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Special Delivery: Raveged Raw
07-14-2011, 10:25 AM
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Special Delivery: Raveged Raw
A horny woman stumbles into a warehouse after hours and gets more then she bargined for.
As Amber walked to her front door she sees the note saying the delivery guy missed her and if she wants her package, she would have to pick it up at the warehouse. It’s kinda late and she’s not even sure if they are still open but Amber rushed over anyway because she’s been dieing to get her new vibrator. Her friends at the gym told she had to try this brand and since she hasn’t had a date in a few months she could hardly wait for it.

The front door of the warehouse is locked but Amber hears something around back, and thinking somebody may still be there who can get her special package Amber walks around back to investigate. As she walks up to an open loading dock Amber sees the backs of a group of guys watching something on TV. As she gets closer Amber realizes its porn. The woman on TV has a man in her mouth and another one fucking her.

“Oh she loves that” one of the guys yells at the TV.

They don’t realize Amber is behind them and at this point she’s not sure what to do. Amber pauses for a moment and finds herself getting entranced by the video. The actress’s moans are getting louder and it’s starting to have an effect on Amber as her nipples come to life.

The men watching this tape are gorgeous and sweaty from a hard day’s work. Amber also notices a distinct bulge in their dark work pants. Amber starts backing up to leave before she is caught when she hits a giant wall of muscle.

“What do we have here” a deep voice booms behind her.

“I’m sorry” is all Amber manages to squeak out.

“Well boys looks like we have us a lil present” the large man behind Amber says.

“Damn she’s hot OOOOOWWWEEE” one man yells at Amber.

“This bitch musta been watching the tape look at how hard her nipples are” another man shouts.

Amber tries to leave but the man who was behind her grabs both of her arms.

“Relax babe we aint gonna hurt you” he says as he pulls Amber back toward the group.

Before Amber knows it she’s on her back on top of some cargo boxes. All Amber can see above her is this crew of men holding her down, a bright light and the rafters in the warehouse ceiling. Their strong hands start groping Amber through her clothes.

“Wow, feel how firm these tits are” one of them declares.

“And her legs, she must shaved just for us” another laughs as their hands roam freely over her body.
Amber’s too stunned to fight them off. Everything is happening so fast she’s still in shock by what’s happening to her.

Next thing she knows they start tearing her cloths off. It doesn’t seem real as Amber hears her shirt being ripped apart, buttons flying across the room. Her pants slide off and her thong snaps lose like a bow on a Christmas present.

She’s completely naked and exposed to this group of strange rugged men. Their rough hands exploring every inch of her body sending shivers through Amber. One of them takes a nipple in his mouth while another twists and pinches her other breast. A hand slaps her pussy then rubs her clit until Amber let out a sigh.

“We’ve got a live one tonight” the man yells which is met with cheers and yells. Her face reddens with embarrassment at her body’s betrayal.

“This will keep her quite” another man says as he slaps his thick cock against her cheek.

With both hands on the sides of her face he pulls her head down and back so her head is upside down, and he forcefully fucks her mouth. Amber instantly gags at first then takes the cock completely in her mouth. The men continue to rub Amber down as she feels a man rubbing his hard cock up and down her moist pussy. He pushes just his head in and holds still for a minute then he slides deep into Amber.

Amber’s surprised at how wet she already is. The man wastes no time pounding into her full force. The sound of their hips slapping together can be heard over the mix of grunts and sighs in the room.

The man in her mouth pulls out and spurts his hot jizz over her tits and stomach. Another man quickly stuffs her mouth again with his own thick cock. Her tits are soaked with sweat and cum as these guys continue to rub and grab her breast.

While Amber is being fucked hard another man begins rubbing her clit. This is too much for Amber and she begins cumming uncontrollably. A muffled scream is coming out of her full mouth and the guy Amber is blowing is enjoying the vibrations this is creating for him. Amber’s pussy is soaking wet and the slapping sound is now more of a sloshing as the rest of her body begins to quiver.

Her body’s display only fuels the men even more. The man working her clit doesn’t stop in fact he keeps rubbing Amber harder. Amber is so sensitive that it hurts for about 30 seconds then goes right back into building up for another orgasm. The man fucking Amber loses it and cums inside her splashing her pussy with his thick hot load.

Now the big man who was behind Amber try’s to enter her. His cock is at least 10 inches. He adjusts her hips and try’s to get a better angle before he finally pushes his cock deep inside her. Amber takes all of him and again is moaning louder now through her cock filled mouth. This man cums down her throat as she sucks him dry.

Amber lifts her head to watch this huge cock plunge in and out of her. A man keeps rubbing her clit slowly now then he works a finger into her ass. Amber is at the point were there are too many sensations at once but they keeps rubbing and pounding her harder and harder. Amber thinks she can’t take any more and her head is pulled down and anther cocked stuffed in.

Amber find herself cumming again and this time she feels like she may lose consciousness as waves of pleasure rip through her body. She’s never had an orgasm like this before, her whole body being touched and filled while she’s engulfed in testosterone. As her release is winding down the big man pulls out and sprays her with his hot cum. The man in her mouth also pulls out and showers Amber with his cum as well leaving her a quivering, sticky mess.

That day Amber was hoping to get the best orgasm of her life but she thought it was going to be from a battery powered toy not a handful of men she never met. Needless to say they all stayed at the warehouse for several more hours taking turns on her.

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