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The Mission
07-15-2011, 05:33 AM
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The Mission
We started our post grad with introductions and getting to know each other. This is the point where everybody glamorizes their lives and spells out all the reasons why they are doing the course. I had no other choice but to do the course, I hadn’t found a job after my degree and I didn’t want to go back to working in the Service Industry or Factory Floors. I didn’t tell the rest of the class that of course, I gave them a plausible reason for being on the course. We then talked about the varied subject matter we were going to cover on the course and went through the motions of starting university life. Fun!

Three weeks into the course things were nice and dandy until a panicked Indian girl, Jas, stood in my face and asked if I had done the 3000 word essay that was required in a couple of days. I hadn’t, and I didn’t even know what the assignment was about. That was just the kick up the bum I needed.

I started quizzing her about the question and what we could do to get us through this. The essay required pairing up and presenting an essay based in the real world cut throat business environment. By default she became my partner on this one. Having had very little working experience to draw on we went to the library with Jas to find books to use as reference. It was an all nighter and the events that took place were the last things on my mind when we went back to my house.

The living room was slightly messy and the other housemates were enjoying the football. After meaningless hellos to them, we went straight up to the bedroom and discussed the project then typed up most of the required 3000 words and then discussed more.

It was late and we just could not physically do anymore work. Jas asked me if she could spend the night on the sofa that lay across the foot of the bed. I said it was fine and gave her a pair of jogging bottoms and a T shirt. That was that, I thought, and I jump into bed.

I was just getting comfortable and dozing off when I felt the bottom of the duvet, by my feet, opening up. It could not have been a moment later a hand crawled up my leg from my toes making the hairs on my legs stand as the hand brushed up my leg. Without warning the slit in my boxers was unravelled and my cock was in her hand. It sprung to life with urgency and anticipation.

My heartbeat hastened in response and I felt the wetness of her tongue flicking my bishop. It was heaven. I made an attempt, with my hands, to get involved but she just pushed them away. I withdrew my hands but still feeling the need to satisfy her. I tried again and this time she responded by holding my hands one on each side of my body, in a firm grip against the mattress as she worked my penis with her mouth.

Little convulsion from my penis sent pulses from my groin throughout my whole body. Wow. She then left my hands and put both hands on my shaft and with her stiffened tongue she started to grind the inner part of my penis head. That was it. I was on my way. My legs started moving uncontrollably. She quickly jumped on them and forced them down so that they did not interfere with the position she wanted me in. The submission hold she had me in increased the force that was building up inside me.

I couldn’t hold it any longer and juices burst into her mouth. She swallowed them and started sucking on my shaft to draw the rest of my seamen out. This intensified the electric feeling I was experiencing and made my shaft remain hard in her hands.

I heard a sigh. Its was strange sigh which almost made me think she was disappointed about something. She was. Her mission was to leave me limp and she had failed. I wish I could have indulged her but this was out of my control especially since she still had her left hand firmly on my shaft. I on the other hand could not hide my satisfaction. I had the biggest smile and a glint in my eye that lit up the darkened room.

As for the rest of her mission, that is for another day. *titties*

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