Sweet Dish

I have posted many stories on this site in past . Some of them had been my own experience and others were stories mostly narrated by ladies whom I slept with. But, this is the story of a man who is frequently enjoying with voluptuous figure of my mother. One afternoon I caught him red handed fucking my mother and then I watched them till he ejaculated and mother sucked him off. He paid mother what she demanded and then while mother made some eatables for us he narrated his story that how he became used to have sex with elderly lady.

Let’s have it in his own word,

“I am Shekhar , son of a affluent & handsome parents. I have a sister, 7 years elder to me and more beautiful than my mother. Like other child I also grew but under guidance of two mothers. One my real mother and other my elder sister who was more strict and disciplinarian than my mother. Father was having own trading business and in the process he used to travel to nearby city every weekend. My sister Sweta was very studious and she finally became a doctor. Now she is employed at a prestigious hospital at Mumbai. She is very popular & in high demand among patients. She is now married with a doctor and have two children , one son and daughter. I am still trying to seduce sister’s daughter but so far not succeeded in fucking her. Like her mother She is equally studious and aspire to become a surgeon. My mother Shikha was a normal house wife. She was married at age of 18 (as I was told ) and delivered first child when she was 20. Thereafter she had two miscarriage and finally when she was 27, I was born. She is good looking and attractive lady with statistics of 36” X 24” X 34” . In fact when I started fiddling with her dresses when I became 15-16 , I saw mark of ‘XL’ on her bra and mark of ‘L2’ on sister’s bra. Mother was tall 5’5” and used to keep her hair trimmed up to shoulder. She was very fair and used to remain nicely dressed in modern outfit. When going on tour both mother and daughter used to dress in tight fitted low waist jeans and tops. Though sister always wore bra my mother used to wear it only when we used to have guest and we visited our native. During last 15 years since I first fondled her big boobs when I was only 11, I slept with many house wives, call girls and prostitutes but I never seen any lady having breast like my mother. Though boobs were big and heavy it hardly sagged. It was a sight to see her boobs jerking while she walked and particularly danced in parties. She never bothered about her XL sized boobs.I used to sleep with sister on same bed till I turned 14 and then suddenly one night she started sleeping alone in separate room. Till I turned 13 everything was normal. My mother and sister never bothered about my presence and they used to bare their top and remain topless in house when ever maid used to be on leave or not staying at home. I also took it normally. Mothers’ boobs always attracted me more.

Few months before my 13th birthday, sister went to medical college and stayed in hostel. But she used to visit us every weekend and on vacations. It was a great birthday night. Now I recall, what happened that night was not sudden and unexpected. Mother was behaving similarly for last few years. We were staying at a metro. Till class 5. I studied in a central school and then I was admitted in St Xaviour school , a boys school. That school was about 10-12 Km away from our house and only 5 of my class mates were staying in our locality. I got very friendly with two of them.
I remember that evening when I first brought both my friends home. Mother was alone at home and her face and eyes brightened to see those two boys of my age . Their physique were also same like me. We all were in standard six and in age group of 11-12. First she gave us snacks and juice . She talked while we ate. She inquired about there parents, family etc. After we finished she made both boys seated on her side very close to her. She had placed one hand each on their shoulders and pressed their head in such a way that boys cheeks remained pressed on her each boobs. She was wearing a cotton pajama and top. Between two there always ( whether at home or outside) used to be gap of about six inches. She kept their cheeks pressed on her boobs and talked. I was seated just opposite to them. They remained in same position for over half an hour. I saw her closing and opening thighs very frequently. Then she pulled her hands away from their shoulder and took their hands simultaneously in her hand. After squeezing their hands for few minutes she put their hands on bare portion below her naval point and she pressed their hands with her own hands. I remember that while doing so she was extremely happy. She might have pushed boys hands under her pajama but call bell rang and she hurriedly got up. It was my sister. Mother introduced boys to her . Sister just patted their cheeks and went to her room. Outside mother kissed boy’s both cheeks and told them to “keep coming”.
That time I took it as a motherly love to my friends but now I feel that it was mother’s lust towards young boys.
Next day while going to school we all had forgotten previous evening experience with mom and talked about school matters and movies. That evening I did not bring any of my friends home. Seeing me alone she called me and inquired about those boys . She pulled me to her and made my mouth get pressed on boobs. I felt very nice. Then suddenly she asked ,

“want to drink mummy’s milk.?”

I did not reply but kept looking expectantly at her. She smiled and lifted her top.
“drink son as much you want , you have not sucked it for long.”
Without any delay I first caressed both boobs and began sucking one nipple and kept fondling other. She was talking about my friends. She said that both are good and I should bring them and other friends home daily. She advised me to bring at least one of my friend everyday at this time ( when she used to stay alone for about two hours) . While sucking boobs my hand kept moving over her smooth tapered belly and till top of her pajama. She didn’t ask me to stop but I myself pulled and said,
“thank you mom, it was always nice .”

“don’t feel shy , whenever you want to drink just push clothes up and drink but only when no one else is at home.” She took my promise that I will not discuss about boobs sucking to any of my friends and with any one else. I promised.

Next evening I brought same two boys home and mom hugged them intimately. She was in skirt and blouse . I did not felt anything when I saw that top button is opened and boobs mound are clearly visible. Like previous evening she made them seated beside her. We talked about movies and she enquired about which one they liked disliked. While talking I saw her caressing their thighs and after some time she pulled their hands on her bare belly just above skirt top. She didn’t stopped talking and without many effort she again pressed their cheeks on her boobs. Nothing else happened and after about 35-40 minutes she got up, kissed their cheeks and she sent them off. We two remained at home. She again sat at sofa. I went near her and without her permission, I unbuttoned blouse and sucked boobs to my satisfaction till call bell rang.

This became a regular affair. Except on Sunday and holidays when sister or father used to stay home full day she behaved same with my friends who visited house with me. Only change I observed that she used to face my friends in different dresses every evening. She let them caress bare belly almost every time and some she made then caress her thighs as well but off course over the clothes. For two years I felt happy that she did not allow any of my friend to suck her nipples and fondle boobs which I was doing almost everyday. In two years we all grew and we began to wear trousers instead of shorts. Now along with movies and girls of the locality my mother was also became a topic to discuss. But no one ever talked indecently or vulgar about my mother at least in my presence.

Then my 13th birthday came. It was in the month of September. My sister could not attend because of her medical project and father stayed out on business trip . For few days I planned with mother about how to celebrate birthday. Like previous I thought that mother will invite other family friends but she insisted & prevailed. She asked me to invite only my five special friends who visited our house and had feel of her body for over last two years.
At around seven in the evening mother gave leave to our house maid and advised her to come early in the morning. She changed into a very nicely embroider black colored tightly fitted slacks and matching top. As usual top mound of boobs , lower belly area and top pubic area were bare. Slacks was of low hip and fitted so tightly on her body that for first time I could see shape of cunt and its slit. Cunt mounds were also clearly marked over the slacks. She was without panty. I was embarrassed to see her in that dress. When she turned back top cleavage of her ass mound were seen and slacks had stretched over her hips. I could not control my embarrassment.
“mom, your cunt area is clearly marked in this dress…” that was first time I talked about her cunt to her.
“where, show me..” she pulled me to full size mirror in dressing room.
“show me son, show me what is wrong.” She repeated.
I could see cunt mound and slit over the thin clothes of slack in the mirror as well. She certainly also would have seen. I slowly raised my hand and put it over cunt and said
“here” .
I pulled my hand immediately back..
“it is so hot” .
“ohh..I am unable to see, show me again and move fingers on slit so that I can make it proper.” Mom took my hand and pressed it over cunt. After making me press it for few seconds she pulled her hand away and said,
“Show me slit “
I caressed cunt mounds for few seconds and then I squeezed it few time. I ran finger on slit and showed her that slack’s cloth has been sucked by slit.
“ok, you do one thing. Pull clothes out of slit …” mom said .
I tried but slacks was so tight that slit remained exposed.
“push one hand inside and keep slit covered for some time and then pull cloth out. I hesitated. She wanted me to touch cunt .
“what happened, hurry, yours friends may come in any time”
I pushed left hand inside and palmed cunt. This was my first feel of cunt that also of mother . It was clean shaven and feeling very smooth like her belly skin.I kept cunt pressed with left hand and tried to pull clothes outwardly.
“ how is my cunt?”
“ I don’t know, it is my first feel, but the feeling is like that I never felt before.”

I said and squeezed cunt freely. While I was squeezing call bell rang. I pulled my hands out .She read my expression and said,

“ don’t worry , your friends will not be able to see the slit , I will keep light dim and more over it is black dress.” She kissed me and said “let’s have party, go and bring your friends in.”

I went to open the door & mom switched on music and by the time I returned with my five friends she had switched off all main light and switched on all night bulbs.
She hugged & kissed on cheeks of each one of them. I collected gifts and shook hands to them In the dim light I was not feeling embarrassed now, further she kept moving around so no one could get chance to look at her cunt.

“aunty, you are looking very nice better than Madhuri (Dixit, film heroin). One of my friend said and then all others also seconded him and said that aunty is most beautiful. She thanked and hugged them all again and I saw that while hugging them she pressed their mouth on boobs.

Cake was already arranged . Mom stood beside me and others surrounded me. I cut cake and all clapped , sang birthday song and wished me happy birthday. In presence of friend mom hugged me tightly and kissed on my lips for first time. Then I distributed cake to all. Music was on and mom danced first with me and then with other fives one by one. We all were very free and she was allowing us all to move our hands on her body but neither me nor others put hands on her boobs or cunt. We danced for about 20 minutes and then she served food . I also got excited to see so many items. It was all salty items, chicken, fish cutlet, keema , naan etc but no sweet dish .
After she tabled all eatables she sat on a chair and asked us all to come near her. She gave one blank page and pen to all and said,
“you all will have to write an essay..and who ever will write will get very special prize from me. But we were not interested in writing essay on party time.
“no aunty, no essay please , don’t spoil party..” all shouted.

“dear sons , it is not school essay …it is special .”

“what special , essay is essay….” We all shouted.

At this she switched on a bright light . We all got hypnotized to see her beauty. .As she sat with legs pushed apart her cunt mound and slit was not marked now but her healthy thighs and tightly fitted boobs were more than adequate to excite even dead ones. I felt tightness in my cock . I was sure that others also might have faced same.

With right hand she pushed her left boob up and said ,
“you all know me very intimately. You all have touched me, felt my fragrance and even kissed me also. So I want all of you including Shekhar to write just ten sentence about me, my body, my dress, what you like in me, what you dislike, what you want me do..etc etc…”

She then pulled bottom of ‘top’ down and we could see more of boobs . Keeping top pulled down she again said ,
“I will not disclose who has written what and please write honestly about me anything good or bad you feel ….and yes if some one write more than 10 sentence it is ok but minimum 10 sentence other wise entry will be disqualified .” She released top.

“what is the prize? “ someone asked ..

“that is surprise but I assure you winner will be very happy to have that prize.” She caressed her inner thighs and said , “are you ready … time starts now, I will collect paper exactly after 15 minutes and no copying. ”

We all sat on floor at a distance .

There was silence for 15 minutes which broke when mom announced ,
“time over “ and she pulled paper from each . She asked to have food . We took items in our plate and again sat near her.

After some time she said that she has selected the winner but she would what every one has written. We ate silently. Our heart beat increased .She began reading :

Boy 1
1. Shikha aunty is a very good ‘maal’.
2. She has largest size of boobs and it is filled with milk,
3. I want to open her top and drink milk from her breast all through my life.
4. I like very much when she allows me to caress her smooth.
5. Her body remain very hot.
6. I like when he kisses and hugs me.
7. She has very smooth thighs .
8. Her dress sense is very good.
9. I wish my mother should wear like Shika .
10. I would like to stay ever with Shikha.
Well it is nicely written and I thank writer. Though he addressed me as a ‘maal’ but he did not what maal means. It is not a winner.

Boy 2.
1. I am very fond of shikha aunty.
2. She is very beautiful,
3. She loves me a lot,
4. I enjoy every moment with her ,
5. I wish she remain nude with me all the time.
6. I want to suck her chuchi and play with both milk pot,
7. Her chuchi is very very big.
8. I want her to be my mother,
9. I will always love her..
10. Her skin is very smooth .
Thanks but not good enough to impress a ‘maal’.

Boy 3..
1. Even 2 years back when I first saw her, I could not sleep that night.
2. I didn’t know at the age of 11 about what to do with such beautiful lady.
3. Now at age of 13, I know what to do with such a sexy looking lady.
4. Shikha does not know but when ever she hugs me and make me feel her bigness and spongyness of her boobs I feel like undressing her and enjoy with her nude body.
5. She certainly is a great maal. The way she has dressed now, it seems that she is nude.
6. I want to caress her each and every part and play with her cunt which I have not seen.
7. Like her boobs her cunt certainly would be best in the world.
8. I am not yet grown big but even now I want to push my cock in her cunt and keep fucking her all night.
9. Tonight I want her to see nude and make her fondle my cock .
10. Shikha, you are sexier than my mother. I keep spying on her when she goes to take bath . I have seen her nude many time but I never got feeling what I get just by seeing you. Tonight you are looking a sex godess ,please undress fully let all of us enjoy with nice maals. If you don’t let me see your cunt tonight I am certainly going to rape my mother soon.
11. Shikha is like a top class randi whom every one wants to undress and fuck her.
12. Shekhar is very fortunate to stay with Shikha so intimately. I am sure that lucky bastard have certainly seen her nude and even fondled her cunt and boobs.
13. I wish to have Shikha as my wife and randi.

Off, what a thought , but friends like you five Shekhar has not seen my cunt yet. But I am sure this boy is going to fuck his mother soon .Not let me read thought of fourth one.
So far what all three essay she wrote was not mine. I didn’t know who wrote such filthy essay but I had a feeling that this essay only is the winner.

“ ohhh, this is lovely and shortest essay ever written” mom said and read

1. Shikha aunty is the best woman I ever seen .
2. I love her from the day 1 I saw her.
3. I want to stay with her and love her for ever.
As it is less than 10 sentence , it disqualifies . But this is the best. Who ever written it please wait for my call. We two will remain whole day alone .

Boy 5.

1. I never seen a lady like Shikha ,
2. She is mother, she is sister, she is wife and she is a whore all at a time.
3. She has the biggest chuchi .
4. Her skin is smooth like molten butter.
5. Her body give a lovely fragrance,
6. She is very affectionate and loving.
7. She knows what a young boy need,
8. She loves me very much ..
9. When I will grow big I will request her to find a wife for me just like her.
10. I wish she should sleep nude with me every night …
Moment she stopped others shouted , ‘he it is written by shekhar” They were correct.
“Though thoughts are impressing but not the way it is written.

We all waited for 6th and last essay:
1. Shikha aunty is best.
2. But I don’t like that she keeps short hair. She will look more sexy if she grows her hairs.
3. She is fairer and taller than my mother, but Sweta didi is more fairer than Shikha aunty.
4. She has best breast. I wonder how uncle would be fondling those big balls in her two hands. Each breast requires two hands to fondle one breast so she requires atleast two person at a time to love one. If opportunity comes I may have to contend with sucking of nipples only.
5. I like her smooth skin. But she is bad. Though she allows us to caresse her belly and waist but she never allows us to push hand inside her skirt /pajama so that we can touch and fondle choot also.
6. She must be a great chuddakar. I think more than 100 persons would have fucked her so far.
7. Her hips are equally attractive. I wonder how those gloves will look without clothes .
8. One has to think and decide about what to enjoy first, her chuchi, or fuck her or fuck her ass hole. She would certainly be requiring a cock like that of ass to satisfy and cool her choot. My cock is not yet grown enough to fuck her but I will like to suck her cunt and drink all juice coming out from there .
9. I don’t know how much she will take for one chudai but I will certainly fuck her and I will tell mother to pay her well.
10. Her thighs are like banana trunk, nicely shaped, strong and soft as well. It is so silky .
11. Everytime I think of her, no need to think , she always remain in front of my eyes , my small lund gets tight and because of this kutia I had started masturbating .
12. I wish she tells all of us to undress and show our cocks to her and fist us till we ejaculate.
13. I wish to see you nude my darling but only when we are alone.
14. I love you and I want to fuck you for ever.

“Well I don’t have word to comment. All of you except wish to see me nude and fuck me. You think that as you have not written names I will not know. But you failed to notice that every page is having a number written on it and I remember whom I given what number.For last two years I loved you all thinking that all of you are good boy but you all failed me. Any way , let me tell you. I am not a whore and beside Shekhar’s father no one has fucked and none of you will get chance to fuck me. “

She looked around , all had seated with head hung down . She got up from chair and told us to get up. She announced ,
“don’t be gloomy , I am not angry with any one of you. All of you are honest and you have expressed your feeling honestly. Let’s enjoy the party. She pulled each boy one by one and hugged them tightly . Her breast got pressed with our chest and she caressed every ones hips ,

“now can any one guess who is the winner.?”

All kept quite . I guessed it was third essay. Then she asked one by one . We were six. Three voted for last essay,& three said that third one is best.

Mom said , “ both 3rd and last one are best among all. In third letter , writer has expressed his wish to fuck me but in last letter writer not expressed his wish to fuck me like 3rd one he expressed love and affection. He desired to love and fuck me alone and did not wish to undress me in front of a group. Remember. You all are boys . Every girl /woman needs a hard fuck but more than that she long for love and affection. “ she kept quite . It was now clear that sixth essay is a winner .But who wrote it and what prize he will get remained a secret.

“Amit is the winner.” She announced suddenly. Amit was among toppers in class and wearing specs . He was thin and not attractive like we others.

“what is the prize mom.??” I asked .

You all will see it soon. But first let’s have some drink. She served food and drinks to all including herself. We all congratulated Amit but instead of getting happy he was gloomy. May be because every one came to knew that he wants to fuck Shikha. Mother understood his feelings . She pulled him and we got surprised when she make him sit between her legs. She crossed his body with her legs. She tightened legs on his body. She said,

“Amit beta, why you are gloomy…. Not only you but every on seated in this room wants to undress and play with my mall. I am certain, my own son would be thinking to push his ‘lund’ in my choot.” She kept her plate aside and took amit tightly in arms and rubbed her boobs on his back. Soon Amit became happy and requested mom to stop rubbing breast on his back.

“aunty buss, ab mut ragdo…kuchh kuchh ho raha hai.”

She released him and got up and sat away from her. He was now smiling. One of the boy asked mom,
“aunty , give him special prize.”

“I will give him , but before please tell me honestly as honestly you all wrote about me .”

“what “ ? we asked .

“tell me, have you ever seen your mom without cloth .”

All of us embarrassed. She insisted .”you all want to fuck me, tell me about your mom.”

She looked at me and said “Shekhar you tell first.”

I looked around and said “ I have seen my mother topless and even caressed her breast once few month back while she was asleep.” I lied. I was sure that she would not have liked if I would have said that for last two years I am sucking her and today I squeezed choot also.
I looked at her . She silently thanked me.

“now Amit you tell.”

“ I watch her taking bath and seen her nude many time but I never liked her as I like to see Shikah .” Amit said boldly.

“I also pip my mother in bathroom and bedroom. She has lot of hair on her choot and her chuchi are still tight and large but not like this maal.” Third one said .

“I pulled her gown up once while she was asleep and caressed her choot for few seconds. But I don’t remember having touched her chuchi in recent times. “ another boy said .

“I tried but so far I could not see her choot and chuch”

Last boy said that ,
“I watched my mother having sex with dad but she always complains and scold father that he is not able to satisfy her. She has small sized boobs and keep her choot clean shaved.”

“Ok , I believe what you all said. Do what you feel , but never be undecent and vulgar with her . talk nicely and appreciate her beauty even if she is not…” she looked at all and said “if you are lucky mother will take your ‘lund’ in her choot. I wish good luck for you.

She got up . “you all wait, I will be back soon.”

We saw her entering bed room and she slammed door shut. We all also wanted to go to toilet may be for cooling us off. I don’t know what other boy did but while urinating I held cock tightly and said to myself ,
“beta , taiyar rah..aaj teri maa tujhe choot mey lene baali hai.” .

By the time I returned back from toilet I saw mom talking with boys. She has changed to a black skirt quite above her knee and sleeveless low cut pink blouse with front button. She asked all of us to stand in a line. We obeyed. Then she pulled Amit and said
“all of you must not move …it is time for Amit to have his prize.” She moved away and stood at about 7-8 feet away from us.
“don’t move from your place.” She shouted.

She stood with her back to us and pulled Amit in front of her. Our heart beat increased. And we all knew what prize Amit got. She kept her hands at her side and told Amit ,
“unbutton my blouse.”

Soon we saw blouse slipped over her arms.

“squeeze and suck it “ she ordered amit .

While Amit fondled and sucked her chuchi we saw her caressing his head. After some time we heard her telling ,
“ Now lift my skirt and with other hand keep fondling chuchi and keep sucking.” She did not Amit to see her choot.

“Amit push your hand inside panty.”

I was deeply shocked to here her to telling amit to touch her cunt.

“yes, keep squeezing and fingering choot ‘ she parted legs wider …
While playing with choot he discharged.

“it’s all right…..any one who will suck my breast and fondle choot will discharge like this. She sat in front of him and unbuttoned his trousers and against his wish she pulled it off. His underpant was also wet . She asked me to give him my trouser or pajama. I took amit to my room. When I asked he said that he squeezed and palmed choot and pushed two fingers together inside choot but he felt sad that he could not see choot.

One of my trouser fitted him . He removed underpant and I saw his limped lund.
“did she squeezed lund.?”

We came out and saw her insisting all to eat .

“but aunty , why not there any sweet dish.. you make best custard pudding….” Someone said..

“ohhh….see what a fool I am. I made lot of pudding but forgot to serve you. “ she moved towards kitchen and said “wait I will be back soon.”

We all felt jealous of Amit. Every one wanted to know something or other about choot …and chuchi. Amit described what he experienced. He said that choot was very hot and without any trace of hair unlike his mother. He said that he enjoyed very much when fucked her with fingers but again expressed sadness that he could not see choot. He expressed extreme satisfaction with fondling and sucking of chuchi.

We talked and waited for ‘maal’ to return. Only after about 15 minutes we heard her calling us.
“all of you come to kitchen and have your sweet dish.”

We almost ran to kitchen and all became speechless. She was lying flat over a plastic sheet spread on the kitchen table. She has cleaned table of so many containers and packets which were lying on the floor. She was looking like a lady made of pudding. Except her face lower arms entire frontal portion was covered with pudding of different color. There was heap of pudding on her choot and between thighs.

She saw us standing like a statue.
“don’t delay…eat all sweet dish and make me clean ..I cant lie –down here whole night.”
I told all to start eating from her body. I positioned my self between her legs. I wanted to start eating from choot but there were lot of pudding there was opportunity for others also to eat from choot. It was not clear where she was nude or wearing any cloth.

We moved forward. She stopped us …”all your so good clothes will get spoiled ..why don’t you all undress like me.”

No one wanted second thought. We all six undressed hurriedly and threw our clothes away. We all had lunds of more or less of similar size between 5” -6” and almost equal thickness.

“please don’t rub custard with hands, it will give you infection ….first use your tongue and mouth and once all pudding is finished you all can use your hands on me.

As she said we jumped and took place where availed. As I was standing

Two boys began eating pudding from boobs, and other two from belly and thighs . I took first bite from her choot. We ate and chaned position but I continue to eat from choot.
“let me also taste choot .” one friend pushed me. She was lying still and in about 20-25 minutes her body was cleaned of puddings . We all fell sad when we saw that she is not nude but wearing a panty. She looked at our gloomy face and tight lunds .

“ohhhh…what you are waiting for ….rub my body with hands and your this third leg . She squeezed lund of one boy . “but, no one will try to push panty away and see my choot…at right time I myself undress and let you enjoy with choot. We all six boys fondled each and every part of her body. We squeezed breast all together and she screamed. We were caressing her body and we squeezed choot over panty and in return she squeezed everyone’s lund. After we got tired rubbing she asked us to rest . she called amit up on the table and told him to fuck her boobs. She helped amit to position lund between boobs . He moved lund between boobs and she kept pressing boobs on lund. Again Amit could not stand for long and his lund sprayed ‘cum’ directly on mom’s face . she did not wiped it , after few minutes she pushed amit away and got boobs fucked by all one after another. I was the last to fuck her boobs and like others I also sprayed cum on her face. Now her entire face was covered by our cums.

“so , how was the sweet dish dear?” she enquired and got down from table. We followed her to party area. She watched us getting dressed and said,
“ now party is over.”

“but aunty we have not seen choot …please remove panty ….”few boys shouted.

“may be next time ,” she said . she accompanied all boys to main gate and bid good night to them by allowing every one to suck her nipples. We watched them getting lost on the road. She closed door and turned towards me. She wiped all cum from her face and I saw her licking all.

“you know son, men’s cum is the tastiest thing for a woman and it keeps her young and sexy for ever. After she finished licking cum she asked me to come to toilet with her. It was over 10 in the night. She asked me to pull panty off and with trembling hand I pushed panty down on her legs . I saw choot for the first time. I saw her urinating and after she finished urinating she took me to bed room . She lie-on flat and asked me to undress.

“if you don’t fuck me then we can sleep nude where ever we are alone. “ I undressed and lie-on her body. She hugged me and said , when right time come I will let you fuck me but till then sleep with me nude . she fondled my lund and said “but I can always play with choot and if I desire I can even suck choot.” She said that her choot is very tasty.

She allowed me to fuck only on night of my 16th birthday. But she never exposed her choot to any of my friend . Later I came to knew that she got friendly with a lady teacher who used to bring young boys of 12-13 years to her. My mother was fond of young boys and she kept them seduced by allowing them to play with her boobs. She enjoyed fondling immature lunds and allowed boys to rub lunds all over body and feed her mouth. That lady teacher became crazy for mother’s boobs and her choot and in return she kept bring young lunds to my mother. She never fucked with any of those boys.

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