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The elegant night
07-16-2011, 12:09 AM
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The elegant night
She slowly walks down the stair case with the soft sultry sound of slow music in the background. Her hair is up and away from her face and her dress is sitting elegantly on her body. She looks at him and smiles; her smile is a small sexy smile. He stands there wearing a suit looking remarkably handsome with an outstretched hand. She walks to him and places her hand in his.

He looks at her awhile before they continue any further. She looks astonishing tonight. Her hair in a lose bun held back with hair clips. Wisps of hair have strayed and sit loosely around her face. Her dress is long, but he can still see her shoes. Her black dress sits on her body perfectly and highlights all the features he loves about her. Her shoes are high and made out of the same satin type material that her dress is. She has on a necklace and earrings that enhance the beauty she already holds. Her makeup is immaculate and she has a glow about her that follows her where ever she goes. For a moment, he is mesmerised by her. He just stands there captured in her beauty.
They start to walk hand in hand to the middle of the room. As the song in the background comes to an end they gaze into each other’s eyes and they forget about anything else. They become so lost in the moment that it feels like they are the only ones on the planet. He pulls her in close to him as his hand slips around her waist. She wraps her arms around him, and as a new song starts to play, they dance. They dance together tightly embraced by the others arms. Their bodies moving perfectly to the rhythm of the music. No words are spoken for none are needed. Their eyes are locked on each other, neither one ever looking away.

A strand of hair falls softly from her bun and lands on her cheek. He takes his hand and slowly strokes it away, caressing her cheek as he does so. Her eyes are closed and she murmurs a soft sigh as her head turns slightly giving him more access to her neck. He takes his hand and gently caresses her neck, her ears and her cheeks. Her soft murmurs and the music are the only sounds they hear.

The night is not cold, but a gentle breeze enters the room through the open windows. The room is lit only by moonlight and very soft lighting. Candles flicker once in awhile from the air that surrounds them. The scent of the candles and fresh air mix to create an intense fragrance. Through the open window they can see clearly the night sky full of shining stars. She notices how everything looks so beautiful. How the room looks amazing in this light. How the stars seem to be shinning brighter tonight. As she considers the surrounding beauty, she looks at him, and meets his eyes as they intensely look at her. She wonders what he is thinking. Wonders if he too thinks this night seems amazing. He is only thinking of one thing, he is thinking about how beautiful she looks.

Their bodies sway to the music and light caresses touch each other every now and then. Every time he touches her soft, delicate skin she smiles. He thinks about her smile. That gorgeous smile of hers that melts him every time. He remembers back to times when that smile of hers has stopped him and made his heart skip a beat.

The song comes to an end. They stay embraced for a little longer. They start to caress each other a little more. His hands gently stroking her neck, his fingertips just barely touching her. She runs her hands along his back. Her hands moving softly but swiftly along the length of his back. Their eyes staring at each other. Their faces close enough that they can feel the breath of each other.

Soon their lips begin to touch, slightly at first. Their soft, warm lips pressing together. Her hands at the back of his head, playing with his hair. Gently running her fingers through the back of his hair as they kiss. His hair feels wonderful under her fingers; she loves the feel of it as they kiss. His hands are caressing her face and neck. Her skin feels so delicate. Soon she uses her tongue to gently separate his lips. The warmness of her tongue on his lips makes him quiver a little.

After kissing awhile, she stops and looks at him -- smiling as she does. She takes his hands, and in a soft whisper, tells him they should go upstairs. They start walking hand in hand up the staircase that is decorated with candles. She looks back at him every once in awhile to smile at him, and every time she does they kiss. They get to the top of the stairs and head to the end of the hall.

They stop before entering the door to kiss once more. Their hands caressing as they do. Soft moans and sighs escape their mouths. They finally stop and she opens the door. She takes his hands and leads him into the room.

The room is amazing. The lighting is soft and inviting. There is no furniture in the room except for a bed. The bed sits in the middle of the room against the back wall, and it is made from a dark wood and has a very intricate design to it. The bedspread is one made of a dark red satin and it suits the mood of the room very well. There is music playing up in the room too, a soft slow jazz number. To the side of the bedroom is a bathroom though the door is shut.

She tells him to make himself comfortable and that she would be right back. She enters the bathroom and shuts the door behind her. He sits on the bed and props himself up against the giant soft pillows that lay on the bed. He traces his fingers over the satin material and closes his eyes as he listens to the jazz music. He knows this song and he is so completely wrapped up in listening to it that he doesn’t hear the bathroom door open or hear her coming out. She makes a soft sigh to let him know she is there and he opens his eyes.

She is standing there -- no longer in her dress, but in lingerie. She stands there in front of him and he takes her all in starting with her feet. Her feet are now bare and he takes awhile to study the perfection of her toes. His eyes move up her body, over her bare calves and over her thighs that are practically bare. Her lingerie ends at the start of her thighs though there is a spilt in the front and he can tell she is wearing nothing underneath. His gaze moves up her thighs and over her belly. He takes in the hourglass shape she has. His eyes rest on her breasts now. The lingerie clings to her showing off her breasts perfectly -- the lingerie is fairly low cut. He gazes at her cleavage and then up to her neck. Her neck looks so inviting he just wants to put his lips to it. His gaze moves up to her ears and her jaw line. He looks at her mouth and he almost melts all over again. He loves her mouth, and tonight, it looks so red and perfect. He moves his gaze up and looks at her in the eyes. He really does love those green eyes of hers. Her hair is now down and sits loosely on her shoulders. He notices a loose strand on her cheek and he stands to move it for her.

As he stands she embraces him, her arms around his waist. She then begins to undress him starting with his jacket. Her hands on his shoulders slipping under his coat and slowly moving her hands down his arms until his jacket hits the floor. Next she removes his shirt. It has buttons. So, she slowly starts to undo one by one. Button by button his chest is becoming bare and she kisses each patch of skin she reveals. She can feel his breathing getting faster as she moves her way down. Moving down his chest, she unbuttons and kisses and then down his belly. Soon the shirt is completely unbuttoned and she kisses along the top of his pants. She stands up and removes his shirt kissing his lips as she does.

Soon their kiss becomes more passionate and once more their tongues connect. She moans softly and he reaches behind her and places his hands on her bottom underneath her garment. She sighs louder now and nuzzles closer to him. He lifts the garment higher and higher moving it slowly over her waist, her stomach, her chest until he can lift it over her head. He steps back and takes in her naked beauty. She undoes the buckle of his belt and then unzips his pants and begins to slide them off him. Once she has removed his pants and underwear, they stand there naked taking each other in. He then takes her hand and sits her on the bed. He starts kissing her and lies her down as he does. She lies down and feels his weight on top of her.

They continue kissing as her hands go over his bottom and his hands start to caress her chest. He kisses down her neck. She aches her back and neck as he does. He continues down her chest and lands on her breasts. He takes a breast in his mouth and begins to suck it and lick it, her moans louder and louder. He takes the other breast in his hands and massages it and flicks his fingers over the nipple. He swaps back and forth sucking one handling the other.

Her body keeps arching up as he moves down to her stomach -- his hands still on her breasts. She strokes his hair a little as he continues to descend down her body. Soon he is at her waist and her moans become even louder now. He is getting hard listening to her moans and breathing and feeling her skin under his lips. He moves down and lets his mouth land on her thighs. Kissing them and sucking them moving in closer and closer to her centre. He breathes over her centre and she lets out a long sigh. She wants his tongue on her centre and she doesn’t know how much longer she can take the teasing. She arches her hips up in an attempt to get his tongue where she wants it; but she fails. After a while longer she can no longer stand it and she tells him that she needs to feel his tongue on her centre.

He starts to lick her cunt, moving his tongue slowly over her slit only just penetrating it. He feels her body react to this and so he penetrates a little more and a little more until his tongue is fully inside her slit and he is licking her cunt up and down. She writhes and moans in pleasure. His tongue starts to concentrate on her clit and she gasps in pleasure. He licks faster and faster, sucking and licking her clit. She tells him soon she is going to climax and this makes him move faster. After she has climaxed she lays there with heavy breathing and he moves up her body. Kisses all the way up until he gets to her mouth. He kisses her and their tongues find each other once more. She can taste herself on his tongue and this turns her on even more. She reaches down and begins to stroke his hardness. He moans a little and this encourages her to move faster. He stops her and starts to caress her cunt with his incredibly hard cock. She moans loudly and he kisses her neck as he runs his cock up the length of her cunt. She wants so badly to feel him penetrate her.

She tells him to fuck her. She tells him she needs to feel him in her. He just begins to suck at her nipples again. She is almost screaming now and she feels like she could climax again just from his mouth on her breasts. He senses this and licks and sucks faster. He then sticks a finger into her cunt and begins to fuck her with his finger while his mouth works her breasts. She feels herself start to climax and she arches her body up. He continues past her orgasm and then brings his cock back to her cunt. He slowly begins to penetrate her --entering her slowly and gradually. Each time he gradually enters her she arches her hips up to get him deeper in her. Soon he is completely inside her and he begins to fuck her. Slowly at first and then gradually building up speed.

Soon he is fucking her fast and their moans fill the room. He can feel himself getting closer and closer to climaxing, and he tells her so. She then stops him and moves out from under him. He looks at her in despair and wonders why she stopped it -- until he sees what she is doing. She repositions herself on her hands and knees in front of him and she looks back behind herself and looks at him. She tells him to fuck her -- and he doesn’t have to be told twice. He grabs her hips and positions himself behind her. He enters her and begins to fuck her fast. Her head falls to the bed and he slams into her faster and faster. The sound of their breathing and sighs filling the room. The sounds of their bodies making love are loud -- but not heard by them. He continues to fuck her faster and faster grabbing onto her hips as he did. He soon feels himself beginning to climax again, and he tells her. She tightens her cunt and starts to move her hips against him. He continues to pound her fast, both of them moaning loudly with every movement. He feels his toes start to curl as his body prepares for climax; he lets out a long moan as he releases himself inside of her. He falls against her back once he has, and kisses the back of her neck. They stay like that for awhile just letting their bodies calm down a little. Their breathing soon starts to return to normal. He moves off her and lies down next to her. She turns herself over and lies next to him. They gaze into each other’s eyes and start to kiss passionately. After they stop kissing she moves and places her head on his chest. He wraps his arm around her holding her tightly into him. He can feel her breath on his chest and her fingers caressing him. He closes his eyes and enjoys the moment. She nuzzles into him a little more and he can now feel her lips on his skin. She whispers to him “I love you”.

He begins to stroke her hair and he whispers “I love you too” back to her. He feels her breathing start to slow down and he knows she is falling asleep. He continues to stroke her hair letting her drift off to sleep on his chest. He then closes his eyes and falls asleep himself embracing her tightly to him.

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