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The Vegas Vacation
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The Vegas Vacation
The three of us walked over the RA Night club. Madhuri paid the cover charge for all of us, and led us to the corner booth. It was obvious that she new her way around. But I also noticed that ever since the topic of sex had come up, Madhuri had a subtle almost confident change in her. She was now freer, laughing more, talking more, almost like she had entered her comfort zone.

We sat at the table and were enjoying the music. Madhuri took off the black jacket she was wearing and I was amazed at the deep cleavage of her outfit. I know she caught me staring and smiled with a twinkle in her eye. She ordered another round of drinks for us. By this point I think we all had a pretty good buzz going, and the ladies wanted to dance. A lot of guys are reluctant and will only go out to the floor if they are forced to. I actually enjoy dancing and often go dancing in our local clubs. Acting like a gentleman, I gave each of the ladies an arm and guided them onto the dance floor. The music was some great European trance techno, pulsing and powerful, with a very danceable rhythm. We made a little circle between the three of us and started dancing around. Occasionally Sanjana would grab my hips and grind into me a bit, or run my hands over her hips and ass. Then she would teasingly push me towards Madhuri who would grab my hips and do some pumping and grinding of her own. I guess this was Sanjana’s way of finding out if Madhuri was even the least bit interested in us. I tried vainly to control the erection that was growing down my leg in the tight pants I wore, but as both of the women danced around and brushed up against it I know it was fairly obvious.

After a half hour or so, Sanjana excused herself to go to the bathroom and order more drinks. Madhuri said she wanted to dance some more and asked me to keep her company, and Sanjana urged me to. Madhuri was a good dancer and knew how to flow back and forth from dancing on her own a few feet in front of me to sliding back until she was pressed against me wiggling her ass to the beat. She grabbed my ass and pulled me against her until I could feel her firm breasts pressing hard into my lower chest. “c’mon, dance with me,” she demanded.

I decided what the hell, it’s just dancing and Sanjana did tell me to stay out here and entertain her. I let myself go and get into the music, and the soft womanly figure in front of me. As she stepped away I spun her around and pulled her in to me, running my hands up her legs, her sides, and lifting her arms above her head. I could see hear breasts lifting in that position, and got a great view of her cleavage through the halter-top. She continued her arms backwards until they clasped around my neck and then held on as we danced for a bit. As the music sped up, we moved through various positions and I was able to discover that Madhuri wasn’t wearing a bra as I ran my hands over her back.

Later, I realized as I brushed my hands past her ass that I couldn’t feel a panty line either. My cock stiffened more at that discovery, and with all of the awkward timing possible, Madhuri chose that moment to close the gap between us and squeeze tightly together for a grinding finale to the song. I knew there was no way she missed feeling my hardness pressed firmly against her ass for that time.

I looked over at our booth to see Sanjana sipping at a cocktail. She waved at me with a grin on her face. Feigning tiredness, I told Madhuri I was ready for a break and a drink and she agreed.

We spent the next forty-five minutes having a couple more drinks, until we were all feeling extremely good. In fact, I had a serious buzz going but the women were just on the happy and relaxed side of drunk. Not sloppy in any way, but their inhibitions seemed to be reduced considerably and the conversation really started on sex. They began a fairly graphic conversation about their favorite sexual positions. I learned that Madhuri’s favorite was to be on top of a guy, either vaginally or anally, riding him. Sanjana was distractingly fondling my thigh as Madhuri spoke.

Then Sanjana explained that she liked having me eat her pussy while I worked a thick dildo into her. I was drunk enough to be only mildly embarrassed at that, thankfully. I noticed that Madhuri was seriously shifting on her seat during this conversation and I knew that it was probably getting her pretty turned on, and she didn’t have anybody with her to touch.

As if reading my mind, Sanjana asked Madhuri, “Hey would u like to join us in our room? You can spend the night, since it’s getting rather late and you’d have to go back alone.”

“Well that’s a very generous offer.” Madhuri said, “But this is your last night in Vegas and I don’t want to intrude and be a third wheel.” It was very evident that Madhuri was very tempted by Sanjana’s offer but still needed a little coaxing.

Sanjana looked at me and I gave her an encouraging nod. Sanjana leaned in closes and whispered, “If you trust us enough, we’d love for you to join us. We’ve really enjoyed your company and are comfortable enough with you.”

Madhuri took a few seconds to absorb this, and then asked, “Are you guys asking me to join you guys intimately?”

Sanjana took Madhuri’s hand and said, “We’ve had a fantasy of me being with another Indian woman intimately, but have never been able to do it since we never found anyone who we trusted enough. Both Sameer and I feel that you’re a wonderful person and are extremely sexy. So what do you think?”

Madhuri caressed Sanjana’s hand and said, “I think you are very sexy as well, and Sameer is a very handsome man, but should know that I have been with women before, is that ok with you?”

My cock twitched upon hearing this, and Sanjana smiled even more. “Great, then you can teach me.”

Madhuri continued, “However, will I get to enjoy Sameer as well?”

Sanjana looked at me and I could see the hesitation in her face. She turned to Madhuri and said, “How about we go with the flow?”

Madhuri smiled and got up from the table, “shall we?” She smiled.

Sanjana and I got up and again I offered each of them an arm and escorted them to our room. At this point I had a major hard on in anticipation of what was to come. None of us said anything as we went up the elevator. We entered the room, and Madhuri led Sanjana by her hand to the bed. I turned off all the lights except the bed side lamps. Feeling extremely hot, I took off my top and sat on the couch bare-chested watching Madhuri make my wife feel comfortable in her expert hands.

The tow ladies sat at the edge of the bed. Madhuri placed and hand on Sanjana’s face softly ran her fingers over her cheek and her lips. She leaned in closer and I saw her lips touch my wife’s lips. I felt jolt of heat run through my body and Sanjana immediately parted her lips and pressed her lips back towards Madhuri. Behaving like I’m wasn’t in the room, the kisses got more passionate and soon the sounds of their kisses could be heard very clearly. To me watching Madhuri and Sanjana kiss to this day is the most erotic and sensual thing I was ever witnessed. The way the lips moved, the way their mouths open and closed, there tongues met and caressed each other as they explored each other’s mouth. It was as if I was watching two heavenly creatures make love.

The girls kissed for what seemed like ages. The lips broke apart only occasions when, the girls kissed each other necks. Madhuri then slipped her hand under my wife’s halter and slipped it over her head. She generally caressed the bra covered breasts as the girls continued kissing. Expertly, her fingers moved down started rubbing my wife’s thighs. Sanjana parted her legs unconsciously and Madhuri slipped her hand in deeper. A few moments later Sanjana stiffened and moaned into Madhuri’s mouth and I guess that Madhuri must have rubbed my wife’s pussy. With the other hand, she expertly unhooked my wife’s strapless bra and brought her hand from inside the skirt up my wife’s body.

Madhuri was stroking Sanjana’s nipples with her fingers as the girls looked at each other and I looked at them. As our new friend’s fingers rubbed and tweaked and pulled my wife’s nipples, Sanjana pulled her down and their lips met again. My cock instantly twitched as the sight as Madhuri pressed Sanjana back against the bed. She undressed my wife completely, making her lift her hips so that she could slide my Sanjana’s skirt panties down over her ass, before pulling her up into a soft embrace

Sanjana’s arms were around Madhuri now, stroking her back and sides while their lips stayed locked together. I could see their tongues exploring each other’s mouths through their kisses and I was regaling in my dream come true. Madhuri was clearly taking the lead as he pushed my wife back again against the pillows, and kissed her softly on the lips, the cheek, nibbled at her earlobe a moment, then outlined the ear with her hot, wet tongue. Sanjana moaned again, as Madhuri’s hands continued doing wicked and wonderful things to Sanjana’s nipples. Soon her lips fastened on Sanjana’s one hard nipple, though the other was not neglected either, being rolled between her long, strong fingers. Her tongue was flickering in fast circles around the nipple, tracing the areola, her lips nibbling the hard peak, sucking gently them firmly. Soon she had her mouth locked on Sanjana’s breast and was sucking so much, I thought she was trying to breast feed. She then moved to the other nipple and repeated the treatment. Madhuri’s hands moved up and cupped Sanjana’s breasts together, so Madhuri could get both nipples at once. Her hands cupped the breasts taking more of the supple flesh in her mouth and Sanjana was now moaning instantly with almost every breast. Watching my wife being pleasured by another woman made my mind go blank!

Sanjana’s body writhed and her hips humped the air. Madhuri broke off of Sanjana’s breasts and kissed her deeply. Their tongues danced together in Sapphic delight. My cock was harder than ever. Madhuri ran her hands over Sanjana’s body as she continued to make out with my wife. Sanjana seemed vibrantly alive, responding enthusiastically to her lover’s caresses. Madhuri kissed down Sanjana’s neck, down to the valley of her breasts. Pausing there a little for some gentle nipple bites, she continued down my wife’s body.

Sanjana’s breath was coming in hash, ragged gasps and Madhuri wordlessly encouraged my wife to pull her knees up, as she stationed herself between Sanjana’s legs. Sanjana let her knees fall on either side as Madhuri bent her head, and kissed my wife’s wet pussy lips. Both Sanjana and I took a deep pleasurable breath at the same time.

“Oh Lord,” was all Sanjana could muster in her ecstasy.

I saw that Madhuri was just teasing with the tip of her tongue before dipping first deep into my wife’s pussy, then running it up along the slit, and finally frisking the clit. Sanjana loved every seconds of this oral onslaught which was evident by the moans and movements of her hips. Madhuri licked for a while and Sanjana was moaning, she suddenly plunged her fingers into my wife’s pussy causing Sanjana to cry out as the real orgasm hit her like a tidal wave.

Sanjana screamed with the release and closed her eyes and lost herself in the experience. The orgasm kept happening, and each moment I was amazed at the intensity of it. I saw that Sanjana’s legs were trembling yet her hips were moving involuntarily. Madhuri took her fingers out of my wife’s dripping pussy, just for a moment, before sinking her thumb back in, but now her wet, slippery fingers were teasing my wife’s asshole, playing with the tight rosebud there, and then she pushed in a finger. I felt my face flush with the side and moved in closer for a better look.

Sanjana groaned like an animal. Madhuri then went crazy on my wife’s pussy as was lashing at her clit with her experienced tongue, her thumb and fingers were pumping in and out of her pussy and ass, simultaneously, and Sanjana continued to come and continued to scream. It was obvious that Sanjana was having multiple orgasms as her breathing was coming out in short shallow gasps and she had a look of pure pleasure and ecstasy on her face. This was the most beautiful I had ever seen her.

As the orgasms slowly subsided, Madhuri toll her fingers out and was now kissing and softly licking my wife’s clit. Madhuri then pulled herself up and lay atop Sanjana’s body, their legs intertwining. The girls kissed and Sanjana’s kiss was more passionate than I had ever seen. Madhuri shifted so that one of her legs was between my wife’s legs, applying firm pressure against her clit. Sanjana couldn’t keep her hips still. This continued for several minutes as the girls kissed long and passionately. My cock was hard as a rock in my pants now but I still was controlling myself. Watching the scene, almost from a porno was making me sweat from desire.

Sanjana then looked at me and I mouthed “I love you” to her and encouraged her to take the lead and make Madhuri enjoy too. Sanjana smiled a lusty smile and nodded. She undid Madhuri’s halter and slowly pulled the sexy blue dress down only to find out (and confirm my guess) that Madhuri wasn’t wearing any type of underwear.

With a gentle motion, Sanjana urged her lover onto her back beside herself, and started kissing at her navel and worked her way slowly up finally finding the warm, soft swelling of Madhuri’s breast. The dark brown nipples stood out against fair complexion. Sanjana lowered her lips to suck one hardened nipple into her mouth, sucking, nibbling, and running her tongue in slow circles around the hard peak, flickering across the nipple. Her other hand strayed over to Madhuri’s other breast, and stroked the underside of its soft swelling curve, thumb teasing the hardened pink nipple. I was amazed at my wife’s natural ability and it turned me on immensely.

Madhuri had one arm around my wife shoulders, stroking her hair with the other, pressing Sanjana’s head to her breast encouraging my wife even more. Sanjana sucked in more of Madhuri’s breasts, who let out a low moan. My wife hand found it way to her lover’s crotch and I could see from my vintage point that Madhuri was already soaking wet. Kneeling between Madhuri’s legs; Sanjana spread her tender folds to expose her wetness, and very slowly lowered her lips to Madhuri’s treasure cove. Watching Sanjana’s mouth on another woman’s pussy almost made me loose my load right there. I felt my body burn on with desire and slowly gulped down some water holding the glass with shivering hands.

Madhuri let loose a deep moan, as Sanjana licked her lover’s clit with the tip of her tongue. Sanjana completely got into it, kissing Madhuri’s wet pussy open-mouthed, and Madhuri wrapped her legs around my wife, urging her on. Sanjana slipped her hands between them and sliding two fingers deep into Madhuri’s open pussy. Again Madhuri let loose with that deep and wrenching moan. She was starting to gasp and make little mewling sounds now, and Sanjana kept well in rhythm with her cries as my wife lashed her lover’s clit with her own tongue. I was amazed at the sight and innate talent. I guess all women instinctively know how to pleasure other.

Suddenly, Madhuri let loose with a banshee cry, stiffening a moment and holding my wife’s head tightly against her pussy. Sanjana never let up licking the clit, licking and flicking the tongue over it as fast as she could. The intensity of Madhuri’s orgasm was no less than that of Sanjana’s and I can assure know there is nothing more arousing that watching your wife make another woman cum like a wild animal.

Once Madhuri’s orgasm subsided, Sanjana looked at me as I nodded my enthusiastic approval. She moved up to Madhuri and the girls again kissed passionately in post orgasmic bliss. The girls continued their embrace for the next few minutes and I waited patiently which was perhaps the hardest thing I had ever done. Not wanting to ruin the moment, I still watched intently.

Sanjana and Madhuri continued kissing for awhile and then they too separated. Madhuri broke the silence by sitting up and saying, “That was great. Thanks for
Inviting me.” Sanjana smiled and pulled Madhuri close and kissed her deeply. The women lay down on the bed on the bed and started fondling each other breasts.

“Don’t thank us yet,” said Sanjana. “Sameer has been watching us so patiently. Don’t you think he should be rewarded?” Madhuri looked as if she had been eagerly hoping for this. “You don’t mind sharing your husband with me?”

“Not after what you and I just experienced. Honey, come eat us for a while,” requested Sanjana.

I was waiting for his. I eagerly dove in and found her pussy to be wet and sticky from her arousal. I sucked at her clit and ran my tongue through her folds several times until she was moaning in pleasure. Then, responding to the gentle pressure on my head, I let myself be pulled into Madhuri’s moist sex. Her pussy was beautiful as well, with a tasty sweet flavor that was slightly different than Sanjana’s slight tanginess.

I ate her pussy with vigor, enjoying her new taste. The women moved me back and forth a couple more times, once each pulling me up to kiss their wet tastes into each other’s mouths, until I could no longer distinguish between the mixed flavor of their juices. Then Sanjana told me something that I didn’t expect.

“Honey, fuck Madhuri,” She almost commanded.

I looked at her with somewhat surprise and she said “She’s so horny and since I got to fuck her it’s only fair that she should experience you too”. I looked at my wife with a whole new light. She was really the best thing that had ever happened to me.

I felt Sanjana’s hands reach down and unbuckle my pants, drawing down my zipper, and releasing my cock finally. Madhuri slid down onto the floor in front of me and took my cock in her hand. She expertly rubbed the head across her lips a few times then plunged the first few inches of my shaft into her mouth. She stopped with less than half of my cock between her lips and began bobbing on it slowly and sucking hard. The vacuum pressure she exerted on me caused my to swell up even more. Gradually, she took more and more of my cock into her mouth, until she had all of me into herself. I could feel my cock head hitting the back of her throat. Glancing over at Sanjana, I saw her staring intently at Madhuri’s pink lips encircling my member. She had pulled her skirt up and was now alternating between rubbing her clit furiously and pushing two fingers deep into herself. “Suck his entire cock, Madhuri! Take the last inch,” Sanjana demanded hoarsely.

I felt Madhuri’s head rise slightly and then she pushed all the way down. I felt my cock fully engulfed in her mouth, and her lips were pressed firmly against the skin of my pelvis. Her tongue was slowly stroking the bottom of my cock like silk in a breeze. Then she began mouth-fucking me with long strokes. The feeling was intense, and watching her masturbate while our new friend sucked me off was fantastically arousing.

I was very hard and throbbing at this point and ready to fulfill my wife’s wish. I pulled Madhuri up and made her lie on her back next to Sanjana giving her a perfect view. I started on top, spreading her legs with my thighs, and pressing the head of my cock into her opening. She gasped as the head slipped inside of her, and I fucked her slowly with shallow strokes, just popping the head in and out. I reach down to thumb her clit at the same time.

Unlike Sanjana, who is not multi-orgasmic, Madhuri began popping mini-orgasms immediately. I could feel her shuddering as I teased her clit while refusing to penetrate her more than two inches. Finally, she slid to one side and rolled me onto my back. Climbing on top she placed the head of my prick at her damp opening and steadily sat down until I was fully wrapped with her wet hole. As she rose to slide me out and repeat the process, I could feel her pussy walls gripping me tightly and stretching to hold me inside. Madhuri began fucking me in earnest, tweaking her own nipples and rubbing at her clit. Meanwhile, Sanjana was kissing me from beside us and rubbing her own pussy. She waited patiently, looking into my eyes while I fucked another woman, and helping rub Madhuri’s clit with her fingers when it was obvious she was approaching an orgasm. I loved my wife more that I could have imagined possible.

Madhuri, relieved of touching her own vagina, started pulling both of her own nipples hard as her clenching pussy rode me. I could feel her muscles fluttering as she drove herself through a series of mini-orgasms until a deep, powerful come shook her entire body. Her fresh juices leaked freely out of her pussy around my dick.

Exhausted, she rolled off of me and Sanjana took her place. Sanjana’s familiar pussy was sopping wet and she slipped me into her easily. I was still very aroused from Madhuri’s intense explosion and Sanjana played on that to drive me higher. She started talking dirty to me as she pounded me in and out of her riding pussy. “You liked fucking her didn’t you? Kissing her and then me, touching our breasts, sucking our pussies. You’d probably like to watch me lick her pussy again”

Sanjana was using every trick in the book to drive me wild, as if I could be any more turned on by this point. Finally she pulled off all of the gloves and virtually forced me to fill her aching pussy. She turned from her back to her side I now had one leg between my legs a done leg lover my chest as I fucked her. In this new position she was close enough to Madhuri’s pussy that she buried her face into the waiting orgasm pussy and started licking it in earnest. Madhuri started moaning again and to me it seemed like truly she hadn’t had sex in ages. “Cum in me,” she commanded suddenly. “Cum and then i’ll sit on Madhuri’s face and let you watch her lick me clean. Watch you’re cum leak out of me and into her mouth.”

The image was electrifying. I felt my groin bunch up and release, blasting spurt after spurt up her pussy. She gripped my dick tightly with her vaginal muscles, coaxing every drop out, then pulled off of me and swiftly straddled Madhuri’s face in a 69 position. As Madhuri’s tongue slipped out to part Sanjana’s pussy lips, Sanjana released her muscles and let a stream of my sticky semen ooze out of her crack into Madhuri’s waiting mouth.

Madhuri swallowed rapidly, licking and sucking Sanjana until she came fiercely, grinding her clit into Madhuri’s face and smearing her lipstick. Come, pussy cream, and saliva covered Madhuri’s mouth. Sanjana slid off of her and pulled all three of our heads together for a messy kiss.

She pulled Madhuri towards her and leaned forward began French kissing her. It was a sloppy kiss, as Madhuri shared the remnants of my cum with my wife. They kissed passionately for a couple of minutes, my come smearing across their faces, and when they finally broke off, Sanjana made a point of swallowing obviously to show that she had gotten the last of my load. I was easily backed to a semi-hard state right away, and again enjoying my fantasy comes true.

The girls then turned their attention on me and started to lick off my cock. To feel two mouths on my cock was a heavenly experience. Sanjana took my whole cock in her mouth and Madhuri licked my balls. Sanjana took my cock out and licked down one side of my shaft as Madhuri liked up the other side. As Madhuri took my cock in, now Sanjana was licking my balls. It was as if the girls’ minds were working as one, with the sole goal to make me go nuts.

I had just cum a few moments ago, but the horniness of the whole day and night was already letting me feel the pressure buildup again. The girls then kissed each other which my cock in the middle and their tongues rubbing my shirts. That just drove my mind wild and my was rock hard by now. Their lips locked, the girls moved their mouths up and down together, stroking me. I was oozing pre-cum and felt it being licked of by both tongues.

As if this wasn’t enough, Sanjana then held my cock at the base and took my took in her mouth again. But she wasn’t just sucking it; she was screwing her mouth with my cock, twisting her head while moving it up and sucking it. Her mouth made a wet slurping sound as my cock popped out of her mouth. She then kissed Madhuri whose hand was now wrapped around my glistening member and pumping me furiously. They girls broke their kiss and Madhuri was fucking her mouth with my cock.

The three of us were lost in the sexual frenzy of the night. I ran my fingers through their hairs as their tongues; mouths and hands made my cock the center of their attention. There were sounds of sex and ecstasy in the room but none of us were saying anything comprehensible. Only groans of pure lust escaped our throats. “I’m going to cum,” I finally managed as I felt my balls boiling with the pressure again.“Cum in Madhuri’s mouth,” Sanjana commanded. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and starting pumping me furiously, aiming my tip towards Madhuri.

“Open your mouth Madhuri,” Sanjana said again. It was obvious she loved being in charge here. In my haze, I saw that as Madhuri opened her mouth and came near my mouth, I short my first glob out which landed on her lower lips. Sanjana did a great job to aiming most of my spurts into her mouth then the furiously kissing her cum filled mouth and plunging her tongue in. The girls again swapped my cum back and forth as they kissed and each swallowed their share before returning to my cock and cleaning me off completely. Exhausted, I pulled the two girls up and we lay on the bed naked, spent and extremely satisfied.

After resting for a while, we ordered some room service and had some light snacks. The awkwardness gone, the comfort level between the three of us was amazing. WE spent the while night having sex many times over till the sun came up. In the morning, Madhuri bid us good bye. We exchanged contact information and offered her to come visit us anytime. We hugged each other and the girls shared one final kiss.

After Madhuri left our room, Sanjana looked at me and then jumped me and kissed me with the most passionate kiss she could muster. “I love you, you know that don’t you?” She said lovingly. “Yea I’m beginning to think you do,” I said with a twinkle in my eye.

We spent the rest of the hours having one more passionate love making session, before taking a shower and packing up to leave. We checked out of the hotel and got home uneventfully. Keeping with the saying that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we never discussed this with anyone though Sanjana and I often think about that vacation and fuck each other brainless.

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