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Blake was a high school senior with a repute of tardiness and disobeying teachers. Presently, he sat slumped miserably in a chair. It was a beautiful hot summer afternoon yet he was stuck in school. And it was all because of the cursed detention slip given to him by his history teacher for failing to arrive to class on time. Weary with boredom, he watched Mr. Palmer file paperwork on his desk. He of course was the middle aged man who happened to be his stern history teacher. Uninterested in watching papers be filed, Blake’s attention did not stay on the man and instead wondered off to his student assistant.

Sophia Cho was her name. She was an oriental, the proud daughter of two Chinese parents. She was one of the most popular girls in school and was known among the males as “the hot Asian chick”. A properly adopted nickname for the titillating girl. She had dark brown olive eyes, straight jet black hair down to her waist, suave glowing skin and a smoking hot body. The flat stomach she showed off during gym class accompanied a dainty waist, a tight firm ass and a well endowed set of breasts. But even among her friends she was known to be quite uptight. She was a goody-two-shoes, always getting perfect grades, doing what was right and having little or no time for fun. And unlike Blake, she always arrived to class on time.

“All right Sophia, I have to run an errand at the main office, you can finish this paperwork until I get back.”

Sophia simply nodded. Mr. Palmer headed for the door but before exiting, he had a few words for Blake.

“And Mr. Cunningham, don’t even think about striking a conversation up. If you bother Sophia in any way, I will find out and you’ll be spending another afternoon here.”

There was a dramatic pause of the door closing behind Mr. Palmer and Blake found himself alone with Sophia. Unswayed by the threat made mere seconds ago, the teen already had made up his mind on having a little fun with the teacher’s assistant.

She sat behind the teacher’s desk, diligently filing the papers left for her. In no time at all she finished and that was Blake’s opportunity.

“What are you doing here?” He asked smoothly.

“I’m not suppose to talk to you.” She answered snobbishly

“Oh come, you’re a seventeen year old turning eighteen in two months.”

She looked back at him with inquisitive eyes.

“How do you know about my birthday?”

“You’re really well known around here. The question you should be asking is who doesn’t know.”

No more words were exchanged between the two students and silence fell. It became awkward, too awkward and so Blake proceeded to incite a reaction from Sophia.

“So what are you doing here? It’s a Friday afternoon. Don’t you have anything better to do? Or maybe what they say about you is true, you’re no fun.”

“I do what’s right. Unlike you.” She scornfully replied.

“There’s no argument there, but when’s the last time you had time to enjoy yourself? All work and no play can make you really....tense.”

“Leave me alone.”

It appeared Blake had successfully struck a chord.

“What’s wrong? Did I upset the little teacher’s pet?”

There was a sudden thud as Sophia struck down her hands on the desk and stood up.

“Listen here, I’m tired of people like you spreading crap like that around. Stop while you’re ahead or I’ll report you to Mr. Palmer.”

Smiling gleefully, Blake got out of his seat and approached her..

“Maybe people wouldn’t say those things about you if they weren’t true.”

“They aren’t! I know how to have fun.” She grinded her teeth.

In a swift movement Blake snatched Sophia’s wrist.

“Then show me right here and now. Show me how much fun you are.”

They stared in each others eyes for the longest of time before she replied.

“Fine. What do you want me to do?”

“Come out from under there.” Blake commanded as he guided Sophia around the desk by tugging on her wrist.

The two now stood side by side at the front classroom. Blake’s eyes promptly noticed the outfit Sophia donned. She had a short-sleeved white blouse which conformed to her body and tightly pressed against her round breasts. A white skirt hung from her waist and she stood in a pair of ankle-strap open toe white espadrille’s. To match the outfit she sported, her fingernails and toenails were painted in white nail polish.

“I think I know what to do. We have to loosen you up.”

“Excuse me?”

“We’re going to loosen you up.” Blake repeated himself.

He positioned Sophia on the front of the desk and gently placed his hands on her skirt. With one sharp tug the garment was pulled down, exposing the pair of pink underwear she wore.

“Nice panties.”

“What are you doing!?” She screamed completely shocked

Standing back up he stared deep into her eyes, inches away from her face.

“I’m going to help you. I know how much you hate it when people call you uptight. How much you hate it when you hear people calling you teachers pet in the hall. And how much you hate it that you can’t go to any of the parties you’re invited to. And this...we’ll this will loosen you up.”

With no further protest from Sophia, he helped her out of her skirt and underwear. She was completely naked except for the white blouse and espadrille’s she wore.

“Look at that pussy.” Blake remarked grinning.

The Asian’s pink slit was trimmed with almost no hair and looked extremely sleek.

“Turn around.”

Sophia obeyed

“Relax and it’ll all be over soon enough. You won’t have to worry about Mr. Palmer walking in.”

A pair of hands fell on Sophia’s hindquarters and they began to softly knead her cheeks. She had a perfect heart-shaped ass. It was full, plump and firm with incredibly soft skin. After the impromptu yet reposeful rub down, Blake reached for a trio of Sharpie markers he spotted on the teachers desk that consisted of red, black and blue colors. He shortly grabbed hold of them, got down on his knees and came face to face with the gorgeous ass before him. He extended its fleshy cheeks apart and took in a close up of the oriental’s asshole.

“You have really tight little butthole don’t you? We’re going to loosen it up now.”

“What?! Why there?!”

“Because, it’s the place where you’re most tight.”

Gripping one of the Sharpie markers by its front, he began to slowly insert its end into Sophia. Her sphincter easily engulfed the narrow marker after its bottom perforated into her anus. The writing implement traveled down the fleshy anal lining until its cap halted further movement.

“One down, two to go.” Blake smiled.

Taking another of the markers in hand, he began to shove it down at an angle. He watched as Sophia’s sphincter slowly elongated to admit the tube inside.

“Oh god! You’re stretching it too much!” She groaned with pain.

“Don’t worry, one left to go.”

The last and final marker was brought in slower and with more care than all the rest. It slid past the other two markers and gratingly rubbed against the outer wall of the anus. When it was at last fully in, Sophia’s sphincter had been greatly elongated. Where the tip of an index finger could once not fit was where three maybe four fingers could now slide in.

“There we go.” Blake said with tone of accomplishment.

“You should see yourself.”

Sophia didn’t even want to think about how horrendously stupid she must have looked with the colorful caps of the markers sticking out of her ass.

“Turn around.”

With great discomfort, she turned around and faced a half naked Blake. His pants and underwear were already lying on the floor, exposing his long and erect six inch cock.

”I want you to suck this. We need to get it nice and wet for the next step. Otherwise it’ll be very uncomfortable for you.”

In a disinclined manner, Sophia heedfully descended to her knees. Every time she moved the slightest bit, the markers deep within rubbed her precious walls. To add to the uneasiness of the situation, there was now a dick in front of her face. She well aware of what was being asked of her, nonetheless it did not change the fact she that had never performed oral sex... But there was no other choice in the matter. The thick meaty rod in front of her would soon replace the tiny plastic ones wedged in her ass. She took a hold of Blake’s cock by its base and guided the foreskin back. Its pink spear like head came into view and soft pink lips fleetly enveloped it. She swiftly took note of all the qualities that pertained to the first cock she would suck. Its scent was rich and pungent, its taste was salty and it pulsed with a radiant warmth. She swallowed the cock inch by inch until it hit the back of her throat.

“Fuck yeah.” Blake moaned.

She took a small glance up at him with innocent puppy eyes and then reverted back to the dick in her mouth. For her first time sucking a mans cock, Sophia fared rather well. She did not possess the experience of giving head but had seen porno’s of women whose job was to suck cock for living. And so she tried to best emulate what she remembered from those porno’s. She stroked Blake’s cock while she sucked him, licked the head of his penis like a lollipop, played with his balls, fellated him with slow and fast blows, and spat on his rod till it was completely covered in saliva. It was a daunting task to accomplish when every bob of her head or movement of her arm caused the markers to chafe against her anal lining...

“I think it’s time for the big test.” The teen groaned, stopping Sophia from continuing onward.

“And for your first BJ, I give you a B plus.” Blake commented boastfully.

Grabbing a nearby chair, he sat in it and motioned for the oriental to follow him. As soon as she was within range, he turned her about and started the process of removing the markers. One by one, they fell to the floor with a clack. What was left was a widely stretched asshole.

“Come on, sit on it before it closes up.” He demanded.

Sophia braced herself to squat down on his lap and utilizing her legs, carefully began to descend on the cock behind her. Blake aided the process along by placing a hand on her back and guiding his cock into her rear. Contact was shortly made and Blake carefully inserted the head of his penis in. With a single push it finally popped in.

“Fuck yeah.” He groaned.

The effort to get the rest of his cock tucked in briefly continued. After a minute or so, his dick found itself profoundly buried inside Sophia’s bowels.
“Oh god!” She moaned.

She waited for the peculiar discomfort to flee as her anus began to fully stretch to accommodate the long thick dick. And no matter how much she hated to acknowledge it, she was extremely aroused. Her heart was racing, her skin was flushed and her pussy lips were engorged. Initiating things, her hips and waist went to work. She began to rock her body back and forth. The nerves rooted throughout her rectum transmitted an extreme pleasure that encompassed her entire body. She began creating slow full undulations, grinding against Blake’s cock.

“Yeah, that’s it.” He moaned.

His hands found themselves on the buttons of Sophia’s blouse. Lithely, they unfasten the garment and the blouse curtly settled on the floor alongside a bra. Blake made a reach for Sophia’s exposed luscious breasts and groped them in his two hands. They were big and round but firm with pointy carnation teats. He played with the set of tits, making sure to tease and pinch the nipples as his dick was thoroughly grinded by Sophia’s ass. Finally the abrasion stopped. A pair of hands fell on the oriental’s waist and they began to guide her up. The retracting cock sent waves and waves of magnificent sensations throughout both. The tight squeeze of the narrow anal cavity was extremely pleasurable to Blake’s cock. And his lengthy and girthy dick felt wonderful on the tight walls of Sophia’s rectum.

“You have such a tight ass!” He exclaimed.

In awe he watched the tiny asian asshole take his cock in and out. The pain which once bothered Sophia had nearly dissipated and was replaced with euphoria. She could have never imagined having a mans dick shoved up in such a dirty place could feel so good, so magnificent. That was the moment a change occurred within the oriental and she decided to get her ass fucked to kingdom come. She didn’t give a damn if she was complicit to sex on school grounds or if she got caught. All that mattered was that wonderfully feeling being emitted deep in her ass. Her legs, hips and waist all obtained a mind of their own. They pushed hard off of Blake’s lap simply to come back down impetuously. Sophia’s vigorously hopped up and down the length of his cock. Her tiny ass loving every inch of the rod it took in. The chair both teens sat on creaked from the force they exerted from their anal coitus.

“Yeah, that’s it! I knew you had it in you all along.” Blake groaned.

The whiny creaks of the chair accompanied their groans as they continued. He ultimately halted Sophia’s hopping before he reached his climax. It was something that proved to be more difficult when it was apparent she did not want to stop. He had to seize her by the waist and keep her down before standing up and pulling out.

“You’re such a little slut aren’t you? Don’t worry, I’m not done fucking you yet.” Blake smiled.

“Go over to the desk and bend over.”

Sophia did not waffle and hurried over to the desk. There she bent over, resting her naked upper body on its cool wooden surface. She felt the warm prick of Blake’s cock on her sphincter and urgently slammed back into it. To her dismay it slid to the side and did not enter as she hoped.

“Now, now, be patient.”

Like a cat in heat Sophia presented herself to the cock positioned behind her, waiting for it to plunge deep inside. It’s head teasingly slithered around the rim of her sphincter. The heat radiating from the organ hot and abundant. It was all too much for her, she couldn’t hold off another minute and slammed back in disappointed yet again. This time Blake did not say anything. Instead he went back to tantalizing her. There was a certain joy he found in observing her ass squirm in anticipation.

“I want you to beg for it. Tell me what you want me to do.” He finally stated.

“I want you to fuck my ass!” She replied hastily.

“You got it babe.”

He presented the head of his dick near the sphincter where it was then engulfed and continued to disappear as it traveled deeper and deeper.

“Oh god! Yeah like that!” Sophia moaned.

His cock slowly lunged in and out. He could feel his head reaching deep within her bowels and massaging her anal muscles. He retracted and felt the muscles squeezing back, wanting to swallow his dick back in. The slow lunges continued until Blake was sure Sophia’s tiny ass was thoroughly adjusted to his rod. He then set himself back at the rectum’s entrance and was geared up to make the oriental remember this day for the rest of her life. The day of her first ass fucking.

Blake unmercifully rammed his cock deep into the ass before him. Sophia let out a squeal and the desk creaked from the forward motion. Using the same force and speed, Blake pulled back. He had the perfect view of the lovely bottom in front of him and the dick stuck in it. His rams continued, they started off slow and gradually picked up pace. The creaking of the desk echoed alongside the sound of the cock that robustly drove itself into the orientals ass. The sensation was absolutely incredible. His member was hot from the friction, throbbing against her rectum. That’s when her legs and knees turned weak. She shifted all of her weight to her upper body and made sure she was supported by the desk. Unabated, Blake’s cock gained swiftness and force. He jammed his rod in a single thrust, pulled back out immediately, and repeated the cycle.

“You have such a wonderful ass.” Blake exclaimed spanking Sophia’s buttocks.

“Ahhh!” She moaned simultaneously from the spank received and the pleasure of the shaft inside her.

Sophia was lost in a world of an intense high. She was brought back when a pair of hands landed on her dainty waist. The thrusting of the meaty cock furrowing through her anal rings did not cease, instead it increased.

“Fuck yeah!” She screamed.

Blake’s cock was ramming in out at an unfathomable speed. The oriental’s firm cheeks provided an excellent cushion for the powerful force being delivered. A kinetic force which jaunted through her soft round breast and onto the creaking desk.

“Yeah, you like that don’t you?!” Blake moaned.

“Yes! I love it!”

“Good, because there’s still more.”

The teen no longer held anything back and fucked Sophia’s ass with everything he had. And he had to admit, for such a bottled up anus, it loosened up better than expected.

“God yes!” She moaned.

She reached a hand under her belly til it arrived at her pussy and inserted two fingers. They agilely began to rub the soft delicate walls of her vagina. She fingered herself and in no time at all, warm juices trickled down her hand. Meanwhile an intense sensation was gathering deep inside Blake’s groin. He knew it was almost time.

“You want me to cum in your tight little ass don’t you?” Blake groaned.

“Yes! Please cum in my ass!” She answered.

He rammed harder and harder, faster and faster. He could feel every inch of Sophia’s tight warm ass clench his cock. It was tighter than any other pussy, ass or mouth Blake had shoved his dick into.

“Oh yeah! I’m cumming!” He moaned.

He could feel the muscles in his groin began the contracting process. The load he was about to spill was quickly gathering. Yet he did not lose any power or speed in his stride.

“Oh god! Fuck me!”

“Yes right there! Cum in my tight little asian ass!”

Blake could no longer take it. With one last deep plunge, he came to a stop. His groin muscles contracted rapidly, warmth spread through his body and he felt his load travel through his cock and shoot inside Sophia’s ass.

“YESSSSS!” She screamed in ecstasy.

The feeling of having Blake’s hot liquid goo spill into her anus was utterly overwhelming, and seconds later she came too. Her vaginal walls contracted and fluid spilled down her hand and dripped onto the classroom floor. A minute or two passed and the cock inside her hole was slowly removed. Blake took a step back and pulled her ass cheeks apart with his hands.

“You have the tightest ass in the world. That it is.... you had.” He smirked admiring at how much he had loosened her up.

His hot load was trapped deep within the confines of her rectum and he knew it was on its way toward the exit. Sophia could feel the spine tingling sensation of the liquid seeping down her ass.

“Would you look at that?” Blake exclaimed merrily.

He gleefully watched the white goo start to drip down her ass.

“I guess I was wrong. You can have fun. We should do this again sometime.”

The oriental turned around heaving. Her nipples were perky, her eyes still lost from the strong orgasm she experienced moments ago and her sleek pink pussy was dripping wet.

“Definitely.” She responded.

In less than an hour Blake Cunningham had successfully stretched the tightest of assholes, found a anal buddy and executed a small act of vengeance. When Mr. Palmer returned there was no sign of the hot anal sex that had taken place in his classroom. The room smelt of the fresh summer air from an airing and not the sent of strong sexual aroma’s. The two teens were fully dressed and seated separately. Nothing was out of place and so they were both sent home without any question being asked of them. But this was only the beginning of their sexual relationship. They met on many more occasions to have anal intercourse. Sophia herself discovered she loved nothing more than when Blake cummed in her ass. And she indeed became more outgoing. Blake noticed the change in about a week.

There was one particular thing that always reminded him of the first ass fucking he gave to the oriental. And it just so happened to be Mr. Palmer. It was fun to be in his class while he graded papers with a certain set of Sharpie markers. He never did figure out what that strange smell was.

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