Sizzling Mom Ruchita’s Rape
December 23 2010: 2 am morning..Pitch dark.. painful moaning of a bitch outside the window… It broke his sleep. The moaning continued which prompted him to look outside the window. An angry growl.. In the darkness beyond the boundary wall of his house’s backside in the bushes he could see a dog trying it hard to get into that bitch .. Her wailing didn’t please him. Another dog watching them with his erect penis and open mouth waiting for his time to come. But it seemed forever. The bitch tried hard to get off by wriggling and running and moving but was forced by angry growl of the dog on top of her and the other seemed to be biting her neck. Ricky felt bad.. It reminded him of not so long memories that he tried to forget.

Something similar which happened.. It made him feel bad but at the same time got him goosebumps at that chill of the night..Memories of moans and screams.. Of someone close to him.. .. He regretted of having watched it.. How he wished he hadn’t been there to see this..he felt enraged. At least if he wasn’t there, his head would have been clear and his mood wouldn’t be like this at all.!!

Two months back. It was beginning of October. His cousin sister was home with them to go for an outing.. She looked very beautiful,just one year younger to him. He 20 and she is 19. They had their farm house at the outskirts of the city. his dad wanted to come to but he had to fly to Singapore for some business meeting. His dad’s hard work gave them all the riches he had, plus his dad got himself a beautiful and hot girl named Ruchita , his mom. She was more than an angel to him. Having a beautiful, hot and sexy mom, made him a proud son of hers among boys. They never told him that they liked his mom, but their eyes n stares were more than enough!! his school watchman used to talk vulgar about her, and even his watchman’s friend!

His cousin sister wasn’t bad either. She had told him before of boys stalking her. But he guessed this is life for him. Having such beautiful women around him always whom men and boys can’t resist.

So they were all set for their trip to the farm house supposedly some 30 kms from their city where they lived. They reached there at around 11 am. Got all unpacked. his sister(cousin sister) went out strolling in the garden looking around the plants and beautiful flowers. his mom went up to get fresh. She changed from her Saree to a loose fitting shirt and pajamas. While he walked around with his sister. they enjoyed their stay in all. they played cards, carom, badminton and talked and all stuff. Mom really wished that dad was there. Well being an adult he surely know why. Two days passed. And they were all set to return home and left around at 9 pm from their farmhouse. they were just about to pass the toll booth in a few minutes when their left tires got punctured. his mom was worried as they still hadn’t entered the city,or it would have been easy to get help. they just couldn’t figure out what made the tyre to go flat. his mom asked him to go a bit further the road to look for any garage or place to rest. Unfortunately there wasn’t. he returned, his sister soon said that she saw a hotel behind which wasn’t far away. But still they had some bags and also how could they leave the car right there?? That’s when he realized that the hotel owner must have put some nails on the road by purpose to bring customers to his hotel. his mom saw two men with shabby clothes Walking towards them. From their clothes dirt u could say that they were mechanics. She told him to ask them for help. he saw them looking at them and coming at their direction and the other lean man was staring at his mom from top to bottom and told his companion something and they both murmured in unison. he told them about the car.

The leaner man said”Haan bhabhi hum mechanic hain, acha hain ki humne aap ko dekh liya nahi toh is raat main apko yahan koi nahi milta.” Idiots! he told them the problem, he initiated and they ignore him and start to talking to his mom!!

His mom smiled at them and they looked at each other and smiled.
Those two asked him to push the car and they three pushed the car and took it to the garage. The garage and the hotel were both side by side. The hotel didn’t look very good, but they had to rely on it.

On the way he noticed The bigger man Kept looking at his mom in the rear view mirror . his mom and sis were walking behind them. he knew these bastards were hungry for her body. his mom had worn a red sleeveless t-shirt and a white jeans with black belt while his sister was in her Capri and black shirt. Even in this dark his mom’s skin shone like anything! She actually was milky fair, Round heavy boobs and a figure like any Indian actress. She used to frequent gym regularly.

After reaching the garage his mom and they took all the belongings from the car and went to the hotel. There only three people were present. The manager,his assistant and his son. All three were playing cards. When the boy saw them he mentioned to his father. All of them looked at them but then stared lustfully at his mom and his cousin sister. The elder two were continuously looking at his moms boobs and her hips.. Yes mom is very sexy. He even used to masturbated thinking of her, but then thought it was bad so stopped fantasizing of her. his mom asked them for a room for them. The other of the elder man went up and the manager told them to sit on the wooden plank. his mom told “Acchcha saaf ruum dena ”

“yes madam bas ek minute” .They told them that since it was late they would have to do with tiny rooms. But for that they would charge them more. So mom booked two rooms. One for herself and other for him and his sis. his mom whispered to him to take care of sis. he nodded.

They went up .The room didn’t have much space. A bed a bathroom cum toilet and nothing else. They didn’t like that at all, but they had no choice. . He and his sister settled in their rooms. They were about to sleep when mom came to their room and checked if all was well. Then said goodnight and went away. An hour or so passed and his sis well asleep. He just looked out at the window . Dark night . Pin drop silence. Suddenly he heard some voices. Some female voices. He went near the door And heard his mom talking to someone. He placed his ear on the door

“Par hum kya kar sakte hai.. Raat ko koi bhi tyre ka dukaan khulla hoga?”

“Ab toh subah ko 9 baje hi hum tyre badal sakte hai.”

“Par aur koi dusra tyre tum hare paas nahii hai?”his mom asked.

He went to his bed again to sleep thinking it was useless to hear that conversation. Then he heard the door outside lock. And the sounds faint away. he was confused. He opened their door slowly so as not to disturb his sis and looked outside towards the next door of his mom’s room, it was locked from outside! He was afraid. Did they lock his mom in that room? But if they had she would have banged from inside . he wanted to go find out where his mom was. he was really panicked. But he couldn’t leave his sis alone. But even after when his mom didn’t return he thought of going to search. He left the room , slowly closed the door but didn’t lock it. He tip toed to the staircase as there was no light. He finally reached the staircase and looked down. There his mom was and with her the two mechanics. And also the three hotel people. Finally the hotel people managed to get rid of the mechanic(coward ) who he knew came to have a look at his mom under the pretext of the tyre. Then the manager said something to mom Mom gave him 100 rupees. And the manager took his book and wrote something. The other man was eating his mom with his eyes constantly looking at her curvy round ass in her tight white jeans and her hips from behind. He took out his mobile and clicked a photo of his mom from behind and licked his lips. Ricky was surprised at this act of his. His mom didn’t know this as she was facing the manager. Soon the manager told his mom something and they went out. The other man told the boy something and the boy returned and went to the other corridor in the hotel. he slowly came down the staircase and went out to look where his mom had gone. he saw that the manager was walking with his mom and the other man was behind her making lewd actions behind mom like pressing her boobs, and giving her flying kisses. What a pervert!!! At least he didn’t touch her and mom didn’t see him. Then they turned left.
He looked behind where the boy had gone but didn’t see him. He marched forward and as he neared he saw that they were in a room with sliding doors made of glass from top to bottom. The man was standing dangerously close to his mom and the manager was talking to his mom. They were arguing. his mom looked angry. He kept wondering what they were talking about but couldn’t hear he hid behind the car. It looked as if the man behind his mom was going to hold her from behind and he did exactly the same thing!! In that night his mom shrieked “Eeeyhh what the fu…” The man Kissed his mom’s smooth white neck and started licking it The manger smiled and covered his mom’s mouth with his palm and with the other he slapped his mom’s breast. His mom was horrified. Ricky was completely blank. He didn’t know what matter were they talking about .. But he knew this much that their main aim was to enjoy his mom. his mom started kicking,

The manger said” Circuit uske haat pakad” .The man held his mom’s soft hands behind her back and still licked his watery tongue all over her neck and milky shoulder. The manager once again slapped his mom’s breast very hard about three to four times both left and right while mom had water in her eyes and kept jumping on her feet “Ohhmmmmmm mmmm mmmm ammmmmm” She was helpless. Even he was afraid as they had a knife nearby and they could do anything. Seeing his sexy mom getting treated like this made his blood boil, but stood there hiding like a helpless fellow. She tried very hard to get free And kicked around .Nothing. Both the manger and the man were laughing at her his mom started crying but she couldn’t be heard She just stood there and kept crying. She gave up to their mercy. The man released her hand from behind and stopped licking her. The manager was looking at mom from top to bottom and the man named circuit did the same from behind She closed her eyes and looked down in shame sobbing.

“ahhhaahh waah kyaa maal hai saab!!! muh mein panii aa raha hai!”

“Saale circuit, abhi toh itna chata tune usko phir bhi? ”

“Phir bhi saab Dekho na kya jawani hai!! Kamar kitni sexy hai mujhe isse shaadi karni hai!”

“Abhi toh puri raat hai circuit.. Yeh toh hamari raani hai..Kyu madam?? hahaha”.

“Are madam bohot chodenge apne.. Hamare hazar bache bhi honge haha” his mom turned around and slapped circuit!! as soon as she did this, circuit cupped both her boobs in his hands and pressed them mercilessly!! his mom started screaming “Choodoo please aaahhhhh aisaa mat kario naaaaa plzzzz aaahhh ” She tried to get his hands away but he didn’t take them. He kept pinching and twisting them. The manger gave his mom a very tight slap on her ass to which she shrieked. “Aieeeeeee aashhhhhhh”

“they both laughed” She then tried to run away. Circuit caught her hand and pushed her to manager . She fell on him .Her hair disheveled across her face. The manager caught her. Laid her on the ground with her on the top Removed her hair from her face And started kissing her lips. She tried to get away but circuit pressed her from behind onto the manager. The manager kept her face towards his and licked her face with his tongue and kept biting and pulling her soft pink lips. She spit on his lips,but even then he continued. he felt bad for mom.. While circuit placed his face on her butt and moved his face into her ass and “mmmmm mmmmm Jaan kya gaand hai teri…” and slapped her ass.. His mom pleaded a lot to let her go but they didn’t listen. Circuit started removing mom’s red sleeveless shirt mom resisted, So the manager slapped her on her face and held her hands up ,He removed her shirt, .. ”Slowly he was able to see her white waist ,,Then her back and black straps of her bra on her milky back from behind and then she was done without her shirt with just her jeans and bra on.

“Baapre saab kitni safed hai iska sharir.. firangi jaisa…waaah jaaan ,,tera pati toh kya naseeb wala hai!!”

“circuit , uska pati harami hai, uski maal ab apna naseeb hai haha” they both laughed.. His mom tried hard to cover her boobs with her hands,,Manager pulled her towards him and started kissing her lips again,, she did not resist but kept her eyes closed and sobbed. While circuit started biting and licking mom’s bare back. his mom was laying on top of the manager and circuit kept licking her from side in doggy style. Then manager in a fast movement tore the straps of her bra and threw it away.. Mom covered her boobs but she again got a slap from the manger… circuit caught hold of her hands from behind and the manager started pressing her boobs…mom didn’t give any reaction but just closed her eyes… He started kissing her pink nipple and twisted it… He purposely did very hard to make his mom moan. But his mom controlled. He pushed his moms chest and she fell on circuit behind her Manager got up and held her waist and licked her tummy and belly button.. “huuh aaamaaaaa maaaa aaahhhaaa ” his mom gasped louder and louder …”ufffffff ohhhhhhhmmm” Circuit smiled and looked at her face…manager now unzipped her belt and jeans and removed them…
They stood up and stared at his moms beauty,,,, she was very very fair…Like milk throughout. She only had a panty left…

“Saabb lagta nahi ye ek shadidhuda maal hai… Yeh toh kunwari lagti hai…”

“Agar kunwari hai, toh hum kis kamm ayenge??”

He motioned circuit and circuit sat down and stated massaging his moms pussy without taking out her black panty… Her thighs were toned and perfect white…. superb legs…Circuit stared at her legs and went in between and took her panty down and blew air onto her pussy …

“Mhhhhh” He looked up at his mom’s face and blew again… and then buried in for tongue fucking…

“ahhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhh mmmmm aaah ahah ahhha maaa ufff” She started wriggling …Manager was enjoying this and lip locked his mom. his mom did not have any resistance… Her moans were low as she was being kissed by manager…manager kissed her thighs and licked her..Her thighs had his love bites and her breasts were dark pink from all the pinching after some time had her orgasm…

“Maal maza ayega aur bhi…”and kissed her tummy.

Then manger and circuit got naked With their huge 7 and 8 inch dicks hanging in the air.. Mom frightened and got up .. but they pushed mom down.. She pleaded again.. but manager placed his dick on her pink wet pussy and pushed..

Mom gasped as if short of breath and then “haaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaahhhhh” “maaaa”

She arched her body while circuit pressed her breast and lip locked his mom.. He started inserting faster and his mom was moaning harder “aaahh maaa maaarr gayyyiii…. bhaagwaaaannnnn”

He soon emptied his load into her pussy and took out his dick and let circuit insert…He made mom take doggy style and spanked her ass hard.. she shrieked“”aiieeee uffff aaaaa kuttee” he then inserted in her pussy from behind and manger placed his dick on his her lips.. She closed her eyes in disgust and spit on it. He slapped her and when she moaned again he rammed his dick into her mouth..She choked but couldn’t help. He fucked her mouth…

The scene was so hot..Watching her sweat soaked milky skin being manhandled by them,, she giving blow job to a man and the other fucking her from behind…and she moaning… his heart beat was high,,he was feeling angry but even his hands were not steady.. Her sexy curvy body was at their mercy.. The manager soon ejaculated on her face and and her face was covered with thick white cum!! She looked so used up but seeing her beautiful face soaked with cum he got a hard on..Circuit pulled his mom’s hair from behind and rammed her pussy like riding a horse. his mom had her eyes closed and moaning with cum still on her face and she didn’t mind wiping it off..

The manager got some Vaseline applied on his dick and sat there masturbating Soon circuit cummed in her and took out his tool…wiped the cum and applied it on his her back.. his mom looked behind and saw the manager nearing his mouth on her ass. She closed her eyes. He licked her asshole…For the first time he was seeing an asshole… It was pink..He applied Vaseline there.. And placed his dick on the spot. His mom opened her eyes and pushed the manager behind

” Nahi bohot ho gaya abb chod do mujhe plzzzzz ”

“raani ab toh bohot baaki hai janeman” Circuit held her hands and face and manger pushed his dick hard into her asshole “”aaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ She shouted with her eyes closed.. and tightened her teeth… She couldn’t take it… She was moaning harddd… But they didn’t mind… He finished in her ass and mom had second orgasm… They manager asked circuit to take care of her till he returned he moved about and fondled the pockets of his her jeans and browsed her mobile… .at that time Ricky realized that circuits mobile was recording the whole video from the other end of the room. That bastard !!! They were recording the rape of his mom. He then blackmail her.. If he it leaked then their respect it the society will be gone!!Circuit went to ass fuck she. she nodded like a poor rabbit and whispered something to him and said no….He smiled and laid down and motioned to her. Mom climbed over him and lip locked him and then gave him a blow job!!! Ricky couldn’t believe she did it on her own!! Then they lay apart for a while then both got up ..He ran upward through the stairs and found the door of his room open and peeped in..That bastard boy was slowly opening the buttons of his sis’s shirt and spitting his saliva on her boobs. His sis was still sleeping!! He got angry!! went near him silently placed his hand on his mouth lifted and brought him to the staircase and gave him a tight slap on his face. The boy had no expression on his face and laughed at him.. This boy had guts!!!…He ran away..Bloody ! Ricky saw manager. He had lifted his mom in his arms.. She was still naked and circuit was behind him bringing her clothes. His mom had no shame now. She was tired and her eyes were closed. There was no one around so they didn’t let her wear her clothes… He ran to his room.. And locked it..Laying on the bed with heart pounding.. He could hear some talks outside and some kissing sound and then nothing… He was worried about mom..After some time he slowly peeped out and saw that she had closed the doors from inside. Where were the other three men? He tiptoed to the staircase and saw the man(circuit) there. Others weren’t there. He returned and as he was about to enter their room, he heard a slap and his mom moaned.. and the boy say “papa” !! Hell ..That boy might hardly be half his age was inside the room with his mom and manager!! He was getting to lay his hands on his mom!! Ricky could just get two hours of sleep that night..That night he had erotic thoughts and fell asleep and had dreams of fucking his own sexy mom and his cousin!! He felt disgusted..
The next morning his cousin woke up but didn’t wake him up… He wondered why… he realized that her top four buttons were open were not buttoned when he slept.. She must have thought bad of him!! He felt bad..he wished her good morning and she smiled. Just smiled. She stared at him ..he sensed it..Then he got a call from mom that breakfast was ready…they had breakfast in her room.

Ricky notice that her bedsheets had wrinkles all over. Then at 9 the mechanic repaired the Tyre and came to her room..He and sis took the bags to the car..But mom was missing..He went up and sensed something wrong..he called “Mom?” The those two man and even that child came out of the room. Child ?? What was he doing there?? !! His heart was beating fast..Mom’s hair was wet.. She had bathed and changed her clothes But wore a different top..same jeans..they all came out. Both the men side by side of mom. He heard her gasp ..but he dared not to look behind.. They reached the car…Mom got out.. and and went to the manager at the counter and gave him the rent.. His sis was listening to music and he saw in rear view mirror. Circuit pinched his momma’s ass and manager pinched her boobs..And the child licked his mummy’s lips!!!!! god!!!

She came back. Ricky could see a victory smile on their faces. They then drove home!!

That day mom didn’t talk much!! She was in no mood to talk to dad saying she was tired..

This was it.. his sis was OK with him now..

This is what happened that day..Thinking of this he went to have water..Saw his mom’s mobile beeping on the table…21 missed calls from same unknown number…and Two messages…he read those messages..

“Darling aaj haath mein tera bra lekar muth maare .. kab aayegi??Ummaaah”

“Jaan tera husn jesa aur koi nahin..pure zindagi bhar tujhe khush rakhungaaahhhhh ahhhhh aaja meri raand” now he know what the man was browsing in his mom’s mobile…he deleted those messages and the calls or else she would know that he read them..

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