t wait to taste your girlfriends sweet juices.” I was so excited by this point that I didn’t even realize we had reached his apartment. His girlfriend Alece was already coming down the sidewalk when we pulled up. I was always jealous of her looks; she was so beautiful and so attractive. I’m not sure if it was her perfect body or the long jet-black hair that always seemed to be done just right but whatever it was it turned me on more than anything. I started to get out of the front seat to let her sit but she jumped right in back. “Don’t worry about it, I will sit back here…actually, why don’t you sit back here with me!! That would be so much fun.” She said in an almost teasing voice. I had to admit, the idea sounded pretty good to me too. As I walked to the back I could immediately feel my wetness. I was sure the smell of sex was in the air and I wondered if she could smell her boyfriends cock on my breath. I sat down next to her and she gave me the most remarkable smile. I couldn’t resist any longer, I leaned right in and kissed her. Our tongues were intertwined and my pussy ached to be touched. Once we stopped she looked over at her boyfriend and gave him a wink. “Start driving hunny, it’s our turn to play now!” I strattled her and gave him a great view of my ass. I lifted off her shirt and began to kiss her massive breasts. I unhooked her bra and took each nipple into my mouth, teasing them and gently biting them. Moving to the seat beside her I made her spread her legs far apart so that I could get to her pussy and it was visible from the rear view mirror. To my great surprise Alece wasn’t wearing panties and I had full access to her lovely slit. I moved my fingers into her wetness and started playing with her clit. I went back and forth with putting my fingers inside her and rubbing her. Once she was moaning I told her to put her leg up on the seat, it was my turn to prove my skills once more. As I lowered my head into her pussy I could feel her tense up. I looked up at her I assured her everything would be wonderful. I started with little circles around her clit, fucking her with my tongue. She was going crazy underneath me and I loved every minute. I knew her boyfriend was watching us intently and that only drove me wilder. I started to move down and tongue her asshole; I couldn’t believe how she was responding. Seconds later she was spurting her cum into my mouth, her pussy so wet. I gladly and very willing lick all her wetness while her body still convulsed under me. Her fingers were digging into my arms as my tongue accidentally brushed the very swollen clit. I move up to her face and kiss her making her taste her own juices then turn to our very attentive driver who I notice has his very hard cock in his hand. “So what did you think Spencer?” “You were right, but I can’t wait to fuck you both. Lets get dinner out of the way so we can get back to the apartment.” I had to laugh to myself. Little did he know I had my own plans for our dinner together…

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