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Spicy Spring
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Spicy Spring

Donna took her by the hand and guided her out of the cold wet snow into the warmth of the cabin. The young blonde woman, a little nervous and shaken from the crash that occurred just days ago, just left her the sole survivor out in the cold and emptiness of the wilderness.

Donna, removed her parka took the young woman by the hand and brought her closer to the warmth of the fire

Donna (softly)...”Here, come closer where the fire is warm. You’re freezing, poor dear; you must have had some ordeal. I’m Donna, what’s your name?”

Young woman (nervously...)”I have to thank you for helping me, I’m Lynn”

Donna (sweetly and softly) “here, let me help you get those cold wet things off” as she helps Lynn off with her wet clothes, leaving her in her bra and panties. Donna putting a soft robe around Lynn, hands her a big cup with hot cocoa in it.

Donna “there, that will warm you up and I put something special in it “

Lynn taking sips from the cup as the warm liquid ran all over inside warming her

Donna “I’m going to run a hot bath for you” as she disappears in the other room.

Lynn was nervous but something about this young redhead felt so right to her.

Donna returns and takes Lynn by the hand and guides her to the bathroom where there is full bathtub of hot water and bubbles.

Donna (softly)”here let me take this” pulling at the robe around Lynn exposing her. Donna leave the bathroom as Lynn unhooks her bra allowing her full firm perky breasts to fall freely. As she leans over and slides her panties down over her toned tight bottom. The door to the bathroom is not completely closed, and Donna spies Lynn stripping off her undies. Donna’s eyes follow the curves of Lynn’s toned body as the desire starts to build inside of her.

Afterward, Lynn emerges from the bathroom as Donna takes her by the hand and guides her to the big overtly large bed, Lynn sits on the edge of the bed as Donna joins her.

Donna starts caressing Lynn’s wrist and arm, “there are other ways we keep warm up here in the cold you know”. Lynn just gazes into Donna’s eyes and can feel the Donna’s desire.

Lynn leans towards Donna and their moist lips meet as their eyes close in an impassioned kiss as Donna slides her hands all over Lynn’s body slowly pulling at the soft robe and just allowing it flutter to the floor. Lynn tugs on the pink sweater that appears as if it was poured over Donna and lifts it over Donna’s head, allowing Donna’s long, soft red locks to fall about her shoulders. Lynn reaches down and unbuttons Donna’s form fitting jeans and pulls down the zipper. An excited breath escapes from Donna’s lips as Lynn pulls her jeans down her legs and Donna kicks them off.
Both young women now in the their undies on their knees on the bed, pull each others bodies together as the tongue kisses become deeper as their hands slide all over each others warm bodies. As a feeling of excitement is mounting within them, down to the tingling between their thighs.

Donna slides behind Lynn, and slides her hands over Lynn’s bare shoulders and over her firm full perky breasts and unclasps her bra freeing Lynn’s breasts. Guiding her hands over those marvelous breasts while kissing and sucking on Lynn’s tapered neck. Ever so carefully caressing Lynn’s nipples as they stiffen and her body relaxes. Sliding her hands down Lynn’s toned abdomen carefully sliding those satin panties down to Lynn’s knees. Her hands return to that toned abdomen and slide carefully to Lynn’s trimmed pussy. Touching and caressing her swelling lips, feeling the moist, wet, hotness from her tight hot wet pussy and an excited breathless moan escapes Lynn’s lips.

Lynn wraps her arms around Donna, carefully sliding her panties down over her tight tushy and off. Lynn’s hands return to Donna’s back easily unclasping Donna’s bra allowing freedom to her large firm breasts, Lynn’s eyes light up at the sight of such beautiful breasts. She can barely contain herself and Lynn kisses Donna’s neck, and shoulders slowly guiding her tongue towards those beautiful breasts. Donna’s eyes close from the anticipation and excitement as ever so lightly Lynn’s tongue brushes Donna’s stiffening nipples and slowly closes her soft moist lips on her nipples….Donna sucks in her breath and slides one hand between her thighs and one hand between the young blonde’s. Lynn’s licking and sucking become more insistent as Donna’s breathing becomes more rapid. Donna presses her nude body up against Lynn’s nude form as she locks her lips with Lynn’s as the tongues become more passionate. She slides her hands down Lynn’s back and cups them on Lynn’s toned tush as their body’s are pressed up against one another.

Slowly, Donna leans forward and eases Lynn down on her back, while pressing her body on top of Lynn’s easily sliding her body over the young blonde's body. Easing herself on top of Lynn, she locks her lips with Lynn’s while soft hands caressing and sliding over each others nude bodies. The warm sensations overwhelm Lynn as she’s lost in the pleasure as Donna’s warm lips and tongue carefully moist, wet sucking Lynn’s ear, neck and shoulders. A warm sensation travels down between Lynn’s thighs warming and moistens areas. Donna warm lips and tongue travel over Lynn’s firm full perky breasts, kissing and carefully closing her lips around the young woman’s already highly stiffened nipples. She lets out an ecstatic pleasurable sigh as the sensations traveling between her thighs are causing increasing hot and wetness. Her firm full perky breasts are increasingly wet and moist as Donna’s warm tongue and lips flicker over her already highly stiffened nipples.

Donna slides her moist tongue down over Lynn’s tight navel flicking at her bellybutton and over to the young woman’s thighs, sliding the tip of her tongue down to her knees and back ever so lightly. Sliding her hands down by Lynn’s knees she carefully pulls the young woman’s thighs apart exposing her tight hot wet pussy, a cool breeze from the ceiling fan brushes the hot moistness and Lynn sucks in her breath as Donna’s warm tongue is closing towards the wetness.
Donna’s two fingers gently press on either side of Lynn’s swollen hot wet pussy lips and she gently squeezes as a purr of pleasure escapes Lynn’s moist yearning lips. She leans in as she parts the hot moist lips and her tongue gently licks her tight hot wet pussy lips.

Lynn’s eyes slowly close (breathlessly) “OH YES that feels so good,

Donna’s licking becomes more insistent as Lynn’s moans and cries increase as Donna thrusts her tongue deep into the young woman’s tight hot wet pussy. A wave of pleasure and intense feeling from her pussy spreads all over her body as the licking of her continues….

After a while, Donna lifts her head from between Lynn’s thighs and reaches over the side of the bed and pulls out a bottle of liquid and a soft purple curved object with an enlarged head. Donna opens the bottle and a soft sweet feminine scent begins to fill the room, she kneels beside Lynn and holds the bottle above her body and squeezes the liquid over her toned tummy. She takes her hands and slowly begins to spread the soft sweet feminine scented oil over the young woman’s toned tummy, her thighs, focusing special attention on the young woman’s firm full perky breasts and nipples. Her fingertips caress the scented oil on her nipples and the oil warms to the touch and with each increasing caress. Lynn gazes upon and relishes in the feeling from the warming oil and the sensation just make her pussy hotter and wetter. Donna’s gentle hands guide and caress all over Lynn’s body as she leans between the young woman’s thighs with the oil and the soft purple object. The anticipation just builds more in Lynn as Donna squeezes her pussy lips together again as her tongue returns to the gently licking….Lynn’s head presses back against the soft pillow as the intense sensations return.

Lynn, breathless and almost panting, as Donna carefully sucks the young woman’s swollen clit in and gently flicks it with the tip of her tongue as can feel her own pussy getting all hot and soaked from the young woman’s moans and cries of pleasure..

She continues the thrusting of her tongue deep into Lynn’s hot wet soaked pussy as she carefully pours that sweet-scented oil on her hand and coats the soft purple object. For a second she stops her licking as she gazes from between Lynn’s thighs and over her toned hot body following every curve. Gently she spreads Lynn’s swollen pussy lips and carefully slowly guides the oil-coated soft purple object into the young woman’s tight hot wet pussy. Lynn’s nude body lurches for a second at the feeling of the object in her pussy, slowly Donna guides the object in and out of Lynn’s tight hot wet pussy as Lynn’s continues her quiet moans that are building in intensity, meanwhile Donna’s tongue returns to licking that hot wet soaked pussy as the object is slipping in and out of the young woman’s wetness.

Lynn in ecstasy her thighs close and rest around Donna’s head as Donna thrusts the object and continues her tongue assault on the young woman’s hot wet soaked pussy.

Donna lifts her head from between Lynn’s thighs, leaving the object in her soaked hot pussy. Slowly she slides her naked body along Lynn’s nude form, as she slides her tongue up Lynn’s body her desire for Lynn is intense, she stops as she is face to face with the young blonde woman who has pleasure in her eyes. As their breasts and nude body press against one another, Donna slowly licks Lynn’s lips as their lips lock in a deep passionate make out session, touching and feeling each other over.

After while, Donna continues to slide her body along Lynn’s face pressing her full breasts in her face and over her lips as Lynn begins to guide her tongue over Donna’s beautiful full breasts and over her hard nipples. She locks on Donna’s hard nipples and carefully bites one as Donna lets out a sigh. Donna continues sliding her body over Lynn until her hot soaked love pussy is over Lynn’s face. The young woman slides her tongue over Donna’s thighs and then deep into Donna’s swollen pussy lips, Donna can barely stay on her knees as the intensity overwhelms her and she lets out a pleasurable yelp, she climbs off and turns around and slides her body back over Lynn pressing her pussy into Lynn’s face as she presses her nude body against Lynn and guides her tongue back to Lynn’s soaked pussy. The two girls in the 69 position as Lynn slowly, teasing, tonguing and sliding her tongue over Donna’s swollen lips and clit.

Donna excited and panting as she gently licks Lynn’s swollen clit while gently thrusting the purple object deeper into Lynn’s tight hot soaked pussy.

Suddenly, Lynn’s body stiffens while the purple object slides deeper into her pussy. Lynn in complete ecstasy. Her mind becomes mush as the intense feeling grows; this must be the g-spot they talk about all the time.

Lynn continues on Donna’s pussy, and wraps her lips around her finger moistening it. She carefully spreads her swollen pussy lips and eases her finger into Donna’s soaked pussy as she lightly with her tongue tip licks the outer edges of Donna’s swollen pussy lips.

Donna(breathless and a little surprise) “ooo, hello honey, I like that, it feels good there” Lynn pulls out the finger and moistens two as and eases them back into Donna’s wet swollen pussy lips as she continues licking the outer edge and flicks Donna’s swollen clit.
Donna (more breathy) as her moans become more pronounced.

Donna continues thrusting the purple object in the young woman’s tight soaked pussy as her moans and cries of pleasure are more intense and louder. Lynn, breathy and panting as Donna’s light licking and sucking of Lynn’s swollen clit. Lynn in ecstasy and breathy “Oh I’m gonna cum” as Donna slides the object out of Lynn’s hot soaked pussy, Lynn’s body shakes and her hot soaked pussy quivers and love juice sprays from her hot soaked pussy. Catching Donna a little by surprise, is relishing in her own as Lynn’s squeezes Donna’s swollen pussy lips as her fingers slide in and out.

Donna slowly climbs off Lynn and lies down next to her all hot, bothered, breathless and reaches over to Lynn and the two girls press each others nude body against each other in a pleasurable embrace. Donna smiling and coming down now looks at Lynn who gazes at Donna with a look of love. Donna “I’m sorry sweetie, after I saw you something inside me just wanted you” Lynn “at first I didn’t know what to think that I wasn’t into that sort of thing, but just something about it felt so good. And I haven’t had too good of success with guys and it’s been a long time for me” Donna “that must have been really intense for you baby, I never saw someone squirt before”
They both pull back the big soft comforter on the bed and crawl under the comforter and the sheets and fall into dreamland in each others arms.


The next day they hiked back to the crash site where Donna found Lynn lying in the snow, it was a beautiful sunny day even with the cold and the untouched snow on the ground. They brought back what they could find and then they took a walk down to the lake where there was a light coating of ice. As Lynn was marveling in the fish you could see swimming under the ice, Donna gazed upon Lynn and how she was feeling real love for Lynn and hoped Lynn felt the same way. It wasn’t odd for women in their early to mid-twenties to have such feelings for each other; Donna just hoped it would be happy. Donna walked over to Lynn and wrapped her arms around Lynn’s waist, pulled her close and engaged Lynn in a deep passionate kiss. She then pulled back for a sec and “Lynn, I want to tell you something” and Lynn with a loving look gazed at her “you can tell me anything Donna, I find myself so close to you and I think I’m in love”. Donna’s face lit up, she was so happy to hear that from Lynn. “You love me too Lynn?” questioned Dona. Lynn just smiled and put her face close to Dona’s and whispered “yes”. The two young women just held hands and pressed little kisses on each others lips. Donna took Lynn by the hand and led her over a small path halfway around the lake; there you could see it from the steam rising in the air. A small natural hot spring about half the side of small pond, the snow around it melted, about 10 feet from the spring was small structure a little larger than an ice fishing shanty.

Donna led Lynn to the side of the spring where she put her arms around Lynn and engaged her in a soft deep passionate kiss. Lynn started kissing Donna’s neck and whispered in her ear “it’s hot here, maybe…” And Lynn with her hands on Donna’s shoulders slid down the front of her jacket and pulled down the zipper, once open Lynn slipped her hands inside and slid Donna’s jacket off over her shoulders and off. She pulled up on the sweatshirt covering Donna’s large full breasts and up over her head, stepping around Donna she wrapped her arms around Donna and caressed her hands up and down Donna’s form while her moist lips locked over Donna’s neck. Donna closed her eyes and just gave herself to the young blonde as Lynn slid her hands down and unclasped Donna’s stretch jeans and slid them down over her bottom and down her legs helping Donna step out of them. Lynn wrapped her arms around Donna and continued the kisses to her lips and neck. As Donna slowly unbuttoned Lynn’s wool jacket and slipped it off her slender shoulders. She reached down and unzipped Lynn’s jeans and eased them down over Lynn’s hips and tushy. The two young women only in the bras and panties started exploring one another’s bodies again. Donna glanced down at the snow nearby and with a sly smile tip-toed in her bare feet over to the shanty and opened the door and pulled out a rolled up oversized large sleeping bag and two large towels. She tip-toed back to Lynn who slid her hands over Donna’s toned body and unclasped Donna’s bra and slipped it off her shoulders exposing those beautiful large firm breasts. She kissed between Donna’s large orbs and down Donna’s tummy and slid her hands under the waistband of Donna’s lace panties and slid them over her hips and down her legs. Warmth and moisture was starting to ease between Donna’s thighs and in her building excitement she eased off Lynn’s panties and ran her hands over Lynn’s body unclasping her bra allowing freedom to Lynn’s marvelous large firm perky breasts. Lynn wrapped her arms around Donna pressing their nude bodies together as she locked Donna’s lips in a passionate kiss. Donna eased from the embrace and took Lynn by the hand and led her towards the hot spring, helping her down into the steam and the warmth of the naturally hot spring. The hot spring water felt so good against Lynn’s bare skin as both young women immersed themselves in the hot water. The bubbling of the spring was like Jacuzzi jets and felt marvelous to both nude girls. Donna led Lynn over to one of the natural “jets” where the hot water was bubbling and helped her ease between her thighs over the bubbling water. Lynn surprised and pleasurable “oooo that feels good” and Donna wrapped her body around Lynn as the water bubbled between Lynn’s thighs, Donna kissed and sucked the young blonde’s neck was the water bubbled. Lynn closed her eyes to get the full effect of the experience. The young redhead slipped between Lynn and lowered herself over the hot water bubbles as well and both young women engaged in a passionate lip lock as the pleasure from the bubbles overwhelmed them.

Donna climbed out of warmth of the spring and held Lynn’s hand helping her out. A cool breeze passed through over their wet flesh, the breeze exhilarated them as they dried one another’s bodies off. Donna unrolled the oversize sleeping bag, and spread it out on the snow there she guided Lynn over and they both were on their knees. Suddenly Donna grabbed Lynn’s hands and pushed her down on her back climbing on top of her holding her hands above her head. The idea of being taken thrilled Lynn as the excitement began to build in her as Donna pressed her naked body up against Lynn’s bare body as the snow acted as a cushion for them. And they locked in more passionate lip-lock, as Donna held Lynn’s hands above her head and her bare flesh pressed up against her. Donna’s moist lips and tongue moved to Lynn’s neck sucking and licking the remaining moisture on Lynn’s bare flesh. She moved to Lynn’s ear softly sucking her earlobe and licking inside. This excited Lynn as her breath started to become short and her skin tingled from her ear down between her thighs, stirring the moistness. Donna continued her licking and sucking as Lynn began to squirm beneath her in pleasure, she stopped for a moment and gazed in Lynn’s eyes and smiled slyly as she reached into her bag nearby and pulled out a black satin scarf. She pressed her body back down on Lynn and continued her licking and sucking of Lynn’s ear. She whispered “I have a surprise for you” as she placed the blindfold over Lynn’s eyes and loosely tied it behind her head. Donna whispers “don’t worry baby, you’ll love this” as she kept the soft licking and sucking down Lynn’s neck, over her shoulder, down over her firm full perky breasts to her stiffening nipples as though they were waiting for her attention. Donna reaches over and grabs a handful of snow, pauses for sec and then massages the snow over Lynn’s firm breasts and over her stiff nipples. Lynn thinks to herself wow what is that and “that’s so cold but it feels so good” Lynn softly says. “Oh you like that baby?” whispers Donna in her ear as she closes her soft lips on Lynn’s stiffened nipple flicking it with the tip of her tongue. As she keeps her suction on the nipple, she takes another handful of snow and caresses it on Lynn’s other firm full perky breast. “ooo” from Lynn’s already parted lips as she was becoming very aroused again. Donna returns to licking and kissing Lynn’s tapered neck and ear, as the excitement keeps building within Lynn sending more and more tingles down between her thighs. Donna’s moist soft tongue guides it way back over her perky breasts, licking and sucking her already stiffened nipples giving them a slight nibble causing Lynn to suck in her breath. She continues guiding her tongue over Lynn’s navel and down to the trimmed patch. Donna pulls away for a sec as she presses her moist wet lips on the inside of Lynn’s thighs. Lynn’s breath is getting shorter with more excitement as the tingles are all over her nude body and focusing between her thighs. Donna gently parts Lynn’s thighs and the insides are moist from the juices from her tight hot wet pussy, a small cold breeze brushes Lynn and there is thrilling feeling from her wetness. Donna gazes upon that tight hot wet pussy and her swollen lips from the excitement, she presses her lips against the swollen pussy lips and applying suction parts her swollen pussy lips with her tongue. “oh that feels so good” escapes from Lynn. And Donna’s teases with the tip of her tongue. and reaches over and grabs more cold snow. Sliding the cold wet snow over the trimmed fur and over her tight hot wet swollen pussy lips………...
There is intense tingling from the coldness on her hot wet pussy. Donna slides over Lynn’s toned body and lowers her head in between Lynn’s thighs, taking two fingers on either side of the young woman’s swollen pussy lips presses softly and squeezes…a thrilled yelp escapes Lynn’s lips as Donna’s tongue glides between those hot swollen pussy lips as her licking becomes more passionate.

Lynn (short of breath) “oh oh yes oo yes yes” as she begins to arch her back. The excitement is mounting more and more and Lynn “Oh my I’m going to to to” as her body squirms around “I’M CUMMMMING” as her tight hot wet pussy quivers squirting love juice all over Donna’s mouth.

Lynn rises up and leans towards a smiling Donna as she presses her nude body against the young redhead and her wanting parted lips tease Donna’s as their bodies slide and press against one another. And Lynn locks her moist lips on Donna’s as Donna falls to her back and Lynn slides her body up and down Donna as Lynn sucks and licks Donna’s face, neck and teasing Donna’s earlobe. The cool air blows over the snow, whispering a cool breeze over their nude bodies on a sleeping bag in the snow as the warmth from the spring surrounds them. Lynn’s licking and sucking builds excitement in Donna as she feels sensations throughout her body down between her soft thighs. Donna thinks of how lonely she was before she met Lynn and now the ecstasy is building within her, increasing with more sensations between her thighs. Lynn slides her moist tongue over Donna’s shoulders, neck and down caressing over those marvelous firm large breasts as her tongue glides over the stiffened nipples. She begins to slurp and suck each nipple alternately causing the warm moist sensations between Donna’s thighs. Donna getting sooo turned on she tries to slide her hand between her thighs, but Lynn takes Donna’s hand holding it. And the excitement within Donna build more and more as her body tingles and a throbbing begins between her soft thighs. Lynn glides her tongue down between Donna’s firm breasts drawing a moist line over her navel and down to the insides of her thighs. Like a soft paint brush, Lynn’s tongue guides from Donna’s knees to the insides of her thighs as she slowly parts Donna’s legs exposing the throbbing wetness to the cool mountain air.

Lynn lowers her face between Donna’s thighs and lightly licks over Donna’s swollen pussy lips. Donna her breath shallow “ooo, you know exactly what to do baby”. Lynn suddenly stops and starts lightly teasing all over Donna’s nude form with a feather she found on ground. Lightly teasing over her hot swollen pussy lips, the teasing was intense and starting to get to her she was beginning to lose her mind as the teasing continued. She wanted Lynn so bad to thrust her fingers and tongue in tight hot wet pussy. Lynn could see the slight frustration in Donna’s eyes and she leaned forward and increased the teasing over Donna’s hot wet pussy. As her tongue glides over Donna’s swollen moist wet pussy lips tracing the outline and then she slowly thrusts her tongue deep into Donna’s wetness. This shocked Donna as her breathing became shorter and heavier “that’s soo good baby, please more more more more” as Lynn’s thrusting and licking increased as she teased her clit. The pleasure became so intense as Donna pressed her hands down on Lynn’s head as her licking and sucking continued. Donna’s body started to buck and grind “Oh my…I’m going to cum, oh oh yes baby yes, I’m cumming oooo yes yes yes”

Donna’s body falls limp from her intense climax, as Lynn slides her nude body over Donna’s and next to her holding each other in an embrace of ecstasy. She takes the rest of the sleeping bag and pulls it over both of them as they fall asleep in each others arms.

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