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Thirsty workman gets sorted out by bar maid
07-15-2011, 08:33 AM
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Thirsty workman gets sorted out by bar maid
Lou was an amazing tall blonde with piercing blue eyes and a envied by most girls.

It was a normal day for in the bar where she worked. It was a Monday, so it was very quiet. She stood out side having a cigarette when 3 men walked past, looked back and walked into her bar.

He was tall and muscley with mousy brown hair, and amazing deep brown eyes, and the bone structure of a model. Lou immediately put on her best smile and made eye contact with him, she quickly looked away and greeted them all with a joke, they laughed and ordered a drink.

The men sat near the bar with there drinks and carried on with there conversation. She could feel him watching her as she collected the 2 empty glasses from the table near them. She could tell her was undressing her with his eyes as she walked past again. She started to feel quite aroused by the attention his eyes were paying her. She couldn't help but to keep looking over 2 check that his eyes were still on her.

It was last orders, the men drank up there drinks and got ready to leave. Lou suddenly felt as though she had to do something, she didn't want this man who had already undressed her with his eyes leave! she was a good girl and certainly would never fuck a stranger.. but tonight she felt different.

She looked over as the stood, and he winked at her. She offered him a cigarette and they went outside. The two other men followed, but they didn't wait they just said goodbye, as though it had all been arranged! Lou's heart started beating... her imagination going wild.

He took the cigarette out of her hand and threw it. He smiled and put his hand on her face. she felt her body heat up as he leant in and kissed her.

She walked backwards into the bar and shut the door. She took his hand and led him upstairs, there was a big room, with only a pool table in. She lifted her self and sat on the edge of the table and pulled him towards her. As he stood between her legs she felt in control. She kissed his lips and teased his tongue with hers, until they were in a long passionate kiss.

She wrapped her legs around him and kissed his neck, firmly rubbing her hands down his back. She ran her finger along the top of his trousers, teasing him, making his cock grow harder. he lifted his top flicked her tongue over his nipple, slowly sliding her hand down his body, and undoing his button on his jeans. she could tell he was fully aroused.

He pushes her away from him and kisses her neck and pulling her dress up from beneath her he quickly pulls it off, releasing her perk breasts. he teases left nipple with his tongue, and rubs her clit through her leggings. the feel of the fabric between his fingers and her clit was amazing and her hips bucked. he nealt down in front of her, pulled of her leggings and threw them behind him. her body was exposed. he wanted to fuck her there.

He opened her legs and sucked her pussy into his mouth. he moved up to her clit and flicked over it with his tongue and entered a finger into her soaking wet hole. she clenched her legs around his head and lay back with pleasure. he licked and sucked at her pussy so hard and fast until she exploded in to orgasm. he licked up her juices and stood up, she say again kissing his mouth and teasing his cock with her bucking hips and legs around him.

He forcefully pulled her towards him and pushed his huge member inside her, she screamed with pleasure as he fucked her harder and harder. he lifted her and lay her on the floor. he turned her onto her front and lay her flat, and again he fucked her harder this time from behind. She found it hard to take the pleasure was so intense, she screamed and moaned louder than she ever had before as she exploded into another orgasm. He loved to feel her come over his cock, and began fucking her faster and harder until he broke into his own orgasm, while she came again.

He lay on top of her for a few moments, then pulled out, there juices running from her pussy. She lay there still in extacy and exhausted. He kissed her on the head and got dressed. He promised to be back tomorrow, and left.

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