The first time was amazing and more than she expected...
I had been pacing through the living room for what seemed hours trying to imagine the most romantic “first” time for us. I knew you were coming over around four thirty and I didn’t have much time left. I had spent so much time doing my hair and make-up and putting on my cutest outfit, funny how it wouldn’t make any difference. I caught myself laughing out loud, thinking what a mess I would look in the end….

”Oh…none of that will matter if I don’t figure out how to make right!” I pouted. “I’ve got it!” I said to no one in particular as I threw my hands in the air. With that I was off to my bedroom for a few final arrangements and to await your arrival. I heard the knock at the door and my heart skipped a few beats, it was now or never and I was more than ready. I let the door open ever so slightly and hoped you would let yourself in the rest of the way…thankfully you did. In front of you was a small table with a folded piece of paper; since I was nowhere in sight you read the paper. CLOSE THE DOOR AND COME INTO THE LIVING ROOM In the living room you found another note, same size, shape, and writing as the first accompanied by a blindfold. This one asked you to remove your coat and place the blindfold over your eyes, all the while standing in the middle of the room. I am watching you the whole time, it’s good to see you are slightly apprehensive but you do it just the same. I let you stand there a few torturous moments more, moving your head around as if you could see through you new found blindness. I can feel the excitement building up inside of me; I wonder what it’s doing to you. I come out from my hiding place and walk towards you, I am quite as a mouse and my first noise is a whisper in your ear. I tell you that I need you as I take soft, gentle nibbles on your ear lobe. You try and reach out for me, but that isn’t in my game plan just yet. I bring over a chair from the dining room for you to sit in and in whispers I give you my instructions. Keep your hand to your sides, No touching, No tasting, No kissing, and No feeling…. it’s my turn to have some fun. I saw you smile and I had to admit I was smiling too. Thankfully you couldn’t see my face; I had to stay in charge. It was time for me to start to feel good, I could tell that I was already wet; it was time you knew it too. I walked around in front of you and ran my fingers down your chest. I loved the way in felt to hold you having you powerless threw me over the edge. As I started to lift your shirt up your hands touched my legs, it was then that you realized I was only wearing a silk slip. I quickly dropped your shirt back down and in my most serious voice told you not to do it again. I wanted to giggle, I wasn’t used to being so mean…but you listened, you didn’t do it again. I finally got your shirt up and I start to rub your chest. I kissed you all over and took gentle bites on your nipples, pulling ever so slightly. Every now and then I would finger myself while giving you kisses, I was getting so wet I just couldn’t resist. I could tell that I wasn’t the only one who was turned on by my kisses, I asked you to stand and you didn’t hesitate. Once you were standing it was as if the roles had been reversed, your blindfold came off and your arm went around my waist. You pulled me close to you and kissed me with great passion. As we kissed you slid my dress off, I didn’t even remember it happening. You picked me up where stood and carried me to the couch where you began exploring my body from head to toe. It felt like my body was on fire and everywhere you touched felt amazing. Your tongue followed your fingers in a quest for my breasts and once found they danced in unison. Yours hands continued to wonder and you had my legs spread apart in no time. I was moaning uncontrollably and within seconds my first wave of excitement hit me. I looked up to see you licking your fingers, I motioned for you and your fingers came towards me and I put them in my mouth. I sat forward and grabbed for your belt. I had to repay you for the amazing feeling I had rushing through my body. I started teasing you through your jeans; I loved watching your face as I rubbed you up and down. You took the liberty of undoing the button and pulling down the zipper, the pants came down shortly afterwards. I had thought about taking your cock into my mouth all day, here I finally was. Using my right hand to hold and massage the shaft I put my mouth over the tip. It was a taste like none other; I just couldn’t stop moving my tongue. I drove farther and farther to meet my hand till they worked in sync and I heard you moaning with delight. I used my left hand to finger myself; it was like I couldn’t stop. I was hoping you were watching me play with my clit, I hoped it turned you on. I kept thinking about the moment that you might cum in my mouth, when would it be? Should I let you cum in my mouth or just maybe on my breasts? All my questions didn’t matter anymore…I felt your hand grab my hair and pull me deeper onto your hard cock. In just seconds your hot cum was flowing down my throat, I swallowed every drop. I didn’t want to let go of your cock. I kept tenderly sucking, licking every last drop. With it being our first time I didn’t know where to go from there. All my plans, my thoughts, couldn’t have prepared me for my intense feelings. I didn’t know if you would want to continue or if that was all you wanted. You must have seen the questions in my eyes because you pulled me to you and started kissing me again. Your kisses started going down my neck and I could feel the intensity rising. You had this way about you, a smooth style, which drove me wild. I found myself with my back facing you still being kissed. You had one hand on my breast and the other massaging my body and I was moaning in pleasure. As you found my clit again you thrust your cock against my ass. You were moving yourself against me as you fingered me and the motions together were so amazing. You began talking to me, telling me how much you wanted me. I had never been one for dirty talk before but it was turning me on now. You used your hand to lift my leg and you slid your cock in my wet pussy. My gasp and immediate sigh let you know everything felt great as you slid in and out. You pace picked up and your grasp on me tightened too. You moved me from my side to my knees and never stopped. You kept asking me if I liked your hard cock, telling me to take it…I liked this rough side of you. After a while I felt your hand massaging my ass then your finger go into my ass. You immediately took it back out and played with my clit again. For a while you alternated between my ass and my clit. I knew what was coming and I waited, it didn’t take long. As you took your hard cock out of my pussy you used your hand to put my juices on my ass. You began pushing your cock into my tight ass, making me scream. As you pounded into me I continued to play with my clit and again made my self cum. My legs were shaking so bad I could barely stay balanced. I could feel your arms and legs shaking as well I knew you had to be close; I wanted you to have the satisfaction I had. You started making more noise so I knew it wouldn’t be long and soon after you pounded into me so hard I could have sworn you went right through me. You held me so close and didn’t move. I for one wouldn’t dare move. You finally broke the silence with a slight chuckle as we moved fully to the couch. “Tomorrow night, your house” I whispered.

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