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07-15-2011, 08:21 PM
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We were not really a swingers but it happened to be as we were married for six years & Sarika my wife she is small but full of sex our sex was never dull because she is hot at her age of 28 she has lots to give me we are a social animals & we have few close couples which our good friends we often have party’s so we enjoy one couple that is Dinesh & Annu were very close actually Annu is very close to my Sarika & one night we were watching a blue film in it there were two couples who were have their own time switching each other we were confusion what was going as all were in 69 & it was all complicated but we had been aware of swinging & Sarika was hot her panties were dip wet with her juice I could smell her aroma of her wetness.

I started caressing her tits her eyes were closed I can smell that she had some different thought in her mind that I could read clearly my fingers ran on her crotch which was wet I inserted my middle finger & started with finger fuck touching her g-spot she cummed more than ever before I slowly whispered in her ears what u have in your mind Sharika just closed her eyes & said nothing but I knew something was there I slide my erected prick in her juicy hole it was wet more than its everyday I was all in & I paused there she begged for a fuck but I was stocked to my question that after few second she asked me wont u be angry I said no she asked me again I promised her no then she said the guys cock in the movie is same like Dinesh cut with little cure at the tip I asked where did u see Dinesh’s dick she said me & Annu always share video clips & seeing this I was feeling for Dinesh’s cock I said lets close our eyes & u imagine Dinesh & I’ll imagine Annu what u think with her heavy breath she replied I’ll love thinking of him while you fuck we changed the position & she came on top of me and started riding my dick her cumm was all till my balls she was high with her moans we had all dirty talk she asked me how am I feeling I said am really enjoyed I was calling her Annu & she called Dinesh we ended after half an hour with her cunt filled completely then she gave me a lovely deep throat & I ended long spoiled her face with my hot cumm day in the morning, we were simply smiling at each other thinking of last night in evening.

She called me on my cell & asked me if you are really interested in what we did last night would you really lie to fuck Annu I said if she’s agreed with Dinesh I don’t mind Sarika asked me if I was serious I said yes darling at night when I reached home & opened the door it was all dim light with dim light & soft music I didn’t hear Sarika voice I called her but there was no reply suddenly a had kept my mouth shut saying shooo don’t call Sarika I holed the hand & pulled her towards me it was Annu her face was shining in that dim light & her tits were erected asking a freedom from a bikini she was wearing her flesh was all out only covered her tits & a thong only covered her wee trimmed pussy she placed her lips on my lips we stocked to each other for ten min folding her boobs making her free with just one knot she unbuttoned my shirt & her hands were looking for my meat hidden in my pant she unzipped & the lion was out she was on her knees with my dick head in her mouth I was erect she was better than Sarika with that tongue of hers I picked her up & asked for Sarika she holded my hand took me towards our bedroom the door was open Dinesh & Sarika were nude Sarika was busy giving head to Dinesh.

She was enjoying every second of what she had in her mouth she didn’t ever had a cut cock & I could see the happiness in her Annu said we were waiting for you to come same movie was playing on the TV as I was sure that the cd was given by Annu to Sarika we were all nude with breathing we closed the door & soon on the king size bed Annu took me in her mouth & my mouth engaged in Sarika’s pussy & she taking Dinesh in her mouth & Dinesh in Annu’s pussy ohh it was great cause it was never before that we did then we changed again now it was all vice versa of what was going on we did this for a long time it Annu broke the silence and asked me to fuck her pussy I climbed on Annu & shoved my dick in her pussy Sarika was in a dog style & Dinesh was banging her sounds of her ass flesh filled the room their speed increased & do was mine then even we changed to doggie and couldn’t believe ourselves that men’s are same but pussy is different it was like a race & our speed was high they were crying & we were enjoying then both of them changed the position.

We slept & Annu came on my top facing me & Sarika doing same to Dinesh they started jumping on the pole it was to hard to see each other’s wife taking a stranger ‘s dick & playing with it but its sexy to see so we ended up I was first to spurt my load on Annu’s face within some time Dinesh did the same & I asked Annu to clean my dick she took my dick till my balls this time more deeper than before Sarika did the same Sarika has a small mouth but she took completely I was really happy ewe really enjoyed all night & then the nights every week so it so fun to be a swingers we are we enjoy so why not you those who didn’t gave a try & the sex life all changes it changed Sarika is all hot any time a day she is charged so is Annu so guys if u like or interested mail us at xxxxxxxxxx lets enjoy with what we have…

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