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07-15-2011, 11:41 PM
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A girlfriend of mine, Shamita, and I have a mutual friend, who happened to be an ex of mine who had a fantasy of a three-some. We will call him Amit. Just kidding around we told him we were going to massage his whole body and then we were going to tear him up. Of course he knew we were kidding. That is until we each had a couple of drinks and relaxed a bit. Then what started out as kidding around turned out to be an evening we still smile to each other about.

We did begin to give him a body rub but I quickly noticed that his shorts were getting snug. I just couldn’t overcome the temptation. As Shamita was rubbing his upper thighs I just had to rub him in the right spot for just a few seconds longer than I should have. I felt him only slightly lift his thighs upward so I figured what the hell. I began to pull his shorts down. Slowly at first to see what his reaction would be. He apparently had no objections so I pulled them down just to his upper thighs (keep in mind here that I also did not know what Shamita’s reaction was gonna be).
She apparently had no objections because she continued to pull his shorts all the way down and off. I slowly began to run my tongue up him. Licking over and around. Slowly teasing just to work up as much intensity as I could. The next thing I know Shamita is kissing him very slowly and erotically. She was running her tongue along his neck while I continued to run my tongue, hot and wet, all over and around finally putting my mouth where each light thrusting motion was telling me it needed to be. Slowly going up and down, up and down. Stopping only long enough to run my tongue over and around every now and again. All the while getting undressed myself.
I also noticed that Shamita did not wait for me to do that. She was already nude and was positioning herself over top of his face. It really didn’t take her long to really get into it. She was “mmmmmng and moaning and I noticed that this really did it for him. But there was no way I was gonna let it end there. I stopped pretty quickly and moved closer to her started to lick and kiss her chest.

Now while she had her eyes closed Amit definitely had his eyes wide open watching as much as he could see with her in that position. The two of them were getting so into it that I figured I would to. So I got down next to him and started licking too. She really got into that!! The two of us rotating our tongues together like that was too much and she let out a deeper and longer moan and started to move with our motion.
She got up and ran her tongue down his stomach….all the way down. I only heard her sounds to indicate what she was doing cause I was being coaxed over top of him now. I already knew how much Amit loves to do that to a woman so it is no surprise that I was quickly getting close to mine and had to lift enough up a few times to slow that down. I wanted to make this last.

As I had to lift up I would look around at her so that I could watch. She was taking her job quite seriously, going down deep then all the way back up again. When I noticed the intensity of her motions I decided that it would be good to slow it down a notch cause I knew I wanted to have some more. I needed to have something in me.
I got up and took her job and much to my amazement she was headed straight to position herself over his face again!! I had to calm him down a notch, though, so I slowly ran my tongue up and down to cool the heat a bit. While I did this I was also noticing her moving her hips back and forth and that had me going crazy. I knew what I wanted so I got over him and took it in. When I did I saw his hands squeeze her ass a little tighter and knew it wasn’t going to be long.

I did my best to prolong it by moving up and down a bit slower, just enjoying the feel of him. Before long I knew he had been teased enough as I felt him thrusting deeper. I leaned forward just a touch against Shamita’s back to allow a longer stroking, and that got me to mine just before I felt him tighten up, vaguely hearing his stifled moaning.

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