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The best present was a fantasy fulfilled!
07-15-2011, 08:40 AM
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The best present was a fantasy fulfilled!
Chapter I

As I lay there on the bed, half asleep and luxuriating in the soft feel of the sheets against my skin, I can hear you in the shower. It is my birthday, and you have given me the best present ever, you! I think back upon the months past, and how it seemed at times life threw everything it had at us. It wasn’t always easy, and at times we were almost torn apart. But through some miracle of fate and circumstance, we were still here and our love had grown and matured into something truly beautiful, and I had been surprised time and time again by just how wonderful sharing my life with someone could be. Your love, and the way our hearts fit together, even as we continued to push and challenge each other continue to amaze me. I had come to realize that while not always easy, loving you and sharing life with you was the most fulfilling and rewarding thing I had ever been a part of.

As I listen to the running water, I close my eyes and remember the sensations and feelings of only a few minutes before; the velvety feel of your full pouty lips wrapped around my hard cock, the slick wetness of your drool covering my shaft and coating my balls from pushing myself deep into your throat, the slurping, gagging, and soft grunting moans that you made as you thrust your talented mouth over and over again down the length of my tool. I smile remembering the involuntary shudder I gave as you cupped your beautiful brown breasts with those hard nipples and ran them up and down the length of my cock. I was so turned on watching myself sliding into view from the crevice of your cleavage, and seeing your tongue swirl around the sensitive head when it came into view. But my favorite was when you pulled me up and knelt down with your back against the wall; entertwining your fingers with mine as you raised your arms for me to hold above your head. Seeing you place yourself at my mercy like that was a huge thrill. But when you asked me to fuck your mouth and throat and cum all over your face, I knew that I could no longer hold back. As I worked myself deep inside your throat, I almost expected the squeeze of your fingers in mine, a pre-arranged signal saying you needed a breath. Not feeling that, I had no intention of stopping, I began to forcefully fuck your willing mouth, reveling in the wild eyed look of uncontained passion in your eyes. All to soon your talented mouth and the sight of your spit streaming down to coat your breasts caused that all too familiar tightening feeling in my balls, and I growled forcefully, “O, god Wendy, I’m gonna cum so hard!” I thrust into you one more time and pulled my wildly pulsating cock out of your mouth and began pumping it, guiding the thick ropes of hot cum gushing forth so they landed on your open lips, neck, and heaving chest. As the jets kept coming, I placed the last few across your tongue, trembling with the force of the huge orgasm you gave me. As I slowly came back down to earth, I felt your hand once again on my flesh, rubbing my length across your face, smearing my fresh cum around your mouth, face, neck, and breasts. What a sexy sight, as you took my softening rod into your mouth again and gently began to lick it clean, I ran my fingers through your hair and in a ragged voice, began to tell you how incredibly hot that was. As I reached down and helped you up off the floor, I pulled you close and held you tight, telling you how wonderful that was. “We’re just getting started baby,” I hear you say, “I am gonna be your little toy all night.” “I’m Yours to do with whatever you choose.” I hold you close as I start to anticipate what’s in store.

But first, we have a dinner reservation we will miss if we don’t get going. Reluctantly, I let you go so you can clean up, and collapse contentedly on the bed to wait my turn in the shower. I promise myself that a treat like you just gave me deserves the same intense pleasure in return. I vow that before the night is over, I will make you cum like never before.

Chapter II

As I unlocked the motel room door later that night, I could tell by the flush of your cheeks, and the look in your eyes that you were as turned on, as I had ever seen you. I was happy you had enjoyed my surprise for you as much as I had. The little butterfly vibrator with the straps that held it in place beneath your panties, and the wireless remote that came with it had definately made dinner interesting. I loved watching your eyes widen and seeing you choke back a startled gasp the first time I turned it on while you were concentrating on your menu at the restaurant.

You had been expecting to feel it humming against your waiting clit ever since you slipped it on, but I waited till you had almost forgotten about it. It was worth the wait to see your eyes light up and watching you try to keep a straight face as I worked the speed control and toyed with you off and on all through our meal. I almost brought you to climax several times, but never quite let you slip over the edge. You were so turned on and frustrated by the time I asked for the check, that when I slipped my hand under the hem of your sundress while we were waiting, and slowly worked a couple fingers under your already wet panties, your sweet juices immediately coated my fingers and allowed me to slip two of them deep inside you with little effort. I felt your muscles tense and heard your muffled sharp intake of breath as I penetrated you under the table in the midst of that busy restaurant.

I removed my hand and surreptitiously licked your arousal from my knuckles while I smiled over them at you and remarked with a twinkle in my eye that I was pretty sure desert was the tastiest part of the whole meal.

I wanted nothing more than to race back to the hotel, or even just grab you in the parking lot, and fuck you hard and fast till we both came; but instead I controlled my raging urges and asked you to take off your panties so I could play with your pretty little pussy while we drove back to the motel. You smiled from ear to ear as you lifted off the seat and slid your sexy black boy-cut panties off your hips and down your smooth brown skinned legs. The look of arousal on your face as you reclined your seat a little and opened your legs wide, exposing your treasure to my touch, let me know how much you were enjoying yourself. I continued to play with your wet pussy as we drove slowly back to the motel, alternately rubbing your clit, delving my fingers inside you, and running them up and down your slit, and teasingly rubbing them over and pushing one slightly inside your ass. As the blocks slid by, you began to rock your hips up toward my hand, biting your bottom lip you looked at me pleadingly, letting me know without words how hot you were, and how badly you wanted me to make you cum. Soon, I promised you as we pulled up to the hotel.

We waited a minute outside, so you could rearrange your clothes and catch your breath. The flush on your cheeks was so sexy, and the smile on your face lit up everything around you. I was in awe, and so turned on by how sexy this woman I Loved was.

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