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Sister ki mast chudai
06-15-2011, 06:59 AM
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Sister ki mast chudai
Hey hot girls ..i’m d3vil…the story which i’m going to write here is my real story with my distant sister who is not related to me by blood but she is sister of my very close friend and she ties rakhi to me..

She lives in mathura…this was in summer of 2004 I had just finished my grad in delhi and had broken up with my girlfriend of two years. I was about 21..there was this marriage function of my being a close friend I had to be there.. Preparations were on…and all the relatives were there…

I had obviously met this girl before as she used to tie rakhi to me..she was 16 or 17 at that time…all ripe and virgin and full of dreams of a sweet fuck…at that time I had grown my hair and was kind of wild without any girl in my life for last 6-7 months and bored with interviews and exams….so it was a good time out for me…

The girl’s name is rajani..she is bit dark and petite with small tits and cute little ass…but she is a good looker and I always had hots for her….she has this attitude which makes women or girls hot and they ooze sex…she is one of them…

So I arrived in the evening and the marriage was two days later…all the people were there. The place in house was not enough so sleeping arrangements were made on the terrace…and all the kids and women and brothers and friends of the groom were supposed to sleep there…

When I came the girls were applying mehandi…i also helped some of the girls help apply mahandi as I was the favorite rakhi brother of all of them….slowly the night fell and all people went to sleep one by one…i kept applying mehandi and talking to rajani…

As her hands were filled with mahandi and I could not hold it anywhere to keep her hand steady, so I held her hand near the shoulder and held it tight, while holding I kept on massaging her gently as it had been long time I had a girl so I was enjoying her…

There was no intention to go further…but her soft skin was making me lose myself and I kept it on…she never resisted, maybe because she never realized, but after some time I knew the sparks wee flying….

She started enjoying the flirt and I kept touching her sensually on her both hands and shoulders and in the middle I kept touching her small tits by mistake, now I wanted to go on until she protests…this went on for some time and I was erect in my pants and i’m sure her little pussy

Was getting wet too…now the time was about 3 and she was sleepy and wanted to sleep…the sleeping arrangements were made on the floor as more people can sleep…two rows were formed one of females and other of boys both the rows were closer by head or both the rows

Were joined at the head side…rajani went to sleep and I slept just opposite to her so our heads were closer…I was not sleeping and after some time I stretch my self and my hands touched rajani’s hands…i kept my hand near her hand and did not do anything for some time,

After some time I again touched her hands I got some mehandi on my hands…she seemed to be up…so I went ahead and touched her hands near shoulder she did not move much so I went ahead and touched her on her shoulder and caressed there for sometime now

I knew she was enjoying it..u know when a girl is on..i started touching her forehead and her eyes and her soft cheeks….when I came to her lips and rubbed it with my thumb and index finger, to my surprise she opened her mouth and took my index finger in…i was I heaven..

There was no noise…she started slowly suckling my finger and I started in out motion into her mouth I was enjoying it so much I did this for a long time and when I came back to senses she was still sucking my finger..she could not touch me because of mehandi…

I kept one hand in her mouth and took my other hand on her neck and caressed it gently. I was in no hurry…after caressing there I moved down…i had to streach myself cause I was reaching far. Because of our sheets on us we were safe..

I went ahead and got my hand inside her kurta the female skin was feeling so good and I had been touching it after such a long time, anyway I went ahead and touching her upper part of breasts with fingers and could feel goosebumps there.

The skin there was so soft I was in heaven again I gently pressed there and kept my hand moving and in some time I was on the peaks of her breast. Her small erect nipple was under my fingered…i gently pressed the erect nipple and ran my finger around the puffy nipples and took

Her whole breast in my hand and started pressing it. It was quite handful so soft and smooth I pressed it little harder. She never protested and was still sucking my fingeres and was now her breath was bit faster and heavy. I moved to other breast and

Started groping her breast quite roughly. I took my finger out of her mouth and tried to insert the hand inside kurta but the it too narrow. Now I was in full mood and wanted to go all ahead. I moved my self to go near her and our head were meeting now I tried to pull her she was about to

Shift towards me and I saw one lady getting up I fell silent and motionless rajani also saw her and stopped her…that lady went to the loo and I thought she will go to sleep again and was waiting for her to settle down. She came back and woke up the lady next to her.

And that was the endo of the night. I knew nothing is going to happen so I setteled to my bed and with my erect and dripping cock tried to was really hard containing so much of cum which is all ready to explode. I’m sure rajani also had hard time containing her flowing vagina…

Next morning day started usually ..all the people were around. I looked at rajani and she looked very shy and there was kind of mysteries smile on her face. There was one secluded bathroom on the terrace and I was to go take bath. I knew nothing can happen in there.

So was going to shag while bathing. But while I was going to bathroom I saw her and suddenly a thought came to my mind. I hinted her to come to the roof after about two minutes so nobody will suspect…i went to the bathroom and removed my clothes and was waiting for rajani with my

Six and half inch throbbing cock, all ready to explode. I opened the bathroom door a little to look out. Sure enough she was there I asked her to come, only my head was out of the door. She came to me and asked what I said come in. She said somebody will come.

I said it’ll be just two minutes. She thought for two seconds and looked around to see if anybody was there and pushed the door. She came in and I quickly closed the door…she was shocked to see me naked and her eyes settled on my hard cock.

She at once covered her eyes with palms…she was all nervous and told me its not right I got to go I held her by her waist and pulled her closer to me. My cock went straight onto her tummy and she said ouch and opened her eyes and kept staring for sometime and then she looked at

Me, her eyes were wider and surprised with shyness…there was a worried look on her face which I loved. The fear of being caught. I asked her want to finish what we started in the night. She didn’t say a word…she was still nervous so I put my lips on her lips and there was fire

Inside both of us…she opened her mouth and and we started kissing our tongues met and entangled each other’s tongue. She tasted like honey…kept on sucking her sweet lips and tongue for some time, I rolled my tongue on her teeth and lower side of her tongue she was going mad like me. She broke the kiss, after what seemed like ages.

She asked me what do u want to do. I just looked deep into her eyes for some time and started putting my hand inside her kurta from back and kissing again on her lips with other hand I held her hand which were red with mehandi and guided it towards my cock.

Her nervous hand touched my cock and a shiver went down my spine.. I asked her to hold it firmly she did so I asked her to remove her kurta, she said not now, later. I said ok and started groping her from above he clothes and pressing her ass..

I asked her to move her hand on my shaft. She didn’t know exactly so I had to hold her hand move it. She got it and started shagging. My balls were so full of explosive cum and I knew I would not hold much…i kept groping her and put my hand inside her kurta from down and was

Enjoying her breast..she kept on shagging me I wanted to touch her pussy but could not open her salwar as it was getting late and somebody might come so I massaged her pussy from over salwar only as I touched her pussy he made big aaaaahhhhh….sound and I loved it..

I went on pressing her pussy and she kept moaning aaaaaahhhhh… Aaaaaahhhhh…. Ooooooohhhhh… Aaaaammmmm…..i was loving these sounds her hands were stopped as she could not take it any more…she was moving her pussy and tryin to rub it hard against my

Hand….i was giving her all the attention I could give her in that situation…her body was wirthing badly…she was making oooooohhhhh…aaaaaammmmm……aaaaaahhhhhh sounds and was about to cum…i was rubbing her faster…

She was in so much extacy she could not move her hand on my shaft and was just holding it very tightly…I knew she was about to cum….i increased my motion and her body was now becoming stiff and was about to cum any moment I did not want to spoil it so was rubbing her

So hard….she was like… Aaaaaahhhnnnn….. Ooooooommmm…. Mmmmmmm…… Iiiiissshhhh…..ooooohhhhh…..suddnly she was very stiff and I felt her hot juices coming out of her virgin pussy…i was enjoying the wetness…after a long time I was seeing a girl come and it was marvelous sight…she fell on me leaving my cock and forgetting everything…

I held her for some time and was caressing her hair…When she came to senses after about 2 minutes…there was strange intoxication in her eyes she looked drunk and out of this world… I kissed her on her lips and took her hand kept on my cock…

She looked at it and now with content look in her eyes started shagging….i was just on the verge…she kept on rubbing my was near I asked her to increase her speed. She increased and I was jsut about to explode.

Asked her to get away from front of me as her clothes would get dirty….she got away and kept on shagging faster. And I saw the colors after so long and exploded and was spraying my juices all over the bathroom.

I kept on coming for ages and she was just not stopping and shagging me…some drops also fell n her garments. He hand was full of my cum…finally after about two seconds I asked her to stop…

I was all spent and exhausted…this was one of th best orgasm I had had till then…When I came to senses she was about to go. We kissed and I opend the door to look if anyone was there..all terrace was empty…we kissed again and she left…

I closed the door…and leaned on the wall…just thinking and trying to make sense. If what had just happened really true…i opened my eyes and saw cum all over the wall. Opened the door to confirm…she was going down from the stair…i had to clean the walls..

We did make love next day during the marriage…while everyone was busy in marriage we had our suhagraat..and it was mind blowing..the best sex I had till then… Send your valuable comments and suggestion and if u want to enjoy sex with me pls feel free to contact me at

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