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Sweet poem about remembering your first time.
07-15-2011, 05:53 AM
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Sweet poem about remembering your first time.
My heart starts to beat, your eyes on me sending me into over drive,
My pulse is at fifty-five, if you keep going I will burst at this rate,
Stop! No, damn it don't.
I'm just lying to myself and you, I want it, I want you.
I want it all so badly.

Let's join like we should always be, like the Gemini soul mates we really are,
Because no matter how far apart we are, I will have tonight forever.
I searched the skies for you Nova (you said) because you really are my star.
My burning energy tags to your heart and every other part.

All over, all over you, I want to consume you, burn you up.
Come on push yourself into me, lets be one.
Surge, push, break down the barrier, my innocence is yours.
Tears for my surrender.
Thrusting into me I feel no pain, no shame. (After all this is love isn't it?)

We are so close to our goal, dancing on the edges of ecstasy,
Trying so hard to grab the light shards.
The lights split and burst like a nuclear echo, we fall back from the blast.
Limbs spent in a state or lethargy, summon strength to connect and hold.

That was love and lust at it's most primal.
Laying next to me the rhythm song of your heartbeat sends me to sleep.

Morning yawns faintly casting a yellow glow,
She mocks me as if I were your mistress, you only belong to me at night,
In my dreams and memory.
A treacherous tear slips silently from the ducts.

I cling to your pillow, as if it would still hold your scent.
The other tears break rank and flow into the white flannel.
I let them go, crying for everything lost...

Why you, why me?
You are the only one I shall ever love.
We completed and complimented each other.
The Yin to my Yang.

Your essence still lingers everywhere, it makes it home.
I feel your spirit everyday: your painting of the Dove.
Soothes my soul and stops me from joining you ahead of schedule.
It reminds me one day we will have eternity to frolic, soaring,
Up, and up into the skies.

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