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Thanks to My Hubby pt2
07-16-2011, 12:34 AM
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Thanks to My Hubby pt2
The conclusion to I Thank My Hubby...

A couple of days after Larry stayed over, and shared his beautiful cock big cock with me, I got a call from his wife. Elisha and I had been friends since we roomed together at a small rural college in the middle of nowhere. We had often played around sexually doing the normal girlie things, both in and out of bed.

"Hello Elisha, how are you" I asked

"Fine" she replied, continuing by asking if "I could help her with a surprise party for Larry's birthday next weekend"

"Ok, sure what can I do to help out" I inquired, as I thought about his perfect oversized black cock that I had just had in my mouth without her knowing

"Well I don't know how to present this" she said in a worrisome voice. "Larry and I have often talked about having a threesome, or possibly a couple swap night" she continued nervously. "Larry would like the norm, another female. I would like another male but he isn't so keen on that idea" Elisha explained

"Oh I see" I answered, thinking that I had better keep my cock sucking experience to myself for the moment. "So what can I do to help you" I asked, remembering the feel of his long thick cock as I took it into my mouth.

Elisha explained, "Well I was thinking that if you could get out next Saturday Night, I know Larry would love to watch and participate with us. You know, play around like we did in college"

"Ok, you want me to be part of a threesome to celebrate Larry's" I stated, and further asked "will there be any rules or boundaries"

"Nope" she replied and continued saying "its his night, so anything goes". One more thing Tai, Larry has a really big cock and I have thought about you giving him head on many occasions" Elisha added.

"Uh just how big I asked" in attempts to conceal the fact that I already knew, and clearly remembered that I couldn't even wrap my tiny hand around his thick shaft.

"Actually its almost thirteen inches long when fully erect, and four and one half inches in girth" she described to me as I pictured the previous encounter with his massive cock.

"Oh My God" I replied, "that's fucking huge, I don't know if I could handle that much" I continued

"Tai, I have pictured you sucking Larry's cock so many times when you and your hubby are visiting" she said while I pictured her thoughts in great detail. I was getting hot and bothered just picturing his massive black erection in my mouth again.

"We could do each other, we could do him, and then he could do us while we do each other" she continued with a more vivid introduction. I had to touch myself, as i thought about the scenario she presented to me. "You could take Larry's big cock until he unloads his seedy cum into your mouth, while I eat your succulent pussy until it cums in mine" she explained

"Your making me all creamy" I giggled to Elisha, while softly stroking my dampened swollen lips to the hot program she was describing

"Not as creamy as he is going to make us" she replied. "Can you be here about seven pm, as he will arrive home about eight. I want us to greet him at the door dressed as scantly as possibly, then proceed to blow out his candle" Elisha added. "Don't worry, I will have a new sluttish outfit for us to wear" she continued.

"Okay then, I will see what I can do, and let you know soon" I advised as we got off the phone. All I could think about was having another opportunity to have time with her mans big cock. I dreamed of how it would feel penetrating me deeply as I sat there fingering myself to a juice gushing orgasm.

Friday afternoon came fast, as my hubby called and said "he had to fly to NY on business and would be home on Sunday" Wow I thought to myself, what timing as I imagined the events for tonight as my pussy began to twitch in anticipation

After showering, I jumped into car and headed to Elisha's house. It was almost six thirty and traffic was still heavy. Finally arriving with a few minutes to spare, I reflected on what all might happen tonight, based on our previous conversation. All I could think about was Larry's big fuck stick, and how Elisha said we could all do each other.

Elisha greeted me at the door with a hug and very passionate kiss. Delicately, she slipped her tongue in between my lips while her hands roamed across my ass while we stood in the open door way. My hormones were raging already, seeing Elisha looking just as hot as she did in college. Wearing a pair of high cut booty shorts and a mid drift cutoff t shirt as she headed for the shower. I was so excited to be here and couldn't wait for the birthday boy to arrive so we could blow his candle out.

Elisha called out for me to join her as she dried off, telling me "to choose one of the two pieces of hot exotic lingerie on the bed. One set included a white sheer camisole top, and a micro thin high cut sheer white thong that would barely cover our swollen labia lips. The second set was a red sheer up lifting half bra top and matching sheer red micro thin thong. Both set would contrast against our mocha colored skin and dark black hair I thought to myself.

"Which one do you want to wear Tai" she asked as she stepped nakedly into the bedroom. Her dark areolas and nipples looked just as inviting as her fully visible dark Labia lips as she stood there looking at me.

"I will wear the red one" I replied, informing her "that I love the way my breasts look in these half bra tops". I also thought about how hot her huge breast would look through the thin sheer white camisole top.

"Cool" she replied, "we had better get moving as Larry will be shortly"

Ah yes, king black cock will be arriving shortly and I couldn't wait. We took the lingerie and playfully helped each other dress as we awaited his arrival.

"That's hot looking on you Elisha" I commented, noticing how here full breasted pressed against the soft sheer material. I ran my hands over her breasts and watched as her bulled shaped thick nipples pushed even harder against the top.

"Larry is going to flip when he sees your big fucking tits pushed up like that" Elisha stated while showing me in the mirror. "When he catches a glimpse of your nipples, he will want to suck them for sure" she added.

Hearing the car in the garage, Elisha quickly turned off the lights and took me by the hand. We waited in the dark hallway for him to enter the house. Larry turned on the light switch announcing "Elisha I'm home" and there he was.

We stepped into the hallway and led him into the living room as he couldn't believe his eyes. With each one of us at his side, our breasts were rubbing against him as we walked. He was looking down at my uplifted rounded breasts. He smiled fully when he saw puffy areolas and my erect dark nipples pointing up at him.

Acting as if we hadn't indulged together previously was hard, his prominent cock was on the rise as he sat in on the couch. The furniture had been moved, and the camcorder was plugged into the wide screen. Live and direct, Larry viewed us on the big screen as Elisha made the first move to get things started.

She began dancing up against my raging body, allowing her big breasts to sweep up and down my body. Her mouth tenderly kissed mine passionately before running her hot tongue down my chest. She slowly tongued my cleavage, then each nipple before squatting down on her way south. Tracing her tongue down my stomach, eventually reaching my dampened crotch, she slowly licked the outer edges of each side of my swollen labia lips.

Seeing us on the screen looked just like a porno flick with two women about to satisfy each other. Larry was getting into watching his wife seduce another female as his hand was all over his bulging erection. He made no effort to hide the fact that he enjoyed what he was seeing unfold before his eyes. I for one did not want him to hide the fact that he was enjoying the show.

I was hotter than ever, then I felt Elisha's tongue easing underneath the tiny thong covering my saturated pussy. On the screen I watched as she peeled one side back and slipped her hot tongue inside, where as you could clearly see tiny droplets of my juices flowing.

"Happy Birthday baby" Elisha said as she moved her mouth fully onto my exposed pussy, and lowered my thong while Larry watched the larger image on the screen.

In a state of surprised ecstasy, Larry nodded his head while his he watched his wife licking the wet inner folds of my saturated pussy. My eyes were locked on his ever rising cock, one of which I wanted again, oh so bad as Elisha now had her mouth all over my areolas while unhooking the bra top.

"Ahh" I moaned as she sucked my pussy areola into her mouth while I pulled the tiny thong upward, pulling it in between her own wet pussy. "Ah Elisha, that feels so good" I moaned again while her hands were busy removing my top covering. My tits were covered in her salvia as she sucked them harder. I couldn't refrain any longer, "Ah fuck Elisha I'm cum ming" I screamed out as she spun me around to face her husband who was stroking his cock still tucked away in his business pants and shed off my thong. Elisha moved behind me and cradled my aching breasts, while Larry looked at my fully naked body on display.

"Happy Birthday Larry, what do you think about your cake" she asked as her hand was spreading my swollen labia apart.

"It looks good enough to eat" he replied as she slipped a finger inside and wiggled it around. She was a good lover, and she knew just where to touch me. I responded by pressing my throbbing pussy against her invading fingers.

"Ah Elisha, do it please" I cried out in response to her invading finger. She responded by walking me up close and personal to Larry. He watched as his wife inserted two more fingers into my cum ming pussy, making me scream in delight. "Yes Elisha, I'm cumming..yes deeper I'm cum ming"

"Yeah that right Elisha do it" Larry stated loudly as Elisha continued fingering my wet pussy for her husbands pleasure.

Elisha directed me to help her remove Larry's pants, which I did so eagerly by unzipping his trousers and pulling down on the waistband. I had to act surprised when his fully erect black snake popped out and stood like a hooded cobra.

Taking his cock in my tiny hand, I stroked up and down the extended length and said "dam Elisha this cock is fucking huge" as she had shed her thong and top by now.

"You like it" she asked me grinning as I stroked the long thick veined shaft up and down

"Oh yes, but I'm afraid that its too big to me" I remarked as Larry pulled my head closer to the swollen head.

"Don't be scared Tai, it wont hurt you" he chuckled as Elisha pushed me away and pushed Larry backwards on the sofa. She straddled him with her back resting against his chest and her pussy just above his cock, still in my grasp.

Elisha slid down, until her swollen lips were pressed against his thick shaft, and his cock extended upwards six or seven inches from between her inner thighs. Her clit stood stiff and her wet lips had the odor of excited pussy as it was only a few inches from my face..

"Why not lick both of us" she asked as Larry's hands were busy groping her heaving full breasts and lifting them up to her mouth.

"But of course" I replied in a teasing voice as I slowly swirled my tongue around the swollen purple knob. I knew Larry was just as excited as we were, as I got a sample taste of his seedy cum. Tasting it again, I moaned "Mmm" as my tongue ran down the underside of his thick meaty sausage. I licked slowly until I felt her swollen lips, and tasted her savory juices on his shaft.

I pulled the rock hard veined shaft to one side, and slowly tongued her wet trail from clit to entry, making her scream out in pleasure.

"Yes Tai, Lick my pussy you little slut, you know you like my pussy" Elisha commanded as I held his cock head close to her pussy.

Burying my mouth between her opened lips, I moaned a muffled "Mmhmm" as I tenderly sucked each side of her labia lips before licking the swollen knob again. I pressed his cock head to her entry and began to tongue and suck both of them at the same time, occasionally inserting my tongue or his fat head.

"Yes Tai, just like that. I love it" she screamed, knowing that I was working them at the same time.

The next time I pressed the knob inward, Elisha pushed down and took his cock in fully as I licked her throbbing clit and his over sized nut sack. As she pulled upwards, my mouth followed in hot pursuit. I licked her juices off his thick shaft and them resumed on taking his walnut sized balls into my mouth.

Larry was thrusting his cock in and out, faster and faster as I remained there licking them both. Her juices covered his lengthy shaft as he plunged it in and out of her weeping hole repeatedly.

Elisha screamed out "Oh fuck Larry, I'm Cumming. Your big fucking cock fucks me so good" she screamed as I could hears the slurping sounds coming from her snatch

"Give me your cum Larry, I want it in me. I want it to run from my pussy into Tai' s mouth" she screamed. His cock was plunging in deep, when I saw his black cock turn a milky white color, then saw it seeping from her opened pussy.

"Catch it Tai" she instructed as I captured the first drops in my mouth.

"I will" I replied as my tongue was scooping his seedy cum from her trail, and then from her gaping hole. I sucked every last drop from her as he placed his cum coated cock to my mouth. Greedily I took the held inside my mouth and began to polish it up with my tongue and saliva and watched his erection returning.

"Mmm, you look so good sucking on that big cock" Elisha whispered as she took the liberty to join me on the floor.

"Suck it girl" she whispered as she began to twiddle my pussy with her fingers. "Take that big cock in your mouth, I know you want it" she continued

Sliding down the shaft I panted "Mm hmm" as my salvia flowed down the thick black shaft. Stretching my mouth further as I went down, until I felt it in the back of my throat. I panicked slightly, afraid I would choke on it while attempting to swallow the swollen member.

"Suck his fucking big cock girl friend, nobody will know about this but us" she offered as I began working his snake deeper into my throat passage.

"Ah yes Tai, suck my cock, make it cum girl" Larry moaned as I swallowed the knob completely down my throat and headed for the thicker base.

"Dan Girl, you did it" Elisha said in support as I lips were at the base of his shaft and Larry's hands were pressing my head down.

"Mmhmm" I moaned in a muffled voice as my mouth was stuffed with his thick black sausage. I pumped against the base, keeping the length fully buried as he began pumping his hips forwards.

"Cum In her mouth, make her take it all" Elisha said

"Oh yeah" Larry replied as I could feel the snake throbbing down in my throat.

Elisha began pulling my hair as Larry slowly withdrew the length from my throat and stroked the salvia coated monster inched before my face. I could see the pre cum bubbling at the slit as he pulled the foreskin over the knob. Larry gave it one final pull and delivered a thick squirt onto my face, hitting me just below my eyes, then another hitting my lips. He stroked his cock and sent a couple of thick spurts directly into my mouth as Elisha held my head in place.

His cum was trailing down my face when he reinserted his semi hard cock back into my mouth. Elisha said "polish the knob girl" as I began to tongue wash his swollen cum coated cock, and swallowing all the evidence.

"Now I'm going to suck both of you" Elisha said as she instructed me to mouth her man face to face.

I climbed on top of Larry as he took the opportunity to suck my nipples immediately, as I felt the twitching of his spent cock between my legs. His teeth were biting my erect nipples hard, leaving his imprints on each of them while Elisha was rubbing his swollen knob between my saturated lips. My blood ran fevered, my pussy raging with desires as she teased me with his now erecting cock.

Larry's hands roamed across my bare ass, spreading my cheeks and pussy apart while Elisha kissed along the swollen trail of my aching labia. I could feel the heat emanating from his cock head pressing between my spread lips, as she guided the knob up and down the exposed passage way.

Pressing the fat tip against my tiny entry, Elisha asked "would you like me to push it inside your tiny box"

"Please be easy" I whimpered as she pushed the head a bit harder, forcing my tiny entry to open further.

"Take the head in Tai" she whispered as she pushed forward while Larry kept my swollen lips spread apart.

I could feel his monster cock wanting to gain entry as he continued to push it in slowly. I wanted his cock inside me, I wanted him to fuck me with his big stick. "Yes, push it in" I responded

"Ahhh" I moaned as I felt the thick knob pop inside my hole, spreading it wider. "Ahh" I screamed out as I felt myself Cumming.

"Ahh" I screamed as Larry had thrust his cock forward, pushing in several thick inches at one time. The intense pain rush through my body as a sensation I have never felt before as he continued to thrust more cock into my tiny canal. "Ahh shit" I screamed out in delight, as I began meeting his advances with distinct pushes, allowing his thick lengthy cock more access.

Larry was shoveling his probing cock in and out of my saturated pussy at will, and I was screaming in pleasure. Taking each thrust deeper into my pussy, until he had buried his massive cock inside of me. Larry was guiding me up and down by the hips, as he bucked his cock in and out, over and over. Beads of sweat poured off of me as he pounded my pussy into another mega climax, sending me over the edge once again.

"Ah fuck Larry, your cock is fucking me so good" I screamed as my pussy squirted juices all over his penetrating cock. My pussy quivered like never before, especially as he slapped my ass so hard, over and over. Elisha was egging him on to fuck my pussy even harder as he drove his over sized manhood into me and pulling my nipples as far as they could possibly stretch.

"Ahh fuck, your making me cum again, I love your big cock fucking me" I cried out as I began to ride him like a wild bronco. Rocking up and down from side to side, until I felt his cock pulsating, then delivering several blasts of his creamy thick seed inside of me. My swollen lips allowed the cum to seep out of me and onto his mega fuck stick, still thrusting in and out.

"Mmm that cum looks so tasty dripping from your pussy" Elisha remarked as she knelt on all fours behind us. I could feel her tongue in action, not wanting to leave a bit of evidence as she lapped up every oozing drop and delivered it to my waiting mouth. She spat tiny drops into my mouth before depositing the remaining seed with a passionate kiss. Swapping tongues, salvia and cum, we remained lip locked on the floor while somebody was knocking on the door.

Elisha ran to silence the knocks, as she allowed somebody to enter, while Larry rolled me onto my stomach. I looked up and vaguely saw Elisha taking somebody into the bedroom while Larry spread my legs, toying with my pussy and asshole. We could hear the sounds of their moaning, and Larry walked me to the master bedroom. I was shocked to see that Elisha was busy giving head to my husband, who was supposed to be away on business.

Elisha looked up and me and smiled while swallowing his erect cock, while Larry placed me on the beside so I was shoulder to shoulder with my hubby. Larry stood above us with his thirteen inch cock dangling over my head while Elisha's head bobbed up and down frantically.

I rolled my head over and began kissing my hubby and telling him "that I was glad he was here" Our lips interlocked firmly, as we swapped tongues inside of each others mouth. Looking up, I could see that Larry's cock was ready for action as he swept it across my cheek.

My husband released the lip lock and looked into my eyes as Larry's throbbing cockhead moved slowly from my cheek, towards the outer corners of my mouth. Teasingly I stuck my tongue out and lightly touched the swollen knob as I laid facing my hubby, then flicked his poker tongue with mine. Larry's knob seemed to follow my tongue as it was now touching the coroner of my mouth as I kissed my hubbies mouth passionately.

Elisha joined in, nuzzling up against my hubbies other side, placing her face on top of his while extending her tongue to the both of us. Larry moved his cock to the top of my lips, then guided it over to his wife's lips, and then back to mine as the three of us traded tongues. On the next pass, Larry's wife took the shaft into her hand and the head into her mouth before passing it back to me. She delivered it precisely to my opened mouth and started stroking the thick knob into my wanting mouth. She leaned closer and placed her lips around the shaft while I sucked on the knob, then reached over and pulled me by the head. She tugged me slowly, drawing my head closer so that Larry's knob was against my mans lips as well.

Elisha began masturbating the shaft with her lips and smiled at me. I slowly pushed the outward cock knob with my tongue, pushing it to my mans open lips. I continued to push it forward, watching as it slowly pushed between the parted lips as Larry bucked his hips forward a bit. I leaned over and placed my lips over the exposed knob and pushed forward, until my lips touched my mans lips. I now know who turned on my hubby gets when he observes me sucking cock. My pussy went crazy when I saw Larry's swollen head inside my mans mouth, and Elisha stroking the shaft to help ease it in further. Larry slowly pressed forward, once he saw the entire knob disappear. He bucked forward a bit, pushing in a little shaft as I messaged his cheeks, urging him to close his mouth around the shaft. With Elisha and I rubbing his cheeks softly, my hubby closed his lips around Larry's black shaft.

Elisha said "Come on Jerry, suck Larry's cock, your wife did" as she climbed on my mans erect cock. Larry pushed a little more in, then pulled it back out. I was so turned on watching Larry's cock finding its way into my mans mouth, I grabbed Elisha's tits and started sucking hard while she pounced up and down his cock.

"Jerry, go ahead and suck on his cock for me" I said, "I want to see you take his cock" I continued as Larry was picking up the pace and delivering the goods. Jerry's mouth was relaxing as Elisha was riding the fuck out of his swollen cock, and Larry took advantage of it. I watched joyfully as Larry removed almost 7 inches of swollen thick shaft and immediately pushed it right back down. I could hear the gurgling of salvia in Jerry's throat as Larry started to push even more cock into the opening.

I grasped Larry's huge ball sack, and placed it into my own wanting mouth. Stuffing the entire huge walnut between my lips and sucked while my man took even more of Larry's thick shaft. Elisha jumped off his cock and started to jack it off, knowing that he was about to blow his load.

Putting Jerry's know to her mouth as she stroked it firmly she asked "You want your cock in my mouth, while you have one in your mouth" she asked

"MmHmm" he responded as Larry kept pumping more black dick into his mouth while I sucked his nuts.

"Would Jerry like to cum in my mouth" she asked while toying with his erection

"MmHmm" he replied with a mouth stretched wide with a thick black cock going in and out

"Are you going to be a good cocksucker and take Larry's cum in your mouth" she chuckled

"Yes baby, I want to see you take every fucking drop of Larry's thick cum" I added quickly. With that, Larry pressed his cock even further, causing Jerry's eyes to tear up a bit. I knew Larry wouldn't stop until he had his entire cock buried in Jerry's virgin throat.

"Mmmm" Jerry moaned as Larry shoved in another swollen inch, leaving less than 2 inches to go. Larry's balls were sweeping over my mans chin as he pushed hid cock further.

"Take it baby, open your mouth wide and let it in" I encouraged my man, wanting to see him take it all.

Larry said, " here goes" and he pushed his hips forward and pressed the base of his buried cock against my mans lips. He began to fuck his throat deep while only removing an inch or so of swollen shaft, then slammed it back it. Pubic hairs were pressed against my mans nose as Larry showed no mercy for the first time cocksucker.

Knowing that Larry was about to explode, I said "ok baby, here cums your treat, now be good and take it all"

"That's right, I going to cum hard this time, even harder than before" Larry exclaimed as his cock began jerking violently.

"Ah shit" Larry hollered loudly and I knew that he was dumping his creamy seed, spurt my spurt

"Yes baby, take his cum, the way you like me to take other guys cum" I instructed after hearing the gurgling of cum and salvia. Cum was spewing from the corner of his mouth as Larry slowly withdrew his massive cock. Jerry watched, and saw exactly how much cock he had taken into his mouth as Elisha and I began sampling the cum Larry had deposited.

Larry said, "we should do this again, maybe I can fuck all three of you the next time"

I thought, yes maybe we can.

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