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hello…. friends…. . I used to read stories from other sites. But,i was not aware of this site till one day i accidentally found out. After reading some of the stories, i was really happy & i felt sad how much i missed this site. I’m from banlore & this site contains many stories & real incidents of people . & after i found out this site,i haven’t missed any of the stories. I thought i too should narrate about my experience. Hope u will enjoy. Please forgive if my narration is bad. Let me introduce u. My name is arpith I’m 27 years old,fair,medium built (64 kgs in weight & about 5’9 in height). I’m basically fun loving person,believes in having lots of fun in life. I was having a normal life – college,studies,friends,xxx movies,browsing porn sites,masturbating,dreaming about having sex & so on…. till this incident took place. I too was a regular visitor of different sites publishing sex stories. & i was very much surprised after reading real incidents of people who are having sex. Even though, some stories are created,but, some seems to be real & was amazed to know how those people are getting the chance to have sex. As a result,my urge to experience real sex has grown. But, HOW ? I don’t know. The only source is to find some prostitutes. But, i have no interests in them. So, i decided to wait till my time comes. Now, let me come to the incident which i was waiting for. The incident took place when i was 20 years old.I was doing my engineering. I have an aunty. She was a distant relative & we hardly had any contacts. To be frank, i even didn’t know about her till her marriage.She was married to a guy who was working in U.A.E. After 1 week of their marriage, her husband had to fly back as he had no leave & she didn’t get the visa too. So, she was living in her husband’s house. Apart from aunty, there were her mother-in-law & father-in-law. Within 1 month, she got her visa. SO, she informed my parents. So,my parents decided to visit her before going. At that time, i had my vacations. So, i too decided to go with them. Her father-in-law & my father was good friends even before her marriage. Now, about my aunty – Her name was mridula (name changed). She was 35 years old as she was lately married due to some problems related to her horoscope. She was very fair, around 5’7″, big boobs around 36 and a nice body shape. She has an attractive figure which no one can resist looking for, but I managed to control myself some how as she was married & was my aunty too. We had a great welcome there & they gave us separate rooms as it was a big house with enough rooms. That was the very first time i happened to see aunty that much closer as i didn’t attend her marriage too. Ohhh my God…. She was just like an angel. Having seen her so close, i got the erection. I wished to screw her &She will be missing sex so badly.But,somehow i controlled myself in front of her & went to the bathroom & masturbated. After 2 days, my father decided to go back as he had his job leaving my mother & me. After 2 days itself, i became more close to aunty & she too was very friendly to me. One fine day, my mother decided to go to a famous temple which was about 35 kms away. Aunty’s father-in-law told my mother that he will drop her as they were having car. So, aunty’s mother-in-law too decided to join them. Aunty was having menstrual period, so decided not to go with them. [I accidently came to know about this while aunty & her mother-in-law were talking] I was busy watching a movie in t.v. When my mother asked to come with them, i told them “no”. So,3 of them left to temple afternoon around 3.30pm. After they went, aunty went inside. I continued with the movie as the movie was having a nice twist. At that time, my mind was full of movie & didn’t realized that aunty & me were alone. Suddenly i felt something inside me – some fear, some excitement, some sexual desires …. & realized the fact that aunty & me were alone. Then, i moved from the hall to see what aunty was doing. She was in the kitchen preparing tea as it was around 4 p.m. Seeing me, she asked :- “Arun, is the movie finished ?” [ As we had the conversation in malayalam - our regional language, here i'm translating to English] I replied :- “No aunty, its not yet finished “. Aunt :- “Then, why did u come here ? Is the movie boring u ?” Me :- “No, i just came to see where u r & whether u r ok “. Aunt :- “ohhh …. I’m ok. u go & watch the movie. i’m preparing tea & i will come & give u”. Me :- “Its ok aunty. i switched-off the t.v. I’m not watching anymore. i have already seen that movie before. [The truth is i haven't seen the movie before. I lied so as to be with her for some time] I sat in the dining table which was in the kitchen. Aunt said “ok” & continued with preparing the tea & asked :- “Why didn’t u go with them to temple ?” Me :- “Nothing,i don’t have any mood. Why didn’t u go aunty ?”. Even though, i know why she didn’t go, i just asked her to check how she reply for that] Aunt looked at me & smiled with some shyness & told :- ” I’m having my periods, arun. Hope u know what that means”. I replied with a smile :- “ohhh….i know”. Aunt :- “ok, then which year r u studying ?” Me :- “3rd year”. Aunt :- “How’s ur studies going ?” Me :- “Not bad. When are u going aunty?” Aunt :- “probably next week”. Me :- “So, u might be so happy to see uncle (her husband), right ?” Aunt :- “Yes, why not ? I’m so happy”. Between our conversation,i was peeping through the sides of her saree sometimes to see her big boobs inside her blouse. Then, she came to the dining table with 2 cups of tea & sat besides me. I was totally surprised to see that as there were somewhat 8 chairs surrounding the dining table & she occupying decides me. She gave me a cup of tea with a smile. When i saw her smile, i felt something was going to happen. That thought made my heart pounding & my dick was too hardened. At that time, my mind was about the incidents which were narrated by different people in sex stories sites & how they got their chance to have sex with others. So, i thought this was the perfect time for my best chance & i decided that i should make this day the best in my life. So,as the next step, i stood up & went to the other side of the table to pick up a tin where some biscuits & snacks were put. While i was returning, i just brushed my hand on her back. She didn’t say anything & i sat near her & had tea with snacks. Then, i asked her :- “Aunty,How much u missed uncle these days ?” Aunty :- “Very much. U will feel the loneliness when u r in such a situation”. Me :- “I can guess that, aunty. I can guess how much u missed sex in these days”. When i said that, my heart started to beat more rapidly. And by hearing that, she looked at me amazed of what she heard about sex. I could see in her eyes how much she was surprised to hear such a thing from me. & she asked :- “Why did u asked like that ?”. Me :- “But, am i right aunty ?” After thinking some time, she replied with a smile :- “Yes arun, u r right”. I thought now the time has come for the right move. I said looking at her :- “Aunty, u r so gorgeous. I feel so sorry for u that uncle is not nearby u”. Aunty :- “Yes, but this is life. We should have to miss someone sometime in our life”. I was sure that she will co-operate with me if I make a move. So,with some confidence i told her :- “Aunty, i would like to have sex with u”. Hearing that, she stared at me. I don’t know how she felt hearing that. All i could realize that her face was red – was it because of anger or nervousness ? i couldn’t make that out. She then stood up from her chair with her cup & went to the wash basin to make it clean. I was totally blind & didn’t know what to do. She too was keeping quiet. After cleaning up the cup & some dishes, she came near me & asked :- “Arun, what happened to u? Why did u ask like that? Did u forget that I’m a married lady? ” Me :- “I didn’t forget that,aunty. But, i couldn’t resist seeing u. U r so gorgeous that i couldn’t resist asking u this. I need to experience sex,aunty. Please,i love u so much.” Aunty :- “Stop arun,do u know what u r talking about?” Me :- ” I know very well,aunty. I thought about this 100 times “. Aunty :- “But,how can i do that? I’m a married woman & elder to u. If i do that,its equal to cheating my husband”. I asked her again & again & at last she felt like i was begging for that. Finally, she somewhat agreed & told :- “Ok, i agreed but with only 1 condition. No intercourse”. I felt so bad hearing that & thought i don’t have the luck to experience sex. But,at the same time i thought of enjoying with what i got. So,i agreed to her condition. We then moved to her bedroom after locking the front door. I was relieved to some extend after she agreed & was happy too. I know time is not a major factor as they will take some time to return back from the temple. But, the problem is i didn’t get the permission to fuck her. But, why should i look back. This was a chance,so why should i enjoy with whatever i got? On entering in her bedroom, she closed the door & smiled. This time i was much more relieved to see her smile & could realize that she don’t have any anger inside. Why should she have? After all, she too is missing sex badly. Aunt :- “What are u going to do,arun ? You are not like what I thought. You are a naughty boy. Will you do anything ?” Me :-”Yes aunty,anything”. Aunt :- “but,except intercourse,ok ?” Me :- “Ok, What do you want me to do ?” Aunt :-”Do you masturbate,arun? Can I see you masturbating? I need to see your milk coming right from your dick”. I agreed & i was eager to have her. [One of my dream related to sex was to fuck an aged woman.I have read that woman have their best sex when they get older. Now,a woman of 35 was in front of me ready to have some fun. I was so excited] Aunt :- “Now, where will u start? ” Hearing that i moved near her & took her face in my hand and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes with a slight moan. I kissed her each eyes one by one. After that I moved to her each ear lob and took them in my mouth. She felt a tickling effect. I then sucked them for around one minute. Then I bite her ear lightly. She opened her eyes and asked :- “what r u doing? Me :- “Does that hurt u ?” Aunt :- “No,I’m enjoying that. Then I came to her cheek and put my lips on it. First i kissed lightly and then I licked it. She again closed her eyes. Now, I came to her vibrating lips. Suddenly our breaths became heavy. I put a light kiss on her pair of lips. Then I took her lower lip between my lips and start sucking. Her breath become heavier. Then,she opened my shirt and started playing with my chest nipples. I got excited and took her both lips in my mouth and started sucking madly. She started sweating & the heavy aroma of a sweaty woman filled my nostrils with a remarkable delight. I could see some sweat on her forehead & neck. I seeped those drops. woowwwww ….. It was salty & tastes so good. [Most men only say about woman's pussy,cunt,boobs & ass. But,i also like to lick woman's sweat drops,their arm-pits] I could smell her sweat which was very attracting. She asked me whether I liked her smell. I replied :- “Yes I like ur smell”. Then she asked me about my sex experience. I told her that I’m a virgin. She then asked whether i have a girl-friend or lover? I replied :- “No”. She asked :- “What u like most in sex,arun ?” Me :- “I like oral sex,eager to smell juicy pussies and drink pussy juice”. She looked at my eyes then slowly asked :- “Do u like to eat my pussy ?” Me :- “Yessss,aunty”. She then ordered me not to call her aunty but to call by her name. Now,i could feel she was arousing. Then,my hand moved to her big lovely boobs. I took off her blouse & bra. By that time, my mouth was full of water. I was so happy to have her. I went behind her & took both her boobs on my hand & started to squeeze slowly. At the same time, i started to kiss on her neck & ears. She became more aroused & excited with this & she started to moan heavily. After slow squeezing,i started to squeeze her boobs little harder & harder. We both were in Heaven & i could feel how much she was enjoying with that. After 10 minutes of playing with her boobs from behind, i came in front of her & cupped both her huge boobs & squeezed it hard. “Ohhhh….arun,great…. suck it hard,arun”. I then took both her boobs in my hand & started to suck one by one.I touched her nipples, it was already erect. Her nipples was somewhat big too & i sucked & sucked it like mad for about 15 minutes. I then untied her saree & underskirt. Now,she was only in her black panty.Then i removed her panty. I really enjoyed removing her panty. It was great & difficult to narrate how a woman’s panty is removed. I loved that very much. After i fully removed her panty – Ohhhhh….. What a sight that was. The very first time i saw the holy place of a woman. I took her panty and smelled – Ohhhhhh God…. it was the most exciting musky odour.My penis turned to alive,stirring in my jeans. I licked the wetness of her panty that tasted like salty honey. This was a new experience for her as her husband didnt do like that yet. But,to my surprise, she didn’t wear any pads as she was having her periods. Her pussy was black,shaved but had some thick hairs. By seeing her pussy,my cock got instantaneously rigid,making me fully restless under my innerwear. She realized my cock’s condition & and gave a big smile and she breathed deeply making me more excited. As i was going to start concentrating on her pussy,she stopped me and told :- “Keep patience,arun. I’m with u”. She then removed my jeans. She could see the buldge in my innerwear & gave a naughty smile. She then removed my innerwear & their stood my errect 5.5″ inch cock pointing towards her. She remarked :- “Ohhh….arun, its not bad. Now its time to start ur duty”. She then sat on the bed & i kneeled down on the floor & started concentrating on both her legs. I placed her each leg on my lap & started licking and sucking her each ankle & toes. I took a lot of time concentrating on each & every corner of her body. I then moved up to her thighs. What thighs she has. It was little plumpy & i love those thighs & sucked each & every corner. She was moaning loudly by this time. She then separated her thighs & gave the sign to start licking her holy area. I moved towards her pussy & sniffed her pussy. “Ohhh dear…. what a smell that was”. I sniffed it for about 5 minutes. This was too a new experience for her & she loved that very much which she told me later. [I really love sniffing a cunt in the dog-bitch position or kneeling between her thighs,sniffing and licking at the same time] After that wonderful sniffing,i thought of entering to the next level – Her cunt lips and clitoris. I started rubbing them with full devotion. I heard some erotic sounds from her mouth and I guessed she got very much excited. Then,i ran my tongue to the complete area and gave an erotic tongue bath. I placed my lips on her tiny cunt lips and started sucking it. I started massaging her hips too with my hands and sucking her clit simultaneously. She grabbed my hair and started to pull my head towards her swelling sweet pussy and pushed her cunt in my mouth. i inserted my tongue in her vagina. I licked her cunt & took her clit in my teeth. Slowly I bit her clit. Her entire waist rocked, she bucked & her cunt hit my face, I started to bite it again. I spread her cunt with my fingers & moved my tongue all over. I then licked her asshole which gave me pleasure like anything. What an asshole she has ???? She was moaning with pleasure :- “Aahhhh…. aaahhhh…. aahhhhhhh …. yessss, Arun,yes …. Eat it Eat it ….” Hearing this i started to eat her clit. We both were on fire now. I then put two fingers inside her vagina & started to stroke :- “Aaaahhhh …. aaaahhhhhh …. oooohhhhhh …. arun,please slowly …. arun,please…. I could not hold myself “. In that excitement,i started to bite her clit harder & harder – “Aahhhhhhh …. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh …. ooooouuuuuuccccchhhh !!!! ” Her hips moved up & down & her juices started to flow. Her body shuddered, & a fountain spilled out of her pussy. Both of us were in heaven. Then,i tasted her cunt juice – somewhat salty. I was not finished yet. Again, now i inserted my tounge inside her vagina & stated to move my long tongue in and out. After couple of minutes, she couldn’t resist anymore. She moarned :- “Ohhh….my God….arun,pleaseeee…. what pleasure r u giving me? Please don’t stop, I’m in heaven. I love u,arun…. aaaaahhhh….oooohhhh…uuuummmm” In between the tongue fuck,i tickled her clitoris with fast movement of my finger. Suddenly, She started shivering and she once more unloaded her juice in my mouth. I licked all of it like a dog licking milk from the bowl. I got the reward of my job. She was breathing heavily. We both went down on bed hugging each other. After 5 minutes,she got up. She was looking at my oozing cock tip & said :- “Arun,u r not done yet. Now, let me see u masturbate”. Hearing this, i thought i should ask her permission once more to experience intercourse. So, i asked her but she didn’t allow me. I begged for the chance :- “Please aunty…. please…. let me allow to fuck u”. She again rejected my request. I thought she was right as she was newly married. Her husband wont be completely make use of her as he had to fly back within 1 week after their marriage. & she was having her periods too. May be that’s why she didn’t allow me to do the intercourse. I too didn’t had the mind to force her as she allowed me to have this much fun with her. So, i thought i should show her the art of masturbation. My cock was still hard rock as i didn’t unload. I started shaking the rod slowly by looking at her sweet big breasts and not even closing my eyelids. She started enjoying my act, and started teasing me by shaking her breasts and taking them one by one in her hand. She then began to rub her clit like professional porn stars do. Her actions made me crazy. It was getting too much for me, I started shivering and the load of my cum was boiling in my balls. I increased the speed of shaking my cock. Suddenly the heavy thrust from my balls found its way through my cock. I felt my entire body was on fire. ” Oooooohhhh mridula …. Yessss, I’m cummingggg…. ” My cock started pumping out hot,thick and loads of cum. The first thrust hit her face as she was looking at it closely. She pulled her face back but the hot milk spread all over the place mostly on her lap, few on her breasts too & some on the bed and floor too. She smiled at me and helped me in cleaning my cock with her saree. She cleaned her breasts also with saree and got up from bed :- “I really love you arun….you are so beautiful. I really enjoyed this time with u.” She then got up & told me that she was going to bath. I could’nt believe what happned and sat their for some time. Then I went back to my room with the satisfaction about the time i spent with my aunty. As i reached my room,i lie down for some time thinking the unforgettable experience i had. I was soo happy thinking of that. But, at the same time, i was soo sad too that i didn’t get the chance to experience what real sex is & what sexual intercourse is. I’m sure that none will be fully satisfied with what happened to me. Am i right,guys ? I’m sure u all will agree with me. I kept on thinking that i have to wait again for a period to get the real pleasure in sex & realized – I’M STILL A VIRGIN !!!! As i narrated this incident to some of my friends, they make fun of me. They told i didn’t took the chance & tried for the best to get her permission. They told i should be forcing her or blackmailing her to get the chance. Thinking what my friends told, i couldn’t agree with them. As far as she is my aunty & she gave me the permission to get that much pleasure,my mind says i shouldn’t be doing what my friends told. & also i respect women a lot. I think this made me not to force or reject her conditions. What u think,readers ? Am i right or wrong to what i did ? If any woman is reading this, please let me know whether i did the right thing or not as women can answer to my question more better. After couple of days, my mother & me returned home & within 1 week she flew to U.A.E . What I learn from that incidence is that :- “”"” SEX IS BLIND. IT HAS NO AGE LIMITS. IF BOTH PARTNERS (MAN & WOMAN) WISHES, NOTHING CAN STOP FROM EXPLORING THE PLEASURE OF SEX “”"” Am i right, readers ? I respect & adore woman’s body and I think that all women are beautiful- stout or thin, young or middle aged or old, tall or short, fair or dark or any race. I would perform cunnilingus on any woman who enjoys it. I enjoy a woman’s natural fragrance. Eating pussy is natural just like breathing. Hope you all enjoyed the incident which happened to me. I don’t have any other experiences to narrate. So,I love to hear from everyone how u felt about my narration. All replies are welcomed – even if its positive or negative. Any ladies or girls of any age who are starving for sex – can mail me at :- To the knowledge of women or girls who are interested in me – I’M STILL A VIRGIN Any ladies, who are shy too, please feel free to contact me. If u wish, i will satisfy u’r needs of any kind – even if its not intercourse. I can give the pleasure by just licking ur holy hole. U can trust me 100%. your details will be 100% secure. Thnxxxx Take care everyone …. Hope, v will meet soon in this site again.