Sweet Licking
Well one of my fantasies was to be with another amazing hot woman. Well this is it. I went to the bar not far from my house just looking for somebody I could hook up with guy or girl tonight it didn't matter. I was so damn horny. Me and my gal pal went out knowing we were horny and both looking for a good time with either sex. We got to drinking and noticed that every one had been getting hotter, due to the alcohol. We kept drinking and decided to leave horny and go back to her place.

Neither of us knew what was cumming next. We decided a cab would be our best bet. We were way to drunk to be driving it was not safe. She told me I was nipping and I couldn't keep my legs shut, she said that she could see I was extremely wet. We got to her place and started making out, it was hard core. My hands went to her boobs right away. She took my shirt off and my nipples went hard right away. I, of course wasn't wearing a bra. she took her shirt off as well, I suddenly grabbed her breasts and sucked those hard nipples. I bit them, she likes it rough, I have heard those stories. We both like it very rough. We decided to go 69 and boy it is the best feeling to be with another woman. They know exactly what feels good. I went to her pussy so hard I felt like a kid in the ice cream parlor trying to taste as much as I could. She was so sweet I could not get enough. She felt the same way about me she was sucking on my oh so sensitive clit. We were going at it so hard. I was so out of breath from cumming so much. She was cumming in my mouth and I was in the hottest moment of my life.

We decided we needed some toys she put the vibrator on me and I went crazy. I love vibrators they make me horny when I hear that sound. I put that big thick dildo in her tight pussy. That only lasted so long before I got the strapon and went to town on that tight little pussy. I fucked her so hard she almost blacked out. She then decided that I was a naughty little girl so she put on the strapon and gave me one of the best fuckings of my life. I came four times. My tits were bouncing so hard. We had multiple positions, doggy style, I rode reverse cowboy, standing, and missionary. We tried it all. We fell asleep together after fucking for two hours. We still do it when we are together and horny. It is the best!

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