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The Girl Upstairs
07-14-2011, 09:33 AM
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The Girl Upstairs
He heard a noise upstairs, and froze listening, there it was again coming from the front bedroom, the he remembered the new flatmate who'd moved in last week he had only seen her briefly, when she came and looked at the flat, he looked in the fridge wondering if there was any wine, probably not the other flatmates would have drunk it, he finished his sandwich whilst watching the news the house quiet the flat mates all out somewhere, he looked towards the ceiling listening to her moving about.

Thinking he would go out for a pint down at the local, and invite her as a bit of a house warming gesture, as he approached her door he noticed it was ajar, he was about to knock when he saw her reflection, in the mirror, he almost fell in the door, thinking he should turn away before she realised he was there, but mesmerised he just stood there.
She was sitting in the rocking chair opposite the mirror the light behind her giving him a perfect view, her legs hooked over the arms so she was spread wide, her fingers idly gliding through her slit, she looked so sexy sitting there he could feel himself growing hard. Moving her hands up to her breasts cupping them her pink nipples semi hard her head back as she began to massage them, watching knead that soft pliant flesh made him weak at the knees, his hardness straining against his jeans, he unzips, letting his cock spring free, slowly he strokes along his shaft. Her hand glide down her body and over her mound rubbing the heel of her palm rubbing lightly over clit, he could see this in the mirror the more she rubbed the more she flowered, he could see her nectar gathering at her opening, her fingers now pulling back the hood, slowly stroking her clit teasing it out like a snake charmer, her breath shallow as her fingers moved over that tightening little nub, he could see her sticky fingers from where he stood, fully erect now, his hand squeezing his cock as he stroked, he could feel his ball sac swelling filling with need as he watched her, fingers dance over that glistening pink flesh, it was all he could do not moan out loud his cock ridged in his hand the head tight and purple his precum oozing from his slit. Suddenly she turned her head towards the door and said "why don't you join me" he was startled believing that she didn't realise he was there, he stepped into the room ans she smiled at him her fingers still busy. Startled he was busted, entering the room smiling at her knowing there was no turning back, quickly stepping out of his trousers as she appraised him coolly, his eyes never leaving those dancing fingers as they played over her pussy, dropping to his knee's leaning closer, smelling her scent instantly making him high it was so potent, he could see her juices bubbling at her opening, as he leaned in his tongue snaking out the tip pointed as he scooped a droplet of her juice and smiled as he tasted her, taking a longer lick, her juices beginning to spill out, her fingers alternatively stroking and tugging her clit, his tongue flat over her juicy hole feeling her tremble as he continued with long slow fluttering licks, her opening contracting with each stroke of his tongue, she moved down further in the chair her juices running down to her tight rosette, pooling there, using his thumbs to part her cheeks further, his tongue fluttering slowly over her perineum, her breath catching as he gets closer, his tongue drawing circles around her ring, gathering that sweet juice on his tongue, lapping at her ring feeling that tender flesh pliant under his tongue open, slightly, parting her cheeks as wide as they will go, holding her the tip of his tongue slowly working it's way in, just flicking in the opening, seeing her pucker as she openend up to his tongue, the flat of his thumb pressing on her ring, making her gasp, as her enters, his thumb glides in easily, he moves it back and forth feeling her relax, his tongue delving into her hole, feeling it immediately bathed in her juices, as he laps in her velvety box, his thumb probing deeper and deeper her body almost sucking him in, swirling his tongue, as her pussy thickens and wraps around him, round and round with his tongue he looks up to see her engorged clit being crushed between her fingers, her pussy and ass contracting hard nearly pushing his thumb and tongue out, forcing his thumb deeper into her ass as it closes around it gripping him, feeling his tongue through the thin membrane, as it finds that swollen g-spot grazing his tongue over and over that lil nub hearing her gasping and begging him not to stop. Slowly removing his thumb from her ass, using her juices as lube he inserts two fingers into her gaping ring, his fingers rippling along her ass as she grips, his fingers spreading wide, filling her, his tongue gliding back into her pussy. licking over her spot, he can feel her pussy spasm on his tongue making more juices flood her tunnel, then trickling down his throat, his fingers pumping in her ass faster and faster,, she is lifting her ass in time with his fingers, driving them deeper feeling brush against the thin membrane, her pussy quivering under his tongue as her swollen pussy contracts, trapping his tongue in her juicy folds, as her orgasm rips through her body her juices molten on his tongue as he drinks her precious nectar greedily, he can feel her ass squeezing on his fingers as her pussy continues to pulsate, as his tongue slides out her juices dripping he nibbles over that soft flesh, as it throbs, she can hear him slurping as licks nibbles every inch of that searing hot flesh. His fingers slow in her ass, just long slow strokes, as he feels her tighten again, his mouth over her opening, as she gushes again, her juice thick hot creamy on his tongue, he savours her taste as he swallows, pinching her clit squeezing out those last few drops, removing his fingers slowly from her ass, watching her squirm slightly, licking his fingers, her aroma and taste like a drug. As he stands up she sees his rock hard shaft standing to attention, the mushroom head tight and purple his ball sac swollen and full, leaning forward the tip of her tongue licking over the head softly so softly until she just has the tip between her lips, flicking her tongue over it tasting the salty precum as it leaks into her mouth, drawing him closer as her lips slide down his cock filling her greedy mouth her fingers digging into his ass, his fingers grabbing at her hair as he slowly fucks her mouth, her teeth grazing along his shaft, making him grunt as he builds up his speed, her tongue fluttering over his cock almost driving him over the edge, through clenched teeth he tells her "I must fuck you NOW", he slowly pulls his cock from her mouth and in one swift moment pulls her to her feet, and as he falls backwards on the bed pulling her on top of him, laughing as she positions herself above him his cock just at her opening as she slides her tight pussy over his shaft sighing deeply as she does so, his long thick shaft buried within her slick walls, leaning backwards her hands gripping his thighs she begins to ride him slowly, his cock in her vise like grip, plunging in and out of that sweet pussy, his thumb rubbing over sheath enticing her clit out as she pumps her hips driving his cock deeper with every thrust his cock hitting her back wall as it thickens and grips his cock, her breasts bouncing, his fingers grasping her now fully engorged clit, pinching it squeezing it, making her scream as she pumps faster..harder, their bodies bathed in sweat as they couple wildly almost animal in their ferocity, their bodies bouncing together as he feels his cock begin to twitch inside her wall wrapped so tightly around him as she rides him hard, pinching her clit savagely, making her howl, he can see her juices seeping from the sides coating his cock, her pussy tightening on his cock as he feels his balls draw up and tighten, grasping her waist slamming her down on him harder and faster with a cry he erupts inside her his hot seed like fire on her flesh, she bucks and gushes bathing his cock with her sweet nectar, holding her down on his cock they make jerking movements as they milk each other their tongues dancing, her nipples like bullets on his chest. Gradually they subside their bodies heaving, her pussy still pulsing on his shaft, still encased tightly within her folds, looking into each other's eyes smiling he whispers "I only came up here to ask you out for a drink", they collapse back on the bed laughing.

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