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The book of Matthew - Hell
07-15-2011, 01:29 AM
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The book of Matthew - Hell
The book of Matthew concludes with the next to final chapter.

I saw the figure a beautiful young woman kneeling on the bed. Only the silhouette mind you, but I knew the creature kneeling so seductively across from me. My half sister Elza. Elza terrified me, and with good reason, she’s a daemon. A fucking hot daemon but ruthless and smart and I had no idea why she was here.

"So you’ve finally done it." She growled.

"The oath?" I asked, already knowing what she spoke of.

"Of course the fucking oath! God, are you really this stupid?" She said.

"I love my sister." I said.

"No, you love your sister’s naked cunt!" Elza always had such a way with words.


"Oh! OH! Now its Elza is it? You fucking obnoxious little dick! I should flay your stupid ass right now but then we all know that Lilith would be pissed."

"I’m not so sure, my mother isn’t much on my side these days." The smell of candy and blood drifted across the room. I felt a shiver run up my spine.

"Don’t be a FUCKING ASS! You are betrothed! It’s all she has ever wanted for you and your sister, that BITCH!"

"El…I mean Blithe, that’s my sister and I love her despite what you believe." When Elza and I had been children…well, when I had been a child, daemons were never children…she had taken me as a lover. I had been very young and my sister and I hadn’t yet discovered the wonders of the flesh. Her name is Elza because of the master she serves but I had named her Blithe. Naming her meant that she and I were forever connected. The rules of daemons were complex and sometimes seemingly senseless but it’s always best not to make a daemon angry. Blithe was pissed.

Blithe allowed more light to penetrate the room so that I could see her form. Her skin was black as pitch and seemed more rubber than flesh. Long snake like flowing strands of what could pass as hair streamed down across her shoulders in oil black streaks. She leaned forward and her large black breasts hung below her, her nipples long and thick. She extended her cold tongue and licked her lips.

"Come here lover." She said.

I sat on the bed next to her and feared what may come next. Blithe had the power to kill me and with my marriage now set in stone by my vow, she might. Her tongue extended further than any human tongue could and licked my neck. I felt every bit of my will to resist flow out as her tongue moved up my neck. My body relaxed and she pressed me down under her, her cold body covering mine. I shuddered under her and looked up into cold dark eyes.

"Blithe. I...mmm.."

Her sharp nails trailed down my arms and her hair moved around over my nipples teasing. The pleasures of a succubus were beyond anything of this world. She clamped her hands over my wrists and I was held down. It made to difference, there was no point in resisting. Once under Blithe you were hers to command and to kill if she saw fit. Blithe sank her sharp teeth into my nipple drawing blood. She lifted her head and blood trailed down her chin. Blithe changed for me. Most men saw Blithe how they wanted to see her, a playboy model, a cheerleader, or a little girl, whatever it took to get them under her before she took them. For me she was my mother. She knew that this was what I really wanted. Lilith, the most beautiful woman ever created. My cock pressed upward and Blithe, in the form of my mother, lowered her smooth pussy down around my swollen cock. Her pussy gripped and released my cock, working my thick rod to full erection. As it was, I was barely able to say, "Blithe?"

"Sssshhhh, don’t fight me. I’m your mother and I know how badly you want me. Just take me son, let your thick hard cock fill Mommy’s pussy. I want to feel it, I want your cum." Blithe said.

She continued to run her tongue over my body and sank her teeth in again. A slight moan escaped me. I could see that as she drained more and more of my strength, she took on more and more of my mother’s appearance making it difficult to know reality from fantasy. I could see her with men worshiping her and other men waiting in line to give their lives for this one moment of pleasure. My mother slipped off of my cock and I sighed.

"Don’t pout baby, Mommy is going to give you what you want. I just want to taste myself on your thick hard cock." Mom said…no, wait, it was Blithe.

Her long reddish tongue extended and wrapped itself around my swollen cock and her mouth followed. God! The feel of her warm mouth on my cock finally. I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to feel my mother’s warm tongue licking and caressing my cock. She is so beautiful, so perfect in every way.
No wait, this…
I felt little barbs prick my cock! I stopped breathing. No, this wasn’t my mother, this was Blithe, my childhood lover. Blithe could rip the skin from my body in seconds. Blithe could use these little barbs all along her tongue to castrate me and she would smile while doing so. I had seen her do it to others. Blithe, the daemon.

"Blithe, my love, what do you want?" I whispered.

"I never could get you to submit to my power. Of course I would kill you if you did." She said.

She had the most amazing full lips, moist and inviting, you wanted them to kiss you. When she looked at you there was nothing but the desire to give her everything, to worship her as men had done for years. She was the virgin vampire, the seductress lusting after seed, unconscious whore who drained the veins of man’s intellect, out to atrophy his head; she was the executioner. I had always been her willing plaything but never her victim because my soul belonged to my sister.

"So lover, how did you get yourself in this little mess? My guess is that you did it to yourself." She said.

"Yes, yes, sit there and gloat all you want to Blithe, but we really are in trouble. The hunters know where I am and they are watching. I’m surprised you are even…"

"I’m no fucking exile! You and your cunting sister are the reason you are stalked. Why did you come here? Why risk everything? You know this world belongs to us."

I turned my head away from her. She forced me to look at her again, holding my face in her talons.

"You have an arch-angel watching from below as well."

"WHAT!? We won’t make it!"

"No, we don’t suspect you will. That's part of the reason I'm here." She said. Blithe moved her hips over my semi-erect cock and ground herself over me. She enjoyed the tease, enjoyed trying to make me submit to her and become her victim.

"What?! You came here because you think I'm going to die?" I asked in disbelief. She smiled and then closed her eyes. Her pussy swallowed my cock again. I stiffened inside her. I dared not move. She rode my cock up and down, her pussy shaping itself back and forth as if every muscle inside her wet cunt flexed and released independently. It was all I could do to keep from shooting a full load of spunk inside her. But to do so is to die.

Blithe’s next movement was quick, and in only a second I felt her teeth sink into my neck! Sharp electric pain shot through the very core of my body. I felt the warm sensation of my life trickling away down my neck as she sucked. I thought, ‘Oh's been a nice life. If you have to go, this might as well be the way.’ Only Blithe moved up and down the length of my cock faster as she fed. Her warm little pussy gripped and pulled at my cock as she rode me. I didn’t recognize the next part because it had never happened before. Usually Blithe would play and play with me for hours. Making me hard and transforming herself into anything she could to try to make me cum. Blithe wanted only to see me loose control and then she would have ended my life. Daemons are odd that way. Yet now I felt liquid burning it’s way across my cock and balls while Blithe writhed around and exposed her true features for one terrifying second. Blithe came!

I dared to ask, "Can I cum?"

"Yes, but you know when you do I will kill you."

"Do I have a choice?" I asked.

"No, not really. I'm going to kill you anyway, but wouldn't you rather it is me than that stuff shirt agent of ‘HIM’?"

"Actually I was kinda thinking I had figured out a way out of this." I said.

"Oh really?" She asked. She sat there on my cock not moving. It was so easy to let myself get lost in her lie. She could be anyone, even my mother. I could swim in the fantasy of my mother’s touch and absolute love for just a moment, just one final lovely moment but then my soul would belong to Blithe and she would never allow me to rest.

I told her of my plan and she continued to work the muscles of her wet little cunt keeping my cock hard. Her hair grew and wrapped around my neck while her eyes glazed over like a shark just before feeding. This was the face of my death and I was terrified. I tried to close my eyes, but my eyelids resisted! Her mouth opened wider, exposing more teeth, a second row of teeth, and all sharp and shining white. Her legs clinched tighter and her pussy seemed to want to take my cock with it. I was about to give up, like a deer in the grasp of a mountain lion, when her rope-like hair whipped away from my neck, leaving burns all the way around. She transformed back into her beautiful daemon self and said, "Ok." as if it were no big deal, happened every day.

"So you are going to let me live!?" I asked.

"Why the fuck not! You know you and your sister keep me entertained and I've never been more amazed than I am when each time I think you are finally going down, you seem to find a way to get out. I just thought that you might prefer my death than the death that will be waiting for you at the hands of an angel. You've seen what they do, you know what will happen to you. You’ll wish I had taken your soul."

"I know, but I really..."

"I know, you really think you'll make it. Fuck! I hope you do! But don't think I'll forget this. No man has ever seen my face and lived. You have looked upon death and still I feel your heart beating for me." She paused for a moment and she seemed almost sad before her face shifted into a twisted terrifying angry mask, "But if you tell anyone about this, anyone, I’ll fucking rip your body apart piece by piece and feed it to you."

Then she ground her hips forward and back as if we had never stopped having sex. Her hand rested on my chest while her huge black breasts swayed deliciously back and forth. She was going to make me cum! I wasn’t going to be able to stop it! There was no game in her movements, no tease, she was a woman for a moment and she was intent to make me lose my seed inside her. She looked down and for a moment I saw something in her eyes. I don’t know what it was, but daemons aren’t supposed to have anything close to feelings of caring, compassion, or even…love. When my seed shot inside Blithe I waited for her teeth to sink into my neck, for her claws to rip my chest open exposing my heart. But it didn’t come. Instead she wrapped her arms around me and ground her cunt into my cock pressing me up into her as deeply as possible. She didn’t change. No little girl, no vision of Lilith or some other lie. For a moment it was just my childhood lover Blithe and I. She accepted my seed into her womb and I felt my warm cum and her sensual embrace as she held her pussy around my cock. She kissed me softly on the neck. Years and years of teasing had finally ended. She and I were joined, lovers in all ways.

"I will carry our child my half brother, my lover, my only friend." She said.

"You really don’t think I’ll live, do you?" I asked.

"No brother, you won’t." She said.

"You are probably right Blithe and I have always loved you. My sister may own me but you have always been my only friend and my only true love."
"Our child will be beautiful and terrifying." She said.
"Yes." I said.

I opened the door expecting to see my sister, my daughter and Harriet in a lesbian orgy. I smiled thinking of the wickedness of such a sight. Instead I walked into a scene of surreal horror. A man dressed in a finely tailored suit stood in front of the door holding my sister in the air by her neck. Her feet flailed around useless under her. Harriet seemed completely confused, the poor dunce, while Paula curled helpless on the couch. When Paula saw me enter the room she ran for me.

"Daddy!" She moaned.

"Let her GO!" I yelled.
"Ah, finally we have almost the entire family!" He said. His voice sounded like a used car salesman, a game show host. I fucking hate angels!

"I said…"
"Oh, I heard you perfectly well but I have no intention of letting you go. You and your sister are abominations. You should have never been born. Your mother is an exile and defied the law to visit Adam. I think HE was quiet tolerant in allowing you to live and with only one simple condition, stay away from his children. Now it seems you’ve managed to have a daughter?" He said smiling. He spoke in a pleasant voice, a psychiatrist voice. I could see the shadow of his wings as he looked at Paula.
"Just let us leave. We only want to return home."
"Oh I simply can’t allow you to leave as if nothing has ever passed silly boy. You know as well as I that the crimes you’ve unleashed upon HIS children can’t go unpunished."
"Quiet now, quiet." The angel dropped my sister as he lifted his hands like a preacher, "I judge thee, thy being is an abomination, thy union a…"

Something was wrong. I had seen angels burn with righteous fire before and knew what he intended but his hands were not alive with flames of judgment. Not only that but the room seemed too dark, and in the distance I heard a child crying. Bells tinkered around us and I knew that we weren’t in Harriet’s flat.

"What trick is this?" The angel asked.
My sister smiled and I knew this was her doing. Blithe and my sister had worked together and shifted all of us. I loved them both!

"Now what is this?" Harriet asked. The poor stupid woman was caught in the middle…no, she was the sacrifice. NO! My sister saw my look of panic and she shook her head from side to side to say, ‘Don’t fight our only way.’

My daughter held onto me and cried. I don’t think she knew what was happening but no one can be in hell and not feel some sense of despair. The Angel knew what had happened and turned to try the door only to find it fall apart in his hands, corroded and rotten. My sister moved in a swift motion to take both Paula and I in her arms. She would save us, only she had magic powerful enough to remove us from hell! She wrapped her arms around Paula and I saw her body glow as she reached out for me. I saw her small beautiful fairy wings for just a moment and Paula’s pixie features smiled up at me. Lush green grass filled the ground while blue skies waited behind my sister. Then I was pulled backward and my sister screamed, "NO!" but I was already falling. The smell of rot and blood filled the air. I landed on filth and Blithe stood over me, her naked body still perfectly beautiful, lustful, and deadly.

"You weren’t leaving were you?" She asked.

"This…this was your plan all along." I said.

"You don’t think I would settle for this dumb little cunt do you? My master has much finer tastes than that." She laughed.
"How is the Lord of flies these days?" I asked.

"Shut up! Your filthy little whore is so stupid. I can’t believe you were after her like a dog. She is faithless and a coward. I don’t even want her."
"Then let her leave." I said.
"Fucking brave aren’t we? But yes, she can leave if you promise to stay." Blithe had it all planned out. She would allow my sister and my daughter to leave and knew I would be a sucker for a beautiful woman. Harriet had done nothing she didn’t deserve to suffer in hell. I saw the carcass of the angel hanging from hooks behind Blithe. I turned away before I lost my lunch.

"You have no choice my brother, my lover. I carry your child and even if you find some way out of this, your mother will never allow you to marry knowing you have a child with me."
"OUR mother wants nothing more than for me to marry my twin sister. She doesn’t care if I get you or any other half-breed pregnant. She fornicates with monsters every day. How do you think you were born?"
"Yes, try to anger me. Try to make me kill you. It won’t do any good." Blithe looked over at Harriet who lay naked and shivering, most likely insane, "but your little slut belongs to me or you do, make your choice. I want you to give yourself to me. Do you know how much that would please my master? The reward would satisfy us both." She said.

"What reward? Pain, forever?" I asked.
"You have such a limited idea of your senses. I can open worlds even you never knew existed."
"Then free Harriet, I will stay."
Blithe moved across the room without moving. Her nails dug into my flesh and her naked body pressed against mine. She ground herself up and down my body licking me and scraping my skin. I screamed.
"Oh please, this is only a small taste. We have just started and we have eternity." Blithe said.

"She was never here." Blithe said.
I sighed. I should have known that no daemon would bring a child of Adam to hell. God I was stupid. I had sold my soul to save a lie. Harriet had never been anything I thought she was and now I was alone in hell.
Blithe pressed into me, her hair already whipping around and slicing through my clothes. My hands pressed down at my sides and I felt the little tin box. My psych larva! There was no way to use it against Blithe, I couldn’t even get my hands free and this was her realm, what chance did I have to move faster than a daemon in hell? No, this time it would be I who was its victim. I knew what it meant. There was no coming back from the death it gave. Everything I am would become part of it and I would cease to exist. No rebirth this time. No remembering past lives and rejoining with my sister. But absolute death was better than an eternity in hell. I slipped my hand into my pocket while Blithe shivered and moaned in ecstasy. I said the spell to open the tin and then with a finger I flicked the lid off.

I only wish I could have been there to see Blithe’s face.

When I woke it was to see Blithe looking at me with fear. I knew why she was afraid just as I knew exactly where my sister and daughter were. I felt my mother’s fear in her realm and Blithe’s master’s fear in his. I felt all of creation. Blithe moved toward me as if to strike but I held up my hand and she stopped, trembling.

"What are you?" She said.

"Blithe, you do not see that in your centuries of causing suffering it is you who has suffered. You have been a slave and yet a part of you has craved freedom. I can release you from this, I can open you." I said.
"No…no, you are just…you can’t…no." She said cowering. I had never seen Blithe afraid but I felt our child within her womb and already I could see the swell of her belly. She knelt naked and afraid before me. I felt desire stir and wanted to take her as I had never been able to in all my life. But there was time, so much time. I would have her and this time she would know what it was like to be a slave to passion.
"Blithe, it is time you lived up to your name. It’s time you were released from a life in hell."
"NO! My master! I will be ripped apart, I will be…"
"No one can touch you Blithe. Already you are out of the realm of Beelzebub and in a moment you will be open and free. Naked into this world but with all your powers, I will release you to learn as I have learned. You will be unique among this world as no creature has ever been."
"But the hunters…I will be like you…an exile."
"No, you will be free. It is your life to live now Blithe, it is already done."
Blithe looked around her and for the first time her eyes contained a permanent flair of something they had never contained, hope. Blithe smiled weakly and then stood. She was beautiful and I found myself wanting to take her in my arms.
"Won’t you stay with me my love, my brother?" She asked.

"When our child is born I will return. Until then you must find your way in this world and I’m sure you will have fun. Already I see some color in your skin, some aspect of you is changing. Your powers will remain but you have a choice now as to how you use them. Your life is your own and I have much to do."
"But how? How did you…"
"I released a psych larva while in your realm and like all larva it must eventually become what it was meant to be. I have all the knowledge and powers of every being that we have taken. I am many and I am one. I am more than your brother and soon I will open others. I am an exile no more."

"But…I’m naked and alone." She said.

"I didn’t think you liked clothes." I said smiling. Then I turned and opened the door to my mother’s realm. It was time to go home.

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