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The Only Woman for Me
07-14-2011, 10:05 AM
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The Only Woman for Me
I am watching TV when the phone rings. The name and number that pops up on the screen catches me completely off guard. I haven’t heard from Elaine in a couple of years. Not since we had ended our affair because she felt she had to give her marriage another shot. A few months later her husband got a job offer in another state and they moved away. I stare at the name thinking it can’t really be the only woman I have ever really loved, can it?

“Hello.” I say answering the phone.

“Hey Susan it is me Elaine, how are you doing?” she replies.

Holy shit it really is her I think to myself . So many memories flash through my mind at the sound of her voice. She was married when I met her, although that didn’t seem to impede our immediate attraction for each other. The first thing I noticed about her was her chest, what can I say I love a woman’s chest. Her breasts were a match for mine. I was hard pressed not to stare at her gorgeous breasts all the time. It seemed like I would spend hours sucking on her breasts whenever we would get together. She was a little taller than me about 5’9. We both have brown hair although hers was much shorter than mine. Where my hair is a little past my shoulders, she always kept hers very short.

We started out as friends but before long we were lovers. She would tell her husband she was working and we would spend the day together. Looking back I am surprised we didn’t get fired for the number of times we would call in sick so we could be together. Once or twice we fooled around at work, but both of us realized how risky that could be. Although some days we wouldn’t be able to help ourselves and we would find a isolated corner and we would be all over one another.

She had the most amazing kiss I had ever experienced in my life. One kiss from her and my entire body would react. My nipples would get hard and my pussy would respond by immediately get wet. One kiss and I was putty in her hands. I loved and hated the power she had over me.

I remember this one day we had both called in sick yet again. We went to breakfast at our favorite restaurant. Where we spent the entire meal teasing one another about what we were going to do to each other later. She looked so good that day wearing my favorite outfit, a blue low- cut dress that accented her cleavage so nicely I could hardly look away from her breasts while we ate.

When she got up to pay the bill I couldn’t help but watch her walk away. I looked her up and down from her sexy shoes, which I knew she wore just because she knew I loved them on her, to her nice firm ass and then on up to her long kissable neck I knew I had to have her soon. Her entire outfit that day was designed to make me want her and I knew she did that on purpose.

I got up and headed to the restroom. As I was coming out of the stall I saw her walk in, looking at me like she wanted to devour me right now. She pushed me back into the stall and started kissing me and groping my breasts.

“Elaine stop, we can’t do this here come on let’s go back to my place.” I told her as I try and push away from her and stop her roaming hands.

It seemed like she had four hands. I steadily tried to stop her. I’d move one hand away from me and before I could stop her, she was right back at my breasts rubbing my nipples or her hand would be between my legs. It seemed as if her hands were everyone at once.

“Elaine, fuck, stop, what if someone comes in here?” I asked her.

“Well you just better be quiet when I make you cum then.” She told me as she pushed me against the stall wall and started kissing me. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled my hips towards her.

I took both of my hands and placed them on her shoulders and hard as I could I pushed her off me. I couldn’t help but grin at the look on her face, it was priceless. I don’t think she thought I would really try to fight her off that hard.

“Come on let’s go.” I told her still grinning.

“Oh we have a little fight in us today do we?” She told me with a grin of her own.

Before I realized what was happening she had both of my hands above my head holding them in place as she started to kiss my neck and suck on it right below my earlobe, one of my many weakness when it came to her and she knew it. I couldn’t stop a slight moan from escaping my lips as her fingers started to pull and play with my hard nipples, as she continued to lick and bite on my neck.

“Do you really want me to stop?” she asked me as her hand slowly moved down my stomach.

“No…. “I told her breathlessly.

“Wait I meant yes stop, Elaine please stop. Not here, someone could walk in at any moment.” I told her as I tried to push her away with my body.

Elaine’s hand ran down my body. She unzipped my jeans and before I could get out another word of protest her hand was on my pussy, which was wet and ready for her. She cupped my pussy in her hand just gently squeezing it over and over, which caused me to moan each time she did.

“If you really wanted me to stop lover, why are you so wet for me hmm?” she asked me as she slid her fingers inside me.

“Yeah but… I …uh… um….. Really…..wait…. Oh fuck….. That….. feels good.” I replied losing all train of thought as she started rubbing my clit as well.

She started fucking me harder and faster with her fingers going deeper and deeper inside. Her other hand had let go of my arms and was pulling my hair back as she kissed and licked on my neck. My moans were getting louder and louder as I got closer to my orgasm, I knew I was going to cum soon if she didn’t stop.

“You don’t want me to stop now do you?” she whispered in my ear.

“No…No…No…” I told her repeatedly as I got closer and closer to cumming.

“That’s it cum for me baby, cum for me.” I heard her whispering over and over in my ear when the door to the restroom opened and we heard someone walk in.

“Fuck. Stop.” I whispered.

Elaine just shook her head at me and with one hand covered my mouth as she continued on fucking me with the other hand.

“Just be quiet and cum for me because I am not going to stop until you do.” She whispered to me.

I tried to stop her, push her away from me but she was not having any of it. She continued licking on my neck and between that and the feel of her wonderful fingers inside me it didn’t take me long before my body was quivering with my orgasm. A moment or two later we heard the woman leave the restroom and Elaine said,

“Well that certainly is a fun way to end breakfast.”

“Shut up, I can’t believe you did that to me!” I told her, not sure if I was pissed at what she did or not.

“Oh you know you loved it. Now come on let’s go. Aren’t you the one that was having a fit to get out of here?” She said laughingly as I zipped my pants back up and she pulled me out of the stall.

“Oh fuck you.” I told her with a laugh.

“I know you want to, but can’t you at least take me back to your house. I don’t want you to fuck me here.” She replied with a smirk.

“Your going to get yours, trust me on that. Payback is bitch.” I replied.

“Oh I don’t doubt it.” She said as we walked out the door.

“Susan, hello.. Susan are you there?” I hear her asking me on the phone.

“Yes I am here, sorry. Hearing your voice send my mind down memory lane there for a second.” I tell her with a laugh.

“Hmm…. I wonder which memory you were thinking about?” she asks.

“Never you mind about that. I haven’t heard from you in forever. Is everything ok?” I ask her.

“Yes everything is ok here, more than ok in fact. I am coming back home and the first person I wanted to tell was you.” She tells me.

“Really? What’s going on? Why are you coming back? ” I ask.

‘Well, Jake and I are divorced and there is really nothing keeping me here. I will be back in town next week and I would really love to see you. That is if you wanted to.” She replies.

“I would really like to see you as well.” I tell her unable to hide the joy in my voice at the thought of her not only coming back home but coming back home single.

To be continued……..

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