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The EX Ch 1
07-16-2011, 01:01 AM
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The EX Ch 1
Shane opened the door to her one bedroom apartment. It was cool inside, and she desperately needed it. The cool air caressing her skin. She felt a single drop slide down her neck, and rest between the cleavage of her breasts. Seeing Mark, had really upset her today. She was out jogging, and could not repress the emotions that running into him had brought out. The rage fueled her jog, which had turned into more of a sprint. How she missed Mark and the encounters that they used to have. Or the sex rather, she thought. She couldn't help but feel the longing for him, even now as she stand here alone, feeling the cool blast from the window unit. She glanced out her window. The sounds from the city creeping up to torture her again. Having grown up in the country, moving to the city had proved tough on her. Leaving Mark had been tough, and of all places, to be jogging through Central Park,at seven in the morning, and running into him, had been tougher then she thought. She hadn't seen him, since she left over eight months ago. She thought all of the feelings were suppressed, but clearly, everything surfaced the moment she looked into his brown eyes. He was tall, had sandy brown hair, and deep dark mysterious eyes. Coal eyes. His jaw line was strong, and he kept his hair a little longer then he should. He was a realtor broker,and kept a boyish playfulness about him. A flirtatious domineer that his women clientele loved. Loved so much in fact, that he acted on them, more then sold them houses. That was what had led to the demise of her and him.

Her cell phone ringing from the kitchen distracted her thoughts.

"Hello," she answered as cheerfully as she good.

"You look good." The voice was deep, and completely male. Shane sank to the floor. She knew who it was.

"Thank you." She barely mustard.

"Why didn't you stop and talk today?" He asked.

"I don't need this Mark," She said in almost a plea.

"I hadn't realized how much I missed you, till I was watching your beautiful body run away from me today. I got so hard just thinking about you and all the fun we used to have." His voice was husky.

"Well, you were having way more fun then I was Mark. Remember? That's why we broke up." Shane tried to stand her ground.

"I know Shane, and I'm sorry. I told you a million times." There was a long silence.

"I've thought about you, every day since. I've wanted to call. I've held my cock in my hand, stroking it, thinking about you and your sweet pussy."

"Well, I'm sure my pussy isn't the only one you were thinking about." Shane felt the warmth growing in her groin.

Just thinking about Mark, and how good sex was with him, was driving her mad. But she knew she had to stand her ground.

"I want to see you Shane." His voice a plea.

Shane sat on the floor, near tears. Knowing that she should not even allow herself, even the pleasure of a revenge fuck.It had been a long time since she had had sex. Months in fact. She had once left with a man from a club, thinking that a one night stand was what she had needed, but she couldn't complete the act. The fact was, she was stillin love with Mark, and she knew it.

"Shane?" his voice softer. "I really have never forgotten about you. I still love you. Please, have dinner with me tonight."

She sat silent again. And finally the words came out. The flashes in her mind, controlling her actions. Thinking of him buried deep inside her. Taking her places only he could. "Okay," she said softly.

"Really? Oh god Shane. Tonight. Seven thirty. I'll pick you up."

Shane reluctantly gave him her address, and hung up the phone. She closed her eyes. Again thinking of Mark.

It was hot. The air around her thick. The ball in her mouth a little to tight tonight. To tight to even get the safe word out if she needed it. Daisy. She thought the word. Wanted her mouth to form it. That word had been chosen, becauseit was her favorite flower. Mark was in a stronger mood tonight than usual, and being a little more rough then she was liking. The flogger he had used on her, had left welts she was sure were going to be permanent. She was face down on what looked like a pummel horse. Her wrists tight together under and her legs apart, chained to the legs of the table. Her ass hung off just at her hips, which allowed Mark perfect access to penetrate her, with whatever he liked. Mark's fingers plunged inside her. Rough. Stinging. And yet it made her wet. So wet and wanting more. His hot voice in her ear. "You like this bitch?" She nodded, unable to speak. Soft moans escaping from behind the large ball. "Your pussy is so wet, I know you like it." Mark's voice rough. He pulled his hand out, and it came down on her ass in a violent blow, that sent her skin shaking in all directions. Her moan barely escaping. Trying to draw in air. She tried to look back at him, but could not turn her head far enough. She heard his zipper. Apparently there wasn't going to be much play tonight. Mark walked around to the front of the table, and unhooked the strap and released the ball. She sucked in warm air. Bordering on choking. His cock was now forced into her mouth. He was bent over her, forcefully shoving two fingers in her asshole. She was starting to enjoy the feeling, when the smell hit her. That familiar sex smell. Pussy. She shuddered. Unable to pull away from his cock. She turned her head to the side,and spat out the word. "DAISY" she shouted. Mark didn't stop at first. He kept ramming his fingers deep inside of her. "Daisy!" She shouted again. Mark came back, his actions quick, and he untied her, and freed her from the restraints.

"What?" Mark asked in confusion. His brow furrowed and sweaty.

"You stink" Was all she could get out between the breathlessness. and anger she felt. Trying to stand.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Mark asked even more confused. "Its hot in here, I'm sorry. I didn't think that would make you say the fucking safe word. I'll go shower."

"You should have showered her off of you, before you shoved your cock in my face." She shouted.

Mark closed his eyes, a shamed looked came across his face. Obviously he was remembering his encounter earlier in the day. He opened his eyes.

"Get out Mark." She said through grit teeth.

"Please Shane, let me explain." He pleaded.

"Get out. Stay with her for tonight, for all I give a fuck, and I'll be gone by morning."

"Are you going to let me explain?"

"I don't even want to hear it. I've just had another woman's pussy in my mouth, not of my wanting this time. I give you everything. I fuck women for you. I let other men fuck me for you! I don't even want that, but because it gets you off, I allow it, during this role play, because I like the pain of it all, and you still arn't satisfied?" She was near hysterical. "just get out."

Shane stopped her thoughts right there. She didn't want to go any further. Remember that horrible night, was not what she had in mind. Not now. She wanted to remember the good times. The feel of his giant cock penetrating the deep region inside her. Making her cum. Punishing every inch of her pussy, till she couldn't take anymore. Unconsciously she had begun to rub her pussy through the thin gym shorts she was wearing. Softly pressing. She needed release. She knew it had been to long. She stood. Thinking of Mark taking her from behind, with hard blows from his hand coming down on her backside. Grabbing her hair, and pulling her head up to his mouth. Calling her a whore.

Shane turned on the shower and stripped her clothing and stepped into the hot stream of water. She covered her hands in soap and began roaming them all over her body. Across her breasts. Down her stomach. Finally touching what needed touching. The soft feel of her hairless pussy lips. She gently slid a finger inside the wet hole. Her hips bucking, and knees weakening. She hadn't even given herself this pleasure in over two months. Nothing had stirred in her. She loved watching porn and masturbation, but had even wanted to until today. "Mark" she whispered out loud. She closed her eyes and let the hot water run over her face. She plunged another finger into the dripping hole.Pressing harder in and out. Getting closer to what her body so desperately needed. The fire starting first in her stomach, and ripping up through her chest, and down her legs. She put her leg up on the side of the tub, to allow her greater access. She wanted her whole hand inside. Just to give her ache, some attention. She plunged another finger inside. Rocking her fingers back and forth playing with her clit with her thumb. Pulling at her core. She pinched her nipple. She removed her fingers and put them in her mouth. Tasting the wonderfully juices. She quickly slid her fingers back inside that wanting pussy. She pumped her fingers in harder. She wanted to cum. She wanted that release. She wasn't going to make herself wait anymore. Faster she plunged her fingers inside. She was close, so close. It had been to longer. It over took her. First in her knees and then gutting her middle. She had to reach up and hold the shower curtain to keep from falling over. "Fucccckkkkk" she screamed as he body shuddered. She was weak. She went down to her knees and let the hot water run over her. She finally was able to stand, and proceed bathing herself. She knew she needed her rest. She went in and laid down, and let sleep over come her.

"Fuck her. Fuck her hard." The voice was close, but she couldn't see. Blindfolded and tightly tied down, the cock punishing her, was amazing. The hands gripping her hips, the solid hard thrusts. The hot wax that every now and then sliced pain in her ass cheeks. The voice closer to her ear. Mark's voice. "does that cock feel good baby? I love watching you get fucked. Your so fucking hot. Does it feel good?"

"Yessssss," was all she could get out, as her orgasm drew close.

"Don't you cum. Nobody gave you permission to cum." Marks voice demanding. "Don't you cum for him. You hear me Shane,"

It was to late, the throbbing had already started, and the size that was inside her was incredible. She was going to cum. She knew the punishment would be great, but knew the orgasm that was going to take her would be greater. "uuuhhhhh, oohhhh myyyy gooooodddddd!" she screamed, and her pussy erupted. Shooting her juices out of her like a hydrant sprung a leak. The tight convulsions causing her lover behind her, to shoot his load on her tender ass. Mark grabbed her hair, hard, and held his face to his. "I told you not to fucking cum bitch. You having trouble listening tonight?" She loved the demeaning tone in his voice. Love how he took over her completely. She was still reeling her mind back in, and it hadn't exactly set in, watching Mark walk across the room and get the sugar cane.

Her body still shaking, her partner panting behind her. Her pussy still quivering. She hadn't come like that before, and as she composed herself, she knew the reprocussions of that alone. The first wack brought her back. The pain sending more waves and convulsions to her inner walls. WAK! The sound the sugar cane makes turned her on.

"Your going to make me cum again baby!" She cried. Mark was angry. She knew she wasn't supposed to speak, and maybe it was the earth shattering climax she just had, she wasn't thinking straight. The next one hard. She started to feel drops of blood start to run down her hip. She heard the lover behind her speak for the first time, and not in the animalistic grunts. "Mark, come on man."

"Fuck you. Fuck her. She doesn't listen. You wanna cum again Shane?" he shouted. She didn't speak. She knew at this point not too. The line was crossed. She wanted to badly to say the safe word, but was in such an erotic world of pleasure, she didn't want it to stop. WAK!

Shane was jerked from her dream, the doorbell was buzzing. She could feel the built up wetness in her pussy. She looked at the clock, it was two thirty, she hadn't even realized she was that tired, or slept that long. She figured it must have been the release that her body needed. She grabbed her robe, as she had gone to bed naked, and headed down the hall. She was greeted by a delivery boy, with a large whit box, with a single daisy taped to the top. She smiled. She knew who it was from. She thanked the man, and carried the large box to her coffee table and set it down. She opened the card.

Here's to rekindling, old times, my love.

Shane smiled, and opened the box. Inside she found stockings, a garter, crotch less panties, and two gold nipple clamps. She picked them up with a clank in her hand. Just the site of them sent a shiver down to her sex. She looked at the clock.

It was early, but she wanted to take all the time in the world getting ready for what she knew was going to come tonight.

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