Solving Aishwarya's "PROBLEMS" - Sex Story
The least fun part about being an agent out here in Bollywood is having to do

damage control when some sort of bad press happens to one of your clients.

They say that any news is good news, but I have to disagree. Sometimes a

celebrity can do something so stupid that it damages their career for the rest

of their life. That is of course, if you let it happen.

I was faced with one of those situations now and my mind was racing as I tried

to grasp what to do. Sitting in front of me in tears was the beautiful

actress, Aishwarya Rai, who recently became Rai-Bachhan after

she married Abhishek. Aishwarya's makeup was running off of her cheeks

onto her hands as she sobbed into them, and her dark black hair was in a total

mess. Aishwarya wasn't even a client of the firm. She was represented by a

competing agent here in town, Bill. What had brought her to me had to

do with her husband, who WAS a client of my firm.

Staring at the television set on the corner of my desk, I hit rewind and play

again. What I was watching was definitely bad news. Recorded from inside of

the couples home, the surveillance camera (installed to keep out paparazzi and

thieves) clearly showed her husband having sex with a girl who was

obviously not his wife. She appeared to be a hooker; someone Abhishek had

picked up off the streets here in Bollywood and taken back to the house while

Aishwarya was away doing an interview in Mumbai, Aishwarya later said.

What was so disconcerting about the tape came right at the part I kept

rewinding over and over. He and the prostitute were talking and the

camera managed to pick up most of their conversation. In the course of the

talk, you can clearly hear the hooker say that she is 21. Though the tape only

shows the back of his head, you can tell Abhishek looks a little shocked at

first, but then he lunged at the girl again and they begin having sex again.

That's where the tape stops.This was not going to be a good day.

Between sobs, Aishwarya began to speak to me for the first time since she

walked in the office and explained the tape.

"Is there anything we can do?" she said, wiping her left eye.

Reclining in my chair and pondering the problem, I think.

"How many people have a copy of this tape? Who else has seen it?"

"Well, the tapes get put into storage by the cleaning staff every night. They

normally watch to see if there is anything suspicious happening on the tapes

and then they just rewind and recycle them for some other night," Aishwarya

said. "The staff were the ones who first showed it to me. They promised me

they didn't make any copies of the tape, but just to be on the safe side I

paid them each $10,000 to stay quiet. So as far as I know, that's the only


"Well, then the problem is simple to solve," I said. Reaching into the VCR, I

pull out the tape. Breaking off the plastic in the back, I begin yanking out

the tape and destroying it. Within a few minutes the entire tape is out of the

case and I run it through the paper shredder underneath my desk. Aishwarya sat

motionless through all this, a look of contentment at the cause of so much

grief being absolved.

"There we go. And thank God too. With the Oscars coming up, Abhishek wouldn't

need this sort of thing happening. You did the right thing Aishwarya," I said,

smiling at her "Now you oughta go home and take care of your baby."

Fidgeting in the chair, Aishwarya looked a little uneasy and more than a

little distant, lost in her own thoughts.

"Aishwarya?" I said, trying to wake her from the daze she was in.

"I think you need to come over tonight. There is a little bit more to this

than what you just saw," she said, with a dreamy like look on her face.

"Alright. Give directions to my secretary Julie and I will be over there

around 8 or so," I said.

Aishwarya left my office and I spent the rest of the afternoon pondering what

she meant by "a little more".

Arriving at the bachhan mansion at 8 sharp, I was led in by a small Hispanic

woman that I assumed was the maid. Making my way to their study, I walked in

and realized that the room I was in was the same as the one on the tape.

Aishwarya was seated on a huge leather sofa, dressed in a burgundy dress with

a light white floral print on the side. She was drinking from a glass of

scotch and I saw that she had the bottle right next to her on the end table.

Whatever it was she wanted to talk about, it must have taken a lot of nerve to


Finishing off her drink, Aishwarya motioned for me to sit. I took a seat in a

big armchair that was as overstuffed as the couch she was sitting on was. The

room was filled with books from the floor to the ceiling, all neatly arranged.

The lighting was semi dark, save for a couple of floor lamps off in the

corners. A very nice (and expensive) home to be sure. Even my own mansion,

inherited from my deceased father, wasn't this nice. But I guess if you have a

lengthy career like Abhishek bachhan had had, you can afford the very best.

"Thanks for coming Dean. I want to show you something," Aishwarya said,

getting up from the sofa. Bending down to pick up a remote control from the

table in front of the sofa, I couldn't help but stare at her great ass. She

was thin in a muscular way, and I knew that she had to have worked extra hard

to keep her figure following her pregnancy just a few months ago.

Clicking a button on the remote, I was surprised to see one of the book

shelves on the far wall begin to move and spin around, revealing a huge

television mounted in the center of the shelf. All around the TV was equipment

and at least 5 shelves of video tapes. Hitting another button on the remote,

the TV came to life and I saw that the picture was a live view of the room we

were in, covered from all angles.

"You see, Abhishek and I have a dirty little pleasure. Both of us get off on

seeing ourselves having sex on camera, broadcasted in the same room while we

are doing it," Aishwarya said. Some unseen speakers reverberated what she was

saying as it echoed along the shelves of this massive library.

"But right around the time we got engaged, Abhishek began to look around for

other women," Aishwarya continued. Pushing another button, a black and white

picture came on screen. It showed two people having sex on the same couch

Aishwarya had been seated on just a moment before. Again it was Abhishek

bachhan and again it wasn't Aishwarya he was fucking. Aishwarya

pushed another button and the picture changed again. Abhishek again, but this

time a different girl. This girl was black and it appeared that Abhishek was

fucking her in the ass. Lost in the moment of the sex on screen, I felt my

erection in my pants start to blossom.

Aishwarya pushed yet another button and the picture cut off. Turning to face

me, she spoke again.

"All of the girls you just saw were hookers. Abhishek has some sort of weird

fetish towards them. He gets off on knowing that he is rich and famous and

they are just prostitutes," she said, the crispness of her Welsh accent

causing each word she said to have a distinct tone to it.

"I've known about this for a while. And he knows I know. It's just some sort

of weird complex he has towards me. I believe it's called the Madonna/Whore

complex. He loves me too much to do the stuff that he does with the hookers

with me. Normally this sort of behavior would upset me," Aishwarya continued,

walking over to refill her drink. "But since he is such a loving man, and a

great father, I can't fault him too much. It's just the nature of things out

here in Bollywood I guess. A far cry from back in Europe, but I knew all of

this sort of stuff happened when I came over here," she said.

"So what is the problem then?" I said, still trying to figure out where she

was going with this.

"Well, it's an age thing. After he has one of these fuck sessions with his

hookers, he never has any energy left for me, so I often go unsatisfied. He

may be in his late 50's and that is all he has, but I'm still young and I get

horny just as much as the next girl," she said, sipping from her scotch.

"So what do you want me to do?" I asked. "Reign him in? Send him to a shrink?"

"No no no," she said, laughing. "I just want you to fuck me,"

My jaw almost hit the floor on this one. I have had sex with a lot of girls

and actresses since I moved here, but never any as elegant and beautiful as


Fighting back my hormones, I tried to think reasonably. "I don't think that

will solve anything. If anything, it will make matters worse," I said.

"I disagree. Abhishek trusts you and your firm, so it's not like you are a

total stranger. And since you don't represent me, it's not like we are mixing

business with pleasure. And besides, I've heard from a few reliable sources

that you are hung like a horse," Aishwarya said, licking her lips sexily.

"I uhh...still don't know about it," I said. My reasoning was losing out and

the erection in my pants was getting unbearable.

Switching the television back on so that the room was on TV, this time from an

angle that was to the side of both of us, Aishwarya began walking towards me.

"Would this change your mind?" she said softly. Aishwarya began sliding the

shoulders of her dress off and as it moved it's way down her body, her bare

breasts became exposed. Her nipples were a light pink color, with dark areolas

around the base. They weren't too big and her breasts were still very perky

and upright, despite having just had a child. Continuing to slide the dress

down, Aishwarya also was wearing any panties. The trim V shape of her bush was

neatly shaped and I could see that her pussy lips were very aroused.

She was now standing directly in front of me and I could smell the musk of her

womanly scent filling my nostrils. I started to speak, but Aishwarya leaned

over and began to kiss me softly at first, than passionately. I felt her

tongue slip into my mouth as it wrestled around inside. I threw caution and

reason to the wind and began to kiss her back. Aishwarya's long black hair was

hanging to one side over her shoulder and in the dim light of the room, she

looked like a goddess, her olive skin illuminating the light of the room. I

could make out even the soft hairs on the back of her arms, a light color in

contrast to her perfect skin.

Aishwarya now joined me in the arm chair and placed her legs on my knees.

Grabbing my face with both hands, we continued to kiss like two long separated

lovers, our breathing becoming more intense by the moment. Finally I broke the

kiss to get more comfortable. Standing up from the chair, I held Aishwarya in

my arms while she busily slid her hand down to my belt and let my slacks fall

to the floor. Slipping her hand into the opening in my boxer shorts, her hand

wrapped around my stiff cock. Jerking it slowly, she began to play with my

balls in one hand while she jerked me up and down with the other. I had moved

my head to her neck and was making my way down her chest, paying special

attention to her breasts and cleavage area.

I felt myself nearing orgasm surprisingly early, so I pulled Aishwarya's hand

away. Pulling my boxers off completely now, I stood in just my white starched

shirt, pressing my chest against hers and feeling her erect nipples poking

into the fabric. Aishwarya began to unbutton my shirt slowly from the top

down, finally reaching the bottom button. Bending down, she used her teeth to

unclasp this one, she slid the shirt off of my shoulders. Kissing her way up

my chest, she licked my nipples a couple of times until we reached eye level

again and began to kiss yet again.

After a few moments of this, Aishwarya had had enough. Reaching down to grasp

my cock again, she pulled it gently towards her pussy. Guiding the head in at

first, she gasped a little as it entered her.

"It's been a while since I've had anyone this big," she said. "Abhishek is only

5 inches."

I pushed more of my dick into her slowly, until finally I was in her

completely. Aishwarya sighed contentedly and I began to pump in and out of her

at a slow pace. Glancing over out of the corner of my eye, I saw that our

lovemaking was center stage up on screen. The noise of our intercourse and our

breathing was echoing throughout the room thanks to the installed speakers.

Aishwarya slowly pushed me onto the floor with my dick still inside of her.

Grabbing the remote from the nearby table, she hit a button and our fucking

was now in an even clearer picture. Seeing myself onscreen was a major turn

on, so I began to thrust up and into her harder. But Aishwarya was doing

almost all the work, as she bounced up and down on my cock while I was

struggling to keep my thrusts going inside of her.

One of my harder thrusts caused my dick to slip out of her and slide into her

surprisingly loose asshole. Aishwarya gasped and moaned at the same time over

this. I was about to pull my dick out and put it back inside of her hot, wet

snatch, but she reached down and held it in there.

"Keep it there. I like being a naughty girl," she said.

The position wasn't very comfortable for me, so I rotated myself around and

had Aishwarya get on all fours. Facing where I thought the cameras were, I

looked up to see myself on that huge projection TV, fucking Aishwarya up the ass. I began to slam into her harder and harder until finally I

couldn't control myself for too much longer.

"Aishwarya," I panted "I'm about to cum. I'm gonna shoot inside your ass!" I

said breathlessly.

"Hold on, I'm about to cum too. Let's cum together," she replied, her

beautiful body getting rocked back and forth as I fucked her ass deep.

"Uuggggnnhhh!!" Aishwarya moaned, and I knew she was just about to cum.

Shoving myself as deep as I could, I shot my huge load into her. Aishwarya's

pussy released a torrent of juice a split second later and we both cried out

in ecstasy as pleasure washed over our bodies.

Collapsing onto the floor, Aishwarya was back up in a second. Pulling my dick

from her ass, I was pleased to see that I was still very hard. A few droplets

of cum were still left on my dick. Aishwarya got on her knees and licked them

off, smiling up at me in that same smile that melted the hearts of millions of


Without saying a word, Aishwarya began jacking my dick again, alternating

between licking and sucking on it and moving it up and down with her hand.

Thrusting her entire mouth around it, her lips stretched to fit the length of

my nine inch member into her mouth and down her throat. This was total bliss

for me as I reached down and held onto the side of Aishwarya's face, guiding

her nimble tongue and mouth up and down my cock. She continued to lick and

suck me, teasing my balls lightly with the tips of her finger nails.

I could feel the pressure building inside my balls, and I tried to jam my cock

back into Aishwarya's mouth to unload inside of her cheeks. But she resisted

and pulled it out, instead jerking me off right above her mouth and lips.

"This is my favorite thing to do on camera. It's the money shot. Now come on

baby, spray my face with your cum!" she said sexily, her tongue sticking out

and her mouth waiting to accept my hot, sticky load.

I felt my load arrive, shooting up the shaft of my cock like a bolt of

lightening. My cock spewed forth a huge load, landing all over Aishwarya's

face. Looking up to the screen as it arrived, I saw the cum land on her cheek

and nose, and dribble down to her waiting mouth and tongue beneath it. A

strand stretched from my dick to her chin, which she quickly gobbled up from

the tip of my dick. My cum covering her face in the soft light of the room,

nothing could be more beautiful. Aishwarya licked off what she could with her

tongue and then scooped off the rest with her fingers, smearing it into her

tits and chest.

"Thanks for that," she said a few minutes later after we had both dressed and

she walked me to the door.

"I'll be sure to send you a copy of the tape," she said winking at me as she

shut the door behind me.

Walking back to my car, I understood that sometimes even the worse days have

their silver lining.

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