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Sometimes resisting temptation is easier said than done.
07-15-2011, 04:37 AM
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Sometimes resisting temptation is easier said than done.
Mmmm, today was a good day. I was sitting at work fantasizing about the sexiest man that had to be alive, in my world anyway. I finally spoke to him on the way home last night…and that was all she wrote.

This man was godly; almost too good to be true. He had a nice and tight body with a smile that could kill. And you know what, he fucked me so good last night, I almost lost sight of who I was. Shit, how does one lose sight of who they are? Easy, when you do some shit you normally wouldn’t do without even thinking about it.

Straight to the point….all I know is that when I got off work yesterday, I stopped to the store for my usual bottle of merlot. Fifteen minutes later, I was at home bent over my sofa with a fit-for-my-pussy dick inside of me. I’m almost certain that my neighbors heard my moans and demands to fuck me harder, as the sofa is conveniently positioned close to the main foyer of my two-level condo.

Damn, I can’t remember being so wet before. Was it the physical attraction, the little game of cat-and-mouse, or the inward and outward thrust of what felt to be the best dick ever? I’ll need to change my panties soon, cuz I’m getting wet just thinking about it.

If the sofa action wasn’t enough, I almost forgot being on my knees for what seemed like 3 minutes, before the eruption of warmth and wetness hit my face. I slightly opened my mouth hoping to feel his pleasures on my tongue, but that’s when I felt a tongue instead, kissing me passionately as if this were a last kiss.

He gently grabbed my face, and while nibbling on my ear whispered, “I’m not done.” I came for the fifth time.

He pulled me close. Put each of my breasts in his mouth and carefully examined both with his tongue. I almost lost it…wanting him inside me again. His tongue then trailed down to my clit, where he gently sucked and caressed his way inside of me. Undeniably, the best…never felt this way before. I almost got mad at how professional he was with his tongue, but I let it go. His hair was jet black and curly, with enough length for me to grab it and finger his curls while he ate my pussy like a pro.

I almost didn’t notice my secretary knocking at the door. I also didn’t realize that my skirt had been unfastened, in the midst of me fingering myself at the thought of last night’s rendezvous. I asked my secretary to give me a moment while I regrouped and got myself together.

My secretary acknowledged me once more and indicated that I had an important call waiting on the line for me. I automatically assumed that it was my afternoon conference call, which needless to say, I wasn’t really in the mood for.

While trying to clear my previous thoughts, I answered the phone and to my surprise it was Mr. Sexy himself. I couldn’t believe he actually called me at work. Was he crazy? After last night, we agreed that it wouldn’t be right for us to see each other again. In fact, we had an understanding that if we saw one another in the streets, we would simply act as if nothing happened.

If there was one thing I didn’t tolerate, it was drama! I didn’t bring drama to the workplace and I damn sure didn’t allow drama where I lay my head. Although I had an amazing time last night, the fact still remained that I broke one of my rules. After eye-fucking my neighbor for the past year, I finally broke the silence; told him how I felt, and now he’s got me at my desk masturbating!

Why is this so wrong? Reason number two is because he’s my neighbor; too close for comfort. But reason number one is because he’s a married man, and therefore should’ve been off limits. Did I mention he’s a happily married man? I was just that enticing last night, with my form-fitting dress and killer red stilettos.

So again, why was he calling? That’s simple. He wanted to see me again. He couldn’t stop thinking about me. Little did he know, I couldn’t stop thinking about him either. So now, it looks like all my rules have been tossed out the window.

When my secretary came back into my office and notified me that my conference call for the day had been rescheduled for next week, I decided to take the rest of the day off. Mr. Sexy had made it very clear that he wanted me again, and the feelings were mutual on my end.

With his wife out of town on business, shit could get pretty complicated.

My conscience was trying to get the best of me and I almost reconsidered; but on second thoughts, cheers to another bottle of merlot and a good fuck.

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