Sneha and her father
She had called home a week earlier to tell Rajasekar and his wife that she was leaving her husband and had nowhere to go. Last year just out of high school, she had married one of her classmates at Ooty and gone off to Trivandrum because she had become pregnant by him. But somehow the boy got into gangs and Sneha's life became hell, all the more so because she had a baby girl now to take care of. So she opted to get out and had called her parents. Rajasekar could have gone by air to Trivandrum, but he had to bring back Sneha's stuff. Since part of his business was exporting fresh vegetables, he was knowing many logistic people and he rented a Toyoto Qualis car, and drove to Trivandrum .

He felt sad when he entered the neighborhood where Sneha lived. He was relieved that she was getting out. Rajasekar was not happy when Sneha got pregnant and then married her boyfriend. He was in love with her since she was sixteen. He had wanted to keep her for himself. But being her father, he did not want to force her in any way and had let her take the path she chose. But when her marriage fell apart, he was secretly happy. He thought he had a chance now to make his daughter his own girl and he was determined not to let the chance go by. When he saw his daughter, he was glad to see that she looked as pretty as she was a year back. In fact she looked better because now she was also a mother. Rajasekar hugged her and planted a fatherly kiss on her cheek. Sneha started crying with happiness and relief on seeing her dear father. They sat and talked for a while and Rajasekar had a couple of hours sleep. Then they started packing Sneha's stuff which did not take much time because she did not too many things to take. They went to bed early because next morning before dawn they wanted to leave. Rajasekar said he will sleep on the couch in the living room. But Sneha said "Dad, you are tired from two days driving and again you have two days drive ahead. Sleep comfortably in the bed. The couch is only a love seat, much too small for you", and she took the couch. Rajasekar immediately fell asleep on the comfortable bed.

Couple of hours later, he woke up and went to the bathroom and when he came back, he saw his daughter lying curled up in the love seat with the baby's crib by her side. Apparently she had breastfed the baby and her blouse was open on one side revealing fully her right breast. Rajasekar's fatherly instinct was to cover her with a sheet and he went to the bedroom to get a sheet. He returned with the sheet and was about to cover her when something made him stop and take another look at his daughter's exposed breast. It was beautiful. A full breast with the perfect nipple and areola gently rising and falling with her breath. Rajasekar did not know how long he stood there enjoying the sight of his daughter's lovely breast.

But he found himself bending slowly until his face was just an inch from that soft object of desire. He could smell her breast milk which had dried up on her areola. He was about to bend further and engulf the delcious nipple with his lips when Sneha rolled over and fell off the couch. He had just enough time to snap back to his self before she woke up and saw him standing there holding the sheet. "Dad, what happend?", she asked. Rajasekar said, "I was going to cover you baby. Your blouse was open". "Dad, night time I don't even wear blouse. I have too much milk in my breasts and sometimes it starts leaking and makes my blouse wet and I have to take it off anyway. Also I have to feed the baby three four times. So I just don't wear my blouse. Today since you are here, I put one on.", said Sneha.

Rajasekar was surprised but felt curiously happy and said, "Sneha dear, you don't have to do anything different because I am here. Take off your blouse if you want to". When Sneha took her blouse off, Rajasekar was fascinated by the view he got of both of her breasts. He said, "Wow, Sneha, you have gorgeous breasts. They have really grown since you were a little girl". Sneha smiled and said, "Thanks for the complements Dad. I am glad you like them. And, dad, it is really uncomfortable here on the couch. Can I sleep on the bed with you?". Rajasekar said, "Of course baby, come on in. It is after all your bed", and led her to the bedroom. When they were lying side by side, Sneha asked, "Dad, do you want to me to cover myself with the sheet. I am not wearing my blouse. If that would bother you, I will cover myself. But it is hot in here". "Don't worry baby. You don't have to cover yourself", Rajasekar said and then jokingly added, "Instead, I will tie my hands up so that they don't reach out and fondle those cute breasts of yours".

Sneha laughingly said, "Dad, you wouldn't do that, would you, being my dad and all that. Anyway, let us say goodnight and catch some sleep, daddy", and kissed him on the cheek and settled on the pillow. But Rajasekar could not sleep. He could not take his mind off of his daughter's wonderful breasts, which she had shown him when she took her blouse off. The two lovely jiggling shapes were creating a pleasant image in his mind. He started fantasizing about holding them in his hands and softly caressing them. He imagined the feel of the firm nipples in his palms. He did not know how long he was in his fantasy world when he realized that Sneha was shaking him gently. When he turned on his side to face her, she said, "Dad, can you put your arms around and hold me, please. It is so long since I was in somebody's warm embrace and I need it, dad". Rajasekar said, "Yes dear, scoot over and let me hug you". Sneha moved over and Rajasekar put his arms around her and held her close to him, He could feel his daughter's firm breasts pressing his chest and it sent a shiver through him. Sneha put her hand around him and a deep sigh escaped from her and she slowly drifted into sleep.

His daughter's nice smell and warmth kept Rajasekar awake. He wondered whether Sneha would let him fondle her lovely breasts. He wanted to hold them and caress them so much. He did not know that soon he would be doing lot more than that, because after a while, he felt wetness on his chest. He realized that it was milk from his daughter's breasts. He was wondering whether to wake her up when he heard the baby cry. Then Sneha woke up and said, "It is feeding time for the baby, dad. Let me go and feed her". Rajasekar said, "Oh, that is why your breasts started leaking. Look, my t-shirt got wet with your milk". Sneha said, "Sorry about that, dad. I can't help it", and went to the living room to feed the baby. When she came back and got into bed, she said,"Dad, I still have milk in my breasts. Your t-shirt is going to wet again". Rajasekar said, "It is Ok baby. I will take my t-shirt off. I can also take care of that problem by finishing off your milk". Sneha said, "You want to do that dad? That would give me relief too. Here, start with my left breast. There is more milk in there than my right", and held up her left breasts with her hand. Rajasekar covered her young breast with his mouth and gently pressed her nipple with his tongue and lips. His daughter's sweet milk began flowing into his mouth. After a while, he heard Sneha say softly, "Dad, do my right breast now", and he switched to her right breast. Then he heard her moaning and her chest started heaving fast. He asked, "Are you all right, Sneha?". Sneha said, "Yes dad. It is so nice having your lips on my breasts. Keep sucking even after you finish the milk", and she took his hand and placed it on her left breast. Rajasekar started gently caressing her soft and warm breast while continuing to suck her right breasts. Sneha was softly moaning excited by her father's fondling and sucking. Father and daughter slowly drifted into sleep soothed by pleasant feelings followed by various fucking sessions. Now she had her loving father's cum both in her belly and her womb. She looked longingly at him and said, "Dad, I love you so much".Tears welled up in Rajasekar's eyes and he hugged his naked daughter close to him and stroked her blond hair lovingly. Next morning, they got up early and started their onward journey home.

Rajasekar and Sneha got up a little late next day, after their first full night of love making. During their drive towards home, they discussed how to continue their dad-daughter love affair when they are back home. Sneha wanted to sleep with her dad in his bed every night. Rajasekar told her she will have to be a little patient because he had to make some alternate arrangement for her mother. Thus, while the couple were happy about their union, the future caused them some concern. When they reached home, Rajasekar's wife Sumathi was extremely happy to see her daughter and grandson. She had cleaned up Sneha's room and put in a crib and stocked it up with plenty of toys for the baby. She cooked a nice dinner for Sneha and Rajasekar. But next day her mood was a little different. Rajasekar could not understand what was bothering her. She will be going for shopping in the evenings and Sneha and Rajasekar felt secretly happy. That would give them some time to make love.The past few days had been difficult for both. They could manage only a couple of love sessions even though they kissed whenever Sumathi was not watching and Sneha got her dad to suck her breasts at least once a day. But for a dad-daughter couple who have just consummated their love, these things were not enough to satisfy their lust for each other.

Finally Rajasekar decided to ask Sumathi what is going on. That night, when they were alone, he asked her. Sumathi got up and went to the dresser and brought something in her hand. "Rajasekar, tell me about this", she said, showing Rajasekar the thing in her hand. Rajasekar's heart missed a beat. It was his daughter's panty. Sumathi said, "I found this in your jacket pocket the day after you returned. It was still wet when I found it. I know this is Sneha's. Did you make out with your daughter on your way back?". Rajasekar remembered when they were vacating the house to make sure they did not leave anything back and finding Sneha's panty lying under the bed and picking it up and stuffing it in his pocket. They had made love just before leaving. Rajasekar told Sumathi everything. There was no point in holding anything back and anyway, he wanted to settle this thing so that he and Sneha can be together as soon as they can. Sneha needed him. Sumathi asked him, "Rajasekar, are you and Sneha in love?". Rajasekar said yes. Sumathi then told him, "Rajasekar, I have also tell you something. Sudhakar and I are in love." Rajasekar felt like a thunderbold hit him. Shirley was her sister’s son living in the next door neighbor. He was a twenty year old nice looking boy who had bought that house and moved in a year back. He had a decent job, dressed well, had a nice car but in relationwise her son. Rajasekar had heard that she had a violent marital relation when she was young, got no support from her parents and consequently had to stay in an abused working women's hostel at Adyar for a year and undergo counselling before returning to normal life. Because of her past experiences, she was exposed to young boys. But Sudhakar and Sumathi had grown to be quite good friends and did a lot of things together. Rajasekar was not surprised that his wife and Sudhakar had become lovers.

Sumathi asked him, "Rajasekar, are you going to hate me because I am in love with another man?". Rajasekar replied, "No, Sumathi. In my opinion woman's body is made to be enjoyed by all. So a woman enjoying another womans' body is not unnatural. For the same reason, a father enjoying his daughter's body is also not unnatural. Daughters, sisters, mothers are all women. So incest is not abnormal." Sumathi said, "I am glad you accept these things so nicely, Rajasekar. Now go to your daughter. She needs you. I am glad that we are helping her out unlike many widows’ parents in Indian Society". Rajasekar felt immensely happy. Everything turned out to be alright. He kissed his wife and walked over to his daughter's bedroom.
Sneha was brushing her hair, getting ready to go to bed. Her breasts were aching. There had been no opportunity for her dad that day to suck her breasts. Rajasekar closed the bedroom door and hugged her from behind and showered kisses on her neck and hair. Sneha was suprised. "Dad, is mom not home?", she asked. Rajasekar replied, "She is. She sent me here", and told his daughter everything. Sneha was deliriously happy. "Does this mean our union is permanent, dad?". "Yes, sweetheart", Rajasekar replied and carried his daughter to the bed. Father and daughter made love long into the night.

Next morning, when Rajasekar and Sneha walked into the kitchen for breakfast, Sumathi greeted them normally, as though it was perfectly normal for a daughter to spend the night with her father and come for breakfast holding his hand, to be served by her mother. During breakfast, the three chatted about the weather and politics. At the end, Rajasekar said, he better order a larger bed for his daughter's bedroom from Jaya Bharatham, Royapettah, since he will be sleeping with her. His wife said there was no need for that. "Rajasekar, Sneha can move into the master bedroom and you two can sleep there. I will move out to Sneha's room". Sneha blushed deeply at these words of her other. She had never imagined one day she will replace her mother on her father's bed. Rajasekar swiftly moved his daughter's things into the master bedroom.

A few days later, on an auspicious day, he made his daughter wear her mother's bridal dress, Kancheepuram’s Silk sarees. He wore a suit which he had wore at the time of marriage with Sumathi. He and his daughter exchanged Malligai Garlands and he tied a Mangalsutra on her neck and put sindhur in her fore head. Sneha put her forehead on his feet and he blessed her to life as Theerga Sumangali. Sneha said that she would be his wife till her death. They felt it was their real marriage day. Sneha came with a glass of milk and offered Rajasekar with a smile . Then they switched off the lights I the bed room. and took a self-picture of him and his daughter and put it on the side table near their bed. After two months of marital bliss with her dad, Sneha told him one day, "Dad, I am pregnant".
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