Started With Cousin Bro & Ended Up With Cousin sis
here is the story….

my name is joe (changed of course ) and i’m 23 yrs old…. 6 feet and good looking guy.. i have a younger brother, who is 20….my mom and dad…. we live in village in Punjab… my dad is a farmer. as far as i m concerned…i had a girl friend too..but i broke up with her after 3 yrs its a long story…will share it later…

lemme tell u guys about my self… after reading these stories I’ve tried many times to seduce my cousin sisters…but dint succeeded…but i finally got seduced my cousin bro, who is 15 yrs old.
this happened 3 yrs ago..i was at my nana ji’s place during my vacations… i used to chat with a lot of girls at yahoo at that time, during night my cousin INDER used to sleep with me..
he often put his arms around me while sleeping and put his leg over mine…when his legs touch my dick i usually got a hard on…but dint do anything…dis happened every night…one night i was chatting with my gf and we both were chatting cam 2 cam…i was very horny that day after reading sum sexy stories and had cam 2 cam sex with my gf… inder was awake beside me and watching whole action..i dint noticed him… after i finished chatting, i shut down my laptop and got up
to go 2 washroom to relax my self…as i put my lappy aside i saw inder smiling at me and looking at my shaft…he was holding his dick in his hand and pumping it…i decided to do something special tonight..

i jumped back into bed with him and asked him what id he doing…he said” i saw u doing dis while chatting,so i felt something in my shorts and I’m now doing d same thing u were doing and it feels
great bro”. i said okay…but dis is not a proper way of doing dis…i will show u how it is done.
i said this and hold his dick in my hands and i started pumping it slowly…he was moaning with pleasure…i just not wanted him to cum, i just wanted to arouse him…slowly i removed all his clothes and mine too…he was holding my dick in his hands…i get my lappy started again and show him gay pics on net…he was so aroused that he suddenly took my cock in his mouth…oh my felt so great..and it was my 1st time(i never had sex with nmy prostitute..because i was afraid of AIDS)
i put lappy aside and hold his hair and i was pushing my dick in his mouth now…i was feeling so great that i was about to cum…suddenly lights came on and and i saw that my cousin sis( mama ji’s daughter)
soon entered in room 2 gave us milk as we all drink milk before sleep… she saw dis whole scene. she was so shocked that she dropped the tray and milk was on the floor…she ran away at that very moment.
i put on my clothes and ran after her…i was afraid that she will tell mama ji about all dis..

i ran after her…dint find her….i was so afraid that my legs were trembling with fear…i was coming back to my room,suddenly i heard somebody crying in bathroom next to my room…i knew it was sonu
she was in there…thank god she is here…i sat there by bathroom door and waiting for her to come out. finally she stopped crying and opened the door after 20 mins…she saw me sitting there and tried
to bolt the door again..but i was quicker i get the door and get in bathroom with her…she opened her mouth to shout,but i hold her mouth…and atart begin to her that please listen to me once,and den decide if she still want to tell mama ji about all dis… let me tell u about her now… she was 18 at that time and is so goddamn sexy….big boobs and round ass…long hair….

finally i convinced her to listen to me..she sat there on the floor and i sat on toilet deat there. i told her that how i get aroused by chatting with my gf and inder was watching me…so it was quite normal for both of us to get into this act…she was quite normal till now..and said” u should have get me for this..but not my brother, he will become a gay if u do dis with him…” i was shocked to listen dis, she ran after saying all this…i was stunned…

after dis incident she started looking at me in a totally different way… she started leaning in front of me to give me a glimpse of her tits…my god.! what a sight that was…my dick start growing even now,when I’m writing dis story…2 days later she came to my room when inder wasn’t home…he was at his friend birthday party…
she said “lets see how u chat with your gf.” we sat 2gether and i started chatting..but my mind was not in chatting… my eyes
were exploring her body…she noticed it too and gave me a naughty smile…i knew that is the signal 4 me…
i thought of a plan…i said 2 her “I’m thirsty sonu..can u get me a glass of water?” she said yes and left to kitchen..
i opened indiansexstories/incest and opened a story of bro and sis having sex….and i left 4 bathroom…
when she came back..she found me missing and started explorin my lappy…den i came out of bathroom and went to window
yo see her…she was going through the story…she was smiling while reading story and her 1 hand was busy with her tits…when i see her hot i came back in room and she took out her hand out of her top and
closed the story window and gave me a sexy smile..she asked me if she can sleep here 2nite as she got some work to do on internet..i said okay…

i laid there and she was working on my lappy sitting beside me…after some time she closed lappy and lay down beside me…and started asking questions about my gf and my love life…her head was on my shoulder and her leg was on my leg…i told her that my love life
is going on smoothly…she said den y u were doing all dis with inder? i said because my gf dint let me do dis…
by now my dick was getting bigger,( i have a 6.5 inch cock) and she could feel it below her leg…she was breathing heavily and
i could feel d warmth of her breathing on my neck…i asked her if she’s okay…she said yes i m okay and turned other side and hugged a pillow. i asked her “what happen sonu?” she said “nothing”.i hugged her from behind and kissed on her ear…she giggled….my dick was
pressing on her ass crack and she was enjoying it…she was pushing her ass 2wards me… i took her face in my hands and kissed on her juicy lips…she was waiting 4 my move i think…because when i started, she responded so passionately….i was surprised….i put my hand in her top while kissing her…i could feel her hard nipples over her bra…i took her in my lap and sat down….den i removed her top and my t-shirt and started kissing her… while kissing i unhooked her bra and started licking her nipples now…..she was moaning like hell…dis was her 1st time too… “aaaaahhhhhhhhhh joe….keep sucking my nipples…chew them…..” i kept sucking her nipples 4 around 10 mins…den i lay her back and removed her lower and panty also…she was hiding her pussy from me now….i took off her hands and kissed her on pussy lips… she crossed her legs over my head and started pushing my head 2wards her pussy….i licked it so well and fingered it….

now i wanted her to suck my cock…but she refused… den i got sum honey and applied on my dick…and asked her to lick it…she started
slowly and as he took my dick in her mouth i hold her from hair and pumped my hard cock in her mouth…full length was in her mouth…
she pinched my on my tummy and i had to leave her…she was laughing by now and acting like mad…. “i want to eat your dick” she said
and took my shaft in her mouth…i was loving it…then we came into position to fuck her…i put my dick on her love hole and she closed her eyes and said “please be gentle” i said okay and pushed slowly…but it slipped and went a side…she took it in her hand and directed it to her hole and said push it now.. i pushed it harder dis time and got my dickhead in her pussy… she wanted to cry but i restricted her by holding her mouth by my hand and i stopped pushing it further…i was kissing her on her boobs and was licking her nipples…after few mins she stopped crying and den i gave her a long smooch…and she said I’m fine.. then i pushed it further and dis time half my dick was inside her…now i started moving it in and out slowly…her love juice was making it easier….after sum time she began 2 respond to my strokes…i took out my rod and gave a massive blow in her pussy…and pushed my whole shaft in her pussy…she cried with pain but got normal pretty soon as well…and now she was enjoying my strokes.. i was sucking her nipples while fucking her….and i came inside her after 15 mins i guess… she came a little earlier…we both hugged each other and kissed… that was an awesome fuck…our 1st time….

we cleaned whole mess up and slept….we fucked many time after that incidents….will tell u about that later…in another part…

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