The washing machine repair men!!!!
My name is Roxanne, I am a 30 year old brunette with 38DD and a good figure if I do say so myself. make my mind up. Today wash day and although I was not looking forward to it I got up had some breakfast and loaded the washing machine with a load of my knickers. The problems began when I got going it stalled and decided not to play. I had no alternative but to ring for an engineer. After about a hour there was a knock at the door. That was quick, so quick I was still in my very short dressing gown. I went to the door and two chaps were there. One an older man called Bob he was about 60 but good looking and had looked after himself. I invited them in and Bob introduced the other young man with him. He was Bradley his 17 year old apprentice.
They pulled out the washing machine and set about sorting out my little problem. I made them a drink and sat on the laundry box and watched two men at work. I had not expected them so early and had not got dressed, I was wearing my short silky dressing gown. Bradley kept looking at me and turning red and then turning away. He did this for quite a while and I could see that he had a hard on under his white overalls. I had not realised when I sat down but I had not got any knickers on, they were in the machine! Bob soon had the door of the machine open and proceeded to take out my lingerie. Bradley was a little embarrassed but Bob took it in his stride and even flirted with me. Bob was busy striping the machine down and again Bradley kept looking at me and then going red faced. The penny then dropped, he could see my pussy I had no knockers on. Well the dirty young buck was snatching a peek at my shaven pussy, I moved around a little and gave him a better look. I did this in a way which made it look accidental as if I had no idea. Well Bradley was shaking a little, he had a ranging hard on that was for sure because I could see it. I estimated that he was about 8 inches and it was thick.
Bob then scuttled back from inside the machine and declared he had fixed it. As he spoke he looked in my direction and had a birds eye view of my pussy from down there. I have to say I felt very wet and was aware some of my juices were running onto my thigh.
Bob stood up and I could see he too now had a hard on under his overalls. The two put the knickers back into the washing machine and Bob started the wash again. I asked him what I owed him and he said he would have to wait for the machine to complete the wash cycle. Great I thought it was now or never, how about I pay you in kind. Bradley almost fell over but Bob was well sure of himself. He walked over to me and lifted me onto the washing machine and gave me a great French kiss. He then got onto his knees and began licking my pussy which took about 30 seconds for me to scream in ecstasy. The vibrations of the washing machine was unusual but added to the excitement. I looked across at at Bradley who now had his cock out in his hand. I was right it was a big one and I gestured for him to bring it to me. Bob turned me around and I had my arse in the air. He quickly had his cock out and slid it straight into my fanny. Bradley stood in front of me and I took hold of his cock in both hands and began to suck on it. The washing machine kept going through its cycle, stopping and refilling spinning etc. Each time it did something different the two of them swapped places. I had a young buck at times pounding my pussy then a grand dad. I came quite a few times when Bob was stuffing my mouth with his cock. I then felt him tense and then bang. I got a mouth full of his cum. Bradley then came around and I swallowed Bobs cum and the started sucking Bradleys cock. It was not long before he too came, there was twice as much cum as Bobs and it was sweet too.
The machine then finished the spin cycle and the two of them got dressed. I asked how much I owed them for the repair. Bob said he would work it out and call around with Bradley on Friday morning. I could not wait and wondered how much I was going to enjoy paying it off!

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