The italian affair
This story is about two lovebirds who went on a holiday to Italy a short while ago. Charles and Kate met eachother through work and found soon that they had more to speak about than their living. Once Charles mustered the balls and courage to make a descent try for Kate, they seemed from the very first moment to have some sort good understanding of eachother, while not quite getting exactly why they made eachother feel so nice when in company.

You could say it all started when Charles, after some previous flirting, decided to pull a bit of a stunt on Kate; He called her and said that he was going to take her out for the weekend. She didn't brush him off, rather in a more curious way accepted. First time meeting outside work did not prove a challenge. The talk went smooth and during dinner they made their first kiss. It was actually Kate who leaned over and kissed Charles, something that has been a source of fun and games later. The talk went smoother and soon it was apparent what was going to happen that night. When coming home to Kate's apartment they didn't even make it to the living room before they were all over eachother. It started with two hours record breaking sex, followed up by 4 hours sleep, another round in the morning, then a shower that took suspiciously long and ended with sweet kisses and anticipation of next time.

Now they had been together for 4 months, seeing eachother in weekends only. They were up for the big test: a two week holiday to Italy . They were first up for some nights in Florence. They had been driving for a better part of the day from Milano and almost made a quarrel in the car about where to drive to get to the hotel. Being 6 in the evening when they arrived, both felt that there had been a vital part missing in the day. Charles had made his way down under Kate's skirt during driving and felt her pussy, but none was made of it. When they reached their room, they opened the window to let some air in and went for the bed. It was nice to lay down and stretch out for a bit after a strenous car drive. They lay still for a couple minutes when the urge was starting to get back to Kate. She turned over and stroke Charles' stomach. He immediately lost his sense of fatigue. He just closed his eyes and enjoyed it.

Kate noticed Charles' appreciation and continued stroking his belly. Kate had taken quite a liking in her new found boyfriend's body and thoroghly enjoyed giving it attention. She brushed her fingers on his chest, pulled ever so slightly in one of his nipples. Charles started purring. Kate went on top of Charles and gave him that long lasting kiss. He put his arms around her, feeling her hips and touching her breasts. Kate started rubbing her pussy against Charles' legs and he could feel that she had gone very wet, through her undies. He brought her up slightly so that she could rub her pussy on his dick instead. lying like this, rubbing, touching and kissing felt like just what was needed. Karen made her way down and removed the belt, pants and the shorts he was wearing. Kate took out his cock, hard as a rock. She jerked it for a little and by now Charles was moaning. She really knew how to handle his dick. Charles had never really been for oral sex, but Kate had opened a new world to him. She jerked him off while licking and part sucking his head. A little glistening fluid started to pour out of his dick and Kate sucked and licked it alltogether while sliding a hand down her own pants.

It was then Charles noticed movement and realised that the window was still open. He couldn't see anyone but an open window with clear line of sight in the opposite building.

He considered getting up and closing it, but didn't want to slow down the moment. Kate had now gotten her top off and revealed her nice firm breasts. Charles loved playing with them, touching them and sucking them. He put Kate on her back and used his tongue on them, just as she likes it. Charles got up and removed his shirt. Kate was now on her back and quite seemingly horny; she removed her own pants and all underneath. She used one hand to touch her breasts and slid another down to rub her pussy. Charles were on his knees in front and just watched while he played himself with his dick. He then turned around to check the window again and, with the dick in his hand, he saw that they were being watched. A well mature woman of some 35-40 years old was watching.
Charled turned around quickly, not entirely sure about what to do. Should he just close the window? He felt that he actually didn't mind. Should he just leave it and continue his work with his girl friend, not telling her? He decided that it wasn't entirely fair and leaned down to her. He kissed and whispered in her ear "we are being watched from outside"

Kate, not entirely lucid from what was going on just tilted her head slightly and caught sight of the woman in the other window. The woman didn't move. Kate said "never mind her" then pushed Charles gently down. He got the point and made his way down. He felt her pussy, ran his fingers around it and found, not to his surprise that it was wet all over. Apart from having an amazing body, Kate also had the rare treat of having a pussy that to Charles was a masterpiece. Inner- and outer lips in perfect proportion. Clean shaven with a small landing strip it looked better than he had seen in any magazines of adult movies before. This made what he was about to do almost more of a pleasure than what it was for Kate.

After running his fingers around he made for the kill. He used his entire tongue, licking it all over like it was some kind of candy. Kate immediately responded, moaning, giving out sounds of pleasure. Kate had just to open her eyes now and she would look directly at the woman. She did so and noticed that the posture of the woman hadn't changed much, only that her right hand seemed like it was working on something. Charles continued his work, with great pleasure to both of them. She arched her back now and it was apparent that there would soon be time to take it easy. He kept her on the brink for a while, taking it slower now, allowing her to almost come. "If you're not gonna let me come you better put your cock in me" Kate said, clearly in need of some more action.

He didn't object, he was about to burst himself. She got halfway up and turned against the wall. She knew Charles loved this, leaving her ass exposed, another trait he could not get over of Kate. If all men were to be divided into either tit-men or ass-men, Charles would stand on the ass-men side. And if you saw what he had in front of him here, you would understand why. He placed himself behind her, making sure to take in the sight, run his hands down her back, hips and ass, leading to her pussy. He got closer and directed his cock into her pussy. A few gentle pushes and he was deep inside her. She started rocking against him slowly and they were for a while doing deep slow thrusts. This was what they had been waiting for and didn't want to rush it. Charles grabbed hold of both breasts and so they were close. Kate suddenly said "what about the woman? She can't see" Before Charles could utter his surprised reaction, Kate had gone away from the wall and now faced the window, still on all four.

Charles climbed on her again, this time with a bit more violence. He grabbed her hips and started giving hard thrusts straight away. Charles was busy taking in the view of his cock pumping in and out when Kate said "seems our lady likes it". He looked up and saw that the lady had taken to a more comfortable position, leaning more forward, supporting her stance by one hand while the other apparently worked vigorously downstairs. They couldn't see any further below than her navel, but her facial expression surely told us what she was doing. As Charles banged Kate from behind they saw that from time to time the lady across would shoot her head back and down again. She was clearly enjoying it.

Charles pulled out and Kate turned to lie on her back. He put a pillow under her ass so that he could stand up straighter when taking her. He entered her and started moving in and out slowly. Kate brought her hand down and began rubbing herself again. "come on big boy, give it to me… I am almost there" she said. Charles picked up the pace and soon Kate was screaming "I'm coming, I'm coming" It was no problem for Charles to gain speed to get there too, with Kate he could come in an instant. Kate almost got up, a clear sign that she was about to come. He was on his both hands now pumping feverishly and then he exploded. While pumping his juices into Kate she started twitching too. In a minute it was all over and they both fell down on each other. They saw that the lady had removed herself from the window, but they could certainly hear her. Her bed apparently had some noise issues and her moaning didn't help. She almost made more of a racket than they did. The sound she made when she came, must have made half of Florence horny.

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